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I have the opposite - 2 computers, 1 monitor, KB and mouse

Posted By: see inside on 2009-05-20
In Reply to: Do you use more than one monitor?... - jh

I have two CPUs, one I use for my local accounts and the other for my national and internet.

You can buy a thing called a KVM switch (keyboard, video and monitor) .. very easy to install - just plug the stuff in.

Then a simple keyboard command (mine is scroll lock, scroll lock and the up or down arrows) to switch back and forth between CPUs.

I used to do the two monitor/two computer thing and it was cumbersome. I would not recommend it and love not getting tennis neck looking back and forth. LOL

good luck! :)

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Setting up 2 computers with 1 monitor - Need help!

I will be starting a second job next week and need to use that companies computer.  I know I need a syslink router to enable them both to use our cable modem, but I know there is a box you can get so you can use one monitor and turn the dial to switch back and forth between computers.  Anyone know what this is called and where to get it?   Also, is there a way to use only one mouse and keyboard also, or will I have to have 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk?  (I have a small desk and am limited on space).  Thanks for all help!!

I need advice on a new monitor and mouse....

I have finally decided to replace my old monitor. I was wondering if anyone has bought one lately, what brand and where. I would like to go to a bigger monitor and I'm thinking that if I don't go to a flat screen, I simply won't have room for the "regular" ones. I don't want to spend alot of money, was hoping to get one for under $200.00.  Also, I would like to have a spare mouse, which I don't have now - are the wireless ones working well for those who have one?

A KVM is what you need. 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 monitor.
Any office supply store has them, but stay away from Belken - their quality is not the best.
A KVM switch would let you use 2 pc's, 1 monitor and 1 mouse.
It's a pretty reasonably priced piece of equipment, I think around $50. By using hot keys, you switch from 1 pc to the other.
P.S. I use an external LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse
put your mouse on the bar, hold down the left side of your mouse and move it back to the bottom, let
hope this works
Buying a new computer and cant decide on LCD monitor or regular monitor. Any opinions out there. The
LCD is 325.00 with 1 year warranty.
Control Your Mouse with Mouse Gestures/Kim Komando sm

FYI.  This was on Kim's Cool Site of the Day for June 15.


Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

Opposite for me
As I sit here in my suit, blouse, nyons, heels and pearls I just gotta feel a little feel like I am not in the norm as to what I wear to work.  Guess I will have to change the dresscode in my business.  I was thinking of letting up a little and not requiring the nylons but at the last minute just could not do it.   Perhaps in 2007 I won't be so strict with myself.  What do ya think? 
For me it was the opposite
At my last in-house job, the company (hospital) itself as a whole was fine, but the beyotches in the transcription department were beyond belief. I don't say anything about them to people who know them, but it is a BAD situation.
Oh, no...just the opposite!
I've got one that hits pause for every sentence. Trouble is, he starts yakkin' before he unpauses, and pauses it before he stops yakkin', so I've got no beginning and no end on every sentence he dictates. To top it off, he's a speed dictator too. ARRGHH!

Really, really annoying! I'd rather listen to empty space.
And I'm the opposite SM
If this were one top with two arms, then I would agree, but since it is two separate tops (the top of the left arm and the top of the right arm), I would make it the tops of the left and right arms. But that Catholic school education feels like a billion years ago, so God only knows if I'm remembering the rules correctly.
I did the opposite...
I had been doing clinic and acute care, then was trained to do radiology.

I found acute care and clinic work to be far more interesting and enjoyable than the Radiology, so Rad transcription pretty much bored me senseless most of the time. I did it for 5 years, then switched back to the acute care and clinic work.

If you're up to a challenge and enjoy MT work in general, I think you'd really enjoy it. It will probably seem overwhelming at first, but you'll know some of the basics from radiology and should be okay.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!
I always thought it was the opposite of ...
guy, only now you can use guy for both sexes I think.
13-year-old opposite
Wow my 13-year old stepdaughter is opposite. Will not wear girl clothes and wants to buy out of the boy's department. Then she gets all her good tshirts outside and ruins them with stains, holes, etc. She is very very difficult. I almost wish she would try to wear my makeup.
I learned it exactly the opposite...
back in 1980 I learned that disc was for the spine and disk was for anything ophthalmological ......
we did just the opposite, but now bills alone about 2,500.....
We had a place similar to yours on a slough with lots of wildlife...loved the wildlife. Used to sit out on the deck and watch the great blue heron, raccoons, muskrats, ducks, etc. But never got it paid off as we kept building on as kids came along (3). We were there 30 years and finally sold to move out of the flood zone and into a new, easy-maintainance one story with smaller yard up near the hospital. The other place was so hard to paint and maintain that I knew we had to move before we couldn't take care of it anymore. Problem is our mortgage alone is 900$ month! Not as steep as others on this posting, but lots for us as the MT thing is not bringing in the money I expected! The house is worth lots more than we paid for it, and I keep saying we should sell it and rent until the big housing "adjustment" that I keep predicting, but family won't budge!
I have the opposite problem. (sm)
My hearing is too acute, and although it makes transcribing easier, if there is any background noise at all, it is the bane of my existence. I actually went to an ENT doc once to see if there was some way to tone it down a little! He just laughed. :(
woman of the opposite sex
That's hilarious! Thanks for the belly laugh. I needed it today.... LOL.
Mine are the opposite

