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How hard is it to get a job?

Posted By: Wendy on 2005-09-29
In Reply to:

I'm considering getting a Medical Transcriptionist Certificate at a local college.  I was wondering how hard it is to get a job after graduating?  I've noticed on the Job Seekers Board that most of the jobs require experience.  Any advice?

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If it rains hard, the wind blows hard and there are trees
nearby, it snows heavily it will mess up the signal.  The speed is not constant, sometimes as slow as dial-up, but at least still connected.  Many companies will not allow satellite. 
So, you think it is okay for hard-working MTs to earn 7-8 cpl for their hard work?? nm
It is hard but only at first...

I have 2 children and did it with both of them.  I am also a nurse but after trying part-time out of the house work combined with MT-ing to stay home with kids as much as possible, I ended up strictly at home 2 years ago. 

It's not the easiest when the children are infants - but it's worth it once you get past that phase.  I actually used to type with my daughter breastfeeding in my lap!  I had some crazy, crazy days and nights.  Don't expect to get 3-4 hours straight - be ready to get an hour or 2 when you can throughout the day.  It can be frustrating, but once they reach a certain age and are sleeping well you can work at night and during naps.  (My kids did not take to naps too well, so the night was my time.)

Now my kids are 8-1/2 and 4-1/2 and it's wonderful.  I'm finally past the crazy hours and grabbing an hour whenever I can - never at the same time.  (I am fortunate to work for a company that does not require set hours.) I type while they are at school and then on occasion after they go to bed at night.  I volunteer at their schools once a week, coach my daughter's cheerleading team, and am baseball, soccer and football mom.  I had an RN office job part-time about 2 years ago that I loved, but I just couldn't take not being able to be there for their school activities, after-school stuff, etc.  Nothing beats the flexibility of MT-ing. 

Good luck.  There will be smooth days and not so smooth ones - keep in mind how lucky you will be to be able to attend everything you want to with your child - to not have to call in sick when they are, to not have to ask permission to run that lunchbox to school when they leave it in the car, etc., etc.!

hard to say - sm

I sure hope not.  I don't want to think that God would punish many for the actions of few like this either.  Probably purely coincidental. 

The sad thing is that those who demanded that these religious monuments be removed are probably not even from the south but chose that area because of the spirituality and religious folks that make the south their home.  

I personally find the removal of these markings truly abominable.  They are a simple reminder of what this country was founded on, faith, hope, and freedom. 

Southerners are devote and proud. They will get through this with time and help from the rest of us.  This is what American grit really is.  Help from others or no, we have to stick together and pull ourselves up from the muck. 



I really would like to know why it is so hard

to let someone ask a question if they want.  You do not have to read it, think about it, address it, whatever.....what difference does it make that the topic was brought up at some past time?  This board is for communication and nobody is forcing you to read redundant posts. 

Just PLEASE stop making folks feel stupid.  Go onto the next post or start one yourself. 

You are being to hard on
Not stop it - you are just looking at your own reflection in your monitor! You really shouldn't be so hard on yourself!
Having a hard day

I'm having the hardest time working today.  My best friend is having surgery at the Cleveland Clinic today.  She is only 28 and has grade III anaplastic astrocytoma.  She was only diagnosed three months ago after she had a seizure and this is now her second surgery.  She is so far away (we live in Kentucky) and I really want to be there.  To those who are reading this, I am asking for your prayers for my friend, Jenny, and her husband and two young children, that they may all be together this Christmas.   Please also pray for me to have the strength to help her and her family through this terrible time and difficult road ahead.  Thank you all.

don't be hard on yourself for the

decisions that you've made.  we all want to believe what our spouces tell us and hope that things will change but in the end it never does and in the meantime you're raising your kids in an environment that will effect them the rest of their lives.  i've been through a lot of what you're going through and there's no good or easy answer to help anyone through it.  I used to be very confident, strong and able to do anything and now I don't have the confidence to make the most simple decisions because my x was so abusive.  my family didn't believe me about the things that would happen and I was too humiliated to tell my friends.  when I finally got the courage to make him move out I was recovering from neck surgery, couldn't ambulate by myself, didn't have a full time job,  had a 1 year old, and  he had wiped out the savings.  it's been 2.5 yrs and I'm almost back on my feet.  there are state systems that can help you but be prepared for a battle there too because you will have to nag and nag to get help in a somewhat timely manner, just don't give up.  start checking into things as quickly as possible because I found out that it's usually first-come first-served type of thing.  call you local police department and ask what they can offer and what steps you need to take to keep yourself and kids safe. what I finally realized was that I didn't want my son growing up in an environment that was unhealthy and unsafe not to mention I didn't want him to think that it was ok to treat people, especially women, in the way he was seeing at home.  I'm a firm believer that God gives you what you can handle and you will be a better person once you've overcome his challenges.  I also believe that it's my job as a mother to do anything I can to protect my son for as long as I can.  no parent, not even a step-parent, should ever be jealous of their child for any reason especially health reasons and needing more attention. I know I'm on my soapbox but I believe that you can find the confidence to do what is right for you and to be stronge for your kids.   try to remember that abusers never change. (feel free to email me anytime you need to.)  there's lots of us out there that can relate to what you're going through and although there's nothing to make it easier it helps to have people just to vent to.   my prayers go out to you and your family

