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I feel just like you do.

Posted By: Nervous MT 2 on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: Finally leaving MQ - Nervous MT

I've been with MQ for about eight years but have decided to leave.  And it did not help that today was notified that I failed the test for a company I was really hoping to go with.  (Needed 85 but only got 80 on the test although I found some of the test doubtful.  They marked off for dictation that I did verbatim and they expected me to change it:  for ex., Doctor says 1/2 cc and I am supposed to transcribe 0.5 mL.  Do not agree with that at all but then I am not grading the test.)  So my ego took a beating and now have been wondering if my career is at a crossroads.  I worked so hard to learn this profession, investing money and hours of study, and have worked my posterior off over the years.  For what?  Not much at all.  Basically I made a great big mistake on a choice of career.  The only future it seems in MT now is in India.  Even if you pass a test that takes about four hours, they still only want to pay 6-7 cents.

Okay, you can tell I am very depressed.  Well, good luck to you and wish you and me all the best.   

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if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!
I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!
I know how sad you must feel
Yes, you will love her forever, and someday you will be able to think of the good times you had with her, and you will be able to laugh.  
I know how you feel. :)
Don't feel bad!
It took me nearly a year to even find out if I had passed just before they went to the instant results system.
Don't feel bad...
When you take a position with any company, up front ask them if you will be working on a "ver batim" account. If so, don't take the position. Keep looking. Someone will appreciate your intelligence and knowledge somewhere! Good luck, and please know that you're not alone!!!
I feel the same as you...
My account does not allow me any normals. I am to leave a blank and they fill in the standard. I'm also a CMT and been at this for 30 years. I feel I'm doing something wrong when I hear all these 300-400 counts. I average maybe 200 per hour on a good day. I know some of my problem is having to look up referring doctors, but I can't imaging doing 300-400 lines on a consistent basis per hour! Thank you for your post. At least I know I'm not alone!
I feel for you
Last November I fell from a ladder, grabbed it with my right hand and severed nerves in 2 fingers, since I was at home, had home owner's which paid me a little and had AFLAC thru my job which helped, finally about to get back to normal but the last 6 months have been pure heck, good luck.
I feel that way every day. sm

I just take a break every 2-3 hours and take the dog for a walk or exercise or something.  Sometimes, I run up and down the stairs or just go and sit out on my deck for a few minutes to get some fresh air.


Not sure it is menopausal symptoms as I am younger than the age.  For me, it is my personality trait.  I am a type A personality.


I feel like...
I am just having the very life sucked out of me!
Now I don't feel so alone
Well, at least none of us are alone in the work all the time boat. I guess that is some consolation.
Enough so we don't feel

like a hooker on the street paying our "pimp"!  All the MTSOs need to review their overhead and cut out unnecessary expenses and overpaying their CEOs.  It is like the government spending $6,000.00 for a toilet.  Look at the UN who is wanting to borrow the money from the U.S. to refurbish the UN building.  Donald Trump has been in meetings with Congress and it is a very, very interesting thing to watch.  The UN wants to set aside $431 million dollars just in contingencies; Trump said that the contingencies should be no more than $1 million to $2 million at most. 

Basically, if the MTSOs had to live like many of us live, I'm sure they would be able to cut their waste and extravagance, don't you think?

Okay now I feel bad. I know I sit here in
my own little world with my family of 8 not having much time for the news and such. But really cannot believe I haven't heard this. How sad. He was a great man. When I did get to watch the news he was the one I watched. May God bless him and his family!
I feel sorry for you
This too shall pass.  Tomorrow will be a better day.
you have every right to feel anyway you want...
this is just the way I feel. My life has been changed with this knowledge I just acquired, and I wanted to share it.

growing up on a farm, in the country, I am also aware of the local slaughterhouse, and even in the bible (old testament) how God commanded the slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle/ox, or whatever they were, DAILY - never could figure that one out (said the smell of burning flesh was pleasing to him or something ??)

BUT, just me, I cannot bear the thought of eating meat from a stressed animal dying in agony...I would think that has to be passed on to us, somehow, and also as you mentioned the growth hormones and antibiotics, and who knows what (some cows are fed other dead cows cut up), ick.

In my humble opinion, as far as peta, I do not think animals have 'rights' and I am just not the 'fanatic' type I guess. I do think as a member of the human race, there has to be a more humane way to kill these animals.

It is disturbing how easy it is for us to 'ignore' it.

