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I don't think that is too high. Sounds sm

Posted By: MT way too long on 2009-05-07
In Reply to: I have been doing MT for over 20 years. - Wondering

pretty cheap to me. But given the current state of MT, I wouldn't go too high. I would try to keep it call in if I could though. Good luck.

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That sounds a little high to me.
Ours is 12,000 per pay period.  Is your company doing all speech editing or straight transcription?
Sounds like a real high IQ broad here - people like this give the industry a bad name

We met in high school. My high school sweetheart
introduced us in a discussion over Ford versus Chevy versus Dodge. I used to race my Dodge Coronet with oldstyle 318 V-8 engine against the guys on the back roads and old highways. High school boyfriend had a Chevy truck. DH had a Ford Fairlane and later an AMC Javelin that just made me swoon. We didn't actually start dating until three years later, and my old high school boyfriend was a bit surprised at that since he introduced us.
How about a High Five??!!
high 5!!
...Right on! I think many people who are gay bashers are really terrified of the unknown, terrified because they link gay people with sexual criminal behavior - pedophiles, rapists, you name it. I would not expect less of a gay person than I would a straight person when it comes to character and ethics. It is sad to see how many people are terrified of gays because they believe they have an "agenda" - out to turn the world gay!! haha!

It should be pointed out here that many gays have desires and needs just like us straight people - want to be loved, want to belong to someone, want to be committed to one person, want a home and family just like us. That should tell us something, right? Hey, for that matter, there are lot of straight people who will never want to settle down, love sleeping around, live a promiscious lifestyle, but it is only when that occurs in a gay person that it is magnified.

People can be so naive. Throughout time there have been gays in every walk of life - high ranking powerful politicians, ministers, high ranking military men, etc. Some just choose to keep it a secret. Just as I expect my straight friends to have character and ethics, so do my gay friends.

Judge people on their character, their morals, their ethics, not whether they are gay or straight.

high 5!!
...I knew there was a reason I liked you... fellow Leo

P.S. - coincidentally just before I came to the board I just popped in a CD of the 5th Dimensions - remember "Age of Aquarius? That's too funny!
*High-Five*!!! LOL!
Very high indeed!
I've never heard of anyone making more than .02-.03/cpl off of their subs. I'd say for you to either make some rules (times they can call, etc) and define exactly what you are willing to do for them. If they say no and you really don't care for the account any longer, then just let it go. If you really do want to keep it, the only thing I can suggest is to concentrate on how much YOU are making (and if it's worth it) instead of concentrating on how much THEY are making.
50% to me is very high
I could not look in the mirror if I took 50%, even beauticians when they used to work in a shot got 70/30 and they used the equipment of the shop.   If she handles everything but the invoicing I feel you are taking advantage of someone and hopefully you can live with yourself and look in the mirror.   I usually do 80/20 but then I pick up the tapes and deliver them to the IC, proof the work and invoice out, do all contact with the account.  But to each their own. 
wow... is it that high?

I'm making 10 cpl with my hospital and 12 CPL for my doctor's Office

which is 65 character line including spaces

However my office is now deciding they want to pay me a different way since we are completely switching systems and there is no way to do a line count... and now I HAVE NO idea how much to charge because he is thinking by the "minute". well I make almost ALMOST $2.00 a minute and haven't had a raise in seven years, so I'm really at a loss of what to do.

Oh I work for companies in California.  Do you live in FL or CA or I don't understand... i mean when I look at the big companies they offer 7 or 8 CPL... am I missing something?!  LOL
good luck :)

it could be due to the high turnover,
miserable platform, and low pay on the VR programs, and just generalized problems in the company, couldn't it?
with the gas prices going sky high and, therefore, (sm)
the prices of food and other items more than likely going to skyrocket, what is everyone doing to plan for this?
Wow! and I thought $3.19 was high. This is

insane.  Thank goodness I've been working at home for the past year.  My hubby has been at a job 3/4 a mile up the street for a year now too.  A year ago we were both out of town and putting 100 combined miles a day just for commuting to work.  I cringe to think how much that would cost us.

