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I hope I hang in long enough to get familiar with account

Posted By: but it's hard... all i get is negative on 2005-07-13
In Reply to: yes, it goes something like this (sm) - notperfectMT

mostly not medical error, this doctors wants it this way, that doctor wants it that way, and with a base of 700 doctors, that's hard to remember. You can add headings, then when you add heading, they delete them... next time, I don't add heading and they add it... suppose to type names as dictated (if spelled), otherwise type "the patient"... next they correct it and put "the patient" where I typed the name, etc.   Does one EVER get used to all the rules/regulations?

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    With expander and very familiar account SM
    on a bad day where everything goes wrong maybe 4 hours. In the groove, less than 3.

    I'm an experienced MT, a slowish typist but a fast reader and puctuator, use an Expander heavily, and have good (not great) familiarity with one account but not with my backup, and neither account is the kind of great "fast" one that helps you get in the groove and really knock the work out consistently.
    I'd ask my friend if her MTSO would like someone familiar with the account on her payroll.
    Ask if you can come off. Since June is way long enough especially when you're familiar with the
    It takes a long time to become familiar with
    all of the surgical instruments and equipment in operative reports. Most of the time if you do operative reports you usually do all specialties, and each specialty has certain equipment that they use. It just takes time to learn.
    how long of a learning curve w/ new account?

    Good morning everyone ... I'm starting at-home work this week for a new hospital, out of my area.  How long should I expect of a learning curve?  It's been a while since Ive done NEW accounts !

    How long does it take you guys to get up to par - and that money starts really pouring in?  I did a few reports this weekend - and between the strange names, accents, procedures - it's going to take me a while before I'm lucrative. 

    What's your experience w/ new accounts ?

    Thanks everyone!


    True, but this has been a long time in coming. I truly hope something
    For S.P., if you still check out this board, it looks like things are starting to happen. I hope you're still hangin in there! Keep the faith!
    If you have your own account and no longer want to do it, how long is proper notice?
    I have a very small account that is way too much aggravation.  They have abbreviated things so much and nickeled and dimed me to death.  Plus the dictation is bad.  I'm making almost no money.  I am thinking of telling them they need to find someone else.  How long a period of time (notice) should I give them before I'm done?
    Oh my gosh, poor you! Hope he doesn't talk too long!

    I hear ya! That's why I quit. I put up with the crappiest account for way too long and finally
    What is the difference between an acute care account and a multispecialty account??..nm
    I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
    isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
    I've never had a problem switching from account to account.
    The problem I had was being switched too soon. If I don't get one account spec solidly in my memory with QA feedback on mistakes before starting another, I get confused. The other problem I had with former jobs was inconsistent QA. One person tells you one thing, another person tells you another.

    Lately, I don't have a problem with it. Right now, my binder has 8 account specs (some I've never had to use) and I'm picking up a new weekend job for a while. The terminology and report formats stay basically the same. It's just all those little preferences. LOL
    don't hang it up..
    It will take some time. I hope you are wearing head gear. I have had a few nasty falls, but always get back in the saddle again except for one time, hit my head hard and saw stars. They tried to get me back on the horse, but I couldn't even see it. They thought I was scared. The problem is, that if you are scared, your horse will smell it and get a little rowdy. If you can, ride with someone else for awhile, switch horses if you have another one. But hang in there, too much fun to give up. I'd give up driving before giving up riding.
    Hang in there...
    That is unless you directly had reason for concern. Just because they are investigating doesn't mean that they are actually going to find anything and sometimes it is only one disgruntled former employee that causes a lot of trouble for a company. Sometimes the company can end up getting a fine, changing a policy or absolutely nothing being done from an investigation. I was in middle managment for many years an the hospital I worked for got investigated a couple of times and nothing ever came from it.
    Hang in there
    Are you otherwise satisfied with your job? Would they fill the position if they were able to find someone? Maybe they could advertise for a part-time night person, and all the MTs could try to get the word out. Some people may be waiting in the wings for a chance at a hospital job and might take a night job, especially if they are looking for part-time.
    they better hang onto you!

    With my new acct, I go 2x per week (about 30 miles Roundtrip) and I HATE it when they call me to come in for a third day.  I would not worry about losing that acct, you're spoiling them


    Best of luck with the printer!

