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Cuba is offering 1500 doctors to help us...

Posted By: MI-MT on 2005-09-06
In Reply to:

This was posted with a picture in the hurricane slideshow.

Hundreds of Cuban doctors listen to a speech by Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana, September 4, 2005. The U.S. gave longtime foe Cuba the cold shoulder on Tuesday over its offer to send more than 1,500 doctors to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, which created a humanitarian disaster after pummeling the U.S.Golf Coast. Picture taken September 4, 2005. REUTERS/Claudia Daut

What a disgrace.  During times like these, people should be able to set aside their grudges and problems and come together.

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Cuba, including having food poisioning as I had a private clinic,
and open weather storm doors overlooking the Carib Ocean all for $140. The biggest fee was for the doctor's "abdominal examination." He was very impressed I had Compazine with me and was an MT. The people are wonderful, friendly, honest, hard working, and other than a lack of what we consider necessities, live a rich life. Best fruit I've ever eaten in my life! I have to admit that I went first class with a private vehicle with a driver/translator/tour guide but even considering that, the cost was less than other Carib vacations for a week's stay. Don't go if you can't live without eating beef, though. That is hard to come by and flattened out by hammer to look like a bigger serving than it actually is heehee
1500 lpd, 8 cpl over that nm
I did ($1500)
I use APC XS 1500
Gives me around 45 minutes of time. It has been very reliable!
How do you get 1500 lpd even in...
radiology?  I've been tested at 70 wpm with 100% accuracy, use Instant Text, have 20 years experience and good dictators but still can't get 1500 lines per day! Maybe it's because the platform is Meditech and I find it cumbersome.  If there is some secret to getting the lines won't somebody please share it! 
How long does it take you to get 1500? nm
I don't think 1500 is unreasonable...
There are a lot of variables. If you're willing to work as many hours as necessary to attain 1500 lines per day, then that's feasible within a reasonable amount of time. And once used to the account, of course, you'll do that in fewer and fewer hours.

As far as cpl, I haven't seen many ads for companies willing to pay even 8.5, and that's rare. More likely it would be around 7 to 8.

If you want to get your own accounts, depending on your area, you could probably ask for 9.5 to 10 per line and get it.

Also, you may have to work for a few companies to find the right one.

1500 lines
I think 1500 lines a day is realistic as long as the work is there. So it's kind of a mixed message I guess.
yesterday I had a 1500 second report....nm

1500 to 2000 lines if doing
medical.  If on radiology, 2000 to 3000 plus.  I have done as much as 4000 on  radiology but that depends on which radiologists I get.  We have 5. And no, I don't use a lot of macros, and we have 2 ESL radiologists and probably 90% of our medical dictators are ESL or otherwise horrible dictators. 
they will be offering some pto time for se
doesn't say much more than that but they are mentioned
That's my question too. There you are, offering to help, SM

and here I am offering to help, and what happens? We're called liars. I always just get so stirred up by this that it makes me want to holler.

What possible good feeling could a person get from making another person feel bad? NONE!

What possible good feeling could you get for helping somebody increase her earnings? A BUNCH!

But nobody wants the help, nobody wants to know how you produce, they just want to whine.

Well, I just transcribed 1500 lines in 3 hours. sm

I work on the same account every day, same dictators, lots of templated reports I did myself and put them into auto correct.  I get up early, start at 7 am and today I was done by 10 am.  Cleaning the house now.  Also, the line pay is slightly higher than most, so 1500 lines is fine for me today. 

On harder days when the account is really behind,  I get up and vacuum the house after 3 hours of transcribing then come back for 1 hour.  If things are caught up, I stop for the day.  If not, I will go back in the evening. 

I can't sit for 6-8 hours straight.  Making $160 bucks in 3 hours is good for me and enough.   Tomorrow is another day!

Use templates and short cuts - that will help!  I have whole reports in my auto correct, but you have to listen through and change and correct things as each patient is a different case. 

I do have to tell you, I do not get this many lines every day in such short a time.  It just happened that today was a good day.


Hope this helps.

I was hired with a 1500 sign on bonus...
and the stipulations were that I got the first $500 after 30 days off of QA and meeting minimal line count, another $500 after 60 days of meeting minimal line count, and the final $500 at 1 year.  Of course if a pay period is missed not meeting minimum, there is no more sign on bonus.  Hope this helps.
If gross lines average is 1500 nm
I won't quit until I have 1300-1500 lines a day.
slow days take longer
I type no less than 1500 lines in 7 hours

On my slowest day, I will not allow myself to get less than 200 lines an hour.  Depending on the worktype, I can type up to 400 lines an hour.  It is hard for me to consistently stay at that speed as I have orthopedic issues!!!  I also can type extremely fast, (120 wpm).  I also use a lot of Expanders and shortcuts. 

