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I hope the programmers will come up with a way to address

Posted By: editor/QA on 2005-12-06
In Reply to: How would you prefer - sm - me

traceability and accountability, and improved communication/feedback system by enabiling the higher QAs or the MTs to pull out a list of jobs done by the MT in a given period of time, outlining the changes made in each step (even if those have to be entered by the editor/QA in a comment box or a field), the same way a comment by an MT is received by the editor/QA from within the platform. I don't know how, but I think the programmers can easily incorporate this feature.

I am lucky indeed for being paid hourly, but I would like to be able to produce accordingly, and not be hindered by a technical problem.

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and how many IT technicians, how many programmers, how many help desk people?
and I question your definition of "very good money"
I think it was when PC's entered the scene. Then we were at the mercy of the programmers.NM)
I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
Help that is with the address bar
see above....
IP address?
Satellite will be through Wild Blue (dish) Ok, what do you mean by static IP. Is this something i ask them for?
What is the site address?
again, I did only address certain MQrs (sm)

and again, the ones who continuously whine and complain regarding MQ-this and MQ-that, it's nerve racking! My point, and this is the last time I will state it, is it is embarassing FOR ME, mind you, speaking for no one else here, to be associated with these whiny babies! Simple enough for ya? I am not backtracking at all, I simply retracted one word that seems to have gotten SOME OF YA riled up! So there, and I am NOT AND WILL NEVER BE a Clinton fan.  That ticks me off more than anything anyone could say to me!

Anyone out there who works for MQ agree with me? Please come to my defense!

I have address resources available, but

the dictating physician will often forget to say the doctor's first name, and there will be 20 Dr. So-and-sos listed.  Or they spell the easy names like Smith, but not the difficult ones that they mangle the pronunciation on.  Then they carbon copy six different physicians.  I've got the hospital directory, online hospital website, online physician address lookup, Google, and other resources, but it's still very time consuming.

I'm thinking I like Meditech better.  LOL  At least everything was in there.  F7, F10, arrow down, save, you're done.

E-mail address

I will be glad to send you a copy of the E-mail that they sent me.  But everyother time anyone has E-mailed me from this board it always states either in the subject line or somewhere that it is in response to a post on the board.  This definitely was not and there is nowhere else that Spheris could have gotten my address and see above there was someone else that got it also.  So they are getting it someway.


Internet address
Hello.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete internet addresses that are seen when you hit the drop down box.  I have a bunch of them that aren't valid anymore, and I want to get rid of them.  Sorry, I don't know the technical wording, but hopefully you know what I mean.  Thanks.
Can you post the web address please?
This will be the last time I will address
this because you are all so stupid you can't get it through your brains (?), I am one person and that is it. I say exactly what I want. I don't need anybody elses help on this board.
Can the ISP track to an address?
I didn't think it could. That would be great though. I feel bad for this person.
address change

Not sure this is what you are looking for.
Sorry leaving address
 I have almost five years experience, still probably considered a newbie when I see some with almost 5 to 6 times that much.  But I just wanted to email someone who knows more about transcriptions companies than I do at present.
just need your your e-mail address

The Quick Reference (PDF format) I send via email. The manual is too large so I'll give you a link to go to and download it from.

Your e-mail address is ALL SHE NEEDS. (nt)

If I could address both posters ... sm
ALS: I read your post to my husband, who works on computers for a living, and he said it sounds like you lost an entire partition. I know that's not helpful and probably something you already figured out, but just wanted to offer something here. He also suggested running a virus scan as it sounds like something a virus might have caused. I sincerely wish you luck and hope that your files can be recovered. You might want to consult a local technician.

To the other poster: I am so sorry for your losses and I can't begin to imagine what you and your children have gone through. It sounds like today was difficult, to say the least. I think we've all been guilty at one time or another for saying something maybe we shouldn't have because of something going on within ourselves. I also send you sincere good wishes.
Do you have the exact web address? Please em it to me. Thanks! nm
lost my address bar

I can't seem to get it back!  I have windows XP.  I've played around with the toolbars but I can't find my address bar! 

Any help would be appreciated for this technically challenged MT.  

