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How many of you started out the old way - pre computers?

Posted By: omt on 2005-12-29
In Reply to:

Just curious. I was sitting here doing my spell check and using my Expanders and remembering when I used to type the notes on sticky paper on a typewriter , using white out for errors, and then cutting out the individual notes and peeling and sticking them in the charts. UGH!

Of course the doc I worked for back then had a computer, but only for billing, and was too cheap to buy another one. So I sat in a little corner with an old IBM selectric and a dozen bottles of white out.

At the risk of really making me look old,  I'll mention I took typing in high school and in college on a MANUAL typewriter.

For all you younguns' out there, that means it had no electricity. 


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You can get 56K modems for 5.00 now. We build our own and each piece of hardware we put in, including the case, are warrantied separately so if something breaks, you aren't fighting companies and having to send back the whole thing. It's much cheaper to do it yourself and really very easy.
I use Dell laptop with DSL, VPN and Lanier. No problems. Had problems with VPN and Hewlet/P.
I only buy 1 and put it on 2 of my computers- nm
I really think in the age of computers

I think this is why EMR has become popular.  My daughter has been typing on the computer since she was 4-years-old.  My son is a pretty quick typist at 12 years of age. 

My PCP uses his computer, but a lot of times PCPs do not use transcriptionists at least in my state/experience.  It is mostly specialists.  I have noticed the bigger the practice/facility, the larger the transcription company.

Part of an ortho practice I transcribed for went with C-Bay because they wanted to go digital and have 24-hour TAT; however, three out of seven physicians were older and still used tapes.  It all depends on the circumstance and preference.

We have 3 computers
using the wireless router and we would sometimes get this problem. We are allowed up to 5 computers to be used on the router. However, sometimes when my kids were downloading or IM-ing, the router was treating those tasks as another computer on the network. So when I went to get online, the router would think there were already 5 computers on and not allow me to connect to the internet. I used to have to unplug router to reset it and then I could get online. Kids are more careful now about logging off and/or shutting off computers, and we haven't had a problem since.
It may be different on different computers.
You can find it easily by going to search and typing in *.acl.
Hello:  Try Tigerdirect.com and see if they have any computers with Windows XP, do not believe they have Dells, but they have other brand name computers that are just as good.  Also, that site you can build your own and it is not really expensive either.
HP is the best. All 3 of our computers are HPs.
My desktop that I work on is an HP, and I have never had a single problem with it. It's about 2 years old. I also just got a brand new HP laptop for X-mas. My husband's desktop is also an HP that is a little less than a year old. We have always gone with HP and have never been let down! My parent's even just bought a new HP. You can get some really good deals on them.
I just use two computers...
I have a switch box and it works great.
XP computers.........
Tiger Direct has desktop and laptops with XP. Lenovo and Acer are also very good computers with a lot of bang for the buck. Tiger Direct usually has some of the best prices around on lots of stuff.....
2 computers
I do use 2 computers, but that only because I have both programs loaded on my desktop and on my laptop (for when I want to be away from the house). I have not had a problem with both programs loaded on the either computer, however.  
Some computers are noisier than others
Other poster on the mark with the vacuum. Disconnect all the wires (a drag I know) remove cover and vacuum the inside - failing that, get a can of air and blow the dust off (through the vents). Sometimes fans are sort of banging into things and can be adjusted, sometimes not.

Dell Computers
What helped me most was buying a Dell flat panel monitor AND the stereo sound bar - 14 watts, great sound and plugs for headphones.
I'm a big fan of refurbished computers too
I would never buy a new computer again. The only downside that I can see is that they don't give you the operating system CDs so if you run into trouble and have to insert the original OS CD, you are out of luck.
doxies computers

i think that is an unwritten doxie law - am trying to get mine to learn to type but she just doesn't want to do it - would rather I throw a ball or something, haha



