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light touch keyboard

Posted By: MIV on 2008-03-04
In Reply to: Can anyone suggest a super light touch keyboard? That you can't hear the typing? - metooalso

I have a logitech DiNovo.l  It is pretty expensive but it is small, flat and makes hardly any noise.  The only draw back is that it comes with a separate number key pad.  The key pad is not connected to the keyboard.  I love this keyboard with my laptap. It is the same size as my laptop and fits flat in my laptop case so I can take it with me anywhere. 

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Keyboard recommendations, soundless & light touch?
can anyone recommend a keyboard like that?  I have tried so many.  Has anyone tried the Kinesis?  Is it silent and light touch?  Help!
RE: Anyone know of a real light touch keyboard that is a reasonable price?



Can anyone suggest a super light touch keyboard? That you can't hear the typing?
I am looking for one that you can't hear the typing.  TIA
How nice is this keyboard? Nice light touch?
I have a regular Microsoft ergonomic one now but I'm thinking I should probably get a replacement and use mine as a backup. 
is there a super-light touch
keyboard that is also split and (hope upon hope) with a rise in the middle like the MS ones?
But it clicks? Usually this means not a light touch? Thanks
Could you expound?
How soft is the touch, is it a muffled sound (microsoft used to make a very soft touch keyboard.
You can't buy it anymore and I hate the clacky ones. I think a really soft one sounds muffled when you hit the key. Thanks
Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
If keyboard is old, a new one might not be as stiff to touch. nm
The Best, Soft, Air-touch Keyboard Around
than trying to use laptop keyboard and touch pad.
I need a very soft touch keyboard. Any suggestions?
I bought an expensive (over $200) 3 piece comfort keyboard that you can position the sections anywhere you want.  That feature is nice, but to me the pressure you need on the keys is too muHIS IS A for this particular model.  This is the cause of most of my pain.  Anyone know of a very light touch keyboard?  TIA
Keyboard with an extra soft touch?
I am dealing with repetitive stress injury and can only type about 1 hour a day. Does anyone have a brand name keyboard that has a particularly soft touch to it? I am hoping changing to a very gentle keyboard might get me another few hours per week.
The lighter touch the keyboard the faster
you're likely to type.   A stiff keyboard tires your wrists and takes more energy, but it is you that need to learn to type faster/smarter.  Set your dictation speed up a little and try to keep up.  I have mine on 105 99.9% of the time, except when I get those dictators who are so fast that you hoping slowing down the speed will help.  You also need to use macros and get a word Expander and use it as much as possible.   As the saying goes you need to work smarter not harder. 
The Kinesis Classic Keyboard is the softest touch I have used. (nm)
Softer touch, clicky, yet larger size keyboard.
Don't know if you'll see this, but you may want to try the "cloned" IBM keyboard by the company I mentioned previously. It is the same size & layout as the IBM, "clicky", and yet there was a subtle difference in the "touch". I felt it "was" a "softer" touch compared to the original IBM. Wish I could offer a better explanation, but it's such an "individual" thing that it's hard to describe. What is comfortable for me may not be for you. I have the one I bought from them years ago boxed up for repair, so I'm just recalling this from memory. Haven't used it in quite a while, but do remember I did get comfortable with it in the interim without my IBM keyboard.

Oh - the memories - I'll never forget the "mag card" & how the part-time worker at night never failed to wipe out the "negatives" I had stored on "certain labeled" cards everytime she worked at my desk :o)

Well - if I do run across another keyboard I think you might be interested in, I'll address it to you as "me" & hope you'll see it.
Go with Light or Extra Light Ash Blonde as
I use a MSFT Natural keyboard at home and the laptop keyboard on the road. nm

why Bud Light?
are you kidding?
Ott light.

favorite keyboard over the holidays is called "no keyboard"
If you use a standard keyboard you can buy an old IBM model M keyboard on ebay or clickykeyboards.co

That key printing never wear down because the letters are part of the key itself.  They just don't make them that way anymore because it is too expensive to make.  Some of the mechanical keyboards like Cherry have what they double shot key imprinting and the letters are part of the key itself and don't wear off. That IBM keyboard is very noisy from the type of keyswitch it has so you may not like that.  Logitech and Belkin make some membrane switch keyboards that are supposed to have longer lasting key imprints.  I have a logitech that has the longer lasting key imprints and it is pretty good.  You have to look on the specs to find out if has the longer lasting key printing.

