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No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!

Posted By: sm on 2006-01-21
In Reply to: probably a very one-sided marriage...sad...nm - I feel very badly for you....your words..

I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!

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Please don't feel too badly - sm
I have been in this situation too and thankfully, I managed to get out a long time ago. Unfortunately, there are a lot of really mean people out there, who never stop to think about how their words might hurt another person. There is life after a bad and abusive marriage. Just try to ignore these mean comments here. You did what you had to do to help yourself and your children and you were only offering advice. Don't feel badly about that. I'm sure the OP knows whether or not what you did would work for her, and if she thought this would put her in grave danger, she probably wouldn't do it. Big hugs to you and the OP here.
I am so sorry. I feel so badly for you and your son,
and your other child :-( I have been with my husband several decades, and at least all is smooth now - I fought it out! But the first 5 years of our marriage were Hell - he drank - verbally abusive, etc. I actually left him - took the baby, her things, my typewriter, Dictaphone, and the TV. He knew it was over then! We separated about 6 months - I proved to him and myself that I could live happily on my own. He then agreed to counselling, and we have been happy ever since. But it was an enormous battle of wills, so to speak. Hope you are not offended, but I will be praying for all of you - your family. Please keep us posted if you can. Go with your heart - I know you know - your son deserves the BEST! I know when it came to my finally leaving my husband, it wasn't for me - my self-esteem was long gone, but it was for my daughter. She deserved better.  And she got it ultimately - he is a wonderful husband and father now, but it took me leaving him to snap him out of it. Know that you are not alone.
I feel so badly for both you and the OP sm
Just try to realize that the pain management professionals do not care if you get addicted. They don't even really care if you are in pain. Everything to them is the bottom line...$$$. You don't even have a name to them. Do you want them and these pills controlling your life for the rest of your life?? Personally, I want control of my own life. I don't want the poison that these pharmaceutical companies are pumping out daily in my system. The way I look at it is that if God wanted it there, he would have put it there. You CAN live without them....you just have to want to. You CAN.
Don't feel too badly MQ folks. Another large SM

company soon to initiate docking for errors. Whether these errors exist or not.  These may be style guide errors.  It seems the latest version of said style guide contains a lot more pages than the original version which was, perhaps 80 pages long.

Yes, I'm quite sure these companies are only concerned about quality transcription and not the bottom line.


We all feel very badly about the situation from the hurricaine but it is a big deal with MTs losing
the people and the offices they are used to and the fact that work is very short with some of these regions after you get transferred because many new people are put onto the accounts so why wouldnt it be a big deal when your income and accounts are jeopardized. What else is there for MTs.
Never been treated so badly in my life

Just signed on with a company, had 1 week of work, now I am on my second week with no work.  I am a single mother with children to feed...it's just not right. Searching for a new job and have 3 offers on the table already......

Why do you need to know so badly?
What does it matter where she's from?  Obviously, some people don't like to tell everything about themselves on the Internet because there are other people out there who stalk.  I speak from experience because someone was doing this at another MT website.
feeling badly

I feel kind of sick mentally, someone recently hurt me and in my childhood things happened so i've developed this habit of cutting myself or punching myself.  I just cannot handle my emotions sometimes they get so overwhelming, and truthfully it helps get my mind off of it, but then later I see what i've done to myself and I feel guilt and sick over the whole thing and the cycle starts again.  Just wondering if anyone has ever had the urge to do this? 

Just feeling badly today, I would post on the depressed board but no one ever goes there.  I don't feel like I  can talk to anyone in my life about my problems either, so I just needed to vent that out a little bit.

Yeah, but we need it so badly. nm
Noooooo! Don't!!! It burns so badly you will wish it had been where it was before! SM

I had the same thing happen to me. Called my doctor  and he said  well put it up front, same tissue. YOIKS!! I called him from my seat in a cold-water bath and told him to mark that suggestion out of his book.

doctors who dictate badly
I typed for a doctor who dictated once from the stands at a pro baseball game, once apparently at his kid's Sunday school 'cause they were all singing "Jesus Loves Me," and in the car on the way to Grandma's--both parents were dictating (both were doctors, my clients) with the kids carrying on about "When will we be there?"  and one of the parent yelling at them without, of course, turning off their recorder.  HIPAA would have had a ball with them!
treated badly and pentalized
Has anybody here had a company treat you badly because you want to work?  I was offered a full-time employee position.  I took it and then I was barely getting 200 lines a day.  I was also told I would have a back up account.  When I questioned what was going on, I was given the cold shoulder.  What's the deal? I want to work!  I am use to getting at least 1500 lines a day.
I so badly need a vacation. And one simply isn't in the budget.
But you know, having travelled far and wide with a man who could take me places, I did learn it isn't where you go, it is who you go with....