Free computers
Medquist supplies computers and everything that goes with it at no charge.  They are HP XP Professional. I got one from them.
I run 2 computers at a time. nm

how to connect two computers
I am starting with a new company next week and have received their computer.  How do I connect this to my internet (DSL)?  My DH suggested that I would need a router which would plug into the modem and then something would go into the new computer, or something like that??  I am not too knowledgable about this type of thing.  Know how to use a computer but not sure about all that wireless stuff!!  If I need a router does anyone know what kind to get? Or what I need to know to determine what kind to get?  If anyone can advise...Thanks!!
Company computers

This is something I have never seen posted anywhere and I'm thinking it is not even possible but thought I'd ask just to see.  I know a lot of companies supply your computer and transcription equipment.  There are other companies that are set up where you can just load their program onto your personal computer.  Has anyone ever heard of a company that has a type of program that has computers available for purchase?  I know some places take a deposit on the one you use for them and then when you quit your deposit is returned.  How about if you want to buy it?  For instance, the company I work for has a program in place that allows you to purachase books from the company at a discounted price and then you can have it payroll deducted over several pay periods.  I was just thinking it would be awesome if I could do this with a computer purchase.  Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming with my head in the clouds but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.  TIA. 

I hate computers nm
Getting e-mail on both computers...
In your e-mail program click on tools/accounts/whatever account you need to change/properties/advanced. You will see a button under delivery that says "leave a copy of message on server." Check that off.

All messages will stay on the server when downloaded from that computer, and the other will be able to receive all messages. If you want both of them to get ALL of incoming messages, set them both up that way. If your e-mail server is your personal e-mail account, you should go into webmail and delete them all now and then, or you will run out of space. If you are on a company server for the address they usually clean up the mailboxes automatically weekly or monthly, and you shouldn't have to worry about it.

Your replies will only be stored on the computer you respond from, but you will have receive all the incoming e-mail this way.

two computers, one keyboard
I think this subject has come up before but I couldn't find it in archives.  Can I use one keyboard and one mouse for two computers if both my computers are behind a wireless router?  If so, where do I find what I need to connect them? 
Two computers, only 1 with ExText

I have 2 separate computers connected by a router.  My primary computer has ExText.  The other one doesn't.  Both receive the Internet.  I do my work on the one with the ExText and Internet searches on the one without even though I can still get Internet on both computers at the same time. 

The modem for the Internet connects to the router.  A separate cable goes from each computer into the router.  Works great. 

I have 4 computers networked.
Only one of my computers has EXText and it works fine with the other four. You need to be sure that your wireless router is set to handle that many computers. There is a setting you can change but I can't tell you where it's at. My stepson fixed mine.
We can all sit here at our home computers and (sm)
"act professional" (i.e., management's euphemism for "shut up and type faster!"
Yes you can switch computers...
Short of plugging and unplugging the USB ports you can get a KVM-Switch. This is a little control panel and you change with just the push of a button. I fill in a an office where they have one screen set up with one keyboard and mouse yet there are two drives, one mains system drive and the second is actually a dictation system. I switch between them just by pushing a button both are running at same time so you could switch accounts.

Here is a sample. Some cost more but you might find it cheaper. This one is $50.


About the word 2003 do you have your Discs that came with computer, you could load like that, but you might have problems loading with the license agreement.
Can Ii install the CD on both of my computers? nm
Does anyone know of computers with service in US?
I had a dell once and after they agreed to take it back I thought I would never get a dell again.  Every time I called I got a foreign speaking person and it drove me nuts.  I can believe the other post about people actually having fits with them.  I do not want to have to struggle to have a computer run properly for my job.  TIA! 
Dell computers

Are the Dell computers advertized in Sunday circulars pretty cheap any good?  I'm happy with what I have and have always had an HP, but hubby says it's old and he's afraid it's going to give up the ghost any day and wants to get me one of the cheap Dells?  Any advice?

