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How many minutes of dictation do you type a day?

Posted By: Sue on 2007-05-02
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80-100 minutes of dictation
Can anyone tell me approximately how long 80-100 minutes of dictation takes to do with variables I know of a good or bad dictator but on average.  A 60 minute microcassette tape on both sides of 120 minutes, is that something to compare this to? Thank you.
Wow! If you do 240 minutes of dictation in...
8 hours, that is great!  Congratulations!
60 minutes of dictation
I take about 60 minutes of dictation each day and make between 50-60 dollars each day so yes, to me that is low.
60 minutes of dictation for $40
worth it or not?
Minutes of dictation, help please
This is the first time I am on an account that gives you large files of work.

My questions are, what is an "average" number of minutes to transcribe a day? Is there a basic rule of estimating how long it takes to type a minute of dictation? What about a basic rule of lines in regards to minutes (X number of lines per hour of dictation, etc)?
Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me how long it takes you to transcribe 30 minutes of dictation.  This is a clinic account that I will be transcribing 30-50 minutes of dictation M-F.  I know that there are a lot of variables, inlcuding dictator speed and expanders, but on average how long does this amount of work take you?  Thanks so much for your help!
dictation minutes
If anyone would have told me how much this could vary I would have never believed it. Currently I get paid by minutes. All very short reports and for each report we first capture patient info in the EMR, then transcribe in Word, and then save to correct folder in order for clerical to put back in the EMR. In addition, we have access to the EMR and are expected to put in any missing data, date of visit, attending, etc. 10 minutes an hour on average is a really good day, but bottom line for me is what do I average per hour and benefits. In this case, could be better but could be a lot worse.

I take a certain # of minutes dictation per day. nm
actually i would rather be bonused on minutes of dictation.
it works to my benefit when i am trying to get a bonus and have a slow dictator which more often than not i get, more so than a fast dictator.  it levels the playing field from those who get fast talking ops or ERs and can get a better line count. 
How much time does it take you to do 60 minutes of dictation?
I talked to a newbie just the other day who has taken a course but has just started his first job and he blows my time clear out of the water!  I may  not be the fastest typer but 60 minutes in a couple of hours!  Does that seem real?
The least I do an hour is 10 minutes of dictation - sm
so in 7.5 hours you should be able to do 75 minutes with relative ease. But if you are new and somewhat slow, I'd start with 45 and work my way up to 60.
60 dictation minutes is only about 4-6 hours

I do 60 minutes of transcription in about 4-6 hours - I think it goes 10 minutes of dictation = approx 1 hour of transcription or thereabouts.  I am not 100% certain and it would depend on the types of dictators. 

Best of luck whichever way you go. 


how about 196 minutes of real dictation!

My mom got a 200 minute file and she couldn't open it on her computer and asked me to do her a favor and transcribe it (which I do when this happens), figuring the doc left the tape on... Well.  She didnt leave it on.  She dictated.  The whole time.  About two weeks worth of dictation.  And she never bothered to tell me when the date changed, just went ahead and dictated, and dictated, and dictated.  It took me days cause even though I could have had it done within a day... it was just the thought of the same person speaking for so long!!!! :)

I have been give 300 minutes of dictation...

I am an IC and have been given 300 minutes of dictation (digital) due by Wednesday.  Is this possible?  I am not the fastest MT either, which has me very concerned.  Is this something most of you can do?  I may have to give up this job if it is not something I can accomplish.  ');> I am just so stressed out and want to cry. 



I am an IC who averages about 120 minutes of dictation per day. SM
I am quite familiar with my accounts, and only have to look up occasional words, e.g. new devices, and the dreaded address for the referring physician that the dictator does not bother to take the extra five seconds to give you when the information is directly in front of him! I use no Expanders as the doctors who I transcribe for are not repetitious with their reports. It takes me about 6 hours per day to do 2 hours worth of dictation. I have to be pretty disciplined, but take frequent quick breaks (probably 5-10 minute breaks 5 times) to just stretch, get a drink or grab a bite to eat. Unless you would work a 24-hour stretch and are extremely quick, I don't think 300 minutes is very realistic. I have been doing this for over 20 years, and I can't imagine how your client or company could possibly expect this time frame? Did they just give you the work or have you had it for a while? Good luck. However, without having the actual dictation in front of me, I cannot say for sure. Some doctors can stretch a lot of "BS" out to consume a lot of dictation time, when in reality maybe they only dictated several pages. Speaking for myself, my doctors usually productively dictate for 2 hours worth of typing. I don't know your situation however.
Will minutes of dictation be considered? Some

I did 103 minutes of dictation today
and it took me 6-1/2 hours. Let's see if I can do the math ... 6-1/2 hours = 390 minutes of my time, divided by 103 minutes' worth of dictation, comes out to 3.78 and change, so that means each minute of dictation took me 3.78 minutes to transcribe... right?

