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How does one find out the computer specs on my computer?

Posted By: Tech help, pls. on 2007-07-20
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I should know this, but I just don't remember how to do this.  I am hoping I have enough RAM, or whatever, to load work platform on my own computer and begin working on it, rather than paying *rent* on the company-furnished computer.  Thanks so much.

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computer specs info
The Belarc download to your computer will also tell you every single piece of hardware/software you have downloaded on your computer and it will also tell you if you have all of the Microsoft updates you need for your computer and will have a Red X on any item that needs to be downloaded again. I have saved this download to my desktop for future reference. This is a great tool that a tech guy from www.worldstart, message board, advised me to use.
Find your sh9 folder on your computer. then sm
find all files in that folder that end in .spf. These are all your dictionaries. Select the ones you need to copy and copy them onto whatever media you're using to transfer. Then you just paste them into the ShortHand folder onto the new computer, and voila! REady for use on the new computer.
find System Restore on your computer.....sm
You need to find System Restore on your computer.  Go to START, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then click on System Restore and set it to a date when everything was working just fine and dandy for you (like a couple of days ago or so) and then everything should come up nice....the way it used to be for you. 
Find computer repair store in your town

I haven't read through all the replies, so forgive me if this is a duplicate answer.  Find a computer repair store in your town.  Many times they will take off Vista and reload XP - for a cost, certainly, but it can be done.

Vista isn't bad, it's just that there is so much out there that is not compatible with it yet.  It's a pain, to be sure.

My next computer is going to be a Mac.

Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
What is going on when every time you start computer - there are numerous empty folders, cannot find
don't send them thru ES -- find the actual file thru Windows Explorer on your computer. nm
get error when computer signing on c:progra-1SOFTWA-1soproc.exe "windows cannot find file"

Anyone know what this means. It comes up every time Istart up computer.  Did a Google on it and cannot find anything  TIA.


Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?


A computer is a computer, whether it be laptop or desktop.
I have both and use both and I bought both of mine...most companies do not provide computers...
Computer Generated Image or Computer graphic image

Computer help, please - sm

I know this should be easy BUT, tell me how to find the version of Windows that I have.  I can't find where it says this. 



New Computer?
I have only ever had Dell computers, but like you said, I'm tired of getting someone named Bobby, who can't speak English. I quit buying from them and went to my local computer place and had one built. Now, when I have a problem, I get someone who speaks English. IF you live in a big town, check around. I live in a small town and it was easy to find out what was what. I would still rather have a Dell, but I don't do anything off shore anymore. The price of a small place is not that much different than buying from the places you mentioned and is a lot less wear and tear on the nerves.
First computer
The first computer I ever used was a Rayethon (think that is the spelling) computer.  It was enormous, took up my whole desk, LOL.  Nothing like nowadays.  Wonder whatever happened to Rayethon?
I tried it and mine did the same as yours.
MQ computer
I got to use one of their computers free while I was training and continued until I was off probation.  Then the fee started coming off my checks.  But, the repeating theme seems to be all the offices are different.
I have two HPs. I think I will do the same.
it's not the computer
You need a little stereo adaptor that you can buy from radio shack. It costs a few dollars. I'm presuming you have a a cord that connects into the computer. Okay, now, you plug the adaptor into the cord and your headset into the adaptor.

Does you computer have enough
memory and disk space for an upgrade like this? The reason I wonder is once I upgraded my old computer and found that XP takes a lot of resources and the whole computer was bogged down and never worked right after that. Ended up buying a new one with XP already on it.
I think you can only do this on a computer with XP- sm
they did this so you could use the 98 programs on the computer with XP. I don't have either of your programs on my computer (use a physical book for the drugs and google) but I installed old Lotus, my Bytescribe, ShortHand, Quicken, various art programs, WP 5.1 DOS, can't remember them all but they all work fine. I have Stedman's spellchecker which was on my old 98, now on my XP, though I do upgrade that every couple years so that one is irrelevant.
oh, and I would use my own computer...sm
They would supply the transcription equipment.
probably better to buy a computer...
fro0m a place that sells computers, rather than an MTSO.  That way if you need to move on, no problems. 
Use of Computer
It doesn't bother me at all. The only person who uses my computer on occasion is my daughter for school work or to look up things on the internet She has to ask first though and never goes anywhere near where my files for work are kept (she wouldn't even know how to find them). It helps that my husband doesn't know anything about computers or the internet so he's never a problem.
I would never let anyone come near my computer
much less use it!! That's the one thing I have that is mine!
New Computer

Hi Everyone!  I am lucky enough to finally buy a new computer, but am not very knowledgeable and so am stumped about what to buy.  I have a Pentium III now, very ancient, and just want to get rid of dial-up Internet and burn CDs.  Any hints???  Thanks!!!

computer help
Okay, I will try this a second time, hopefully I will get this to post.  This is just an idea of how un-computer-savvy I am and will be showing my ignorance.  I always worked in house until I got laid off.  Now I am working at home, using company provided software.  I stumbled upon a web site for freelance work, not medical. I would like to try it to supplement my work.  My question is, if I got an assignment, would I just go into their website and go from there, do I need to get my own software for this sort of thing, any help would be appreciated.  I am an old dog now trying to learn new tricks!
My PCP uses the computer to
keep track of everything going on including labs and such.  He can push a button and the labs are in his "grill".  I would much rather it be that way than have to wait for a faxed copy.  My PCP is great, and he still listens.  He just uses this as a way to expedite script writing, etc.  There are also hospitals that allow physicians to access their database, so it is not really far off.  I think it was actually Hillary Clinton (who may run for president) that would like EHR to be universal, but I think it is more for consistency and to make patient access easier for specialists to follow and the such, etc., etc.