I have experimented so much with keyboards and have done a lot of research.  Way too much info.  


I use a laptop with a full-size keyboard (no separate keyboard)
I'm using a lap desk but previously was using a pillow with a book on it under the laptop. No additional keyboard though, I bought one with a full-sized board with regular size keys (an HP) which I LOVE and it took no time at all to get used to it. I also love that when the weather improves, I can take my computer outside and get some fresh air! What a great job... :)
Raw oysters, Mr. Ed, and Bud Light.
and Mr. Ed IS SO a famous person!!
Hey, I live in IN too. I like having light outside at 8 PM! nm
Hoping they see the light!
I agree with you 100%. I have been in this line of work for over 30 years. (I started off making $3.23 an hour in 1975 (had no experience) and worked with the large belts on a Selectric typewriter. I have always LOVED this profession; however, over the years the stress has increased for me especially in the last three years.

I would like to be able to retire from this job, yet I worry constantly about our profession and my job just going away and what will I do then? I still work in a hospital and the way we are treated even has changed. Pencils only provided, no Kleenex along with the attitude that if we are not typing, we are not working and virtually have problems just getting up to go potty or take a much needed break.

The out-sourcing has really shocked this old gal and I don't really know about the quality of the work returned to comment on it. Does anyone know? I would be curious.

However, I am hoping and praying that one day, our MDs will say "ENOUGH!" Maybe, they will decide that paying for quality work and providing benefits, etc., far outweighs the cost savings benefit of outsourcing to other countries and sadly in companies in the United States also. When I think about the knowledge and dedication we put forth every day to produce quality work, it just really hurts that the hospitals and doctors don't want to pay benefits and pay for the best transcriptionists they can find.

Signed, The Dreamer.

Could you please shed some light?
How do you find that good, fair boss/company? From what I gather through reading posts on various forums and my own experience, it is more likely to experience the bait and switch than being dealt with honestly.
A little light reading

Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on our dwindling profession.  According to them, employment prospects are good for MTs, with many opportunities for advancement.  I think they must be a little out of the loop on what VR and offshoring are doing to us....


Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?

I've been with this large clinic acct. since March of 2004. Since starting, they've been growing & going through lots of changes in the way they're running things. I am a part-time IC. I've gotten great audit scores and have been told I'm one of their best MTs on the account (when wanting to switch to doing more on a different acct.)

When I first started, all the work was in a pool. Sometime later, I noticed they were pretty much assigning only certain clinics to me, which they confirmed they'd starting doing it that way & it improved production. All the MTs seemed to be pleased with this. I had mostly decent dictators overall.

Not too long ago, I noticed I'd started getting overall worse dictators. When I asked my supervisor about it, via email, she said nothing had changed, I was just getting the luck of the draw. I had my suspicions that some of those in higher positions that could manipulate the work were giving themselves the good jobs, & even voiced something to that effect--slightly. But, I did notice after I'd tentatively voiced my suspicions, I started to get some of my better dictators back.

However, last week I noticed a drastic & complete change. I started getting some of the worse dictators from clinics I usually didn't work on--not some of the good dictators from that clinic, mind you, but the worse ones almost consistently. My suspicions were confirmed a few days ago by a broad email sent to us all that there had been some work-pool changes. In effect, it was saying those of us who weren't doing well by their criteria, i.e, QA utilization, production, audit scores, accountability & quality, were not going to be getting work when it was available, but it would go to the ones who meet all this criteria, and that basically we were going to be getting the junk, to paraphrase.  Since work usually doesn't download until later in the morning, they were going to save any morning work for the "good" MTs.

Now, I know that I am meeting all those criteria, and I am so upset by the fact I'm getting all the junk now. From reading this board, I'd thought I'd learned that companies will give full-time employees the better work instead of the ICs, that this somehow is better for the company. Could anyone advise me of this? Could there be another reason for this that mgmt doesn't want to tell us, other than trying to attack our work & say it's our fault?