Most MT's tell me it's hard to get 9 to 10 cpl now...nm
Not hard at all

I set up my Linksys wireless router myself and it was pretty much self explanatory.  The Linksys help line is pretty good too, in case you run into trouble.  Might have to wait a bit on the phone depending on what time you call. 

This is hard for me to believe
I guess I am stumped as I do 180 to 220 minutes per day.  To me 60 minutes means I am hardly working.  I am not trying to  put this down but this is definitely part-time and so you should be able to do it unless they make you do it at specific times and you like to make your own time to work.  You just need to work toward goals and reward yourself for every 20 minutes you do.   But if this is an account you will be on all the time, you should be able to whip out 60 minutes in less than 2.5 to 3 hours.  You can do it.  How many minutes/lines do you do a day now?  You must not need to make money to pay bills, that is my biggest incentitive -- no money - no food or ability to pay bills.    Patti 
It is so hard
I feel so bad for you.  I had to do the recently.  I still shudder when I think of that horrible day.  I don't know how I got the courage to do it, just knew I had to.
Was that so hard?
THAT is more along the lines of what I was trying to find out - not getting bashed just because I already have a great career and make pretty good money.

I never said I was looking to swich careers. In fact, I specifically stated that I already have a very fulfilling one and was just looking at MT as a part time thing. My husband and I recently had our first child and all of a sudden I find myself at home ALL THE TIME. She's a great baby, and I have quite a bit of free time on my hands at home and thought maybe I could fill it with this after a co-worked suggested it.

After sifting through all the available information online I couldn't make a clear deduction on whether I wanted to invest money in training, and if I did invest what kind of training is best.

I love having an office and getting out of the house to work every day and am not looking to change that. I am on a computer pretty much all the time and wondered if I could turn that into some cash - nothing else was intended from my initial post!
Are Ops hard to do?

It seems some MTs love to do them, but why do they seem so ominous? Are some harder than others? I've heard of MTs making normals out of them, thus, good money. They've just always scared me for some reason.


Hard to say
If you are getting way too much, it could be a sign your skills are poor. Seriously. But on the other hand, some of these QA people are totally anal and frankly a little power goes a long way...

You ask them: Am I receiving an unusually high amount of QA?

I have 20 years in the business and for some companies who completely change the "rules" (style, etc.) I can get a lot of QA trying to get me to do things "wrong" which ya gotta do for the paycheck!

Conversely, other accounts don't seem to monitor closely enough...

What kind of errors are you getting corrected? Minor picky stuff or major (dropped words, wrong words, etc.)?

It Would be Hard...
You'd be completely starting from scratch like the first time touching a keyboard, basically. Think of how long it took you to learn QWERTY and times that by a few :o). I guess you wouldn't be starting from scratch but worse; you'd be forcing yourself to throw away something that is 2nd nature to you by now.

Of course, it's possible :o). I'd love to learn, too, but I seriously doubt I have the patience and determination to do so! If you go for it, good luck!!
it's hard
It's hard to get any acute care experience without working inhouse.  It is also very helpful to have other MTs there for assistance, cuz like you said acute care IS A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME.
very well said...It can be done but it is very hard...
definitely have to manage time wisely for sure...
It will be a while. Don't be hard on yourself. Take
It is possible but hard to get - sm
you have to file a claim and your employer the files their side of things and they usually win 9/10 times. My SIL was "fired", wrongly, filed, her former employer fought it and won. Of course if you can prove you were fired for no reason or they had no grounds then you have a better chance at getting it, but it is still hard. It is basically for people who get laid off or otherwise lose their job through no fault of their own.
It's so hard to lose a pet
I'm sorry for your loss. My own old girl Tildy died on April 21 and I miss her so much. Last week, I finally adopted another dog, and we are going to be great friends I know, but I still miss Tildy. I probably would have put off adopting a new dog longer, but a friend of mine sent me a *comic strip* called "Shelter Stories" - it shows this dog lying there with his eyes closed thinking "I'm afraid to open my eyes. I'm afraid yesterday was ALL a dream and I'll wake up and still be in the shelter. "Sigh, okay, I've got to open them. Here goes...one, two, three! it's a picture of this dog lying there on a nice soft bed and when he opens his eyes, there's a person there too, just smiling at him.