    Hang in there....
    When I had a hysterectomy at age 39, my doctor told me that it would be 6 weeks before I would be able to do what I did before my hysterectomy; however, it would be 3 months before I really "felt" like doing everything that I did before. Amazingly, it was almost 3 months to the day when I was cleaning house and I realized that I felt GOOD.

    I have been on Premarin since then - I was given my first pill in the hospital as soon as I could take po medication. With all the talk about HRT, I have decreased the dosage several times over the years.

    Don't look back. Look forward to feeling better. I did not have a hysterectomy by choice, but have never regretted it since then.

    You'll feel better soon.
    Hang in there...
    I went through fertility treatment as well with Clomid and IUI. The first pregnancy was a miscarriage, but the second I had TWINS! They are 17 months old now (girls, fraternal). Hang in there....It WILL happen!!
    Hang in there
    It sounds like we are in the same boat.  Is this your first pregnancy?  The other MTs have been giving some great advice.  I think the best thing for me would be to split my shifts.  I only need to work 6 hours, which is full-time for my 2100 line count.  I am thinking of probably splitting it into three 2-hour shifts and see how that will work out.  My only problem with that is not wanting to come back to work after I complete four hours.  I will just have to push my self to do the last two hours.  My husband is very understanding.  But he always asks me what my line count was for that day and will even cook dinner and help out with the kids if I have to work at night.  I will keep you posted if you would like to chat sometimes.  Send me an e-mail.
    hang in there
    i make 10 cpl.  there are companies out there that will pay that IC.  you need to get some more experience under your belt.  i have been doing this 8 years now.  your speed needs to pick up a little also and it will.  just hang in there. 
    Hang in there!

    I know what you are saying about working at home with kids.  My youngest were 2 and 3 when I started working at home and it has been a rough couple of years, but now they are 6 and 7 and both in school (the youngest 3 days a week).  I can do about 1000 lines in 4 to 5 hours depending on the type of work I get.  When your son is older, he isn't going to care if your production is was a little less.  He is going to remember that you were there with him and did the best you could.  So be proud of yourself and hang in there... It does get better.  We are all just doing the our very best to be good mothers and housekeepers and transcriptionists and wives (gee, I am tired )... So keep your chin up! 

    Hang in there....sm
    you will get better and better but first you must make yourself take one on....once you get an ear for a few different dialects it will become easier. I had one yesterday, 25 minutes long (and spoke for all but 2 of those minutes) never did the doc before, an 8/10 on the ESL pain scale, and only had to leave about 7 blanks on a 5 page report. You can do it!
    Hang in there......
    I have known some companies to give a few easy and then one VERY hard test just to see how you handle it. Will you guess or will you leave blanks, etc. It may just all work out in the end! You just never know!
    Hang in there. How
    long since you graduated and have you worked at all?
    Hang in there!
    I hope today is a better day for you and your family.  All I have to say is that there are many more companies out there that will treat you with respect and are very understanding about glitches and family crises.  I work for 3 different places and 2 out of the 3 are cool as an IC.  Just keep looking, move on, we don't need all the additional stress.  God Bless . . . .C
    Just hang in there - PS
    Forgot to mention, the English say, "full stop." That means "period." You can do it and then you'll be the best in town, you'll see! Keep a notebook, it helps, different dialects for different countries, you'll catch on!! Womit usually means "vomit" in another dialect. Go with the flow.
    You have to hang in for now.....
    Know how you feel, but part of it may be depression (which is understandable) that you're not appreciated. If you quit, they win. If you hang in and stick it out until you get someone who appreciates you, then you win. I refuse to take anyone back, had that happen -- begging, "Will you take us back?" "Nope, sorry, too busy!" Payback is worth it. Hang in and you won't be sorry, there are other fish in the sea.
    hang in there
    MT work ALWAYS since time immortal attracts people likie your "stupidvisor". They are usually miserable old cows and it makes their day to ruin another persons day. Get a GOOD spellchecker, do a job where you do editing (ranges around 4 cents a line)...the spell check picks up most mistakes...the trouble with editing is that most of the dictators are crappy foreigners, valley girls, etc and the computer just types in a bunch of crap. You need to do 2000 lines to make $80.00 so if you get lucky you can do easily 100.00 daily on a good account. Good luck to you but don't give up. It is not that you are stupid by any means...you just are working with an old cow. My suggestion, go online and try Transcend (they are based out of Atlanta) and have accounts all over the world...NO QA's in india and there is a GOOD support staff.