Yes, would love to meet, date, fall in love with and marry a rich fellow. Having a two income household would be a welcome change if the guy was the Mr. Right.
A lot of women are treated badly in general sm

not just in the Amish community.  How many women are abused daily, behind closed doors and in public.  I remember an incident when I was visiting Atlantic City.  Had just walked into the casino and there was this man, wife, and child in a stroller along with some other friends.  Don't know what their argument was about, but the man hauled off and smacked his wife across her face like it was nothing and the friends seemed so embarrassed.  The poor lady just shielded her face and cried.  The man acted as if he had done nothing wrong.  If this is the treatment he gives her in public, imagine what goes on behind closed doors.  I told my husband if you ever even think about it I will put your poor soul to rest.

We cannot generalize by culture because it is the world we live in.  To the Amish community I am sure they receive "normal treatment." 

The gist of it all is no one should have to suffer the pain these children nor their families have endured with these school shootings, molestations, and abuse.  If you are that miserable (they end up killing themselves anyway most of the time), why not just go ahead and take your own life and leave others alone. I pray for them all and hope that they can find peace in the midst of all this tragedy.

depends on how badly you need GOOD work
and whether you are one of those who spends every penny on payday or budgets.

25-40 bucks an hour suits me just fine, cake platform...

you must just like to complain

I don't feel in control of my paycheck

For example, I start out on a roll, going along at a really good pace.. get half my production in a few hours, then all h - - -  breaks loose. Here comes the bad stuff...All of a sudden, its not about skill... its about detective work...hunting foreign referral doctors names and addresses, etc, many times I can't even understand what the name starts with. I have to search and search for what seems like hours just to get what might or might not be the right name!  OOPS...there goes that production. I'm at the mercy of my "pool". I have no control over that or the paycheck from that point on. Any suggestions?

How many MTs feel like they have control of their lives?
If you have a family and a million things to do everyday on top of your job, how do YOU keep it all together?  What works for you or what has worked for you in years past?
Re above message - just posted on technical board. Need help badly.
I feel like that a lot. I get stressed out a lot and life just seems to overwhelm me.
Sometimes I feel like running away or something. I had two friends pass away during this time of year, plus I lost a baby right before Christmas. It seems like DH and I argue more this time of the year and the kids act up more. The finances stink, and there's so much pressure because of the holidays. No matter what plans we make for the holidays, somebody always has their nose out of joint over it. We don't have enough money for Christmas this year either. I've been trying to take on extra work. I didn't even see the kids all weekend because I was working.

Anyway, when I feel like this, it helps to vent even if it's just to my computer. I keep a password protected Word document for a diary. I listen to soothing music, take a long bath, bake something or read a book. I walk around the house and make a To Do list of everything that's adding to my stress, then I try to tackle one thing per day. Baby steps. If you try to do it all at once, it will overwhelm you. Sometimes I bribe my kids to help with the housework. They have daily chores, but we all pitch in together and get the "big chore list" done, then we can watch a movie together, play a board game, or eat at McDonald's.

What are you doing to take care of yourself? You need a little pampering, too. If I lived near you, I'd stop by and help you with your housework or watch your kids so you could nap. I'd bring you a gift bag full of bubble bath, stinky candles, herbal teas and chocolate. You sound like you could use a {{{{hug}}}}. Take care of yourself.
Do you ever feel as though this job takes over your life and you have to work all the time in case
there wont be work and you just keeping working and you cant get away from it and it gets to be no fun anymore. I am having a problem with that. Is it from working at home or just getting obsessed or what. I hate this. I feel like I am losing my life to it.
There is an old adage - "He that writes like he speaks writes badly." nm
Doctors need to learn that they are creating a document that is going to be read by others.