I do look up lost dictation for my docs, they have been with me for many years --one has been for 18 years, they do give me Christmas bonues -- usually half of a month's invoice - they do give me Birthday cards, they always say "thank you", they always pay on time, never a bounced check or a question on my line counts, but then I go the extra mile for them.  They have talked about VR and EMR's but find it it too time consuming yet.  Maybe some day I will lose them to that but that is the way of the industry right now.  Right now I just thank my lucky stars for the accounts that I have and appreciate them as much at they appreciate me.   Yes, I do put up with rattling of x-rays and papers and dictating in a car or at a soccer game and when it becomes too bad, I do say something and it changes.  But in the most part they are pretty good.   Sorry will not share them with anyone.




Just the opposite here. I do great
on the test and then a few days later start to get into the account and wonder if I should really be doing better than I am doing and if they really believe it was me testing! LOL!!
I had just the opposite experience.
Bytescribe was too cumbersome and then there's the issue of three installs...Express Scribe just released a new version and there is a Special Audio Process under File that can help clean up files.
My account is just the opposite
We have been given the green light for over-time this week and next. It was slow but steady November through February but now it's a whole new ballgame. I'm not complaining, though!
I am just the opposite of what you are talking about
I set myself to make a certain amount each pay period, have to have X amount per day and that is what I make.
My experience has been the opposite
There are some ESLs that I actually prefer to their American-born counterparts. Depending on the specialty, you can almost count on them for more lines per report. However, my experience to date has been that the good, audible, consistent, doctors who enunciate even with an accent are going to VR. Left behind are the speed mumblers, hem-hawers, and self-editors, along with the accent so thick and recorded in such a way that it sounds as if he has crawled inside the microphone/mouthpiece. In places where they have dared to put everyone across the board into the VR systems, the above dictators will cross your desk for editing; at least when they've been kicked out before getting to VR, I can get my normal line count for typing them; if I get them after VR has swiss-cheesed them, I get paid half that for trying to tease apart what was said by the dictator from Hades from what brainless VR thinks was said.

In my perfect world, the MTs left transcribing the VR rejects should be making 10 cents a line, and anybody cleaning up VR should be making no less than 6-7 (assuming the nice clean dictation balances out the crud).
And I am hoping just the opposite of
VR being done away with. I love it, mine is an excellent platform and with all the ESLs we have now, I don't have to rack my brain to find out what they are trying to say. Thank goodness for VR and I hope the hospital I work for keeps it.
Totally opposite of my experience
When I started and they installed everything on my computer, they also updated my AOL IM buddy list and I had the ID of everyone else working on the account I was on, as well as team leads, account coordinators, office personnel, etc. It was so easy to IM someone and get help. It still is. My coordinators get back to me immediately. They are always available. Also, the account specs for every account are right there online and easy to access. I've been there about 18 months now and have never been happier. I haven't experienced any of the problems mentioned here.

My geek told me the opposite. He said that
if you leave it on all the time, the computer is vulnerable to hacker attacks because they're probing your ports even with a firewall on.  They know how to get through firewalls and web browser security glitches.
I'm lucky..I have the opposite problem.

After people hear what I do, they say:   I would love to be at home, but I could never learn all that "stuff."  I've even had a few friends tell me they are impressed with what I do.  Never hurts to hear that after a day of speed-talkers and mushy mouthed doctors trying to grab lunch on the run and dictate at the same time! 


I feel totally the opposite
Best I leave it at that.
I was the opposite. I used my old way for the longest time
because I couldn't handle the new program and the new way both at once. Once I was comfortable with IT, then I started using expansion keys and actually increased my production from in almost 20%. It definitely was work making myself learn to use them!
Wow that's kinda harsh- it seems to me its the opposite
from what I have seen it seems like the seasoned MTs resent the Newbies- I have seen no sign of it being the other way around, which I would actually even understand considering the nastiness they run into on this board.