Sometimes we're all each other has. I hope your heart feels better soon.
Thanks guys! It's just hard. . .sm

Very small neighborhood.  Houses are very close together.  We've lived here almost 7 years and we all know each other and chat and the neighbors help each other out, no matter what. 

These people just scare me because everything is drawn up tight and the "skinny" woman of the house seems very nervous.  I've only seen her "husband" once and he looks as if he may be the thing that makes her afraid.

I have gotten to the point, however, where I will make some phone calls.  The poor dog finally stopped barking, but my daughter went out back with her friends to swim in the pool (behind an 8 foot stockade fence) and all you can hear is "yap, yap, yap."


verbatim is hard for me too
It is very hard for me to deliberately type wrong words, phrases, etc. It makes me think someday someone is going to read that document and say "gads where did they get that transcrptionist!" not knowing we have to type it as dictated.
I'm sorry, but I find this hard to believe sm
You actually expect us to believe that you work part-time and still do 16,000 per pay period at MQ.  How? What's your secret? You must be superwoman or something! Cause I work full time and can't do that many lines! Boy, am I jealous!
I still find it really hard to believe.
There are hundreds of thousands of people who will be just throwing their TVs away because they'll refuse to pay for cable or dish.  What about all the elderly people?  No way are they going to pay for something that's been free since it was invented.  I do have basic cable, but it's mostly smut and garbage on there.  I only keep it for PBS and Disney channel right now, but we've been seriously considering cutting it off.  Every time we try to watch something on TV, the ads for other programs are just not something we like to expose our children to.  If we cancel cable, I guess we'll just watch DVDs and not have TV at all any more.  (Or watch it through the Internet like we listen to the radio now.)
If it is very hard to get your lines at SS, which is
happening with everyone as SS seems to be stealing their lines, you'd be better off with Accustat. 
It is a hard thing.....

But I started my son out in life by telling him I would support him in anything he did and any decision he made as long as it was good, was lega and didn't hurt anyone else!!  I feel you must trust you son in this.  Perhaps something happened that he is not yet willing to share with you.  Putting pressure on him now regarding that scholarship could be a very bad thing.  Sounds to me like you have raised a good and responsible son.  I don't think you should question him too strongly?  I know, money may be short and it may be his only way into a good college but what is more important? 

It is a hard thing; we parents only want the best but so often we tend to see the end of the "dream", (is it our dream or your child's dream?), without seeing all the ramifications that the child endures.  Trust in your son.  Of course, speak with him occasionally, try to find out what may have happened to cause this change....I would think something apparently did happen.  You may never know....he might not even be able to pin point it himself.  Again, trust in the fact that you have raised a good son and that he will do well in whatever he endeavors.  Let him lead his life; just keep the reins tight enough that he does not stray.

I only say these things because I've been through it.....teenagers are a real challenge, (the terrible 2's are nothing!!).  They are growing into men and/or women and becoming the people that they will be forever.  Please give him the chance to find himself and to be the person HE wants to be.  Don't cry, take pride, you are a good mom and he is a good son. 

Is the testing hard?
How many of you ICs have to work really hard to

make double your money in one week in order to take a vacation for one week.  I'm forever finding myself wanting to go on vacation, working doubly hard to make up any money I will lose while I'm off either before I leave or when I come back.  Is this the way everyone takes a vacation or is it just me?  I can't seem to give myself a break and just take off any time without making up my money that I'll lose.  GRRRR. I think I need a break!

sorry you are having such a hard time...
but I honestly do not know what you mean. may I ask who are you talking about.

at some point, people have to stand up for themselves, that is, in my opinion, what
"this country is based upon." thank heavens some people felt they were worth more than just working for the government, and left to start a new life here.

if you are upset about the postings regarding MT profession disintegrating, then I disagree with you.

we do perform a very important service, one that helps our 'fellow man' every single day, in the over-50 reports we probably transcribe each and every day while people wait to have surgeries or need emergency care.

we are typing those reports to create a legal document with our names attached to them as well.

this is not "pissing and moaning" but active dialogue with the hopes something good can come out of it. sorry you feel that way, and I am sincerely sorry you are being touched by those problems because of a natural disaster...
Trying to find the way out? It's not THAT hard...