I work for a hospital where the gastroenterologists compete to see who can dictate their endo in the fastest time. They deserve the blanks.
if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
I know how sad you must feel
Yes, you will love her forever, and someday you will be able to think of the good times you had with her, and you will be able to laugh.  
I know how you feel. :)
Don't feel bad!
It took me nearly a year to even find out if I had passed just before they went to the instant results system.
Don't feel bad...
When you take a position with any company, up front ask them if you will be working on a "ver batim" account. If so, don't take the position. Keep looking. Someone will appreciate your intelligence and knowledge somewhere! Good luck, and please know that you're not alone!!!
I feel the same as you...
My account does not allow me any normals. I am to leave a blank and they fill in the standard. I'm also a CMT and been at this for 30 years. I feel I'm doing something wrong when I hear all these 300-400 counts. I average maybe 200 per hour on a good day. I know some of my problem is having to look up referring doctors, but I can't imaging doing 300-400 lines on a consistent basis per hour! Thank you for your post. At least I know I'm not alone!
I feel for you
Last November I fell from a ladder, grabbed it with my right hand and severed nerves in 2 fingers, since I was at home, had home owner's which paid me a little and had AFLAC thru my job which helped, finally about to get back to normal but the last 6 months have been pure heck, good luck.
I feel that way every day. sm

I just take a break every 2-3 hours and take the dog for a walk or exercise or something.  Sometimes, I run up and down the stairs or just go and sit out on my deck for a few minutes to get some fresh air.


Not sure it is menopausal symptoms as I am younger than the age.  For me, it is my personality trait.  I am a type A personality.


I feel like...
I am just having the very life sucked out of me!
Now I don't feel so alone
Well, at least none of us are alone in the work all the time boat. I guess that is some consolation.
Enough so we don't feel

like a hooker on the street paying our "pimp"!  All the MTSOs need to review their overhead and cut out unnecessary expenses and overpaying their CEOs.  It is like the government spending $6,000.00 for a toilet.  Look at the UN who is wanting to borrow the money from the U.S. to refurbish the UN building.  Donald Trump has been in meetings with Congress and it is a very, very interesting thing to watch.  The UN wants to set aside $431 million dollars just in contingencies; Trump said that the contingencies should be no more than $1 million to $2 million at most. 

Basically, if the MTSOs had to live like many of us live, I'm sure they would be able to cut their waste and extravagance, don't you think?

Okay now I feel bad. I know I sit here in
my own little world with my family of 8 not having much time for the news and such. But really cannot believe I haven't heard this. How sad. He was a great man. When I did get to watch the news he was the one I watched. May God bless him and his family!
I feel sorry for you
This too shall pass.  Tomorrow will be a better day.
you have every right to feel anyway you want...
this is just the way I feel. My life has been changed with this knowledge I just acquired, and I wanted to share it.

growing up on a farm, in the country, I am also aware of the local slaughterhouse, and even in the bible (old testament) how God commanded the slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle/ox, or whatever they were, DAILY - never could figure that one out (said the smell of burning flesh was pleasing to him or something ??)

BUT, just me, I cannot bear the thought of eating meat from a stressed animal dying in agony...I would think that has to be passed on to us, somehow, and also as you mentioned the growth hormones and antibiotics, and who knows what (some cows are fed other dead cows cut up), ick.

In my humble opinion, as far as peta, I do not think animals have 'rights' and I am just not the 'fanatic' type I guess. I do think as a member of the human race, there has to be a more humane way to kill these animals.

It is disturbing how easy it is for us to 'ignore' it.

Like in the video, it mentions how schizophrenic it all is, and how it goes on all day, every day, not far from where we live...
Anybody else feel this way?
I am so tired any more and I think I hate my job.  Every day same thing.  Between the lack of money for doing this thankless job, the way this company I work for treats me, the constant cherry-picking that I have to go through on a daily basis, I need a break.  Can someone tell me ONE company that appreciates hard working MTs and is good to work for PLEASE.  Thanks.
I am so sorry you feel this way
there are companies out there that are fair and good to work for.
Anyone else feel that when they have to
drive anywhere on the roads it's like driving in a Nascar race? I had 3 close calls today because of people not looking or seeing me in my lane and trying to merge into my vehicle. They try and zip in and out of traffic. They drive like maniacs yet I still see the same cars at the next stop light when I get there. Waiting for the flag to come down and yell "we have a winner" some days.
I know how you feel ...
My son's best friend was killed Monday in a motorcycle accident. He was only 16. Of course, we are extremely close - our families.

I haven't taken anything to any of their homes yet. I have sent a plant for the service tomorrow. I will make a nice memorial to his youth group. I plan to wait about 2-3 weeks, when things have settled down and all the items brought have disappeared. I'm sure his mother won't feel like cooking for a while -- then I'm taking a complete dinner over, maybe once a week until I know they are doing better.

I have also written a letter to my state legislators in his memory, asking for some changes in legislation that may have prevented this death.

