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I am in our bedroom now, but am setting up - sm

Posted By: on 2007-11-20
In Reply to: Office in livingroom or bedroom? - Debbie

an area in our dining room slowly. Will still work in the BR (I think) during the day; but will move out to the DR when DH wants to go to bed so my typing does not keep him up. That has been a running battle for years and finally bought a new CPU as a backup and now am loading all my programs, etc. which I don't have the time to do of course. Just need to finish doing that and get a new monitor as I am using an ancient one right now that is probably around 12 years old now, huge bugger. If I like it out there more I may work out there during the day too.

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I use an extra bedroom. Just bought a 4 bedroom house so I can have an office, for one reason.
Nice and cheery, sunny, comfortable and a room all to myself! Love my office.

I'm in a 2 bedroom place with my bedroom being the biggest, rather large for an apt.  I have it set up that one part is more of an office, then the bed.  My supe told me never to work in the bedroom because your mind was always on work then...which I never found.

Only other choice is the living room and with the kids and TV....forget that one!

In my bedroom.
That way I can work at any time without disturbing anyone or having anyone disturb me.

Guess it's just what works best for you in terms of space and solitude.

The dog thing though, don't know what you can do about that!
I'm in my bedroom closet, too! (sm)

Didn't wanna say that cause it sounds weird, but it's big, has a window, and shelves.  It's quiet and out of the way. I can close the door and forget about it when I'm not working, but can't quite remember when that is!

Wow, I really don't feel so alone now!

My office is also our 3rd bedroom.
I wanted to be able to use it as one of my business tax deductions and we have the extra room (just husband & I).

Just this past few months, I decorated my office in a tropical theme and bought the desk of my dreams (and it was cheap!). :D I love being able to sit at my desk and look out into our front yard, see the trees, our driveway, road, etc. My office is very cheerful and since I spend SO much time in it I wanted to love "going to work" :) I feel so lucky to have my own office.
Yes, in our bedroom, large though 27 x 12 - sm
We plan to build though in about 3 years (have some property)...getting a home office then....either a separate room or a room off the bedroom, but my own space anyway. Can't wait!
What you do in your own bedroom is your business
But when you try to shove it in our faces and try to make us like it, that's another matter entirely. Keep it to yourselves and leave the rest of us out of it. It is NOT an "alternate lifestyle".
In my bedroom, no fluorescents.
I have a bedroom that is used only as my office
I just love my office. I have it painted in a soft yellow and decorated in tropical decor with a wicker chair and storage chest with a decorative bamboo room divider. I have an artificial palm tree and palm tree & mirror wall hanging, as well as an artificial plant hanging from the ceiling and a decorative shell type thing hanging from the ceiling. I have an L-shaped desk with a hutch that sits in the corner where I look to the right out a window that has a bamboo type shade on it which I keep rolled up and a nice tropical/palm tree valance on it. I have my PC, a laptop, and two printers on my desk. I am going to buy a rolling TV stand to put one printer on (that I use with my laptop) to clear off some of my desk. I absolutely love my desk and my view out my front yard. I feel so lucky. :)

Years ago I had to work in our family room with the kids and TV in our old house - not good. Now, in our new house, it is just my husband and I (and our three Shih Tzu). :) I feel as though I live in this room so wanted to love coming in here and I do. :)
I use an extra bedroom currently. We

homeschool and I also have a couple of bookshelves in my office filled with school stuff and a 3-drawer rolling cart filled with school stuff, plus another desk and printer stand in addition to mine, and a 2-drawer filing cabinet.   When I am organized and have everything off the floor and clean I am very comfortable in my space, but when I have piles of books and other stuff on the floor and on the desk it isn't as pleasant a place to be.

I have worked in a BR that I had all the baby's things/toys in and that wasn't so bad because at the time I didn't have all the gadgets I have now.

I have also worked in a corner of my den and I liked being out with the family and the kitchen was right off the family room, but it is hard to work with someone watching TV and talking around you.  


Another happy bedroom worker...
My only complaint is that my carpet is cold when I step from my bed 2 inches to my computer during my morning commute...
speaking of "working from your bedroom"

I used to hate when people would think that I worked at home doing one of those jobs you see posted on phone poles "work from home/make 2500 a month part time, etc.  Even by bozo cousin had people calling me about "how to get started".........and then there were the nosey neighbors, who would get so curious as to what you did do at home to earn an income,

Finally came up with a great response that just shut them all up in their tracks....