NP Address Reference


The link is for the State of Texas, but you can change to any state at the bottom.  This includes all docs and NPs, including chiropractors.  Hope this helps!  Have a great day....  

Did you get physical address??
Did you get the name of her company and the physical address?  Phone number?  There is a lesson to be learned here -- you still need to get all of this info in case something like this happens again.   Unless you have a physical address you cannot send a demand letter with return receipt or serve her with papers or anything.  Hopefully you do have that and can send her a written certified letter demanind payment within 10 days.  Then onto small claims court.   But none of this is possible without a physical address.    Good luck.  If you have her full name or business name and city -- you might be able to do a search to find a phone number.   Did her check to you have a phone number on it?  I always take a copy of the front of checks at least the first one so that I have their account number, etc.  Also shows payment.   Let us know how it comes out.
Needing help- how to get IP address

Here in the SE AT&T had internet outage this week and now 1 of my computers is asking for the IP address, trying to get back on line. Where to find this? TIA.

If they had your correct address sm
and they mailed to wrong address then I would say yes - if post office error - then no. But they should get another one to you ASAP anyway!!
No where in my post did I address

I think you need to redirect your comments to the appropriate person.  I was not approving or condoning her actions.  I really don't think this lady understands why everyone is so upset with her (maybe a little thick).  I was simply trying to point out what in her post has made everyone so upset. 

I was also trying to offer some legal solutions to her problems.  Not to mention, that her kids do deserve kudos for serving their country. 

Next time you decide to post, make sure you direct your comments to the right person.  Some people get a little too excited on this board and make comments in haste that are often misdirected, as in your case.

No, There is no change of address.
If you have any concerns or problems accessing to site. Drop us an email at: webmaster@mtstars.com
Upin address
I have this address for upin, and just checked it and it is up and running.

PS: You can Google her address and get - sm
a map & driving directions right to her door. Or, if all you have is her phone number, Google that, or try a reverse directory. Even if it's unlisted, you can probably narrow down her vicinity by area code & first 3 digits of the number. Then look up local office supply stores in the area - Staples, Office Depot, etc., see if she has an account with any of them. You might get lucky. If all else fails, a P.I. can probably locate her for you. I've had good luck with running down people in-person. Got one in a restaurant entertaining other clients, and one at work on her payday. Got paid IMMEDIATELY by embarrassing the hold U-know-what out of them in front of their peers. If all else fails, sue. $12,000 might not be Small Claims Court, though. Still that's 'way too much money to just walk away from and write off as a loss. And the longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch her.

'Go SIC 'em, girl!'
email me your address
I would be happy to give you mine.  I don't use it.
I'm not surprised the address is the same,
And I'm sure they're already driving the Bentleys and living the high old life, while we're slogging through the mud carrying them on our shoulders. I think that it's time for that little game to come to an end.
help with address book
Help please.  I am doing all my transcription in Microsoft Word.  Can someone tell me how to set up my address book so that when I got to Tools, Letter & Mailings, Envelope so that when I click on the address book a list of my doctors comes up and I can just insert it??  For some reason, I cannot figure this out!!!!
Here is the website address
Here you go:


Just copy and past this in the address bar, it should get you there.
Did they change their web address?
Could you possibly post the new link?  I had the link in my favorites, but I get a "webpage cannot be found" message when I go to it now.  Thanks in advance!!!
What's the website address? nm
using a different email address
til they catch up with me (smile). I wanted to make people aware of what has happened because I do not think it is fair that is all. lots of people getting upset for no reason really.
Net Address to Prosecutor Video
Go to MSN.com, on the left side are all categories for the news.  Go down the column till you see videos (or news videos), about three quarters down page.  Click on that, a box will come up with a selection of videos to watch.  To the left are categories you can pick from.  There is also a search box.  Type in Aruba in the search box, click on the arrow and all the videos from the case come up.  There prosecutor is the blonde lady, about second row of videos.  There were two sessions with her.  Click on the play button under the video and you will be able to watch the interview with the prosecutor.
copy and paste into your address bar. x
Admin -- how did they get my E-mail address

I do not belong the AAMT, I was contacted by Spheris by E-mail asking to fill out an application.   And this is the only place that I ever post anything about being an MT -- so they got it from here.   This has been mentioned before and somehow our E-mail addresses are gotten and I would like to know how.    Like I have said, I have never posted a resume, never applied for a job and only have posted about 10 messages in the past six to seven months.   So how they got it, I don't know.