My oldest son is 20 and his best friend was killed a year ago on a motorcycle as well. I'm handling this situation the same as the other with a plant, memorial to the youth group, and a few meals afterwards.
I know how you feel..
I am so discouraged. I am considering cutting my losses and moving on. This had turned into a cut throat operation. The employee is no longer treated like a human, just take the crap and keep your mouth should attitude. It is pretty sad that this company has turned into this type of operation. What is really sad is any company that would push the issue of line count quota and not quality....MTs will be so worried about getting quota that there will be no time for proofreading. SAD SITUATION.
I know how you feel
I took several tests like that. Actually the company that I now work for gave me a foreign dictator (very hard)for my test, and I have never typed for a foreign dictator and I have been there almost four months.
I feel so sorry for everyone there and wish there was
more I can do, but I think the schools are doing all they can. If the students don't have phone service, then the school can't call them either so that doesn't solve the issue. At least if they post a number, then hopefully the kids are out of the places now that are still out of power and have made it to family's home or a shelter and can call them.
I feel the same way
Only I'm really pathetic...my youngest just started half-day kindergarten and I'm missing her! I have a 21-year-old, and 18-year-old who just started college..and then I have my 5-year-old.  She was born with hydrocephalus and is shunted. Doing great though..just like a normal kid except that we did have a rapid and no-warning shunt failure a month ago which involved a Medflight and surgery, etc.  I've spent every day with her since the day she was born..and even though she's only going half days right now, I'm really missing her during that time. I know that I'll adjust..and I am happy that she is growing up and able to go and spend the time with the other kids which she just loves. I'm just really sad, too..and missing my baby girl.
I know how you feel
I can't go to the bathroom or into the kitchen (that part is probably a good thing)
I know how you feel...sm
I have felt that way on a number of occasions. I probably would have tagged it and made the office look it up, just because I could...but sounds like you did the right thing.  I mean, is it our job to read their minds, make them look like freakin' geniuses, please! They should have enough respect for us, the transcriptionist, to at least give accurate information, as much as they can, and do what they can to spell correctly, especially doctor names.  But, most docs think they are God or something, I don't know, anyways, sorry about the rant... (jumping off now)!
I feel for you..sm
I have a cat that is going on 20 years.  I call her the Ancient One.  She is in no pain, eats well, etc... She is just old and rickety.  But she still sits under my chair when I type.  I pray the day never comes that I have to end her life.  Just let her not wake up one morning is all I ask.  My sympathy to you.
I feel for you.

Listen to you gut instinct.  Your experience and know how will be appreciated when you find the right company.

As far as the other QA person not being very nice....it is a fact that women can be very difficult to work with.  Statistics have proven that women have a need to feel equal and when threatened they tend to fall into behaviors such as those you described.

It happens on this board quite often.  The nicest women in person can be very mean spirited when not face to face.  Try not to take it personally and just keep doing the best job you can. 

Unless you are getting paid very well for working that many hours, decide if it is really work sacrificing your life.  Good luck...you are not alone.

I know how you feel
It is very hard being an MT and hard working at home. There are plenty of times I feel like throwing in the towel too!! If you enjoy being an MT you may just want to find another company to work with and if it is a pretty good company and are still unhappy then maybe you do need to find something else. I know I have considered it myself and I really like the company I work for.
I feel just like you do.

I've been with MQ for about eight years but have decided to leave.  And it did not help that today was notified that I failed the test for a company I was really hoping to go with.  (Needed 85 but only got 80 on the test although I found some of the test doubtful.  They marked off for dictation that I did verbatim and they expected me to change it:  for ex., Doctor says 1/2 cc and I am supposed to transcribe 0.5 mL.  Do not agree with that at all but then I am not grading the test.)  So my ego took a beating and now have been wondering if my career is at a crossroads.  I worked so hard to learn this profession, investing money and hours of study, and have worked my posterior off over the years.  For what?  Not much at all.  Basically I made a great big mistake on a choice of career.  The only future it seems in MT now is in India.  Even if you pass a test that takes about four hours, they still only want to pay 6-7 cents.

Okay, you can tell I am very depressed.  Well, good luck to you and wish you and me all the best.   

RE: I feel just like you do.
If you took the time to stay informed on your chosen profession, you might have passed the employment test. Have you even heard of JCAHO? Over two years ago, they posted a "Dangerous Abbreviation List", which all medical institutions would have to comply with. "cc was one of the dangerous abbreviations on the list. You should have changed the 1/2 cc (even that is wrong) should be 0.5 mL. No profession stays the same "always". It is your responsibility to keep abreast of applicable changes.