"I love working from home, never have to worry about getting dressed and can make as much money as I want without even having to leave my bedroom depending on how much I felt like producing each day w/o getting sore muscles"...left a lot of them to wonder LOL

What I do in my bedroom, I don't think of as work, hehehe
sort of, I'm in our bedroom closet.
The three other bedrooms are occupied by our kids. I used to have one of the bedrooms before daughter moved back home, but I rather like the closet, it's very quiet.
Master Bedroom--one day will have my own space though - sm
probably in 5 or so years....going to move and build on some property we have 12 miles from where we are now....so it with either be an extra bedroom or "the study" downstairs. My husband will be happier as he has trouble falling to sleep when I am working (noisy/hard keyboard).
Thanks but where did the 850 foot bedroom come into the picture?
The phone in my bedroom does not have the ring on
my hubby with his line of work has different sleeping hours than me so the phone does not ring so he wont be bothered. Other phones in the house have the ringers on. That solves my problem.
Office in livingroom or bedroom?

Would like your opinions, advice, pros and cons on whether you have your office in a main part of the house or separate room.  Right now mine is in a main part of the house, but I get constantly distracted by disabled husband, TV and dogs barking etc.  If it's not my dogs barking, it is the neighbors barking (all day long!).  What do the rest of you do? 

I have converted a bedroom into an office. (sm)
The windows all look out into the woods so I can take a restful gaze when I want to. If the door is open it leaves me a clear shot through the living room and the front door so I can see if anyone comes in or out and I didn't hear them. My elderly mom lives with me so I don't want to be too isolated. We live in the country so dog, cat, chicken, cattle noises and a train that runs not too far from my house are all part of the natural background noise and I don't even notice them.

Have bedroom only for work place
Sit to where I can see out to the mailbox and my driveway. I have my television in here though and also husband wanted to join me so he has his computer desk right behind me. He could have had his own room but he wanted to be close to his honey. It works out really well.
What other profession allows U to make money in ur bedroom?

Since so many of y'all work in the bedroom, here's a link for you.

Adult footy PJs!


I used to work in the master bedroom and now I have my own office. I could
I have converted a bedroom to office. Can shut
separate bedroom makes sense
at my last 2 places that I lived I always had my office in a separate room but Iwas on 1 floor and I guess I felt more "together" that way. I am going to give my upstairs extra room a chance.  At least I will have a window that sees a pretty scene small creek, tall trees.  The only downfall my little dog cannot look out the window there as the windows are too high!  Thanks all. 
No never, I'd procrastinate if it was on. My husband comes in the bedroom at night after dinner,
and turns on the TV, the minute he leaves (generally after watching it for 5 minutes) I turn it off, otherwise it would just be on and he'd be at the other end of the house  watching TV in the LR, waste of electric and distracts me to no end. But I can relate with getting motivated, I am not as devoted as I should be but plan to really get serious in the Fall when school starts up again. I had planned to buckle down this year but life did not let that happen unfortunately. For now I plan to just work late, get up early.....the kids do not allow much work during the Summer, at least not all day.....I can squeeze 2-4 hours in during the day but it can be tough. Just do the best you can.
Our third bedroom serves solely as an office. I love it! nm
I'm in 2/2 condo. Office is half of large bedroom. Den
I started too but home office got moved to bedroom. sm.
Now have to use earphones when husband is sleeping. I actually prefer the earphones just because my speakers weren't the best but it worked well the other way too.
I've thought about sitting in the camper or locking myself in the bedroom before,
but those wouldn't work either.  I've been trying to take a nap all weekend due to lack of sleep and a nasty cold, but every five minutes, someone's pounding on the locked bedroom door and whining for Mooooommm!!!!  Cripes, sometimes I can't even use the bathroom or take a shower without five or six interruptions.  As much as I love them, my entire family has been driving me apestuff this past week.  My office is currently in the living room with the phone, TV, video game system, stereo, front door, and most of the household foot traffic running through.  That's going to change soon when we turn the old dining room into a private office with soundproof walls and a locking door.     
Nope, happy to be paid 30,000 a yr to work less than 8 hrs a day, in the comfort of my bedroom,
I took the doors off a big walk-in closet in our bedroom and set up in there. Cozy, cute, out of
There is a setting
to fix that and I can't remember what it is. But I complained about it and our IT guys told me how to fix it. There is something that you have to "allow" to get it to work.
Need some ideas/suggestions for setting up a very tight QA program. I have no idea where to start with this one. Any help is appreciated.
As an IC you should be setting your OWN rates
And then you inform the clients of the increase--period. You don't "ask" for an increase. That would make you an employee.
I have no idea, but there is a way of setting - sm
in up in WP5.1 so it backs up your work every few minutes, and is saves a back up copy as well. Also if you have to shut down then you just go to your backup folder (you make one up) and there it is under a different name, and you bring that up and resave it and you generally have lost very little work. Email me if you want and I will dig out the instructions on how to set up the backup feature. The problem I have is sometimes I hit something, no idea which 2 keys and I delete my whole report, so the backup feature for me is a lifesaver. Thouhg I have learned the hard way not to save the report after I delete by accident, otherwise the only thing that is in the backup file is a blank file. Luckily I don't make a habit of doing that!
Aha. So it is a setting they could change.
I think they just haven't noticed or haven't had time to do it, but it's good to know it is possible to have it not spellcheck demographics. There is no reason for it since they wouldn't want us to change anything in the demographics.

