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I don't think 1500 is unreasonable...

Posted By: Just keep in mind on 2008-05-25
In Reply to: I asked on main board, don't know why I didn't - MTtoQAtoMT

There are a lot of variables. If you're willing to work as many hours as necessary to attain 1500 lines per day, then that's feasible within a reasonable amount of time. And once used to the account, of course, you'll do that in fewer and fewer hours.

As far as cpl, I haven't seen many ads for companies willing to pay even 8.5, and that's rare. More likely it would be around 7 to 8.

If you want to get your own accounts, depending on your area, you could probably ask for 9.5 to 10 per line and get it.

Also, you may have to work for a few companies to find the right one.

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No you are not being unreasonable.
Do not let posters rain on your parade.  Yes, it takes a while to build up speed, but who says that has to be overnight?  Career Step sounds like a great program, but there are others.  Don't get discouraged.  No, you won't make a million, but the experience you gain will help you.  Welcome, and best wishes!!!  New MTs are the wave of the future.  You could very land a job doing part-time voice recognition work that guides you, and no you probably won't be a speed demon.  But, please reach for the stars!!  Your child will thank you later in life.  Children do not last forever at home.  You can ask anyone here that has stayed at home to raise their children, and I bet they all tell you it was well worth it!!! 
Not unreasonable expectation
At WebMedX I have a set schedule, but if I want to knock off two hours early, I absolutely can.  However, it's understood that if I'm short any hours because of this, those hours have to be made up at some point during the week.  Flexibility for me, reliability for the employer.
10 cpl is not unreasonable as a subcontractor
I have had several subcontracting positions that pay 10 cpl and now working as subcontractor for 11 cpl. You do not have to accept the first thing they offer. Naturally, they are going to offer you a lower rate. If they offer say 9 cpl, then ask for 10 cpl. If they offer 10 cpl then ask for 11 cpl. It has worked for me. Now as an employee with good benefits, I will accept 9 cpl with an incentive plan.
I think the employer is being unreasonable

If, as others in this thread have said, you are essentially running your own business, then YOU are the one who should make arrangements for coverage when you are gone. The client doesn't want you to subcontract? Too bad. If that is what you choose to do, and the subcontractors do a good job for them, then they have no right to complain. You should be able to run YOUR business as YOU see fit. If the client doesn't like it, they can hire someone else. That may sound harsh, but it seems to me that you need to take a stand with these people or they are going to walk all over you.

I haven't read every single post in this thread, but I have read the majority of them. It seems to me a lot of people are basically contradicting themselves - first they say you are running your own business, you can't just shut down for vacation, but the fact is, business owners take vacations all the time. They just make arrangements for someone to take care of their business while they are gone. Then they say you have no alternative except to do double or triple work before and after your vacation. If it's YOUR business, then YOU are in control.

I think part of the problem is that a lot of people view working in the medical field as a "calling", not simply a job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but no matter how devoted you are to your job, you still need a break now and then.  A little R&R will help you return to your job with a fresh mind and renewed energy.

It is unfortunate that so many people on this site are giving you such a had time about this. Maybe they need a vacation. 

what sounds unreasonable?
i don't see how it appears they are trying to make it too difficult. ?? If you want the deal take it. Many hospitals are short of space and can use the footage for something else (closet?! maybe). They also realize they are competing with services and losing MTs to them. I don't think there's another motive. Its cost-effective for the hospital and and makes most MTs happy. i worked in-house for years and years, and now, would not ever want to go back!
I left because a hospital was unreasonable and the
I am a quality Transcriptionist and because I am I see no reason to be nit-picked to death when I can find a better job where I'm treated respectfully. I've been an MT for over 25 years. I've done QA, I've been a team lead and am very good at what I do. I was never reprimanded for quality at Diskriter so that was not the problem. The problem was that the hospital picked, picked, picked us to death and nothing we did was ever good enough (I didn't work for the FL hospital they're talking about here, I worked for one in PA).

My friend jumped ship at the same time I did who is the best MT I know with 30+ years of experience and has also been QA elsewhere.

If they're telling you people have left because they're not quality MT's that's a bunch of bunk. We left because we were sick of being picked to pieces while Diskriter's account managers let the hospital management staff walk all over them at our expense.