Like in the video, it mentions how schizophrenic it all is, and how it goes on all day, every day, not far from where we live...
Anybody else feel this way?
I am so tired any more and I think I hate my job.  Every day same thing.  Between the lack of money for doing this thankless job, the way this company I work for treats me, the constant cherry-picking that I have to go through on a daily basis, I need a break.  Can someone tell me ONE company that appreciates hard working MTs and is good to work for PLEASE.  Thanks.
I am so sorry you feel this way
there are companies out there that are fair and good to work for.
Anyone else feel that when they have to
drive anywhere on the roads it's like driving in a Nascar race? I had 3 close calls today because of people not looking or seeing me in my lane and trying to merge into my vehicle. They try and zip in and out of traffic. They drive like maniacs yet I still see the same cars at the next stop light when I get there. Waiting for the flag to come down and yell "we have a winner" some days.
I know how you feel ...
My son's best friend was killed Monday in a motorcycle accident. He was only 16. Of course, we are extremely close - our families.

I haven't taken anything to any of their homes yet. I have sent a plant for the service tomorrow. I will make a nice memorial to his youth group. I plan to wait about 2-3 weeks, when things have settled down and all the items brought have disappeared. I'm sure his mother won't feel like cooking for a while -- then I'm taking a complete dinner over, maybe once a week until I know they are doing better.

I have also written a letter to my state legislators in his memory, asking for some changes in legislation that may have prevented this death.

My oldest son is 20 and his best friend was killed a year ago on a motorcycle as well. I'm handling this situation the same as the other with a plant, memorial to the youth group, and a few meals afterwards.
I know how you feel..
I am so discouraged. I am considering cutting my losses and moving on. This had turned into a cut throat operation. The employee is no longer treated like a human, just take the crap and keep your mouth should attitude. It is pretty sad that this company has turned into this type of operation. What is really sad is any company that would push the issue of line count quota and not quality....MTs will be so worried about getting quota that there will be no time for proofreading. SAD SITUATION.
I know how you feel
I took several tests like that. Actually the company that I now work for gave me a foreign dictator (very hard)for my test, and I have never typed for a foreign dictator and I have been there almost four months.
I feel so sorry for everyone there and wish there was
more I can do, but I think the schools are doing all they can. If the students don't have phone service, then the school can't call them either so that doesn't solve the issue. At least if they post a number, then hopefully the kids are out of the places now that are still out of power and have made it to family's home or a shelter and can call them.
I feel the same way
Only I'm really pathetic...my youngest just started half-day kindergarten and I'm missing her! I have a 21-year-old, and 18-year-old who just started college..and then I have my 5-year-old.  She was born with hydrocephalus and is shunted. Doing great though..just like a normal kid except that we did have a rapid and no-warning shunt failure a month ago which involved a Medflight and surgery, etc.  I've spent every day with her since the day she was born..and even though she's only going half days right now, I'm really missing her during that time. I know that I'll adjust..and I am happy that she is growing up and able to go and spend the time with the other kids which she just loves. I'm just really sad, too..and missing my baby girl.
I know how you feel
I can't go to the bathroom or into the kitchen (that part is probably a good thing)
I know how you feel...sm
I have felt that way on a number of occasions. I probably would have tagged it and made the office look it up, just because I could...but sounds like you did the right thing.  I mean, is it our job to read their minds, make them look like freakin' geniuses, please! They should have enough respect for us, the transcriptionist, to at least give accurate information, as much as they can, and do what they can to spell correctly, especially doctor names.  But, most docs think they are God or something, I don't know, anyways, sorry about the rant... (jumping off now)!
I feel for you..sm
I have a cat that is going on 20 years.  I call her the Ancient One.  She is in no pain, eats well, etc... She is just old and rickety.  But she still sits under my chair when I type.  I pray the day never comes that I have to end her life.  Just let her not wake up one morning is all I ask.  My sympathy to you.
I feel for you.

Listen to you gut instinct.  Your experience and know how will be appreciated when you find the right company.

As far as the other QA person not being very nice....it is a fact that women can be very difficult to work with.  Statistics have proven that women have a need to feel equal and when threatened they tend to fall into behaviors such as those you described.

It happens on this board quite often.  The nicest women in person can be very mean spirited when not face to face.  Try not to take it personally and just keep doing the best job you can. 

Unless you are getting paid very well for working that many hours, decide if it is really work sacrificing your life.  Good luck...you are not alone.

