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Needing help- how to get IP address

Posted By: Susan on 2007-12-08
In Reply to:

Here in the SE AT&T had internet outage this week and now 1 of my computers is asking for the IP address, trying to get back on line. Where to find this? TIA.

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Just needing to vent

Hubby and I had a stupid fight.  I was watching a television show last night, really engrossed in it when DH decides to fuss with the candles on top of the entertainment center and stands right in front of the TV.  I thought it was rude as he had just walked into the room and had not been in there previously plus he knew that I was just sitting there spacing and watching a show.  So then after 2-3 minutes he turns to me and says he needs help with something he's holding in his hand, a model he's working on.  I just say, okay, now that you've stood in front of the TV and I was watching it, what is it you need?  He storms out of the room and doesn't say another word to me the rest of the night.  HOW STUPID IS THIS!!!!  I can hear that little girl Stephanie on that old TV show saying "how rude." LOL.

So he didn't really need my help obviously, I guess he's survive.

Does anyone finding themselves needing a nap (sm)
Everyday almost, by 2:00 PM, I am so sleeping that I can't keep my eyes open.  I think it is boredom actually, but a quick 1 hour nap helps tremendously:)  Just wondered if it is just me.
Needing a solution!
Does anyone know how to eliminate static on the AM radio created by the treadmill running.  This is quite annoying and with my New Year's resolution (lose some weight!),  I can't be on the treadmill until hubby leaves for work.  He's an avid listener to the radio in the morning!  Don't want to start the day of bad!
Just sad and needing to vent.

I just needed to come here and vent to you guys.  I don't post here much, but I do come and read a lot of the posts.  I think there are a lot of wonderful people on this board.  I just needed to come and express myself somewhere other than my husband and friends. 

To start with my mother has COPD and has been unable to work since March of 2005.  She is not on disability yet, because we were both naive and kept waiting for someone to contact us after filling out the paperwork online.  Anyway, I have been working at a casino job for 12 years and I have let her have my pay checks for the last 3 years to help her out with bills and other things.  I also work full-time with Spheris.  I work 60-65 hours a week.  I also try to do her grocery shopping and do errands for her on my off days.  I don't mind doing this, and if I had to work 3 jobs just to keep her here on this earth with me, I would.  We have always been close.  She doesn't have any insurance, so she doesn't get to go to the doctor as much as she needs to be going. 

The thing that is really bothering me is the fact that I am the youngest of 4 children.  I am the ONLY one who calls her every day and asks her if she needs anything.  I have told my siblings that I cannot do it alone anymore.  My older brother did start helping somewhat over this past year with the prescriptions and going to the store on occasion.  But he will only do those things if I call or my mom calls him.  My middle brother, about 2 years ago, won 50,000 dollars at a casino, called my mom to brag to her about it and never did one thing for her!!!  He also about a year ago won 30,000 total in one night, and NEVER called her, and never came by to see her or anything.  Last week, he wins ANOTHER 54,000, and yet, again, the very same thing.  

In 1997, my mother and I took out a 15,000 mortage on our house to do remodeling.   We ended up being taken advantage of by a guy that we had known for many years.  We didn't have a contract drawn up, so there was nothing we could do.  He came out and tore out a wall and concreted the add-on area, made a concrete porch, and then left everything else torn up.  She has squirrels that get in her house from time to time from some hole somewhere.  I absolutely kills me to see my mom in the terrible health that she is in.  I try so hard to help her.  I can't afford to get her house fixed up, but it kills me to think of her passing on without seeing her house fixed up.  She deserves so much more.  She and my father were married for 32 years when they divorced--due to his infidelity.  I have tried talking to my siblings and it just doesn't work.  How can a child be so cold to their mother??? I told my sister that I hoped that some day when they becamed aged, that their kids didn't do the same thing to them; also, I hoped that they didn't get in that type of health. 

My sister has a gambling problem and doesn't do anything to help her either.  She will call her and tell her that she will bring her something down, and then never shows up.  I am just so tired.  I have a 4-year-old son and a husband, 2 jobs, and the rest of my family JUST DON"T GET IT~!  

I am sorry this was so long, but I just can't take it anymore.  Thank you for listening. 


re: Really needing a vacation
I'm in WV too. We generally went to either Cape Hatteras, NC or Myrtle Beach for vacations, but Myrtle has gotten so commercialized it's pretty expensive. Hatteras is really nice, quiet, super clean and really not that expensive.
While I do not diagree with needing more
protection for our children, we should also remember that our children are safest during the hours that school is in session. For that matter, I recall hearing years ago that we are ALL safer during the hours that school is in session.