That included several difficult dictators, the ones with the long pauses while they shuffled papers--and a lot of e-mail reading (and answering) and internet-surfing on my part in between. Shh! Don't tell anybody!
Formula: Dictation Minutes x 3 = 3 hours
That's always been the calculation -- a ten-minute report will take 30 minutes to type... one minute = three minutes, etc... Depending on how slow the doc is, though, you can really speed him up and sometimes type real-time.
The MT average is 20 minutes of dictation/hour
how long to transcribe 60 minutes dictation
I've always heard this used as a standard - Transcription equals 2-3 times longer than the dictation.  Lots of factors such as clear sound, clear dictation, formatting of typed work - going in and out of jobs, typing speed, use of expanders, etc.  but its a pretty good rule to go by.  So 60 minutes would take 2-3 hours to type.
A bad day, I do 100 minutes of dictation and more like 130 to 140 on a decent day, an 8-hour day sm
but I have been doing this for a very long time and have a perfect expander.
I generally request 60 minutes of dictation for the weekend

So it doesn't matter if you got a 30 minute file and only 3 minutes of it is actually dictation,
In the "old days" of dictation on vinyl belts, the quota was do to 15 minutes an hour. sm

To me, it seems realistic, but then again, each situation is different.  On account I know, I can usually do 30 minutes an hour, although being money-oriented and paid by the line, I usually gauge things by lines.  I do 250-300 lph, but those little dinky reports ARE an irritation -- no argument there -- hardly enter the header info and *poof* the dictation is over.  Would be hard to make a decent line count that way.

But ... surely your employers understand there are variations on such things.  Maybe you average 8.9 one month and 12 the next ... I would think it would even out.

Anyway, i'm into that gray zone where I know nothing about, but I wish you good luck.  To me, in the days when I was supervisor, if I knew someone was doing the best they could do, that was all that mattered to me. 

The poster above said she type 130 per 15 minutes. sm
That comes to 520 lines per hour.  That is seriously fast if its true!
On average, how many minutes do you type a day?

I am curious to know how many minutes on average does an MT type a day, by either digital or tapes.  And perhaps this is too personal, but how much do you earn weekly with those minutes.  I am also aware it depends on what city or state we live in, which can vary the salary earnings too.


I do enjoy my work as an IC, but feel that I do not make very much.  I cannot complain though, I have plenty of work, I just really wonder if I do not put enough time into typing per day, or perhaps I need to really consider raising my rates.      


Thank you.     


So how have ླྀ Minutes' and similar expose-type
Could it be that nobody's told them? Or could the big, powerful HMOs be paying someone to keep this quiet? (Which would be an even bigger story.) This affects not just MTs, but everyone in the country who uses a doctor's services. We're ALL being screwed, not just MTs. And India gets the last laugh. Pathetic.
At TransHealth, there are backlog updates every 15 minutes for the accounts we type. sm
We're always informed of where are accounts are standing (in ChartMatrix).  It's a nice feature.
I had no idea how many minutes I type in a day, so I checked some stats today....
I did 72.53 minutes and it took me about 6.5 to 7 hours.
How long on average does it take to type 30 min of dictation?
too vague; depends on type of dictation and the dictator
save a generic dictation, sit the person at your desk and tell them to type what they hear
I used to say he nursed for 30 minutes every 30 minutes. I was trying to figure
out a way to strap him across my chest so he could help himself while I went about whatever it was I had to do.    I really miss those days too.  
ATT- I was paying $320 for 7000 minutes, I am now paying $175 for 5000 minutes in CA. nm
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
For me it isn't an account type but a dictator type ...
and that would be oriental. An oriental dictator (hahaha, that kind of sounds funny...hahaha) is the most challenging for me.
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
remind me, type what they say, type what they say, type....
"He indicated that at the beginning of the year he complained of health problems recently but has gotten better."  C'mon doc, which one is it?????
Shorthand users: Is there a way to type a word, use a slash and then type another word..sm

immediately following the slash and have it expand.  For example if I needed to transcribe mass/sebaceous cyst, is there a way to use my expanded sebaceous cyst without having to back space after I type the slash mark?  TIA

It has taken me 20 minutes to look up
addresses for one patient report.  That's a whopping four lines there.  Someone mentioned earlier making sure that the platform was user friendly.  It's simple enough to use, but this looking up information has got to go if I'm going to make any money at all.  I wish I could find something where I could just cruise.  Any ideas on companies without all the extra research done for free?
60 minutes

Depending on which account but 60 minutes to me is about $100 to $175 for me.    If it would be my surgeons would be over $200.  Sure they did not mean for 60 minutes of transcribing -- $40 per hour?  Even dividing by minute that is less than $1 per minute.  Way too low. 


So, you are saying then that 90 minutes sm
would take approximately 4.5 to 5 hours?
I think 60 minutes and all of you should
Enough already!  I'm sorry, but quite frankly your energy could be spent on much more important issues than offshoring medical records.  Let's bring the fathers and mothers home.  There are still physicians/facilities that use U.S. MTs.  JMO. 
Anywhere from 175-250 depending on account.
It's on again in about 45 minutes.
Should be, anyway.
i had an 800 # before and yes we had to pay for minutes used. sm
i am sure there are different options out there and this was 5+ years ago though. could you rerecord and send to her via net?
I just saw one a few minutes ago
I sent it to 60 Minutes
I sent the link to 60 Minutes. If I hear anything back, I will let you all know. Something needs to be done. To be truthful, I feel almost as bad for poor Indian workers being used by US companies and paid nothing, when they don't have the ability to do the job they are hired for. It's bad all around. I am sure there's plenty of work in their own country where they would at least be able to do a halfway decent job. It sure would spare us in the US having to re-do their reports before they are acceptable to send to clients.