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I'm ALWAYS skeptical of 'New' methods of paying on a line.

Posted By: Be careful nm on 2008-01-01
In Reply to: What do you think of - wvm


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Document on line counting methods


If you download the help file for MPLite (or MPWord or MPTools), there is a chapter on line counting. In it is a mention that the AAMT has disavowed their previous recommendation for a line count method, and a discussion of lines counts in general. You'll find it informative, and if you print the page your client may find it interesting as well.


paying by line count
the company that i work for pays by the actual lines in the document, no matter if they are full lines or one word.

Is this a good way to get paid? or am I getting screwed???

Any opinions?

I get it. They are paying the indians 1 or 2 cents a line,
which isn't much to us but it is to them, and then they just pay QA people a few cents more a line to edit the crap that comes back (probably no worse than correcting some ASR) and there ya go. $$$$$
Can a company "trick" you into paying you by the 65 character line by

stating 9 cents per 65 character line in writing, but you don't get paid for spaces? I heard rumors about this particular company that they don't pay for spaces and so I'm wondering about this.  I suppose I could call and ask them, but was wondering about that. Thanks. What's been  your experience about pay, if you have one?


How are they paying their in-house transcriptionists? Hourly or by the line?


As a company, I have no problem paying 10 cents a line. Why is it that you do?


Offered a position paying 9 cents per 65 line without spaces with headers and footers.

Is this a good deal?

Any MQers heard of 'new pay scale'?
There has been some rumors about this on this board.  Some say they have recently received communication (har, har, har...sorry) about this.  Anyone know any specifics?  Any other changes?
I'm skeptical of the story because
I do read the AI boards althought I don't post.  If people were calling Chris' number and getting Kat's voice, it would have been popping up on the boards that night.  People would have been freaking out about it and somebody would have posted about it somewhere, at some time, on one of the boards.  Nothing at all was mentioned about this "problem" until after Wednesday night when Chris was voted off.  Believe me, I know the heartbreaking feeling. I was, am, a Claymate to this day and I really felt devastated and wronged when Clay lost to Ruben. I wrote letters to Fox as did a multitude of others. I tried to vote for Clay that night of the finale and never got through once...and I believe the lines were open for 3 hours that night instead of 2.  Never got through once.  So, like I say, I know the feeling and I do feel for the fans that lost their favorite.  It was a shock to say the least, but I don't think there was a problem with the lines or anything else. I think that people did feel he was a given to go on, especially on that night, at least to the top three, and they just did not vote enough.  I think Elliott came on strong, and people might have thrown some votes his way to keep Kat out.  On Dial Idol, the vote looked extremely close between Kat and Chris, and I think he just did not legitimately get the votes.  This comes from someone who is always skeptical of what's going on with Idol, ever since the Clay thing, and always thinking their messing with it somehow.  I don't think they did this time though, because I really think they were devastated that Chris was out.
I was skeptical but it was great...I saw the old one years ago
and those who can should watch it first. LOL
I hate to be skeptical, but I hope she really didn't get it. I had a neighbor "claim" the s
thing and actually she had the package all along. I'm sorry, just had a bad experience with people not being honest around the holidays. I will be more than willing to give 10.00 if I knew for sure she didn't receive it for real.
pay methods
It just dawned on me what getting paid by the report is like.  It is like spinning the wheel on a game show.  Agghhh.  When you are lucky enough to get a report that has several linked together--whoo-hoo lucky day.  Doesn't happen often though.  But a lot of times it is one long report after the other with just one report attached.  Really does not balance out at all.  Once in a great while, or shall I say blue moon, I might get lucky and get a decent length report with several other reports attached that count for more.  More often than not though my luck is the other way around with long reports that count for one measly report.  Feels like I'm spinning the wheel and at its mercy.  Especially late afternoons because the docs like to dictate the long reports this time of day.  Thanks for listening.  I know people have complained here about this before, but I just had an image of the wheel spinning and everything but one slot that sucks. 
different child, different methods
I am the mother of two 20-year-olds, 1 boy and 1 girl. I can tell you from first hand experience the type of discipline depends on the child. My daughter, she might have had 2 spankings in her whole life. She could be talked to and punished in other ways that worked. My son, on the other hand, about every 6 months he would be due for a spanking and then he was fine again. I have learned from experience, never say that you will never do something or that you will not do something. If one thing does not work, believe you will go to spanking if it means saving your child.
You could go with a couple of methods.