OMG, you really can't be serious with that line, can you?! Trying to figure it out? TRYING?

You apply...you interview...you accept another position...you work both jobs until you're up and running with the 2nd one and then you QUIT MQ!

And since no one at MQ seems to have any work except MY office, then that should be a real breeze for ya!! You're obviously not working anyway! OMG how many brain cells are you actually utilizing to stay where you have no work or they crap all over you like you claim?!

Oh, that is SOOOOOO hilarious!!!!!!! I do appreciate the humor, people! Really, I do!!!!!

Here it is, some is hard to read.

MTStars.com began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001 offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network by offering the Main and Job boards, free dictionary download, and quiz test.  In less than 3 years, it's amazing how we have grown to over 8,000 members and 5 million visits per month!

MTStars, although initially foreign owned, was purchased on May 1, 2003 to become 100% American owned and operated.  MTStars is staunchly against the offshoring of American Private Health Information.

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all American MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry.  We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the nation, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of 25 discussion forums, Jobs and Resume Bank, Word Help, MTStars Online Store, MTAuctions, an Online Physician, MTStars Chat, Healthcare Editorial, Polls, FTP Hosting, TASP Hosting, Toll Free Call In Solutions, Web Design and Hosting, Newsletter Subscription, MTBreaking News, MTCrawler Healthcare Search Engine, Products For Sale, and much more.

MTStars takes this opportunity to thank our many sponsors and volunteers.  Without you, MTStars would not be a reality.

Sheri Steadman

do not take this the wrong way, but yes, it is hard to get a job, HOWEVER, - sm
There are a couple of companies that will hire newbies without any experience IF THEY ARE GOOD. TransRelief or Transcription Relief Services (I forget the name of the company - but it's something like that) will hire newbies if they are GOOD!

The absolute positively best experience you can get and possibly the best chance of working at home would be to work for a local hospital right after the course, do your three months inhouse, and then work at home.
ESLs are hard enough for exp MTs...sm
I was wondering if you had a QA department to rely on (tell them you are sending a report with blanks and ask them to send it back to you when corrected), or if you had a leader you could have told that the ESL was just too hard, and you needed some help. I think, and hope, that QA would not mind helping in this kind of situation.

When I have a troublesome doc, I do my best to finish the report leaving blanks throughout, then I go back through the report and fill in what I can, and then send to QA or supervisor. Unfortunately, the last 2 nationals I have worked for did not look kindly on that, and one national ignored my request and never sent it back for me to learn from. (I've been transcribing for 24 years, and getting the corrected report back and being able to relisten is great way to learn, I think).

I really feel for you, and we're not garbage (new or old). Most of us have been there, done that, so please don't let this keep you down. Keep applying; you will find a job where they will support you.

I hate to recommend a national that I left because I felt so taken and the work dwindled down to nothing, but I have heard Medquist accepts new MTs. Don't work for free, but you may have to work for a reduced rate, I'm not sure. Keep your chin up fellow MT, you will find your place!
I've tried this before but it was WAY too hard for me.
Yeah, it sounded too good to be true. I wonder if the doctor has to train the software or if a Transcriptionist can train it.
I guess I am having a really hard
time understanding why you think it is AAMT's responsbillity to negotiate your job and the rates you are paid for doing same.  AAMT is not a union that is involved in employment save for working on best practices in our profession and helping people to understand the value of education, credentialing and providing networking possibilities for MTs.  It is an association whose mission has not a whit to do with either finding, retaining, or being primarily involved in those sorts of employment issues.  You may be able to place blame on AAMT for some things, but certainly not for everything!! 
No it's not hard to achieve if....
you dedicate at least seven to eight hours a day for at least five days! Like you said, it depends on the account and you personal situation, i.e. kids, husbands running around the house! You should be able to do 13,000 lines if you tell yourself you have to type at least 1300 lines a day for ten days. You can type less if you are willing to type on the weekend. Hope this helps. :)
I agree, but it's so hard getting used to at first. -nm
Think long and hard about this

It sounds great on the surface but then like the other poster said, there are many sides of this.  Just like a will, he could change his promise at anytime and you have no recourse.  You could even  marry him but even then it could be tied up legally for years should any family members contest it.   I know someone that did it for exactly the same reasons, it turned out pretty well for her but she put in 15 to 20 years of living h*** while doing it.  She is financially okay now but she said that it was horrible to put up with for that long period of time.   She said that she had no choice financially but she is not sure she would do it again.  Again trust comes into play and I would definitely seek the advice of a lawyer about it to see just how easy he could change his mind if he becomes "upset" with the type of care he has received from you.   A house isn't everything.  More to life than that.  Perhaps it would be better to receive an income now instead of a percentage of the house, if that would cause you to change your mind, then that is your answer.