I know how you feel
It is very hard being an MT and hard working at home. There are plenty of times I feel like throwing in the towel too!! If you enjoy being an MT you may just want to find another company to work with and if it is a pretty good company and are still unhappy then maybe you do need to find something else. I know I have considered it myself and I really like the company I work for.
RE: I feel just like you do.
If you took the time to stay informed on your chosen profession, you might have passed the employment test. Have you even heard of JCAHO? Over two years ago, they posted a "Dangerous Abbreviation List", which all medical institutions would have to comply with. "cc was one of the dangerous abbreviations on the list. You should have changed the 1/2 cc (even that is wrong) should be 0.5 mL. No profession stays the same "always". It is your responsibility to keep abreast of applicable changes.
I know how you feel sm
When I was at Spheris I had two people doing QA on my account. If I typed 20mg, one would correct it to 20 mg. If I typed 20 mg, the other would correct it to 20mg. They never agreed on anything. A lose-lose situation.
I feel you sm
I work as a FT employee for a local hospital (we are at home), and make about 38k, which I have to produce 1500 lpd (I have 10 yrs exp.).  Of course, that only pays the mortgage, utilities, and my car.  Plus I have a 7-year-old.  So, I have to work part time at a national as an IC just to have money for food and clothes.  I could never leave the hospital because I need the benefits.   
Don't feel bad
You don't have to fry your own chicken or make your own chicken fried steak or enchiladas either. There's just no reason to mess up your kitchen these days when you can go out and eat those things so cheap, better than you can make at home, and somebody else cleans up the mess.
I feel that way......

I have just spent the last 6 months decluttering my house. I am only 27 and have only been married 5 years, but I had so much stuff. We couldn't even park in the garage. It felt so good to get rid of it. My policy was anything that we hadn't used in a year was gone. I donated a lot to charity and it just felt right. why should i have it sitting in my garage when someone can really use it.


Now....finances are a big problem with me. I never learned a thing about finances growing up. I never had a credit card until I got married. I admit that I have no clue about budgeting, retirement, anything. Sometimes I get scared and almost panicky about it. I know I need help to destress this area of my life.

Thank you - I feel the same way but
The defination for a line given by this company is:



This to me sounds like characters with space but then this company is counting gross lines and then using a multiplier. God knows  why. Where can I find some information that best explains this bizzare logic? Help


Don't feel bad...

My teenager had an emotional melt down over her car, my 2 girls 10 and 11 have been fighting over who got kissed goodnight first (wanting to be last), the dishes are piled up from dinner in the sink, the dog keeps chasing the cats and barking.... I could go on for 3 paragraphs.

Hang in there.  I guess someday they'll all be gone and they SAY we'll be sitting around sad that our house is in quiet order.  I'm not convinced tonight.!!!

I know how you feel, RAD GUY
I found out several months ago that a teacher who made a big difference in a lot of kids' lives died (in another state).  The obit said he had one cousin who lived across the country from him, and that was all the family he had left.  He died in a local nursing home, and from what I understand a lot of those kids that he helped way back when were the ones who helped him through.  Sounds like your teacher had "a life well lived." 
I know how you feel

My scheduled days off are Thursday and Friday.  This week I worked Thursday and Friday so I could cover the holiday for all of the MTs who decided to enjoy it with their family.  What happens first thing Saturday?  Everyone and their cousin is on during my shift grabbing all of my work to make up for the days they took off.  Of course, all of these jobs they are typing will end up on their before Christmas paycheck and not mine.

I feel for you, but,
I have an 18-year-old but have been extremely fortunate with him. He earned his first car and we just recently upgraded him to a college car, but he had to earn that also. Until your daughter earns her car, I would say NO. Once they get a car, you really do not know what they are doing.

Quite providing, she is old enough to get a part-time job. My son started working at 15. It helps. My son now pays everything but the car payment as we are doing that but he is on the loan to get his credit built up and if we have a problem, he steps right in and helps financially as he now has a good job.

I wish you the best of luck. Keep your chin up, it will get better one day. Just be patient, it all works out.
I know how you feel

My oldest sister cannot stand for anyone to not be friends with everyone.  On the first Christmas after her divorce, her entire former family-in-law - including the now ex-husband (father of her kids) - plus my entire extended family were all together,  plus a number of close friends (including the ex-husband's girlfrind that he left my sister for and her now ex-husband, my doctor, and my soon-to-be ex-husband), probably 50 people.  The next week, her ex-husband decided he would set her up with a friend of his and that guy started dating my sister.  It helped to take her interest off of trying to hold onto things that needed to be let go of.

Next Christmas, the ex-family and friends got together on Christmas Eve and my family enjoyed Christmas at my sister's house Christmas day without the extra company.  There were people invited that we all knew as drop-by guests who came, stayed for a very short visit and left.  We all enjoyed the holiday much better and with greater ease.