Question about using two computers...sm

I need to figure out a way to hook up two computers to one monitor and one DSL connection where I can just easily switch back and forth between the two computers.  I know this has been discussed before, but I can't remember how you all do this.  If someone could explain what I need to get and what I need to do, I would be very appreciative.  Thanks for any and all info you can give me. 

What can companies see on our computers?
I have my own computer with company software loaded on it. While I am connected to the company's VPN, can they tell what sites I am surfing to and other things I do on my computer?
company computers
The hospital I work for is forcing everyone to use company computers because of privacy issues. The thing is, I use ShortHand extensively on my own computer and can't work w/o it. They have a paper I'm supposed to sign that I won't "tamper with the hardware or software" of the computer. Is installing a decent word-expander tampering? I'm afraid to ask, they can be real jerks sometimes. Has anyone faced this issue before?
2 computers one screen
How would I run 2 computers on one screen? TIA.
buying computers
Do we have the option of buying the computers from Medquist and does anyone know how much they would want? I would just as soon use this one which is customized to my favorite websites instead of buying a new one- don't want to get in trouble for checking my email, doing banking, etc.  Do they offer the option to buy the towers from them versus returning them if you quit? I have only been with them for 3 months so my station is a newer build.

Wal-Mart and computers
I did not need a laptop for my entire university career, though I did need a computer.  Laptops generally don't have a lot of memory.  If you really like the idea of carrying it around with you to make notes in class, that is a personal preference.  I don't know anything about Acer notebooks, but I know a lot about Wal-Mart.  I don't think they are the best place to buy computers.  I would recommend getting an actual desktop computer from a store that specializes in electronics if you are considering working from home as an MT.  You will have to anyway.  Or if you really need a laptop get a better one from another store.
Suggestion - Computers

One of the things that everyone with a computer can do as part of our ownership responsibilities is to have an inventory of just what components our computers have been built with (or added afterward).  Having this information can be a big help when upgrading, maintaining and repairing your system.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers seem to treat this information like a state secret.  In other cases we might never have had or have lost our original documentation.

There's a free product called "Belarc Advisor" (see the link below) that in my experience does an excellent job of doing an inventory on your system and reporting a ton of information about not only your hardware, but also your operating system and certain software installations.  I recommend that when you have a bit of spare time you download and run this application, and print out the report it produces so you have it handy.  Then, run it again whenever you make changes to your hardware or operating system - again, keeping the report.  And, yup - it works just fine with Vista, XP, 2000, etc. 

It will make any tech support person scream for joy (and amazement) if you have this information in hand when you need to resolve technical issues.

I should also address another issue that always seems to come up whenever a free utility of any kind gets mentioned.  There's a load of excellent free software of different kinds available but some always seem to be suspicious of anything that is free.  Belarc makes their money by selling the "corporate" version of this software to large companies that need a server-based way to inventory the hundreds or thousands of computers that they own.  They've decided as a service to the individual computer owner to make this single-system version available for free.  It's that simple.   


never heard of this before and I have had computers for 20 years...
course, I get a new one about every 3 years - maybe I lucked out and traded up just before the clock died (but not various and sundry other parts!)
I have never had any problems, I have it installed on 3 computers,
I don't have the current version on my laptop as yet (don't use my old computer anymore, would if the other 2 died though....kids have it for playing CD programs, etc. But never had any problems with downloading, installing, etc.
I may not be paid to know computers, but as part of
this profession it is almost a prerequisite. And I certainly know my computer! I have had a computer crash before, and from that point on learned as much as I could to prevent that from happening again. Yes, we need to know the medical language, but we also need to know the machinery that provides us with a means to use that medical language knowledge to make a living. It only makes sense. Also, when someone is obviously making mistakes on your computer, why do you feel it is not appropriate to correct them? Should we just sit there quietly? I, for one, having paid a lot of money for my computer, will indeed speak up and correct the tech. If he takes afront to that, then his insecurity is showing. I am corrected when I make a medical language mistake, and I don't get irritated.
Anyone working for Spheris and MQ, how many computers do

I just started a job using voice files and not a dictaphone as before.  I tried every set of earphones in the tower part of the computer that has a space for earphones next to the space for the footpedal.  I only out of one ear.  Is there another place to plug them in or what earphones do you use.   These earphones are made for this. 