    Good luck I will pray for you.

    kind regards,

    p.s. I work for transcend.

    Hang in There
    Duh, how could we tell you work for Transcend.  Well let me tell you that Transcend has a few stupidvisors too --- they are hardly cows, maybe blonde and young but they have them if you are lucky enough to find one as I did and it ended a great career at Transcend.  I loved it except for a few managers that can ruin a company in record time.  Be forewarned if you go to Transcend, it is a great company if you don't get mowed over by the blonde stupidvisors!
    hang in there
    wow, you seem to have a really bad taste in your mouth - too bad you want to ruin it for everybody. I am a supervisor at Transcend and neither blonde or stupid. Not young either. Perhaps counseling would help you sort out the problem here???
    Please hang around and don't be....sm
    ...discouraged! Just take what you want and leave the rest.

    Some of my former co-workers used to call this (MTStars) the "b*tch board". Speaking for my ownself, I think some of the "b*tching" is screamingly funny. Most of these MTs have probably never even met personally, yet get into cat fights (excuse the mixed metaphors) on this board just, it seems, for fun, and enjoy bickering. It's nothing to take serious. :D :D
    Thanks! I'm hoping to get the hang of it


    You aren't alone, hang in there.

    Hang in there. I just went with a hospital....
    who was looking for remote MTs. My line count doubled overnight. Literally. I still work on my other account and I'm lucky to do 150 lines an hour. On my hospital account I can do anywhere between 200-450 lines per hour. Makes me wonder if their line counting system is very generous, or whether my national's line counting (on clinic work, no less!) is suspect. Don't ask why I'm still at the national...just a little nervous about making the final decision.
    Hang on tight.
    There will stil be lots of rocky hills to make it over, but you will be happier once you are over them. I will be praying for you and your kids!
    hang on with both hands - and don't let go

    I know how you feel but hang in there.
    With my last pregnancy I was on Clomid, and then Clomid and HCG shots.  I was told that after 6 months if I wasn't pregnant they would stop because it wasn't safe for me to continue any longer than that.  I was not willing to try Pergonal or anything invasive, but on my very last round I got pregnant.  I went to the doctor's office for my test and it took nearly 15 minutes for the line to show up and then it was so faint.   I had a friend who had been on BC pills for 10 years and it took her over a year to get pregnant.  If you have tried for a year and it hasn't happened see your doctor.   My DH had to go for a sperm count and he had lots of WBCs in his sperm and was treated with antibiotics.  I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, but after he was treated is when I got pregnant.  My doctor says this is fairly common.   For us too I started out having to do the temperature thing.  I switched doctors because the first doctor stopped doing deliveries and I wanted to stay with one doctor.  The second doctor told us to only have activity every OTHER day.   I felt like our first pregnancy was from more activity so we went to every day that last cycle.  Not sure what the magic solution was, but it happened. 
    I think you should hang in there and wait for

    People like her don't last long, the ones who appear to let their *title* go to their head(s).  If I were you, and I am not you, I would hang in there for a bit longer and see.  Take the best and leave the rest - good salary because of the benefits and just convince yourself that the witch will be gone someday and hopefully soon. 

    Best of luck whichever way you choose!! 

    Hang in there. I know exactly how you feel.
    I'm in the same situation and I think my problem is just plain too many hours.

    Sometimes I just can't focus or have too much else going on at the same time. I agree with the idea of planning a vacation, taking some time off. I can look forward to that for months and it keeps me going.

    I can understand why you don't want to give up either job. They're both very good. I wouldn't either. I'm sure you'll return to better production in time. After all, you know you can do it.
    A suggestion -Hang in There!
    I was very interested in reading your post. I have been an MT for 35 years, working as an MT, MTSO, editor, trainer and finally QA person. I can tell by reading your post that you are going to be an outstanding MT, one of the future leaders of our profession. Do not stoop to the measure of "cheating" on your reports by bypassing research and diligence. Those alone will help you to pick up your speed. Once you start your own mental "spellchecker" you won't have to keep stopping and checking, but do so now so that you will produce the same high quality work without having to sacrifice time.

