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How nice is this keyboard? Nice light touch?

Posted By: Okay, I'll bite on 2005-11-01
In Reply to: Ergonomic 4000 - sm for sales

I have a regular Microsoft ergonomic one now but I'm thinking I should probably get a replacement and use mine as a backup. 

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light touch keyboard
I have a logitech DiNovo.l  It is pretty expensive but it is small, flat and makes hardly any noise.  The only draw back is that it comes with a separate number key pad.  The key pad is not connected to the keyboard.  I love this keyboard with my laptap. It is the same size as my laptop and fits flat in my laptop case so I can take it with me anywhere. 
Keyboard recommendations, soundless & light touch?
can anyone recommend a keyboard like that?  I have tried so many.  Has anyone tried the Kinesis?  Is it silent and light touch?  Help!
RE: Anyone know of a real light touch keyboard that is a reasonable price?



Can anyone suggest a super light touch keyboard? That you can't hear the typing?
I am looking for one that you can't hear the typing.  TIA
Is this w/the built-in hand rest? Touch was nice, but the rest made my palms achey. Didn't
I was nice today, and people were nice to me.
If you steer away from the nastiness, there are a few nice and encouraging posts in there. 
is there a super-light touch
keyboard that is also split and (hope upon hope) with a rise in the middle like the MS ones?
But it clicks? Usually this means not a light touch? Thanks
Could you expound?
How soft is the touch, is it a muffled sound (microsoft used to make a very soft touch keyboard.
You can't buy it anymore and I hate the clacky ones. I think a really soft one sounds muffled when you hit the key. Thanks
Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
If keyboard is old, a new one might not be as stiff to touch. nm
The Best, Soft, Air-touch Keyboard Around
than trying to use laptop keyboard and touch pad.
I need a very soft touch keyboard. Any suggestions?
I bought an expensive (over $200) 3 piece comfort keyboard that you can position the sections anywhere you want.  That feature is nice, but to me the pressure you need on the keys is too muHIS IS A for this particular model.  This is the cause of most of my pain.  Anyone know of a very light touch keyboard?  TIA
Keyboard with an extra soft touch?
I am dealing with repetitive stress injury and can only type about 1 hour a day. Does anyone have a brand name keyboard that has a particularly soft touch to it? I am hoping changing to a very gentle keyboard might get me another few hours per week.
The lighter touch the keyboard the faster
you're likely to type.   A stiff keyboard tires your wrists and takes more energy, but it is you that need to learn to type faster/smarter.  Set your dictation speed up a little and try to keep up.  I have mine on 105 99.9% of the time, except when I get those dictators who are so fast that you hoping slowing down the speed will help.  You also need to use macros and get a word Expander and use it as much as possible.   As the saying goes you need to work smarter not harder. 
The Kinesis Classic Keyboard is the softest touch I have used. (nm)
Softer touch, clicky, yet larger size keyboard.
Don't know if you'll see this, but you may want to try the "cloned" IBM keyboard by the company I mentioned previously. It is the same size & layout as the IBM, "clicky", and yet there was a subtle difference in the "touch". I felt it "was" a "softer" touch compared to the original IBM. Wish I could offer a better explanation, but it's such an "individual" thing that it's hard to describe. What is comfortable for me may not be for you. I have the one I bought from them years ago boxed up for repair, so I'm just recalling this from memory. Haven't used it in quite a while, but do remember I did get comfortable with it in the interim without my IBM keyboard.

Oh - the memories - I'll never forget the "mag card" & how the part-time worker at night never failed to wipe out the "negatives" I had stored on "certain labeled" cards everytime she worked at my desk :o)

Well - if I do run across another keyboard I think you might be interested in, I'll address it to you as "me" & hope you'll see it.
Be nice
This is just the kind of response people are referring to........ try to be a little less defensive/offensive
 Nice!  My guinea pig would LOVE you!
Thank you so much! It's nice to know that someone
else believes in those of us who never received formal training as an MT but love our jobs and do them well (my QA score is 98% or better).
Not sure. It would be nice if across the
board all MQ offices would be exactly the same. It would save a lot of confusion among MTs. It seems that every single office has different policies and different requirements. They need to do something about that.
Well nice is as nice does ...
there are some people who would think I was being false and "Miss Nice" if I were to do all the "bless your little heart" business.

