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I googled it and Word 2000 is supported

Posted By: on VISTA...........nm on 2008-08-18
In Reply to: WORD AND VISTA - tonya


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Is any one running ExText with Word 2000 and EditScript with Word 2003 sm

I am interested to know if anyone is running two platforms with a different version of Word on one computer.

I am running eScription's ES with Word 2003 and want to run ExText but their version of Word is 2000.  Has anyone done this or doing it now.  If so, have you run into any problems. 

I can't seem to get a straightforward answer from the Techs at either company.    I can't just load ExText and jeopardize it interfering with eScription. 

I am interested to hear any and all comments.  Thank you so much in advance for any help!


Switching from Word 2000 to Word 2003...
Has anyone upgraded from W2000 to W2003? If so, did all your autocorrect entries and normals transfer easily? I would like to upgrade but don't want 2 lose my shortcuts and expanders! TIA

Try Word 2000
Look at some online discount software places. I picked up Word 2000 CD only (no book, no frills) for $30. Seems most of these outfits require Word 2000 and up. Try softwareoutlet.com; that's where I got my CD.
Word 2000
Hi All !   I'm using Word 2000.  Is it necessary to upgrade to newer versions of Word? 
word 2000
Anybody know if MS Word 2000...

can be used with Vista.  I want to go out and get a new laptop this Monday.  I have word 2000.  I looked on the web and found Word 2007 but it is quite expensive.  I would rather not have to purchase word 2007 and new pc as that is a bit  pricey for me right now.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.

word 2000
thanks for any help!

I do this with Microsoft Word 2000. nm
I bought Word 2000 for $30
at softwareoutlet.com. It was CD only, what they call OEM.

Personally, I don't care what bells and whistles the newer versions may have, I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a word processing program.
I use word 2000 and have the same problem
I put "year-old" into my Expander as "yo" and when I type the number, I put the dash after it, like 10- then the "yo" without a space and it works.

What Version of Word do you like? 2000 or?
I'm getting a new computer pretty soon and am wondering what version of Word to get with it. I am only familiar with Word 97 and I like some of the things about that.

I need a version that will automatically CAPITALIZE after a period. Couldn't live with that.

Thanks for all your help. Couldn't make it without my MT buddies!
Were is *acl file in Word 2000? NM
Where is *acl file in Word 2000? TX
My Word 2000 started doing this, and I
problem plus I had header problems.  The header was staying huge even after changing my normal.dot.  I tried MS help to no avail.  The header problem occurred after opening an attachment from an e-mail from the company I work for with a header that was like 3 inches to accomodate a letterhead.  This wound up changing every single Word document to a new header.  I finally just trashed the whole shebang and started with another tower and am running XP with Office 2003.  Good luck, but I still don't know what happened!
Word 2000 question
I have a next page break in between each report, but after page 3, it started back numbering 1.  Never had this happen before.  Anyone know what's going on or how to fix it?  I don't want the page # inserted on the page just to show on the lower left toolbar in correct order for printing purposes. 
Microsoft Word 2000, NM
Jump code used in Word 2000
I'm hoping someone can help ~ I just started a new job where I'm working in Word 2000. My question is this ~ There are a lot of normals that I'm using for doctors and I need to figure out how to jump around the report (sets of ??) without having to use the mouse constantly. I've worked in a few different programs before, but never Word. Chartscript used, I believe, Ctr J to jump around. Anyway, I do think there is a way I can do this, macro maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?
Hi y'all. I have to change from WOrd 97 to Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?

Do y'all have a FAVORITE, and can you tell me WHY? Just a short email would do it and would be so appreciated here.

Thanks everyone for input. I really appreciate it. I'm using XP Media Center 2005 and it has 2003 on it that I can buy. My main thing was that with it I could not do like 5mg and have the space between the drug dose automatically come in from my expander. But, as soon as I get the new version of Word, I'm getting Instant Text and maybe that will help. I need to upgrade so I can purchase the IT and Steadman's, and Steadman's needs a newer version. Also, I'd like to get some newer features than 97, hopefully one of the newer versions will be more conducive to production?