Try a KVM switch. I have 2 computers, 1 for work and
1 for personal use. The KVM switch allows me to move back and forth between the 2 computers with just a couple key strokes. You also won't have 2 monitors, keyboards, etc., sitting around. I think I bought my switch at a local Best Buy.
Not really. This is the direction of computers -see inside
When I had a Windows 95 computer WITHOUT any "security patches" or "updates" from the Microsoft Web site, I had a stand-alone box. That is, I never got any Spam, no popups, nothing.

I had this from 1998 to 2003. Then, in 2003 I decided to do the "security patches" etc. for Windows 95 that are availble on the Microsoft Web site. Then, I had popups up the wazoo, had to get spy ware, and it ruined my computer.

This is a topic on all the computer sites. IF you buy a NEW computer from let's say Compaq or H-P, those I know, it will come PRE-LOADED with a tremendous amount of stuff which is just basically advertising, basically just a way for the "advertisers" to access your machine. PRobably this is all the computer manufacturers.

THe short story on this is I think Microsoft thinks that's the way to go. THey built a software we have to buy and operate with, but it is really for the benefit of the people who want to sell us something. I miss my "black box" of Windows 95 without any upgrades. It was so much nicer. Just mine. But I too see SPAM with my name on it, not a common name. And they are obviously getting it off my computer name.

One more thing to thank Bill for.
Stolen computers from the VA Hospital------
Did you hear about the two different workplaces getting their computers stolen?  Someone from the Veterens Hospital brought a computer home to their house and then is was stolen.  It has at least 50,000 name of Veterens whose medical conditions and personal information was on it.  The news said the  diagnostic codes are universal and can be easily read.   Someone else was on a plane and their laptop was stolen which had Stop and Shop employees info on it.    Then at a college in CT someone broke into the computer system and they are not sure what was taken so they sent a letter to anyone who was associated with that college in the last8 years even if you got a letter because you were inquiring about that college  and so my daughters  had to call the credit bureau to warn them because my two daugters are associated with that college.  
Setting up 2 computers with 1 monitor - Need help!

I will be starting a second job next week and need to use that companies computer.  I know I need a syslink router to enable them both to use our cable modem, but I know there is a box you can get so you can use one monitor and turn the dial to switch back and forth between computers.  Anyone know what this is called and where to get it?   Also, is there a way to use only one mouse and keyboard also, or will I have to have 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk?  (I have a small desk and am limited on space).  Thanks for all help!!

No - no laptop - no computers and no work
I'm just going to leave - and try to relax and work this out. I have no support at home with this, so I am sure it will be at least a day before anyone at home will realize that I am not there. Probably when someone needs me to do something - it will be hey - where's mom - I thought she was just going to the store. My husband has been in the garage today with his brother and another guy since about 9:00 a.m. - and it is hot here. Thanks for everyone's support. The rest of my immediate family is dead or I am sure that they would help me with this. That is why I have to go somewhere on my own, since I don't have any family to help me.
Shorthand on multiple computers
If I buy a copy of Shorthand, how many computers can I put it on?
2 computers - no room for mice
I run to computers, one for work, one PC.  I have one desk and seem to always be crowded as far as the mice.  Any suggestions?
First rule of computers: Whenever anything goes wrong...


That will take care of about 95% of problems.

If you have two identical toolbars, then you may need to go to View, then Toolbars, and then Customize (way down at the bottom of the list). On the Toolbars tab, see what is checked.

If both Standard and Formatting are checked, this is where you may have your duplicate. Try unchecking either one of those and see if that puts your toolbar back the way you want it.

If that doesn't work, come back and we'll try again!

How do you use the wireless if you use a router between computers?
Are both computers yours or are you taking the word of
somebody else?