I'm matter of fact. I expect adults to be mature and fully developed in their thinking ... instead of the juvenile "OMG, I can't believe I can't get what I want" attitude.

We can agree on one thing...neither of us likes the other one's attitude. Hahahaha

You want to complain and whine like an insolent child. That's your right.

I'd rather throw a little mature advice, hints and tips on how to survive, how to make it, when to call it quits, etc. I'm not sitting on a throne anywhere having no idea what I'm talking about. I've been there and I'm speaking from experience - experiences of failure and success, happiness and discontentment, etc.

If you're over 18, you don't need to be babied. That's what your mother is for.

This is an adult world. Grow up. Be accountable. Be responsible. It's your life. You make every single decision and you are in control. To let anyone else control your life -- that is a choice as well and not a smart one.

You can just keep on sitting here, splashing around in the pity pool! Soon you'll be all shrivled up and prune-like. Hahaha Or, you can get out. Dry off. Decide what you want to do, where you want to go, and get the heck out of Dodge.

Guarantee you -- in 2 years, in 5 years, and more -- the majority, not all but the majority, of the complaining, whining, unhappy MTs will still be here, still on this forum, still with the same song and dance, with the same problems, with the same attitude. Not all, but most. They will be left behind.
That's not very nice to say
I do not think the employees of MDI are treated "like crap and fight for the work".

I am a Transcriptionist myself and I treat my MT's the way I would like to be treated myself.

If you don't know how we pay ALL full time employees' ULD, then you could not have worked for us.

It is truly unfortunate that you feel this way. You may call me at any time to discuss your statements. Thanks, Liz
I am nice!
I do play nice until the other people throw the first punch, so to speak.

nice lie.
Whats this imaginary recruiters name
that's not nice
Hey now, I have an uncle ron and he is the best damn lover I have ever had - do you want him for a night?
yes, very nice.....
about your job with MQ! LOL
Now, this is nice!

Yikes, we must have done something wrong because our posts are all gone.   Oh well.  Glad we agree on some things.  As the saying goes, life would be very boring if we all agreed on everything and there was no such thing as opinions.  Keeps life interesting! 

Actually, in my opinion, Frankie boy had me rolling on the floor.  I know undoubtedly some of his remarks were down right crude, but for some reason the people were just responding to him which just kept him going and going and going. 

So glad we understand each other and accept the differences we have.  Have a good day!

WOW - It's nice
I work two jobs - a hospital job 10 hours per day and my night job for an orthopaedic clinic (many, many years). I just put my 13 inch from the kitchen in my office. I feel it will come in handy for bad weather, etc, during the day. BUT - at night, this is nice. I am typing my clinic notes with no problem and am listening to the news at the same time.

Usually, I listen to music. It actually is really nice with the news on right now - and I can type like crazy during the commercials!! THANKS FOR THE IDEA!!!

I had thought about it before when we were expecting Katrina, but didn't follow through with it. I'm glad I did it today.
How nice!
Okay, you B-I-G LOSER! Just because you are so unhappy with MQ and they can't cater to your every little need, don't take it out on us because we have the ability to adapt! Perhaps seeing a psychiatrist is the way to go for you. Doesn't take much to realize you have issues.

As far as brushing, flossing, and rinsing with Listerine, I done and did that - NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Forget brushing and flossing though, just take your bottom and top plate out and soak them for a while!

