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Tony sure floats MY boat -haha

Posted By: Sopranos lover on 2006-03-13
In Reply to: I think it's the stupidest thing on TV in a long time. - Don't get the adulation but whatever floats one


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Whatever floats your boat . . . but, try
not to mention that on you resume/application  if you're looking for a new job . . . just in case someone has a problem with it.  Our company would never hire you, but I'm sure there are plenty of places who would.  00<<<<~~~~insert rolling eyes emoticon here.  
Fine, if that floats your boat . . .
I get the garbage just like everyone else does.  However, on the particular account I'm talking about here, all the dictators are good, and the reports are all fairly equal in length.  We all have plenty of samples and can template to the max.  There aren't "garbage" jobs on this account.
probably floats in the middle
back stroke ...
MMM.........seems like he has a big *&^*!  heehee!
I'm not really sure if Tony

has found God or not, but I do know that Paulie better start praying that Tony never ever finds out what he did to that kid Jason.  Tony gave his word to Jason's mother that he wouldn't be touched and then Paulie goes behind his back and does what he did?!  I know that the $4,000 a month he is extorting out of Jason is going to go to pay for his aunt's ("mother's") retirement home.  I'm pretty sure that's how much he said it cost.  Paulie is gonna change his mind about taking care of her because of what Tony said to him.  But if Tony ever finds out about what he did, Paulie will be sleepin with da fishes.

I do think that Tony believes there is some kind of higher power out there, he just hasn't made up his mind what it is that he believes in yet.  After all, when he was in the coma, he went through the whole "mistaken identity" thing at the hotel, and although he said he doesn't remember a lot, he does remember the feeling of something pulling him.  I am glad that he did come to the realization that each day is a gift though.  I definately don't think he's gonna go soft or anything, but we may start to see a bit of a different side to Tony Soprano.

Thank you so much! Tony's is awesome on everything!
Hope they don't kill off Tony!!!
DITTO-don't kill off Tony - say do you think....sm

do you think if we ALL wrote to HBO that they'd keep the Sopranos on for a couple of more years???????  It wouldn't hurt to write to them - I mean how easy can it be online?  *laughs*

Off to write to HBO....*S*

Holy Cow Tony....I hope he gets help!!
Sopranos . . . Has Tony found God?
Has Paulie lost it?
Tony and Tina's Wedding. It was really funny. sm
You are part of their wedding and it was fun.
Tony found religion? -maybe,but don't count on it; don't call him Paulie Walnuts for nothing

This is a joke, right?  You endangered your 16--year-old by moving her in with a man, a crazy man at that?  Are you serious?  You obviously need some mental help for child endangerment. 

Sorry, missed the last part of your post. Just cut her off and stop sending work. When she asks, tell her you didn't think she was interested anymore.
Right?! haha...
Maybe she should just go test if she thinks it is so easy. I bet she would get a rude awakening then.
Haha...well said!
This is only the beginning, not only for MTs...for professionals everywhere.

The other poster had a point though about our elected officials lining their pockets with the money that is being made. Go vote too! Vote for candidates who want jobs to come back to the US and not just ones who say they do, but ones who actually show it. A petition will only go so far. If you want to see change, you have to look even higher.

As far as choosing a different doctor, it is possible even with a limited plan and should be done by all of us.

Good job though...glad someone finally did it. :O)
man, where did the "was" come from haha - sorry! (NM)
Haha! the joke is on me.
I reread my post right after hitting enter and saw I spelled "their" instead of there! It must be getting to me tonight! Sorry!
If I would read, I would know! Haha

Ouch! HAHA :)
Haha! Not exactly! Should be rephrased to ask, - nm
Oh the memories! haha nm
Haha! I would love to be able to say this...problem is, it might be taken

forgot my expander was not on...should be nobody (haha) nm
haha, getting like feast or famine, right? (nm)
haha - glad you agree
yes, I did catch it;hence the haha you missed it
Probably another "gem" from the AAMT BOS! (haha!) n/m
Haha! That sounds great....
I need to have something to strap my butt in on those days where I get too distracted. :)

I will check that out...thanks.
Haha...I read it once and understood exactly
what she said. She didn't get the face lift.
Hey thanks.. I never did do well in Math in school haha

Haha! My cat watches me, and I think she can read.....
she already knows how to turn on the printer & the fax machine, so who's to say she's not logging on when I'm asleep and sending sensitive information God-knows-where?
haha...Sounds like something my husband would do...
although he is afraid if he gets it done it won't work at all...
Haha - if that's a 'medical exam', we might as well - SM
call our docs from home and just let them transcribe it. Oh wait. Isn't transcribing what WE'RE supposed to do?
Lordy I hope so! haha nm
not to worry, haha, we are not at work (smile!) nm
and before you correct my detail, its "WAS" haha
haha - must have been one of those hospital grab bags.


OOPs - mouse, not mouth -haha
Haha! Great story! What a cool mom! (n/m)
OMG! HAHA! Do they have a Humor Board? You could lead it! nm
Haha! Great minds at work! - nm
Haha! that's so funny. Kinda looks like my keyboard!
Takes a lickin but keeps on tickin!

Most of my letters are worn away...esp all the ones I use my middle fingers for.
haha you just happened to be watching his movie but won't tolerate him? nm lol
haha, am dyslectic without my expander...apology upfront (nm)
hahaha, check out my expander for jobs, haha!
Jobst ...what a dope!
Don't you love that I a share I'm an editor and I typed a while low instead of now? haha
12? HAHA I wish! LOL I live just south of Atlanta and pay 50 every time. nm
Yes, and I update mine every year the same day I file my tax return! Haha nm