First and easiest is bill by the quarter hour (15 mins). Your 33 mins, 31 secs would be billed at .75/hour ($45).

The second would be to split the hour into 10-minute increments (6 mins each) and bill by the 1/10th hour. (This is what I had to do when I worked for a large printing company and we will per job.) Your 33 mins would be 0.6/hour ($36).

The second way is a little more tedious but you may find the customer is more amenable to that rather than the 1/4 hour. Also, the math still comes as second nature on that method even though it's been more than 17 years since I worked for that company.

Can you try one of the at-home dry cleaning methods? nm

Congratulations, and TKU for sharing your methods.
ER died when Mark Green died. The 'new'
the same oomph as the originals.  Not as exciting as it used to be.  I had watched since the very first episode and loved every episode until then.  Now it's BORING!
What are you paying your MTs? If you're only paying 7 or 8 cpl

and expecting extremely experienced MTs, forget it. You're not going to get it.  If, however, you're willing to pay 9 or more cpl then you will find what you're looking for. There ARE experienced MTs out there who will work their fingers to the bone IF they are compensated well and treated with respect.

ATT- I was paying $320 for 7000 minutes, I am now paying $175 for 5000 minutes in CA. nm
A gross line is anything on a line is a line. A line set at 65 characters means it sm
has 1-inch margins on each side. The maximum number of characters on that line would be 65 and that includes spaces. If there is 1 character on that line it is a line.

A standard 65-character line usually consists of 65 characters with spaces unless, of course, the employer does not pay for spaces and then it would be 65-characters without spaces.
Anything on the line makes up a line even if just one letter or number. Every line of print is a
Gross line = each line on page counts as a line, even if it's only 1 word. nm
Gross line means anything on a line is counted as a line.

You can get an idea in the difference using documents you have already created, assuming you're working in Word. Simply open a document and check the properties. Click on the statistics tab and you will see the number of lines as well as characters with and without spaces. If you're currently getting paid by the line and a line is 65-characters with spaces, do the math and see how that number of lines compares with the number of lines in your stats.

One thing to keep in mind: if you have a blank line between paragraphs, instead of hitting the enter key twice, format your document to give the appearance of blank lines between paragraphs.

Why would they be paying for
the loss of lines when the lawsuit is not settled. Plus, I don't think the small amounts will be sufficient to cover the loss of lines.
Duh - I'm paying $2.79 for gas and
my heating and electric bills have NOT gone up in 2 years and my rent hasn't increased $500 in 4 years, in fact hasn't increased at ALL in 4 years, etc.

You're one of THEM, arent' you? One who wants to complain but when someone says do something about you get all defensive. LOL

Chatter away ... not interested. LOL
If you are paying too much for gas
Just copy and paste into your address..........this is really, really cute!


That's the old way of paying....
imo, not good pay unless a 30 minute tape can be done in 1 hour or less.. some of my 30 minute tapes take me 3-4 hours to do because of the dictator.. be careful
Wow, I don't know anyone paying that much!

Sometimes if I get too far behind paying
my internet bill, my IP provider seems to start doing that as if to remind me I better catch up or they'll shut me down. It's irritating, but it does get the job done LOL
I used to do that, but it was not paying off. SM
I haven't had a report returned in years. Believe me, if I got caught with a mistake, I'd be doin' me some heavy proofing too.
who is paying 11 cpl? - nm
Are you paying me?
Am I on your payroll?  Do you pay my mortgage?  Do you put food on my table?  No you don't. Therefore, don't worry your empty little head about how I spend my time.
Huh? Can you tell us some more about paying
less than 1000 in taxes a year and how that works?
Not in Writing, but they are paying
Spot checks show they are paying me for spaces and for headers.
They probably aren't paying for it anyway---
That's why they charge so much for dues, etc., so the "higher-ups" can attend all these wonderful conventions in expensive places. I dropped them years ago. They don't have a CLUE that we are all scratching just to survive-- not with their "Let them eat cake" mentality! I wish EVERYBODY would drop their memberships and then see how often these idiots go to Hawaii when they all have to get a REAL JOB.
Paying for college for my son..

