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I have noticed sometimes I will try to get into a web site and that site will freeze up and I dont

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-11-16
In Reply to:

know if I have too many screens opened up and minimized or what. I tried to open a website sent by email and froze up the email screen. Not sure what I am doing.

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I dont think so that this has heavy virus site
Again,i've used these programs and checked them and they are virus free. To confirm this, try your best antivirus and scan all files. I use Avira latest virus scan and it detected none. For those of us who can't afford to buy the original stedmans, this is a good alternative. If you have the money, buy the software! If you have them and want to share, share them by all means!
Moderator, how do I view my resume I place on your job site. I dont see any new resumes posted when

I look on there and I did mine yesterday. Where can I see it. I did not come up with the list of resumes that seems to end in August.

Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
I subscribe to another web site and within the boards on this site they have

Would anybody be interested if adminstrators would allow us to have this type of board or even put it on the main board.  Like on this other board they tell you to go to a certain web site for a coupon for 20% off Barnes and Noble or when Target has reduced prices on seasonal things.  Anybody got ideas or bargains they would like to share to save money?   We could call it the MT Stars penny-pinchers board.

I noticed that - dont know what happened?
need web site
Does anyone have a link for a good website for surgical references, op note references.
other site
unfortunately I'm pretty new here and don't know the other big web site, but would like to know what it is so I, too can see what other MQers are saying about this weekend....
other site
MT Chat
Job site

Does anyone know the site that is from A-Z with MT jobs posted? I certainly do appreciate your help.

what site is it?
buddies at work and it won't copy...
Go on their web site and see what
they really are.  (They also provide MTStars.)  They are a service for private contractors and service owners so as not to have to buy lots of and lots of electronic equipment but can use their servers, etc.  They are not a transcription service, it sounds like to me.  If  you read what they say, the provide a number for your doctors to call and then you can transcribe it or download it for 10 cents a minue (1 cent a line) and not have to buy a system yourself.  At least that is what it looks like to me.
I don't think there is a web site to
check it out - software is developed by in-house tech support. It is not perfect (nothing in this life is) but is a good tool to use in this job and I'm very happy with it. DRC has been a good place for me for the last 2 years or so.
There should be a web site
listing all these crap companies who won't pay. If I bounced a check at my local mom & pop pizza joint, you can bet it would be pinned to the wall for all to see.

However, back to the OP: The thing I would worry about would be the OP getting stiffed for the money AND getting a 1099 that included that sum. That would be a real kick in the pants.
Oh I will look at that site and see sm
if it has the wheelwriter or selectric on there. If so, I will definitely buy it!
on WM's site .. sm
Maybe you just didn't notice it. If you make a quick trip to the website and look at most any item, you should see it. Sometimes says similar items, similar artists, etc.

The story was on MSNBC so I think it is true. I'm surprised so many would jump and call someone else a liar without checking facts first. Washington Post released WM's apology at 8:24 this morning so I'm sure it was in other news segments as well.

FWIW, I agree with the OP that it was probably someone with extra time on their hands up to no good.
Here's one site that has (sm)
some different cuts.  Lots of tips on selecting a cut too!
PA site
Try the AAPA website--there's a FAQ portion that tells all about PAs and what they do.

web site
check it out. It tells the difference
Try this web site - sm


Hope it helps.

here is the site
What does FTP site mean?
Does the site have...
XXXXXX If so, I've been banned, too! If so, totally a case of "The Ego Has Landed."
FTP site
Is is difficult to learn how to operate a FTP site and how would one go about it?  It is all new to me and I'm a bit apprehensive. 
Yes, you can, go to the IRS site and they have - sm
and electronic payment system. You can have money paid to them every week, month, etc. I set up an account and was going to do about $50 a week, but alas I have not made any payments as yet. I usually don't owe though as my DH takes enough out of his taxes to cover mine. I will only start making payments if I go over a certain monthly income, since then I will probably owe and I don't want that.
web site

trying to post to www.homesteadingtoday.com  Thanks.


See site....sm


This is where I got the bracelets.  http://www.magneticjewelry.name/

Didn't save the ring site so got to find that one again.  Don't know about what's in the bracelets, but the rings have worn some and look like them might be copper.  They were gold and silver when new, but underside has worn to look like copper.  Rings were $13.00 each.  Bracelets were probable about that 15-20.  Really don't remember.   I didn't get the cheapest or the most expensive.      

Here's a site that might help..
It has a lot of info on WP12, and some info on default settings. Maybe go to tools - settings - dialog box and see if you change it there.

Where's the site?
I clicked on the link and there was no article there - I would like to read it - I don't doubt for a minute that it is being done, but I just wanted to read the article for myself.
Web site BOS

I found this web site a few years ago.   I've seen little variation from the BOS and what they say here.  This print out is very concise with the things you would be looking for the most.

Hope this helps. 


Web site
Can somebody point me in the direction of a good web site for cardiology - I have recently started doing PTCA and cardiac caths and have no clue as to the majority of the catheters, guides, etc.  Any help will be truly appreciated.
I use an FTP site...sm
For downloading voice files and uploading my completed work. I use FTP Voyager. It is 49.95 initially and costs me 24.95 yearly to renew. I am not a pc whiz and this program is very easy for me to use. I gave you the address below if you want to check it out and see if this is what you are looking for. It is www.FTPvoyager.com I hope this helps. Good luck.
Med site
Right web site?
I just checked and the website is up...are you sure you were at the right site?

I have my own ftp site.

Costs about $12 a month but worth its weight!  There are lots out there.  I use Aplusnet.  Good luck!

If you use an FTP site...sm

there would be no need to encrypt the documents.  You need a login and password to even get access to them.  Of course, if you decide to send them via email, then by all means, it's smart to encrypt them!  IMO. 

And More Site.....


Some links are broken, but I believe the majority of them are working.   

Not through this site.
I've deleted your claims of receiving emails from us too. If you choose not to be here that's fine, but please don't come around to insult our posters or this site.
Here is a site.....it may help you.
Looking for FTP site sm
I need an FTP site where I can have different clients upload their digital files to me and me send them back to this same site. I'm also looking for this same site to allow another Transcriptionist or two be able to access it also. Any recommendations?
There is a web site about it
If there were no ads on this site it would not be
they have a web site that might
try this site
Another site.
I love this site. You can choose to search by state, specialty, etc.

Try this site (sm)
best doc site ever
try this one, only 2 letters plus the * to do wild searches.  if the person provides health care and gets paid their name is here, includes MD, DO, chiro, NP, etc.  web site -https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/NPPES/NPIRegistryHome.do  --- can search for groups too, such as a clinic.
site being down?
Maybe EMR is taking over here too, a prodrome if you will?
FTP site (sm)
Thanks. That is the site I was looking at for these (nm)
sometimes there are on-site ads.
Try this site


I've also put the actual link down below.  It sounds like Cali is trying to earn more revenue since they are completely bankrupt, the idiots.  The key (at least I think so) is the statement that says the compensation is considered earned where the services are performed.    If you don't live in Cali, even if you are working on account there, or employed by a company based from there, I think you can be considered to be providing the services from your home state, and thus are exempt.  Your company is going to have to file the Form 588 Withholding Waiver Request.

This sounds like a big nightmare in the making.