You are setting yourself up to most likely fail...

if you try to start an MT business right out of school.  Unfortunately, people take the college courses for MT just to find out that most employers do require experience.  There are companies that do hire newbies, but one must have attended an "approved" school.  It's not too late for you though.  I see you as having 3 options:

1. You attend an "approved" MT course/start over with schooling.

2. You apply everywhere, check your newspaper, keep looking.

3. You attempt to start up your own business and learn as you go, although I highly don't recommend this route. 


Good luck!

Setting up Lanier LX-219?

I'm at a loss - I cannot find a manual anywere about how to set up my Lanier LX-219 equipment.  I have the terminal block, module and the unit.  two phone plugs on the grey box, one phone plug on the back of the unit.  Does anyone know where I can find a manual on how to set up the equipment? Thanks in advance

Are you setting your own rate?

If so, find out what others in your area are charging. If you think you should be paid more because you're doing pathology, then charge more.

If you're being offered a rate, then do you consider it to be enough? No one else can really answer those questions but you.

Setting up your own accounts

I've been doing some research on here and checking out various links and such regarding setting up my own accounts but am finding myself more confused than ever!   I've noticed some talking about things like mydocsonline, bytescribe, wav player, Olympus, etc., but how exactly do these work?  I'm assuming there is a system in their office or on their end and then I use some sort of system or connect with that to get jobs? How does this all work?

I've been looking into this and trying to understand how it works, as when I recently went to the ENT office they asked if might be looking for some work .  I didn't feel comfortable talking about it in depth because of my lack of understanding.  They are a mid-sized practice with 2 offices and probably less than 10 physicians.  Any info or advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to email me also if you'd like.

You probably have your setting defaulted sm
to justify - it's "blocking" your text so it all looks like one neat block.  It removes or adds spacing to spread it just so.  Turn it off and you can eliminate the problem you're having.
setting the tone...
This is meant for e-mail but it is also helpful on message boards too...enjoy:

Setting up Smartype?
I just ordered Smartype and was wondering if you all could give me tips on setting up that have helped you with making money with Smartype.  Thanks
Help with setting new entry in VPN
 I need some expertise... I have VPN for a company on desktop set up, need to create a new entry for another company.. .is that possible?  I have the file in the right folder (PCF or something close to that file) and did the wizard, but it says no valid ID when I know it is... what am I doing wrong?
Beats my clinical setting..
I'm shut off in a 12 X 12 room, hearing loud voices outside my door, file clerks running around hunting charts and griping every minute, nurses flitting about hunting "stuff", the office manager laughing loudly outside my door while she flirts with the doctors, and my WeatherBug is calling for the heat index of 115 for my area!  I'll trade with YOU! 
Setting the record straight

You purchased an IN-155 foot pedal for compatiblility with DVI VoiceWav.  (We have sold nearly 1,000 of these with zero returns.)

When you called our toll free 800 number for support we told you that the problem was not the pedal and was either the software you were using or your computer.  Reluctantly, we agreed to do an exchange for you.  (FYI, when your first pedal came back to us it worked absolutely perfectly and still does.  In fact it is plugged into the same computer I am typing on at this moment.  It has been tested daily since it came back with no problems).

Now, you voice incorrect information on MTStars.  Your problem is in your computer.   

Please feel free to call us yet again if this is not clear to you.

Tom Wilkes


Executive Communication Systems

(800) 644-9525, ext. 101

Setting backspace for pedal

I have an older transcriber (DAC Model DA-125) and have had it for quite some time now.  I moved my office over the weekend and had to unplug the machine.  Well, my backspace has reset to practically nothing and I can't find my manual on how to reprogram the backspace.  Is there anyone else out there using this phone and if so, how to do reprogram it for the backspace length?

Thanks so much for your help.

Tabatha in Charleston

Setting up 2 computers with 1 monitor - Need help!

I will be starting a second job next week and need to use that companies computer.  I know I need a syslink router to enable them both to use our cable modem, but I know there is a box you can get so you can use one monitor and turn the dial to switch back and forth between computers.  Anyone know what this is called and where to get it?   Also, is there a way to use only one mouse and keyboard also, or will I have to have 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk?  (I have a small desk and am limited on space).  Thanks for all help!!

setting up macros in word

I used to do this about 8-10 years ago, but forgot how to do this.  Please post how to do this.  This is for Word 2002.


Need help setting up formatting in MS word - sm
Computer crashed and died and now setting up my backup computer.  I need to fix it so I don't have 2 spaces after a period.  It is doing it automatically and I cannot find where to "fix" this.  This is Word 2000 that I am using on a computer with XP Pro.  Any help with this would be appreciated, it is driving me nuts (I am ending up with 3 spaces after a period as I am so used to spacing it myself).