Thanks to all who reply. You can email me or post. Thanks much.
Try eBay. i got my MS Word 2000 there along with a COA and the code. nm
I use Word 2000 and have had no problems. (knock on wood).
I used to run it with Microsoft Office, but had too many problems so got rid of MS Office and just run 2000. I have been lucky that when I get .tmp file, I can just delete it. I got so mad when that would happen I was always doing a system restore. What a mess. I got rid of the MS Office and things settled down. I hope this helps.
You'd be limiting yourself. It only works in MS Word 2000 & 2002.
Lots of people have had problems getting Smartype to work in Word 2003 and you can forget 2007. It doesn't work in different platforms either. You'd be much better off looking at ShortHand or Instant Text.
setting default view in Word 2000
My default view has changed to 90% and I have to manually change every report. Is there a way to fix this so it pulls in on the normal view every time?
What is the version of word for windows that works best for you? Still working off 2000.
Word hasn't capped after a colon since the 2000 version.
You have to manually cap with shift key or run a macro at the end of the report. You can also hit shift+f3 to change the case to upper.
i have word 2000 free standing as well with no problems. email support, they will help you shortly.
you shouldn't struggle with having problems. support is there to help us and they are good at their job. as with any new acct, there are always gonna be some kinks. i had some to work out as well with my end of the system. it doesn't sound like something you can fix; probably something with how the two tie in together. did you log out and back in and see if that helped?
ExtText by Dictaphone -- Word 2000 - won't capitalize when making a new paragraph or after lists?
Hi. I am new at a job. The Word 2000 running in ExtText (Dictaphone) will not capitalize at the beginning of a new paragraph (never had that happen before), nor after numbers in an automatic list, and sometimes even just after plain periods, not just periods used in numbers (like hemoglobin 7.5).

What is going on? It works fine in the Word version on my computer, but when it ties with ExtText, it "forgets" to capitalize. It is especially annoying with lists, and also at the first of paragraphs, I never had to babysit that before.

Any help? TX
I supported you
I just finished with my monthly line counts for the 6 docs that I do and with two days off for snow/weather this month did over 51,000 lines this month.  (20 days)   That is with pick-up/deliveries, printing, cutting apart chart notes, etc.  So I know it can be done.  Again, I have same docs, clinic notes, lots of OPs with dermatologist, consults with SO and I know that in no way can I compare myself to those of you who do national and my hat goes off to you.  It really does.  I have 1 Vietnamese, 1 Boston accent, one mumbler but all in all am used to them.   But this is what the good Lord has provided to me  and through the grace of God hopefully will continue with until I retire in 6 to 8 years.  
Interface not supported

Sorry, the first message was a test to see if I could post.

My question is I was trying to download DocQScribe and I have Windows Vista and I received the error message Interface not supported. Does anyone have any idea why this could be occurring and what I could do to fix it. Thank you.


Hi Gem - I never supported Dell's tech....sm

support - I hated their tech support since buying the 1st Dell.  I have my own computer guy who does all I need regarding anything - including parts, et al.

I print the work for the private MDs and I also put the reports on a diskette.  I submitted the entire package to their offices, printed work, erased tapes, and a diskette,  and THEY upload.  I use Word Perfect (an old version but love it) and they use Word and so they have to convert my diskette over so they can put the work onto their system.  I haven't a clue how they do it and I care less how they do it - more importantly is that they CAN do it.  *grin*  They only want the diskette in case the MDs need to make any change on any report. 

That's all folks!!!  *LOL* 

I never said I supported Bush...I just said I have nothing to hide.
If it prevents another horrible act like Sept. 11, then I really don't care. I don't have my head in the sand by the way. I keep very current with what is going on. I am totally against Bush and everything he stands for, but I am FOR protecting this country.
See link inside for versions of Office that are supported on Vista
I googled it.
It's getting great reviews!
I googled it & here is site sm
You're right...I just googled and found a lot...


There one here.  It's almost $30.  There are probably more reasonable ones.  This is just the first one I saw. 

never mind, I googled her.....I remember her (nm)
Wow, Aeron is $$$$. I googled, and I think that one is way out of my budget.
It looks like a great chair, tho.
I Googled it and the site wasn't
much help, didn't give any info on how the program works or what it really does. I emailed the company and asked a few questions, but haven't heard back from them either.
i googled and a bunch of crap came up
I just googled a little bit and see what you're talking about...
and I downloaded the zip file myself to see. Are you sure you extracted them to the correct place? I got 2 dll's and 1 ini that, according to the Readme, are supposed to go in the C:Program FilesNCH Swift SoundSCRIBE folder.

I guess if you did all that and it still doesn't work, the next step would be to contact NCH.


It sounds like you may have already been that route, and/or through the forums, though.
I googled it and didn't find anything - what are you talking about?
I googled and found that LazyZBoy makes one, and many other
So where is this online BOS? have googled & cannot find anything except to purchase & have CD & Boo
I googled for external sound and came up with Soundblaser......
I went to their site, it was not expensive, I can't remember exactly, but the box is small, very easy to install, and the sound is absolutely wonderful!
Thanks. I'm adding to my shortcuts. I Googled and saw different spellings.
Googled and found web site inside. sm

Has all the commands on there. Hope this helps you!
I googled this and found a definition of a wav. file.
WAV (or WAVE), short for Waveform audio format, is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. ...  It is basically the format in which an audio file is saved.  There are all sorts of audio formats such as dss., wma., etc...Hope this helps!!

Googled the company and could find no website for it. Weird.
Haven't had it, never heard of it, but after I read your post I googled it, and lots of info avai
2000 nm
2000 nm
What about over 2000?
THE POINT: The $2000 was for

knockoff or from the store is not a necessity in anybody's book and

is a slap in the face of the taxpayer who underwrote the $2000.