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I'm not really sure if Tony

Posted By: NCMT on 2006-04-03
In Reply to: Sopranos . . . Has Tony found God? - Bella Luce

has found God or not, but I do know that Paulie better start praying that Tony never ever finds out what he did to that kid Jason.  Tony gave his word to Jason's mother that he wouldn't be touched and then Paulie goes behind his back and does what he did?!  I know that the $4,000 a month he is extorting out of Jason is going to go to pay for his aunt's ("mother's") retirement home.  I'm pretty sure that's how much he said it cost.  Paulie is gonna change his mind about taking care of her because of what Tony said to him.  But if Tony ever finds out about what he did, Paulie will be sleepin with da fishes.

I do think that Tony believes there is some kind of higher power out there, he just hasn't made up his mind what it is that he believes in yet.  After all, when he was in the coma, he went through the whole "mistaken identity" thing at the hotel, and although he said he doesn't remember a lot, he does remember the feeling of something pulling him.  I am glad that he did come to the realization that each day is a gift though.  I definately don't think he's gonna go soft or anything, but we may start to see a bit of a different side to Tony Soprano.

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MMM.........seems like he has a big *&^*!  heehee!
Thank you so much! Tony's is awesome on everything!
Hope they don't kill off Tony!!!
DITTO-don't kill off Tony - say do you think....sm

do you think if we ALL wrote to HBO that they'd keep the Sopranos on for a couple of more years???????  It wouldn't hurt to write to them - I mean how easy can it be online?  *laughs*

Off to write to HBO....*S*

Holy Cow Tony....I hope he gets help!!
Sopranos . . . Has Tony found God?
Has Paulie lost it?
Tony sure floats MY boat -haha
Tony and Tina's Wedding. It was really funny. sm
You are part of their wedding and it was fun.
Tony found religion? -maybe,but don't count on it; don't call him Paulie Walnuts for nothing