My son is attending college and I have paid for 2 years through a junior college, but it is now time for him to move to a major university. Because of my salary of just over $40,000 a year, he has never qualified for any type of scholarship, only student loans (which I have paid back). Does anyone know of ANY scholarships, etc. that can be applied for? I know nothing at all about how the system works and feel I have failed in trying to help him (it's all I can do to hold down 2 jobs in order to make the $40,000). We even tried to have him set up on a student work program, but they said you could not do the student work program if you were getting student loans. It was like at every turn, there was something to disqualify him from getting assistance. He carries an 'average' grade point (more interested in social aspects, of course, than his studies). He has never had a counselor at the junior college that helped much. He is interested in sports administration, so the junior college counselor did not know what field to put him in, so she put him in liberal arts, and now we find he needs some other classes instead. I'm searching for any help with limited time to search. He tries, but he does not seem to get anywhere either.   ANYTHING ideas would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

re: paying your FICA,SS etc as SE
I beg to differ with you!  Been with MQ for 17 years, they have always paid my federal & SS...they do not deduct any state taxes for SE's, and this is the only one I've ever had to pay.......never been audited about having to pay part of the above and have professional tax folks do mine, again, think you need to check your facts on this one.
anything to keep from paying for a space
That is ridiculous and has to do with money rather than the "correct way" to do things.
I don't see them paying more than 15 an hour, and thats being
Right now I average 20-25 an hour.  I'm barely making a living on that.  If they switched to hourly, production would fall dramatically, creating backlog and lost accounts because of late work.  Not a good idea. 
I had a doc tell me the other day that they were paying a service 7 cpl...


I agree . . . unless they are paying you
Don't do it.
Ask the docs what they are paying now and go from there. nm
They are getting exactly what they're paying for.
Is this what you make after paying everyone else? - sm
If so that is fantastic! So much for working so little, how nice is that, granted the buck stops with you and you have to clean up any messes, etc. but for $78K a year I'd be quite happy too.
Yes, if you think the companies are not just out for themselves and will try to get out of paying
MTSO not paying...
My heart truly goes out to you.  This is certainly no way to run a business!  Myself, I would probably have said something I shouldn't have and not had a job afterwards.  I do so hope it gets better for you.
MTSO paying
As MTSO, I have a hefty cash reserve/line of credit attached to my business bank account. My payroll is never late, even if clients are late paying me. If credit line is paid back under 30 days, it is pennies to use. That's just my cost of doing business to ensure my MTs are paid on time. Most MTSOs I know do the same. If this person is filing personal bankruptcy, she probably can't get any credit at all.... and MAY be a red flag as to how she runs her business as well. It looks like you will be at her mercy in the future. I'd say keep looking -- there is a better fit for you out there.
in my opinion, what you are paying for gas alone--sm
not to mention the daycare, would be enough to cover your purchasing your own insurance. PTO is not worth it if you keep running out of work and have to use that to cover it. .09 cpl is not much for a hospital. Personally, I would tell them if they did not send me home, they could kma and I would find another job at home. You would actually be saving money, in my opinion, to go home and work from home...no more daycare and no more gas. How about hubbie's insurance?? There are pitfalls with any job, including the one you already have. You can find one that suits you from home. they are out there, you just have to perservere. good luck to you!! Happy TG.
Paying a subcontractor
I am going to take in a subcontractor in an on-the-job training program. I want to know your input on paying them and paying yourself for the training. I an setting up an on-the-job training program. As an independent contractor, I receive 8 cents/line. I am going to have the subcontractor work with me in my office at my other work station, and I will teach her everything and QA all of her work closely until she is up to speed. I was thinking of paying her 6 cents/line and me 2 cents/line. What is your input on a suitable division of payments?
Are there really ICs that would take an account paying....

On the job board there have been several postings for IC positions paying 8 cents to as low as 6 cents.  Are there really MTs that accept this?   When they accept this, do they understand the expenses that they will incur?  Some say setting your own schedule is worth it but these positions are set schedules.  They say they are not but if the work is not done during that time, it goes to someone else.  I personally, would not take less than 10 and even that is low.

paying to commute
What is so funny about being paid to go back and forth to work? I worked for a company that paid for my gas mileage AND my car repairs. I drove a VW Rabbit that needed little to no repairs, but still....they paid my mileage and my gas. Leave off with the nastiness. She has a legitimate right to post what she wants as does everybody here.