You know - you're like the light co. or the phone co., or any SM

other billing entity. This is not a paycheck, it's payment for an invoice. Terrible thing that you're not getting your money, but it's not like she skipped "paydays" here.

I feel sorry for you. I just got a check I espected much earlier. Sure makes it hard to do business, doesn't it?

ASTRO-light examination is that right???

amazing dictators, here's a light one 4u

I literally lost it, turned the speaker up for my kids and they were losing it along with the doc.  He always refers to vitals, meds etc "as listed on the nurses chart".  He seemed a bit distracted tonight, usually a fantastic dictator, the ones we love that we just know exactly what they're going to say next?

So he says..."Vitals as I noted on the nurses chest".  He only caught himself after some of those nurses burst out laughing and told him what he had just said....the rest of the report was a mix of med terminology and the comedy club!

Can you exercise with light weights?
If you don't have a problem with a disc or something serious like that, working the upper body with light free weights may be just the ticket. It improves the posture and strengthens the muscles you use to hold up your arms while working.
for 6 yrs and work is very light on 3 accts....nm
Not to make light of pt privacy, but
I type on a 14 inch laptop screen that I must keep about 2 feet away from my face in order to see it. In the course of seeing my laptop, my less than petite frame obscures probably the middle 50% of the screen. On the screen, there are endless lines of text that would be rather meaningless to the average barrista/customer. The patient demographics are obtained via a link on the toolbar. A 'hotkey' is entered throughout the report where the patient name appears and in the preparing-to-send process, these are all replaced with the patient's name. The hospital I type for is 3000 miles away.

I can see where this might be problematic should someone with better vision than I manage to see around my hulking slumped body and see 25% of the text on the left and 25% of the text on the right and know enough about transcription to be able to fill in those rather large blanks on each line (and that doesn't even take into account that most laptops are made to be viewed head-on; side viewing, viewing from above, etc., distort the picture to make it all but illegible). I suppose this could still be problematic if this eagle-eyed contortionist with an intuitive knowledge of medical terminology and knowledge of random software programs to find that demographic button can psychically detect which hospital of the thousands in the country I am working on and happens to have a relative who lives in that very town ready, willing, and eager to spill the beans about Madame X's bunion. Yes, I can see where this is a danger. I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I have not run into either this fellow or chupicabra at my local coffee house.
There is a product called Green Light
or you might try a systemic insect killer that you just put on top the soil and water it. Just do not use it for any plant that bears fruits or vegetables. They both work well.
I like blue, too. I'd do the walls a light beige or tan.

Our house here was icky when we first moved in.  Each room was a different color of pastel.  The mottled blue/gray/white/brown carpet was nasty because they had cats and dogs that evidently must have been locked in the bedrooms while the adults went to work.  The living room and hallway were blue-gray, the kitchen was yellow, laundry room peach, bathroom pink, and the bedrooms were lavendar, purple, and fuchsia.  Of course, the walls matched the carpet that matched the curtains.  Blechy.  We painted everything just a plain off white before we moved in.

My parents never deviated from plain white walls when I was growing up.  I'm just now learning to go wild with decorating.  In fact, we just got the funds to do our addition today, so we're adding another bedroom, an office for me, and a second bathroom, and enlarging the kitchen and utility rooms.  Fun, fun, fun, more household disruption for the next several months.  I just can't wait for the end result.

My DH drinks 8-12 light beers a day, though he is trying to cut back - sm
but he's been doing it for over 20 years, so I would not be surprised if cirrhosis shows itself. He is in good health, for now. I don't buy him beer anymore since I was enabling him and he did ask me to stop, so that has helped a lot in him cutting back. I think we only have 1 beer in the house tonight so that is good!
I live in Idaho and maybe I can shed a little light.
It depends on where in Idaho you are moving.  If it is a rural area or smaller town, there will not be much if any work for you.  If you are moving to Boise or another bigger Idaho town, you may find something fairly quickly.  The best thing to do is to use a search engine on the Internet for the town you are moving to and find out all of the medical facilities/hospitals in and around that area and then send them a letter and a resume and let them know you are looking for work.  That is how I found my transcriptionist jobs (I work for three different offices).  I hope this helps.    
Try the top Search link, in light yellow box, between
dang! WHAT husband?! I should light a candle...
AC adapter for D-Light digital transcriber?
I have an old D-Light machine that I need to put back into use. Have misplaced the AC adapter. Does anyone know what type of AC adapter it uses?