1500 lines per day? Is this a realistic line
count to be able to make daily in the current MT climate? I have been in MT field for 30 years, with last 10 as QA.  I hate it, and can't wait to transcribe again. I am still really fast, never lost my skills thankfully, and can easily hit 1500 lines per 8 hour shift IF the work is there, though.  That is the target I would have to hit to even come close to what I am making currently as QA - things are tight on this salary, and can't get much tighter!  Do you think most companies have this sort of workload to offer MTs?  I used to work for 2 companies 15 years or so ago. Maybe do you think it would be more realistic for me to try to work for 2, or is 1500 lines steadily daily not a big deal?  I'm just so used to getting paid hourly, and never having that gut-wrenching fear of running out of work.  I don't need benefits at all, so IC is a big possibility.  I hope you understand, and I really appreciate your thoughts.   I'm so scared, but have to get out of my current situation at "you-know-where" before I lose my "you-know-what"...   Figured I'd peddle myself off as an MT rather than QA - worry about that down the road at a good company.
one would think offering expertise and guidance
You'd be not only happy, but FLATTERED to be asked questions.  Newbies should be admired for asking questions and encouraged to do so, rather than putting whatever they want.  There are times when you search, and search and search, not  finding, but having two sets ears especially one with more experience is always better than one set.  Stop being grumpy already.  geez.
No, it means you will have the option of offering it
to the next highest bidder if the original high bidder does not pay. Usually you will just leave it there until item is paid for and shipped. It's really just in case the first deal doesn't go through.
About offering direct deposit.
Klaar is getting ready to offer direct deposit (again). Oh boy, gotta wonder if they formerly offered it, then canceled it, and are ready to offer it again (soon).
Look at all the jobs out there NOT offering 10 or even 9 cpl. For the majority of us, it
I know, I was just offering an opinion on the other side...
Besides work, I have some other things going on in my life that cause it to pile up sometimes, although I swear I'm not lazy, just overwhelmed lately. I'm a stickler about the floors though.

And I'll take 4 over 5 any day!

Offering E-Signature to a Client



Does anyone know about offernig E-Signature to a client? Is there a way to do it easily, on your own -- I mean, instead of signing up with a big company like Vianeta or Bayscribe to handle all of the reports you type and want to send to a client.

Or... If that's the only way to go - through a big company - are there any big companies that are economical if you just have 1-2 doctor clients?  I know some of those companies charge like $5,000 as a set up fee.  Thank you.



 I mean, I'm sure you can do it

If offering that as bonus, you can bet it is pain
Depends on who is offering that. I'm pretty sure I know who.
Does it start with a T? If so, I'd have to say turn it out unless you want to get stuck with the crappiest accounts.  Why do you think they pay better than most for Escription? If you do have work that hasn't gone to India, it will be nothing but the rotten ESL accounts. Think hard about this one
No worse than the ads offering $500-1000...sm
a week at home, no experience, stuffing envelopes, addressing mail, etc, etc, at home, and once you anwer them they want you to send in money up front. 
1500, lucky if I make that, lost my motivation, how do you guys do it ?

Never get the same dictators, all the OPs are not  the usual appendectomies, T&As, etc, way more extensive, neurosurgery, spinal, etc.  Have 2 accounts, over 150 pages of account specifics, 2 systems in and out, type about 1-2 report from backup account, just enough to waste more time closing out of ChartScript and loging into C quence, then back to CS.  Typed about 1 H&P this  year.  I have no normals.  Rarely ever get ESL dicators though.  Giving myself about another month or two.   Lost all motivation.  How do you guys do it ?   I really need a pep talk.  I just can't concentrate any more.   

MY QUESTION TOO...I don't even see that they are offering SE positions in this new plan.

I just got the memo dated Sept 2

I have read it 3 times

I do not see the words STATUTORY EMPLOYEE anywhere

I am assuming they are doing away with that position???????

Anybody know?

and if so why am I scurring around trying to buy a computer to

accommodate their new platform as an SE when they are only hiring

EMPLOYEES.........who they provide computers to

Hospial offering me 14.50 hour and benefits.
tvps.com is offering same day shipping if ordered by 3p. nm
Central FL, yes, and the theme parks are all offering jobs. nm
That means you didn't win the auction, but the seller is offering
the item to you anyway. Either the winning bidder backed out, the seller had a duplicate item, or they lowered their reserve price.
suggest offering a line count lower than....nm

Dell offering support based in N. America

By Peter Whoriskey

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 11, 2008; Page D01

If you prefer a customer service agent who speaks "American," then computer maker Dell has a deal for you.