Good thing hubby can walk to work.  Motor blew in our 2001 Ford ZX2.  Maybe it was a good thing?  Anybody out there need non-motor parts?  Four brand new tires, new power steering pump, new struts, bearings, front and rear brakes, tie rod ends, fuel filter and windshield all in the past 6 months.  One thing we forgot was the timing chain and that went and ruined the engine.

Don't really need a car for work and I'm serious considering not even bothering to buy another one right now.

High Level 4
I don't know if we're allowed to post it or not on here, but it's very decent for the MT world, plus they supposedly do raises periodically without you having to beg.
He's in high school and STILL has to have
PB&J with grape jelly?  Oh, please don't tell me that!  I was hoping my son would outgrow his pickiness once he hit puberty.  That's what the pediatricians and nutritionists told me!  They said they had never seen a teenaged boy decline food.  My son is SOOO picky!  I call him a carbivore because he doesn't like meats or vegetables.  He's got this taste/texture thing going on.  My in-laws said that I was coddling him, so one of them tried to make him eat peas and beef stroganoff while watching him for me one day.  He ate a couple of bites and, well, let's just say that nobody has tried to "force" the kid to eat since then.  I don't let them watch him any more either.  My mother says it's revenge because I was the same way as a kid.
I had no idea pay was ever that high
When you were up that high? 
No, this isn't too high. Maybe too low. We're in the

I'm supposed to set aside 33% plus at least 7.5% (the other 7.5% is deductible) for self-employment taxes = total 40.5% of my pay goes to taxes. If I didn't have my DH get extra taken out of his paycheck ($75 a week), I'd have to pay this in quarterly estimates, because if you end up owing too much compared to last year, they will penalize you.  I've read too many horror stores on MT boards of MTs who didn't pay their taxes or set money aside.  I'd rather pay as I go.  

It's probably not high, generally, but
if you're a single person with those expenses and work only as an MT, even for two more companies these days, it's HIGH.
Are you at a high altitude? (sm)
If you're at a high altitude, use Crisco in place of butter in your recipe.
my first job out of high school - sm
I went to try to find a job at a local hospital.  They gave me a typing test, had the word "toxicology" in it, and they hired me on the spot!  Since then, I have never had to test in my life, and I have been doing this for 30+ years.
Now which one of you is high maintenance?
I too have high QA scores but the QA
percentage is killing me (over 30%). When work is low I am reluctant to take on another acct because once again all would go to QA and affect that percentage. I have decided to just type and not worry about my QA percentage for now, just continue to type and send quality work (of course when there is work).
Doc said CO2 88.4 - isn't that kinda high?
high school
Technical High School,. Fort Worth, Texas
high school
Elmont Memorial, Elmont, NY
With all these high IQ scores....
we have some serious underachievers here!!!!!!!!
Wow, that's really high for electric
We have total electric (includes heat, air, and all appliances), and our bill is around $200 in the winter, $100 in summer. We get a break on the rate for having total electric. I feel lucky......
I think 8 cpl is high for a newbie. I mean
there's so much more training you need!
91 with HIGH humidity in PA...ug.
High bills
In Georgia, it's not unheard of for the power bill to exceed $300 during summer. In fact, it's expected. I can't believe the posters with two-digit bills. My water bill is $65! Everything around here has gone up in the last year. My doing MT was supposed to be for extras and fun money, but it's not turning out to be so.
Can you get high speed?
That's VERY expensive for dial up.  Most high speed services cost about that.
My speed is really high but this job is not what
it was years ago. With being an engineer, it would seem that the money should really be good there. I have done this now for over 30 years and if I had to do now and raise a family, I would have to work more than 1 job, possibly 3-4. It is really not the money maker it was once, not at all. The work is not easy, not just a typist job, in fact after all these years I still am always trying to make sure my QA is not lacking, otherwise your job is lacking as in gone. My speed is around 140 wpm but the speed is not what is really important. I found it extremely difficult starting out and trained for over a year inhouse before I ever earned production. This would not be a job I would recommend now unless you just want to stay at home with a child, do part time, retired, in other words where you want to put in time and really don't need to make a living doing it.
Oh, one of those high rollers?
$10.00 per page is too high.
I would say 12-14 cpl is fair (65 characters with spaces).  This is easy enough to do in Word.  Just as Patti states, he will give you a lot of letters and OP notes.  Make templates.  Your average would be anywhere from $2.00 per page up to $4.00 per page depending on how lengthy of a dictator he is and what he likes in his dictation as far as headings are concerned.  Also, you may want to consider providing him with letterhead that you've created in Word if he's not picky about that.  So then when you do your count, you can count that as well.  Every little bit boosts your line count, but you DO NOT want to price him at $10.00 per page.  If you go with 12 cpl, you'll be fine, and then down the road you can bump it up if you think you need to.  JMO.  By the way, I do have a few of my own accounts, so I do speak from experience. 
That's exactly right. TAKE THE COBRA, even though the $$ is high.