Simple as that.
1500 lpd, 8 cpl over that nm
I did ($1500)
I use APC XS 1500
Gives me around 45 minutes of time. It has been very reliable!
How do you get 1500 lpd even in...
radiology?  I've been tested at 70 wpm with 100% accuracy, use Instant Text, have 20 years experience and good dictators but still can't get 1500 lines per day! Maybe it's because the platform is Meditech and I find it cumbersome.  If there is some secret to getting the lines won't somebody please share it! 
How long does it take you to get 1500? nm
1500 lines
I think 1500 lines a day is realistic as long as the work is there. So it's kind of a mixed message I guess.
yesterday I had a 1500 second report....nm

1500 to 2000 lines if doing
medical.  If on radiology, 2000 to 3000 plus.  I have done as much as 4000 on  radiology but that depends on which radiologists I get.  We have 5. And no, I don't use a lot of macros, and we have 2 ESL radiologists and probably 90% of our medical dictators are ESL or otherwise horrible dictators. 
Well, I just transcribed 1500 lines in 3 hours. sm

I work on the same account every day, same dictators, lots of templated reports I did myself and put them into auto correct.  I get up early, start at 7 am and today I was done by 10 am.  Cleaning the house now.  Also, the line pay is slightly higher than most, so 1500 lines is fine for me today. 

On harder days when the account is really behind,  I get up and vacuum the house after 3 hours of transcribing then come back for 1 hour.  If things are caught up, I stop for the day.  If not, I will go back in the evening. 

I can't sit for 6-8 hours straight.  Making $160 bucks in 3 hours is good for me and enough.   Tomorrow is another day!

Use templates and short cuts - that will help!  I have whole reports in my auto correct, but you have to listen through and change and correct things as each patient is a different case. 

I do have to tell you, I do not get this many lines every day in such short a time.  It just happened that today was a good day.


Hope this helps.

Cuba is offering 1500 doctors to help us...

This was posted with a picture in the hurricane slideshow.

Hundreds of Cuban doctors listen to a speech by Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana, September 4, 2005. The U.S. gave longtime foe Cuba the cold shoulder on Tuesday over its offer to send more than 1,500 doctors to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, which created a humanitarian disaster after pummeling the U.S.Golf Coast. Picture taken September 4, 2005. REUTERS/Claudia Daut

What a disgrace.  During times like these, people should be able to set aside their grudges and problems and come together.

I was hired with a 1500 sign on bonus...
and the stipulations were that I got the first $500 after 30 days off of QA and meeting minimal line count, another $500 after 60 days of meeting minimal line count, and the final $500 at 1 year.  Of course if a pay period is missed not meeting minimum, there is no more sign on bonus.  Hope this helps.
If gross lines average is 1500 nm
I won't quit until I have 1300-1500 lines a day.
slow days take longer
I type no less than 1500 lines in 7 hours

On my slowest day, I will not allow myself to get less than 200 lines an hour.  Depending on the worktype, I can type up to 400 lines an hour.  It is hard for me to consistently stay at that speed as I have orthopedic issues!!!  I also can type extremely fast, (120 wpm).  I also use a lot of Expanders and shortcuts. 

1500 lines per day? Is this a realistic line
count to be able to make daily in the current MT climate? I have been in MT field for 30 years, with last 10 as QA.  I hate it, and can't wait to transcribe again. I am still really fast, never lost my skills thankfully, and can easily hit 1500 lines per 8 hour shift IF the work is there, though.  That is the target I would have to hit to even come close to what I am making currently as QA - things are tight on this salary, and can't get much tighter!  Do you think most companies have this sort of workload to offer MTs?  I used to work for 2 companies 15 years or so ago. Maybe do you think it would be more realistic for me to try to work for 2, or is 1500 lines steadily daily not a big deal?  I'm just so used to getting paid hourly, and never having that gut-wrenching fear of running out of work.  I don't need benefits at all, so IC is a big possibility.  I hope you understand, and I really appreciate your thoughts.   I'm so scared, but have to get out of my current situation at "you-know-where" before I lose my "you-know-what"...   Figured I'd peddle myself off as an MT rather than QA - worry about that down the road at a good company.
1500, lucky if I make that, lost my motivation, how do you guys do it ?

Never get the same dictators, all the OPs are not  the usual appendectomies, T&As, etc, way more extensive, neurosurgery, spinal, etc.  Have 2 accounts, over 150 pages of account specifics, 2 systems in and out, type about 1-2 report from backup account, just enough to waste more time closing out of ChartScript and loging into C quence, then back to CS.  Typed about 1 H&P this  year.  I have no normals.  Rarely ever get ESL dicators though.  Giving myself about another month or two.   Lost all motivation.  How do you guys do it ?   I really need a pep talk.  I just can't concentrate any more.   

I had to have a bowel resection for a Meckels diverticulum and the surgeon charged 2500 and got 1500
and the hospital bill was 27,000. Until that surgeon gets done paying malpractice, his office costs, taxes, etc. I bet he doesnt get one third of that money plus all the visits I had while in the hospital for 9 days and fu visits. I did have insurance thank God.
1500-1600 doing acute, multiple, multiple work types. NM