Spheris did not get your email address here.
If you subscribe to Advance for HIM, they sell their mailing lists and info.  I've heard the AAMT does, too.  As the moderator and other posters said, nobody can get your email address from this site.  They can email you if you post it here, but they can't see the address.  They can even change the subject line from "Your post on MTStars" to something else.  As a former computer programmer, I know there is not a way to harvest your email address here.  MTStars done good in protecting our privacy.
Does anyone know Frank's email address?
Does anyone know Frank's email address at corporate?  I feel the need to communicate on a personal level.  Maybe if we ALL communicated with him on a personal level he would be sorry for what he has done and give us all trips to Hawaii and a raise.  Ya think??
Done ! And passed it on to my whole address book...sm
     GO JULIE !!! 
I get about 10 of those every day. Never reply back! That way they won't get your IP address. nm
That's why you left your email address
was so people could contact you for benefits for $11.95 a month.  You're here to serve your own interests, not those of anyone else on the site.
if you want to leave your e-mail address, i will put--sm
together a list or irs booklets you can download, look at, or order later this evening.
We get docked by QA for not filling in the address
or carbon copies, EVEN if we've notated that we can't find it anywhere and leave a blank.  I have to look things up on the website, in a word document, anywho.com, and Google to fill in blanks.  The doctors mispronounce the names and don't spell them out.  It's a waste of time, and time is money when you work production.
Try Googling him with his old address or name in the town he was from - also
I think there is an on-line site called privateeye.com, or something like that you pay a one time fee that could probably dig up all you want to know and more. If you have kids, kick him out (change locks), stay in the house if you have one, document any bruises, cuts, etc, with pictures, tell people, mom, dad, friends about it. My husband ask me before we married if I would ever leave/divorce him and I told my husband only if he hit me (1 x would be all it would take) or cheated on me that I was gone (he cheated on his ex-wife-- not with me, did not know him then and he'd be out on the street, and about $100K poorer at this point)--Good luck and I hope you land on your feet (running).
Leave email address. Might be able to
I wasn't asking for your address, just general
location. Like East Coast, West Coast, Midwest .. big city, small town. Your unwillingness to respond to any of the questions pretty much gives me my answers.

Why does everyone here always just automatically assume the worst? Sheesh. It's like a rampant disease. Yes, I was asking for your address so I can come find you and stalk you. As if I would actually care. I was trying to make a point as to regional rates, that's all. When someone like you pipes up saying that 9 cpl is an "India" wage, then the good people who are surviving quite well on 9 cpl won't want to speak up for fear of being bashed. I run ads for help often for my transcription service and get plenty of responses from Indian MTs and most of them are only asking for 3-4 cpl. The only way I could ever see companies paying 9 cpl to MTs overseas would be if MTs here were asking 20 cpl. Otherwise, it just wouldn't be advantageous since many US MTs are more than willing to work at 9 cpl with (usually) much better quality and fewer training expenses.

All I can say to the OP is that you should decide what rate works best for you. Will 9 cpl pay your bills? Cost of living is different in different places so 9 cpl may work for one MT but not another. Are you being started at 9 cpl with the knowledge that you can move up from that rate once they've QA'd your work for a few months? While some MTs in some areas may be able to demand a rate of 16 cpl, that is not typical in all locales. Asking that rate in a smaller town would put you out of business since there would be too many others more than happy to accept the 9 cpl.

Finally, I hope this is not the only message board you use to seek answers to your questions. I find this board to be the least beneficial with the most negativity and bickering getting in the way of any good information it provides. Check out some other MT sites as well. And please remember that people hiding behind anonymity will often exaggerate or just plain not tell the truth so take it with a grain of salt. Do the math and see if the rate will work for YOU. It doesn't have to be good for anyone else. :)
Email address link
Please use 'reply by email' below.
I checked the little box but put no address. Is that correct?
If you put email address in, won't it be posted??