A computer is deductible.  Spend as much as you think you need to spend to get the computer you need. 

Do you know where it is on the computer?
If you can find the specific file on the computer, probably the easiest would be to highlight it and then right-click on it. Delete should be among the options. That would send it to the Recycle Bin, so to delete it for good you'd have to empty the bin.

Did that help?

could you not set up FTP on your computer? sm
i worked for someone before that had an FTP on their computer. all i did was put in their FTP address into the web address bar online and went into their system of course with passwords, etc. then i was able to access whichever folders they gave me permission to access. you could just let the entire office that needs it know the passwords to get in and pick up the work. like have a completed files folder in there or something. i think winXP has its own FTP built in, not sure though.
looking for a computer
new/used, windows XP, pentium III or ?, word 2002/2003, Stedman Speller.  Helpful suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.
You can always get a new computer..sm..
later and another job later.  Without your health, you have nothing.  I vote take care of your health and your son.  Yes, you'll have to count pennies, but like I said, without your health you have nothing.  What happens to your son if something happens to you?  He'll really be without then. 
I would have run from computer with that one!
Has anyone ever had their icons disappear from their desktop?  If so, how did you retrieve them?  Thanks
can you go back to the main screen and left click anywhere on the page to get to properties and then click on settings?
Does anyone besides you use computer?
Where could I get the most computer for my SM

buck.  I'm thinking we are going to buy a new computer with part of our tax return (our current one is 6+ years old) and am wondering what you all suggest?  I'm hoping to stay around $600.

It would mainly be used for work, cruising the internet, watching DVDs (maybe...not totally necessary).  MAYBE I'll be adventurous this year and try to get a little account of my own :)

So, what do you all recommend I consider buying?


No. Each computer is different, but

I have an HP that I can do a repair, without having to do a complete reinstall. 

Don't know what your issue is, but maybe you can just to a system restore. 

Perhaps you should be off the computer and in bed
No need to buy a new computer......
just install a serial port on you computer and buy an adapter with a 9-pin plug for the serial port.

I just bought a new computer from Dell in May and was able to get it with XP Pro in it.  You have to build the computer from scratch with it in it, but I have found XP to be better to work in than Vista. You might have to dig around in the website to do it, but it can be done.  I have an inspiron 530s that does what I need and then some along with the XP.  Had it in less than a 10 days and just turned it on and started working.


Hope you find what you're looking for.

One computer
for all accounts.  I'm just set up with different VPN and programs for each account.
one computer or two sm
You must have an awful lot of memory, how do you do it? How much memory do you have?
Need computer help
We lost internet last night and when I rebooted this a.m. I have Japanese Google. I have no idea how to change this! Please help me someone!

Even my computer? I will tell you that my laser printer is taking a beating. I just purchased a $2000 laptop/desktop from Dell, so that I can work while on vacation or just away from home since I have no vacation or time off!

Thanks so much for the info! 

need new computer with old XP!!

 who do you recommend I go through to get this FAST, and have to put it all on credit card



Why would my computer not...sm

download or open a .gid file.  (A file with .gid at the end.)  Instead of saying open or save, it says find or save.  When I hit find it sends me to a search page with websties that give info for not unloading .gid files.  It said something about downloading some "regcure," which cleans your registry.  It cost $30 to do it.  Do you thing errors on my registry is causing this to not downloard, or is it I simply don't have the right software or something.  When I hit save it says does not recognize this file.  Basically it couldn't downloard.  Does anyone have any knowledge of this?  I am at a loss. 

new computer
Make sure you find out what software and operating systems you need first. I just got a brand new HP slimline which of course came with VISTA, only to find out I needed XP. So, I had to pay someone to get VISTA off and put XP on and find all the drivers, etc. that would be needed to operate. It also had Office 2008 and guess what, I need Word 2003 for a new account that I am going on. Now, I have to wait for that to come. Fortunately, I could find it to purchase still. Good luck. But as far as manufacturers, Dell, Mac, HP all good machines.
I just purchased a Dell with XP, so it can be found.  I got lucky as my local computer store owner in a small town, so no major electronic company, had purchased several of them at once, and I got one.  It may cost more, and maybe have to purchase online and do some research.  Even taking the Vista off and putting on XP can cause some problems in the "background" of the computer. 
Here is what I do--(not very computer
literate so not sure it is what you are askin). When I type I keep each "account" in its own folder and then create new folders in that account by day. At the end of my shift I pull up Abacus and then double click on teh folder I want counted and it will list each report in the folder, them "move" them to the count side. After they are counted you can then create an inovice for that account/day. Hope this makes sense, like I said, I am not very literate with computer terms, etc.
I just got a new computer delivered this week and found out now it only has 1 plug in in the back (for monitor), no place for foot pedal. Can I have one installed or ? I ordered from Dell, said I wanted XP on it but also noticing on the top they are only showing Vista, no mention of XP. I guess I would find that out when the person comes over to set it up but gotta find out about that extra plug in. Thanks.