I feel your pain.  Maybe you could start your own tradition?


Don't feel bad. I don't have UHC, but ....

I went for an eye exam for the first time in 4 years because I now have medical and eye care insurance for the first time in 13 years.  Thinking my insurance would cover the frames, lenses, etc. like it states, I felt this was a good deal. They were to pay 80% of my total cost. I need special lenses, so my total bill through the doc was almost $400. I sent the final bill to the insurance company because I figured to get around $300 in return and whoopee!!!!!! My check came through, all right....for $30!!!!!  Turns out, I can only go to Sears and/or another "outlet"  for my glasses and exam!  Sears is 30 miles away, the other one is just as far if not further away.

I have canceled the eye care part of my insurance and am ready to cancel my health policy too, as I have almost $3,000 in bills staring me in the face that they won't pay. I have been paying $600 a month x 2 years for health/eye exam insurance bill and this is the kind of coverage I get.

DH says the insurance racket is just that. A high cost racket. Worse than the mobs of yesteryear, but with the goverment's approval. And it sucks.

Thank you - I feel better! NT
I feel that way (sm)

and I must be a little older than you and close to retirement.  I am still studying though and if the work is gone tomorrow, I'll be ready to move on.  I'd like to sit in my little hole also, but also know the work could just disappear tomorrow.  Since there are no jobs in house around here anymore and I am not moving, I have no choice but to move on.  The competition around here is ridiculous because there are no in house jobs.  If you are not offering to work for way below what you are worth, someone else will get the account.  The biggest difference about making a change will be working with the public again!  It is nice to sit here and not have to deal with the public.

Change might be good also.  I am getting so burned out thinking this job has no future, I don't burn up the keyboard like I used to.

Ever feel like this? SM
Of course you have! You're an MT!!

I feel the same way, though I don't have a DH anywhere, no sm
boyfriend, no kids. Just pets (which actually is PLENTY!). And I live out in the country. I'm down to having just one female friend, who fortunately also is a home MT and has the same lifestyle. I have found taking craft courses lots of fun. Right now I'm taking a OneStroke Folk Art class (Donna Dewberry). I enjoy getting out, but am really glad to get back home again to my quiet routine. The more active you become, the less intolerant the "deviations" from your routine. Do something creative!

I feel the same way
I feel the same as you in the same boat actually. I have also been an MT for 6 years and been working at home for 5 years. No kids and a husband that is gone 12 hours a day. Very lonely. I even started developing big anxiety problems to the point I had to get some counseling. This is a hard profession to be in. I am going to be leaving it before long I hope and pray. I do not know you but if there is some way we could communicate through e-mail, etc. Let me know. God bless you!
Gee, I feel sorry for you
We are the ones who need benefits and suffer lowering pay rates with decreasing benefits. We are the ones with no retirements plans. We are the ones who have been in it for decades.

Don't we count? Is this a profession valid only for those with a significant other?

I don't apologize for sounding ill with you. Your posting set off some emotions that cause me not to feel sorry for your situation, your double income, your benefits, your flexibility, your options.
Do you feel better now
Started at 5 this morning and just hit 2200 lines.  I like to come on here and be able to type a short note without everyone critiquing everyone else but I guess it makes someone else feel BIGGER by correcting someone else.  Good for you.
I feel for you.
I feel so horrible for you. I am glad that you feel comfortable and safe to open up with all of us. It sounds like you could use some support. I once had a fiance who was verbally abusive. I was the type of girl that didn't see it until after it was over. I thank god that he left me because I don't know that I ever would have done it myself. Trust me at the time I didn't feel that way. Today I am very happy with a great guy. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and your health. I am thinking of you.
Thank you!!!! I feel the same way.
I can type it fast. I can spell it. But I have no idea what the heck they're talking about and have never pretended that I do (unlike a lot of MT's who are under the mistaken impression that they're the Surgeon General of the United States)
don't feel either way...you are not
The owner of a lot next to a business my mother owned had a buyer's permit at the auction. I offered to pay him a finder's fee of a flat rate to take me with him to the auction (I knew what type of vehicle I was interested in) and give me his advice on what was available. I found what I was looking for, he did the bidding and I felt I got a great deal...7000 for a 15 passenger van (don't ask!). I had to give him cash on the spot but I had taken more than that with me. I didn't have any problems with the van for 3 years even though it was 5 years old and had 150k miles on it. There are a lot of used car salesmen out there with dealer licenses that could help you although you should keep your wits about you and not be taken advantage of. If the deal doesn't feel right, he doesn't make money because he didn't acquire it for you. That was how I pursued it.