Just my thoughts.

Did four hard weeks with them...
Worked night shift (11p-7a) and tried to sleep during the day while munchkin was away-- Sup, tech support (because you cannot get tech support worth a darn on the night shift), and benefits coordinator would call all day long and THEN send me an email. Last straw, at 11:08 pm night shift sup called my house to see if I was going to log in--- I was reading and responding to email!!! (since they were not calling me anymore, had lots of email). Not to mention they tried the ol' swithceroo on accounts with me... all the sudden in the middle of the night I started getting another hospital. Could not stand it.
hard ever, except now no work
at MQ, so I have to do something while I keep logging on/off DQS hoping a doctor will dictate a report. 
hard to tell from link
if they hire at home Transcriptionist etc. If anyone works for this company and has some info. I would appreciate it as well.
Yep, learned that the hard way, but then when I
told them I was looking things changed and now I'm down from about 95% ESL to about 60% and for the most part they aren't horrible. 
You did all the hard work. If someone wants

their own accounts they need to do whatever work needs to be done to get them.  People are frequently asking how to get their own accounts - well DUH.

Just like people asking which is the best company and who pays the most, etc.   If they want a job do the research.  I don't mind helping guide someone in the right direction, but I'm not going to do their leg work for them. 

I wouldn't fill bad at all.  


Hard to explain but ....

Probably the reason I canot find thia software program is because I am not really sure what to call it.  Will try to explain what I need .....

I work on the DQS system... but do not like the program HATE IT.  So, I type in MS Word and copy/paste over to DQS.  I am looking for a software program that will work like a macro from MS Word over to DQS. 

Right now, I have a macro in MS Word to copy, convert to correct format, and spellcheck....... then I key over to DQS and past in the final product.  I want to eliminate the last two steps the alt-tab key and ctrl C key steps.

I want to just hit one macro key, and it do all of the above with one key stroke.  There is a program out there that will work as a macro program outside of windows, but I cannot remember the name of the program.

I also utilize another program for a different office that I have to do basically the same thing, but requires more key strokes from product A to product B.  So the program I need needs to be versatile enough to work outside of Windows per se for all programs.

Any suggestions?


Well said! If she believes it so much, she's not trying very hard!
how hard is it to figure out what you want to buy?
I wouldn't ever lease. It's throwing money away without building equity.
Hard for me to charge $60+ hr

I think it is great that you can do this and hats off, but it is hard for me to charge that much, over $60 an hour.  Not knocking you or your experience, have my own clients also but just feel guilty at anything above $35 to 40 an hour.  But again, good for you and it can be done and I could if I raised my cpl up as it is quite low and perhaps now I will.  


Learned the hard way
I am one of those editors who can't just let a blank go unless I have spent at least 10 minutes trying to research it. Of course, if the dictation is just not clear, then a blank is the way to go. I found at my last job, though, that I was spending too much time on correcting grammar - quite a stickler for that - but the company wanted a much quicker turnaround, even if the report looked like it was typed by a third grader (my opinion) lol.
Since it's hard to eat a lot of fruit
also think about a juicer. The advantages are that you get a the nutrients and live enzymes which work at the cellular level and don't have to be digested first. Of course, this should not be a substitute for EATING the fruit and veggies, 'cause the fiber is also valuable to your digestive system; juicing is just a good way to supplement what you are already eating. I would recommend organic stuff so you don't eat or juice pesticides, etc. Eat your colors...blueberries and other berries in general. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower also are great antioxidants. Spinach is also a power food. There are some good juicing recipe books out there if you are targeting specific things. Good luck and good for you for taking care of your health!
I know its hard! I have one calling me and
another poster names. Well, actually calling me the name I call myself! ha! But I think the insult is supposed to be that no one else will hire me!! Isn't that just so illogical? Its unreal. I know its hard - sometimes one is afraid that these ignoramus types will think if they get the last word its cause they sure made their point! But we all have to realize that its just not to feed them - don't feed the trolls! Don't feed the trolls...