RE: With Vonage you need high-
I have high speed DSL with Embarq so I may try Vonage if it will work with a Dictaphone.  The only thing that worries me is moving my phone service and phone number to Vonage.  I am not sure of how I would still keep the DSL with Embarq but no longer have phone serivce with them.  Also, I am sure they will cancel my DSL if they find out I am using Vonage on it.
9/10 is too high even for exp/accurate SM
heavy ESL, high test score, whatever you want to call it.  Going rates now are 7 to 8 and POSSIBLY 8.5 or 9 if you really push, but be ready for them to move on quickly if they are a larger company.  Benefits will also be tied to line count.
Considering the high cost of living in.....
Florida, you are giving away your services.  Out in California they're getting 12-14 cents a line, and that was 5 yrs ago. 
More on high cost of living...
That is right about California; in fact, over 15 cents is common, particularly for docs and administrators who are interested in keeping the work local.
I am sure it was..i was just in high gear..going to fast to think LOL!
High speed internet
If you have an internet-based platform, you don't need to use a phone line with high speed internet.  I managed to get rid of a second phone line that way.  The company pays for the intenet. 
High speed internet
My high speed internet is received via a small satellite dish mounted on my house.  It is pointed toward a tower where the signal is sent.  It does not require a phone line at all.  It works on the same principle as a satellite dish, only for internet.
high speed internet
I have satellite and thought it couldn't be used for MT work at home....do you use it for MTing? Thanks for reply!
High School Sports
I too went through that with my son and his playing baseball.  He was a junior in high school, was offered a full-ride scholarship to college as a pitcher, and just up and quit the sport.  There were so many politics in high school sports, who knows who,  whose kid gets to play because they know the coach, that kind of BS.  I think the kids really feel it and just get tired of it.  My son totally walked away from it, leaving me devastated, but that was his decision.  I cried for him.  Good luck to you!! 
Rocky Mountain High...
Thanks for your reply. I had high hopes sm
but am about ready to throw in the towel!
high speed cable
Hi, I work for Medquist and they pay up to 50$ a month for high speed cable (DocQscribe platform).
One way to beat the high gas prices...
Gas prices drive man to commute by horse

By Associated Press

MINOT, N.D. --Jim Jundt was so determined to rein in his spending on gasoline that he got out of bed early and rode his 14-year-old quarterhorse mare to work.

Jundt lives 15 miles south of Minot and works as a mechanic at Goodyear Tire & Auto Service in the city.

He said he and his co-workers had been talking about rising fuel prices, and he joked that he would ride his horse to work if gasoline ever hit $3 a gallon.

His co-workers laughed, but when the price at the pump soared to $3.20 last week, Jundt headed for the barn.

He said he was only five minutes late riding his mare, Patty, to work.

While he worked, Patty waited patiently, eating hay out of the back of a truck.

Copyright 2005 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Wow, when did these recruiters become so high and mighty - sm
They were once transcriptionists. They do not have a degree in human resources or any initials behind their names, so what's with the God complex. I have worked for many MAJOR medical centers in the USA and to be talked to like that made me want to jump through the phone and strangle her. And I will bet you anything, I probably make more than her - how dare she bawwwwkkk at me on my pay! Oh it burns me more and more just thinking about it!