Catering to consumers put off by the accents of Bangalore, Manila and other call-center hubs around the globe, Dell will guarantee -- for a price -- that the person who picks up the phone on a support call will be, as company ads mention in bold text, "based in North America."

The Your Tech Team service, with agents in the United States, costs $12.95 a month for customers with a Dell account, or $99 a year for people who buy a new computer. It also promises that wait times will average two minutes or less. Without the upgrade, a customer is likely to get technical help from someone in India, the Philippines or the other places where Dell has operators.

By charging customers extra for a North American voice, Dell's program represents a novel strategy for easing the strains of globalization while maintaining profit, industry officials said.

Occasionally, "we've heard from customers that it's hard to understand a particular accent and that they couldn't understand the instructions they were getting," said Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman. "This illustrates Dell's commitment to customer choice."

for complete article:


I had to have a bowel resection for a Meckels diverticulum and the surgeon charged 2500 and got 1500
and the hospital bill was 27,000. Until that surgeon gets done paying malpractice, his office costs, taxes, etc. I bet he doesnt get one third of that money plus all the visits I had while in the hospital for 9 days and fu visits. I did have insurance thank God.
Medicare is offering free installation of EMR to physicians and hospitals.
On this new MQ rewards plan what exactly is it offering statutory employees and I suppose that that

is going to be the end of our quarterly bonus. My concern still is if there is no work how do you get any incentive if they lower the base rate. Sounds like employees will have a larger window to get their work done which means we all will be scrambling around for work at all hours.

It means one MTSO offering to pay you 3, 4 or 5 cents/line less for the same work you do at another!
Kaiser switching to EMR and to be offering retrival of your medical records online. sm




1500-1600 doing acute, multiple, multiple work types. NM
Only 30 doctors?
Your line count sound great anyway! Maybe some day I will get there. I will keep working on the expander thing. But only 30 doctors? I am sure we work for the same national. I have only two accounts, but have 97 doctors! I have been meaning to ask my friend who works for the same company if she has as many. She has 4 or 5 accounts, but I don't know how many doctors. Sometimes, when I see the 'no jobs' screen, I am tempted to call and ask for another account, but I never do since I am afraid of what I will get. One of my accounts is my 'dream account' because there are few doctors, and they are WONDERFUL. The other account has about 90 doctors and I never know what I am going to get!
I used to type for a doc who said sh*t at least once in every sentence. He always told "the typist" to delete that but it was a laugh just listening to him!
You may be right that most doctors
do not read their reports, but a lot of other people do, including coders, nurses, insurance companies, attorneys, and possibly even the patients themselves.        

I work for a small MTSO, and I have been asked to work on a certain doctor.  It happened to me because I was getting his work done on time and how he wanted it done.  So, yes there are good reasons for this to happen. 


So....how do you think these doctors who
And some of them KNOW about offshoring (lots of them do), feel about people going overseas for their medical care?  How does it feel?  Not so much fun, huh?
One of my doctors...
is wonderful about saying A-B-duction or A-D-duction instead of assuming I will know. He's got a slight accent, too, so I really appreciate it
Doctors as MTs
I can't help but wonder why someone would go to med school, then decide to become an MT. Even in India, I would think an MD does better financially than an MT -- which is why I bet while they may be good MTs, they must have been inferior MDs. JMHO.
Do you ever wonder how much doctors would
keep patients if they talk to them the same way they dictate? I have transcribed some doctors that I wouldn't go to (no matter how "good" they are) simply because of their dictation. If they talk as fast, slurred, etc. to patients as they do when dictating, no wonder people are sick.
Does anyone know where doctors post that they need a transcriptionist?  I have looked through many websites but only find companies and not doctors.
I am frustrated beyond belief at doctors who do not keep up with dictation then the office blames the Transcriptionist for being behind.  Dictating a week's worth on Sunday afternoon does not mean they will get all the dictation returned on Monday!  And of course they are asking for "stat" reports on one particular patient, then claim they have "missing" dictation.  Well I don't get paid for my time going through and finding one in particular.  I've been an MT for 15 years, but never have I been so frustrated as this afternoon when this whole situation came up for the upteenth time in the month of May.  Sheesh.........why don't they talk to the doctor about keeping up?!  gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr     Sorry, just had to vent..... but I was wondering if anyone has a spare tazer I could borrow.