A car yes, but not a nice new one
I think new cars are things to be EARNED by adults who WORK for them. Saddest story I ever heard, true: Some nice people bought their 16 year old daughter a used car for her birthday. They were so excited about it. The first words out of her mouth: "But it's a used car!"
Isn't it nice...
... that we, as transcriptionists, have mastered following all the "rules" of each client -- and 100 more not mentioned here -- that make YOUR job so easy!  Kudos to us.  And by the way... you're welcome!
Same to you. Nice having you here.
Be Nice
You sounded mean and I am not flakey--just trying to help the medical transcription services get quality reports from my students. I have posted about three entries on this site over the past year and have been bashed by people 3 times.....not a good record...although others were very friendly. If there are just a couple of predominately negative individuals here, please remember you don't know who you are talking to...could be your neighbor or best friend.
Wow....that is not very nice....nm
That was so nice. (sm)
It is really important to focus on the good.  You know, before all this happened I was confident and cheerful and lovely.  I had lots of friends and I was happy.  I gave all my power to him.  Even over the little things, we still constantly disagree.  I realize that he and I are too different to make that "opposites attract" thing happen.  I have made some huge steps in the past few days, starting with my confession yesterday.  I have also made contact with one of my friends from childhood who is very good at networking and planning.  She is one of the people I'm "not allowed" to talk to, just like my daughter's family, but I did and I'm better for it already.  Thanks for your prayers.  I think they're working.  I had lots of signs yesterday. 
lol nice one
Mac if you can't say something nice, please don't say anything at all.
Since you spew so much negativity on this board perhaps it would be best if you just "went back to work."  No one would miss you.  Ba-bye!
Wow! How nice!
Very nice, indeed...............nm

not nice........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........nm
Yes, that would be nice, however,
not everyone can do that.  I would love to have checks pile up before cashing them but I can't live that way.  I have bills to pay, children to feed and clothe.  Don't down those of us who can't live as comfortably as you are.  At least we are trying to make ends meet.  And yes, I have a husband.  He is a police officer.  He works hard, risks his life everyday and gets paid lousy for it.  Give us a break won't ya!!!!
Thank you. That is nice. 2U2
so so nice of you... sm

i am new to this board and it is refreshing to see nice stories instead of everyone complaining about their jobs.  there is so more troubling stuff in this world besides what we do for work. 

my little brother (he is 31) is going in for brain surgery tomorrow.  the doc found a lesion on his brain last october when he was rushed to the hospital when his girlfriend found him having a seizure in the middle of the night.  he was totally blue and not breathing.  first they said it was a stroke.  the did a repeat scan and the lesion was still there and had not changed in size.  they did a pet and there is nothing anywhere else in his body.  they finally went in to do a biopsy on this lesion a few weeks ago.  they sent the specimen to 5 different pathologists in our area (boston) and no one could identifiy it.  so, tomorrow he goes in to have the whole thing removed with a risk of loosing his speech and hearing. 

things like this make me just get up and do my job.  it makes it very difficult to complain about silly stuff when you hear all these stories.  thank you for sharing your story.  brought a smile to my face this morning (and a tear or two).  i will be thinking of this tomorrow when i'm sitting in the waiting room.  thank you again.


Very nice of you but I would not
I think that is a reflection of the MT's work the companies should see...after all isn't proofreading and editing and spelling and grammar a big part of the job? That's kind of scary. Wow.
Good advice!
I too am an Editor and I am not uppity. The fact is that some MTs are really conscientious and some are not. Please remember that QA also gets paid by the line and for an MT to expect us to finish their report so they can rush through is just unacceptable. When I was an MT I looked things up and now I edit the work of 2 who do and the rest do not. I give feedback and some people listen to it and save the corrections and some just rip through and make the same errors every day. Why are people hostile to QA? I don't get it. We actually had one MT who made a mess of everything and said to the boss "isn't that why we have editors"???? Amazing. Well when she almost lost her job then she amazingly started to type properly. Personally I'd rather go back to typing. QA is very hard and a lot of responsibility.
#3 would be nice #4 even better
So am I totally underpaid? Cause I'm not there.
Thank you so much for being nice! :)
Thank you for advice and well wishes...I'm going to talk to my boss at our next staff meeting and see what she says!