    As far as getting experience and feedback, my suggestion to you, and indeed all new MTs, is that you need to work inhouse for a while. There you will be surrounded by supportive (usually) peers who do not mind stopping to help you out. You are usually paid an hourly rate so that your research is not "free" and you can feel more at ease about doing the kind of research you want. This give and take is usually only available inhouse. Do not just look at hospitals, check local clinics, doctor's offices, rehab facilities, any place where doctor's work. I think once you have some inhouse experience you will feel a lot more confident and will be capable of making the kind of money you need to succeed in this career. Also at that point, the question of your experience won't be a factor. To start out, I think all MTs need to have some inhouse experience with input and feedback from their peers, along with an hourly rate of pay so that you can go through the learning curve and not starve to death or drop out.

    This is a very, very difficult job and all of us have our own horror stories of when we were newbies. It is perseverence and determination that will separate the wheat from the chaff. Just hang in there. You are in the hardest part right now, it can only go up from here. But with your excellent work ethic and diligence, you are bound for great things.

    E-mail me if you need to talk to someone. I would be glad to talk.
    oh my goodness...I am so sorry. hang in there. sm
    Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise.
    Hugs all around.
    hang in there, pay attention
    Just hang in there.  Pay special attention to every report, especially the errors you have done in the past, and follow your account specifics exactly (keep a copy next to you)  Practice makes perfect. 
    Exactly! Because you got familiar with VR....
    It is difficult to switch from stRaight to editing, Back an forth, back and forth, this is so TRUE!

    And all the various accounts with the different clients' specifics.
    Hang tight and don't give up!
    You should have read the first few mammograms I typed. Wish I would have saved them for a good laugh now! It does get better and then one day you will be typing it before the doc says it. You might also think one day how boring it is to type the same thing over and over. I went through that about the 7th year, kind of like a marriage, really! :)
    Then you be out of your MT uniform, Better Hang the Pajamas
    Forgetting to hang up - got me my job in college
    I actually got my transcription job in college when the original Transcriptionist find out she was getting fired. The doctor didn't shut off the recorder and he and his partners started discussing putting an ad in the Sunday paper for her job. She quit - I walked in the next day (before the ad was ever placed) just going from office to office dropping off resumes and voila - MY LUCK ... well, not really. It was a horrible place to work and I ended up quitting after 3 months.
    Hang in there. It does get easier with ESLs.

    Especially if you're used to them and use your Expanders if you get the same guy more than 5 or 6 times.

    I have one ESL that took me 30  minutes to do ROS for the first time I did it as I could not understand him and he went through all systems. Even though I don't get him much, I have him in my expanders with ROS and the first 3 letters of his last name. Expanders take time, but they're worth it in the long run.

    I would give yourself 6 months. I know it sounds like a long time, but it'll keep getting easier to you and then you'll be able to do anything that is tossed at you. Trust me on this. I've been there. ESLs were my biggest challenge in the last 2 years, but now I can sail through them.

    I always loved that line, "You know you're an MT when you understand all of the clerks at the 7-11."

    Good luck and keep it up.

    try this one...all the info is free...hang in there! sm
    Sorry, it is absolutely true. I hang out a lot on the
    I've had an RNY and also hang out a lot on bariatric forums. The Lap Band is a great surgery but no one will ever dispute that the weight comes off much quicker with the RNY than the Band, and the percentage of weight loss is almost always greater with the bypass. The Band is, however, a much safer surgery, though it requires a lot more maintenance than the RNY with saline fills. Most people do not HAVE to have skin removed, though many choose to do it. The excess skin is unsightly and in many cases causes some skin infections that need to be tended to, but the PS is for the most part elective.

    But you are absolutely right about getting your head straight on both surgeries; thanks for pointing that out. My surgery (the RNY) did a fabulous job of taking off most of my overweight and correcting a couple of serious health issues, but the honeymoon is over after 2-1/2 years, and it's up to me to keep it off, and I struggle with that every day (so far so good!).
    I have to say with just over a year's experience, I'd be more willing to hang on. sm
    Typically I would say it is a sign and move on. However, with your experience your options are limited as most companies want more experience under your belt. It wouldn't hurt to look while you wait to get set up and see if you can land another job and then move on, but I would not throw in the towel without having the other one first.
    Hang in there. There will be days or nights
    like this sometimes. Most likely they rebooted the system and old junk that got left behind from cherry picking got stuck in the cues. I have worked late at night and that has happened, especially since less people work at night. I am thinking it is not you, just got stuck on a night they updated the jobs. Hang in there. If they have a good reputation, odds are someone else will get stuck next time when the get the old jobs which are stuck and left undone. And remember, what goes around comes around. One day hopefully soon you will get all good reports to balance these out. Good luck.