I don't think anyone thinks their having completed an MT course puts them on a par with someone who has been doing it for years- they simply want to be given a chance. So you were trained on the job- good for you. But thank God there are training courses out there now so that people come in with at least some knowledge.

And there is nothing wrong with not wanting to work every single weekend and every single holiday. Where I work everyone has to work at least one weekend day, newbies and seasoned alike. There are only a couple who have been here so long that they have monday-friday days due to seniority. Everyone here has to work at least 12 hours of holidays a year,no matter who you are or how long you have worked here. I don't mind working holidays so that people with families can have them off. I don't see why someone should get stuck with all the scut work just because they are new.
I never am paid late. Just the opposite. (sm)
In fact, when my MTSO is going to be away, she pays me an advance on my salary to be sure I have enough money to last until she comes back, and then we settle up on the next invoice. (Sorry, she is not hiring at this time!)
I find it to be the opposite. During the daytime - sm
the pickin's can sometimes be slim, since other folks snap up the good stuff early-on. But if I work late (like I am now, at 2:00 AM Pacific time), everyone else in the country is asleep, and my dictation pool runneth over.
So many posted on this and felt opposite of what you are saying
What you basically are doing is to fraud the company, gov and such to find a way to tell a person what to do because she cannot live on retirement after she took it, right? Oh, what a web we weave when .....I have been through an audit with IRS (they choose randomly, you know) and if I were her, donít think I would want to do that. What a mess!
OP asked about $ problems, not the opposite.
My experience was the opposite living in Canada.
I found their schoolwork to be remedial compared to what I learned in the U.S.  In Canada, they used to have me work in the library and clean the teachers' lounge because the work didn't challenge me.  In the U.S., I was able to take advanced and college prep classes so I didn't get bored with school.
I just bought the opposite serial to usb converter. You would think they would have the other way
We view homeschooling from opposite spectrums.
But that is okay. What you describe would never work for me -- that is why there are so many different curriculums out there because we are so diverse with different needs. A Beka is a very advanced program and I am satisfied that the education my children are getting will serve them for life in no matter what situation they find themselves in -- from a doctor to the President! They are excelling above most or all of their friends and to me that speaks well for A Beka.
I agree! I'm from Florida at the opposite end of the country but
agree with you 100%.  The officials pretty much decided the result of the game.  And the touchdown before the half by Pittsburgh --  it sure looked like the ball came down behind the goal line and then was "placed" over the goal line by the QB.  Seattle really got cheated in my opinion!
I agree with this, but I trade off in the opposite direction. SM
Mine are more clear in my distance vision, and I put on reading glasses from time to time when I need them.  I only have to do this when the print is very small or when my eyes ore tired.  Otherwise, I also like my bifocal contacts.  My are made by AccuVue. 
I felt the opposite, that the test was more difficult than the CD. nm
I do opposite, B is right, and 6 is left according to ergo keyboard
and I have never used my right SHIFT-key. I must have some bad habits.
Things must have gone downhill really fast. You posted the opposite on
Not stay at home, but opposite shifts. My advice:

Make sure you always say thank you.  It's a MUST for a man.  My husband and I decided to work different shifts years ago so that the kids wouldn't have to go to daycare.  Now I'm at home, but he still works 3rd shift for the same company that he's been with for 7 years because he likes it.

I've always thanked him.  I'd get home from work and he'd have dinner cooking and I'd say, "I"m so lucky to have you!"  And even if I didn't care for the dinner choice, I'd shut up and eat it. :)

Even just little things now, like if he washes the dishes or vacuums because he knows I'm on a deadline, I'll always say, "Thank you for doing that, you're such a big help."

Trust me, boost the old ego and those pots and pans won't sit in the sink. Complain one time that he missed a spot and you'll be scrubbing the broiler pan.

Sounds like total opposite of the company I am working for...
My pay is quite good, rarely talk to my manager, been very flexible with me. Goodness, sure you are talking about the same Medware?
Just the opposite: optic disk..intervertebral disc
I'm the opposite.... the pay is okay, but I hate working inhouse. Mgmt. SUX! n/m
I was just the opposite, I bought the Bose to replace a set of Shure E2c
The sound quality for both brands is excellent, but the Shure ear buds, because of the way they fit, seem to block out the ambient noise in my environment better and provide more focused audio. I like the Bose for my iPod for the opposite reason though, because they don't block out the ambient noise as well. A lot of people are bothered by the way the Shures fit though, so I know they aren't for everyone. I have a set of E3c's now and, although I am finally used to them, I think for transcription the E2c's are better.
You're probably right. The grass always seems greener on the opposite side of the fence though!
Thanks for the input!