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I flex when I have to, which is often.

Posted By: jane doe on 2007-07-03
In Reply to: Do you work outside your scheduled hours to get extra lines? - Just Wonderin'


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I'm going to try that. I did the flex point sm
counting once and was always starved.
I lost 72 lb in 2 yrs on WW, mainly flex. sm
I had trouble with Core plan b/c, ahem, "eating until full" wasn't mentally do-able for me. I needed more strict limits. WW works wonderfully, either program, but I recommend joining Curves or another type of weight-training / cardio program, or even walking, to realy boost your loss.

WW is sensible (eat ALL foods in moderation) and long-term do-able. Good luck.
need flex hours MT-ing?

Best company for flexible scheduling. They ask for a committed number of hours but don't care when you do those hours, as long as it is within a 2-week time frame.
Flex time
so this means instead of being told to flex our time and come back later or on our day off we should be paid for the time there is no work to transcribe?
flex hours
The company I work for used to be very lenient of when we typed just as long as we got in our hours for the week.  This got out of hand and they wanted more of 8 hours a day, but still lenient of when we typed (some where putting them all in at the beginning of the week and having long weekends every week, making the workload really crazy on Monday and not good for patient care).  Now they are making different hours they want covered and we have to work exactly the times assigned.  Some of us are fine with this, others are not.  Do you work scheduled hours or whenever you want.  Just curious what is happening out there in the rest of MT world.
Hand-Eze and/or Soft Flex...probably

Soft Flex forsure
I wear my SoftFlex gloves daily. I agree that after 15 minutes without them you can definitely tell a difference. I also have the Smart Glove- (had to dig them out of a drawer to make sure what the name was). To me they are just plain awkward. The bean-bag feeling is weird and feels like more of a strain on my wrists to type with, like my wrists are too elevated or something. Wore them once. My vote would be SoftFlex!
Soft-Flex gloves
Where does one find these wonderful gloves? I have tried everything and not much helps, certainly not splints. TIA
I can flex some, but I cannot make up an entire day of nearly no work!
:-( They do not want any excuses as to why people cannot work, but those of us who are here and WANT to work have nothing to do. Really makes me feel loyal to them, 'ya know????
my personal experience on a set schedule versus flex
I have worked for 2 companies now that want a set schedule and they DO watch to see when I will be on. There are several reasons for it, and I'll try to explain from their standpoint.

First I found that if they have a stat and I am scheduled to be working, they NEED me to be on to take that stat. Another issue is QA coverage. They need to hire QA personnel to pick up any blanks I left and still get the report to the client withing TAT. So if I work outside my assigned shift time, they may not meet TAT because they didn't have enough QA staff. On the flip side, if the QA staff has nothing to QA, then they transcribe and take the work I would normally get, leaving me without any work when I eventually DO log in.

I am a high producer and can get my required line count in 5 hours, not 8, and when I do work 8 I may find myself without work the next day.

It is a delicate balancing act for everyone. I decided to take the 9-5 employee job, but also have a back up account on those no work available days as an IC so I can always make sure my paycheck is reliable.

You have to go with what works for you.
Soft-Flex and Handeze are 2 brfands of gloves
that MTs often use. I use SoftFlex. They are thin nylon with a bit of spandex. I got them for the little wrist cushions they have that protect the medial nerve when the heels of my hands started burning. They do protect the nerves and cured the burning, and I remember to wear them because they keep my hands warm. I love stuff that serves a dual purpose. :oD Oh, and I do have Raynaud's, so these gloves are good even for somebody with that problem.
In addition to the Soft Flex gloves I recommend...sm
an ergonomic keyboard (the old Microsoft Elite PS-2 is my favorite and I have three stockpiled); but, the thing that has made the most difference for me has been typing with my keyboard in my lap. I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthitis in my hands, as well as CTS. Transcribing with my keyboard in my lap has been a miracle for me.
Has anyone had good success with Weight Watchers flex point program? sm

I tried South Beach for about 10 days and have lost 10 lbs but I want something that is lifelong and to me SB is too strict....Thinking about switching over to Weight Watchers...Anyone have good long term success with it?  If so, how much did you lose and how fast?