C Phone not dialing--D-Light from CHARTS-- Please help

Hey y'all.   I have a little black box of a C-Phone, from C.H.A.R.T.S. and it is called  D-Light.  

Yesterday it would not dial.  Everything else works apparently, the green light is on and it changes from green to red when I hit the buttons to dial or hit the foot pedal.

But, the DIAL TONE is lower volume than normal and it will not dial.  The buttons do nothing.  I do get the phone company prompt "If you are trying to make a call, please hang up..." if I stay on the line long enough.

It is acting like it is not getting power, this is how it acts when the power cord is not plugged in.  But, it is plugged in.  I think the machine could work, I just don't know what is going wrong. 

Please help if you know what is going wrong.  TX so much-- I gotta work!! 


My hubby bought me a light at Wal-Mart for

Christmas.  I suffer from SAD too.  It is by Light America and is called sunlight lamp.  It has a rectangular head that you can adjust the position on.   I have noticed a difference in how I feel since I started using it. 

I wish I could adjust the brightness on it, but I just turn it where it faces the wall when I want it dimmer. 

It sits on top of my desk hutch.  It isn't anything special to look at, I think it was around $20. 

I don't think I am in a light of sight for cell towers either. sm
They pick up signals within distances like cell phones do. I don't think a direct line of site is needed period like it is with satellite. With satellite, you have the big dish that is placed on your house and it beams the satellites in space to get your signals. With wireless it gets signals from the towers. You have nothing but you wireless network card or USB plug that picks up the signal from the tower. No big, ugly dish around on my home.

If you can only occasionally get a cell signal, it might not be the best option for you. Do you know anyone around that has wireless? My brother had it and came to my home with his laptop to show me how it worked and that is when I choose to get it. I like that I can now also travel and pick up signals rather than be limited to one location with the satellite on my home also. No need to worry if a hotel has wireless or not as I have it. I would figure out who the best cell phone company provider is in your area and contact them. Tell them specifically your location, your situation with iffy cell signals and see what they suggest. Like I said mine had the 30-day money back guarantee so I knew I could go that route if I saw it wasn't getting good signals for me. All the major cell companies have wireless now, but your best bet is who has the most towers in your area. I am thinking there is a website that shows cell towers and locations, maybe research it? Cannot recall right now, but I have seen it before. Just contact the company in your area and tell them to explain their wireless INTERNET plans to you.
How does one get in touch with you?nm

MD in Touch
Anyone familiar with this platform who would care to share pros and cons of it.  Are you able to produce a good line count, is it easy to learn, can you use PC ShortHand Expander with it?  Thanks for your input.
Just to clarify - This was not meant to trash anyone - I was trying to be light-hearted --
The lady that made this mistake was my roommate and she was laughing right along with us --
George Clooney, hot wings, and Coors Light
can we go now?
12 x 10 light yellow walls, blue ceiling
Desk with hutch and pullout drawer and keyboard shelf, on top of desk and in hutch two transcription units, a clock so I can watch time fly (haha), lots of miscellaneous reference books, most outdated but can't give up, plus large filing cabing, small filing cabinet, two printer stands that match wooden desk and hutch, loaded with more important stuff (yeah, right), one of those organizing paper holders (two stacked on top of each other) with 16 slots for different clients' letterhead, a laser printer (HP of course! LOL), the dozen roses DH bought me for Valentines, dried and looking pretty in the vase, DH's desk and hutch, with his two printers, a shelving system with a bunch of candle and soapmaking supplies (mmm, it smells good in here!), and .... of course! .... my TV. Geez, I can't live without it!