Wish I felt capable of home schooling though.
Needing to know if anybody feels same way

I wanted to post because I have had a very eerie feeling lately and wanted to see if anyone has been experiencing a similar thing... I was a home MT working directly for a hospital for many years and a high producer.  Then, the hospital cut our incentive and many of us ended up with a MTSO after that.  Well, after being with the same job for many years, I spent over 2 years with the MTSO and found out that my line counts were very low because the platform was not counting my lines in a well honest (to me) way.  I thought I was losing my talent, but after finding out about this for sure by looking at the minutes versus the lines over a couple of weeks and checking with other MTs (finally) I found out it was not me.  I since have been working for a very reputable MTSO (no hospital jobs around directly that I could find by me) and something is happening. I am struggling to get my line counts again, and I did a study with the minutes and though not as bad as the other MTSO, the same thing is happening AGAIN! (dont mean to yell, just emphasizing).  It is so hard to look for yet another job...My question is this: Is it my imagination, am I just losing my talent and my mind, or are most jobs now counting the lines differently than before say 3 years ago when I left the hospital job. And, if I can't produce that much anymore because they count lines differently now, how does one find at least a job which is moderately easier to get more than minimum? Look, I used to make over 50K a year and now I am eeking out perhaps 27 a year and feeling like I am losing my talent.  Any advice would be appreciated here. I don't want to go through job after job, stress after stress.  BTW: My husband will be able to provide benefits in a couple of months, but until recently I have been the one to have to provide health coverage and this has figured heavily into where I work.  Thanks in advance for your opinions.  I don't want my hand held, just a little reality check.  Thanks in advance.

Needing to vent.....

I have to say I consider myself still fairly new.  I have been a Transcriptionist now for just almost a couple of years.  I am a little upset because I have at least 99.6 QA score each month.  I work on several different accounts and we are always told to push, push, push the reports and get them out. Because if we don't meet our standard line count amount then you will get canned.  But, my question is this, on the accounts I work on, it is hard to make normals for all of them, which does save time.  So, when you are flying through your documents and trying to proofread as you go, you are sure to miss a few MINOR mistakes.  I do not understand this field and sometimes I wish I would have never spent the money to get into it, because we are yelled at if we don't get our minimum line counts and get yelled and told to slow down if you make a few small mistakes---nothing that would put the life of a patient at risk.  So, please tell me where the happy medium is.  Again, my QA score is never below 99.5. 

Seriously thinking about getting into a different profession.  Thank you for listening. 

I'm needing the same information...sm
Would there be a change to extext?
Canadian Needing Help

Hey everyone, I'm Canadian and am currently researching possible MT schools. I was originally thinking Canscribe, but am not so sure anymore (I read on another forum that they don't train students enough, and I want the best possibly training so that I am great at my future job). I know M-Tec and Andrews School are seemingly the top two schools in America, but I kind of wanting to attend a Canadian based school possibly. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it. Also, if someone knows a Canadian based MT forum please let me know. I have been trying to find but it doesn't seem like there is any out there.

Thanks so much for your time!



What do they seem to be needing most right now if looking for a job change. nm
MT, are you just now learning about her needing a
Nothing to do with needing silence
Has to do with protecting the privacy of the information I am transcribing.
Just needing a vent.

I've been job hunting, testing, sending out my resume for 2 weeks now and no bites.    I'm not a new graduate.  I worked for 2 years but have not worked MT for a little over a year now.  I have 3 toddlers and finally am able to have enough time to work full-time again.  My family really needs the extra income right now and I'm finding it very frustrating that so far I am not able to contribute. We live in a very rural area and driving into town for a job plus daycare for 3 toddlers would kill any income I'd get. 

I get answers from companies saying I have a good resume, experience, and even tested well but they are only hiring people with  #+ years RECENT experience. 

*sigh*  I'll just keep looking, emailing/faxing resumes, and testing... one will want me eventually. 



Needing to make some money.....
I just started a new job and really like it when I have work but the problem is that I do 2 or 3 reports and then it's gone for 20 or 30 minutes.  I can't make any money doing a report here and there....I've asked for a backup account but they are saying everything is low right now.  What do I do?  I don't want to switch companies again when I just started this one, but my bills aren't waiting simply because I don't have any work.  I didn't get to work Friday or Monday at all.  Yesterday, I finally did my minimum (I want to do a lot more than that) but it took me until 11:00 last night to do it because I had to work here and there all day long..........Just wondering if this is the case for a lot of people.  Guess I just needed to vent. 
Southwest. I was hired..LOL ... ?? I'm sure they are needing more?!
no message
im needing it to make my hands
run smooht across the keys, becuase they tend to sweat.  lotion makes them greasy and sticky on the keys.
Needing advice from others in my situation....
I am needing suggestions and advice from fellow IC transcriptionists who also have subcontractors working for you.  I am just a one person typing service and have taken on a couple subcontractors.  The one I am having trouble with has been with me for about a month and is always coming up with excuses for why the work has not been sent yet.  I received thousands of resumes for this position and there were a lot who were more qualified than she, but I liked her enthusiasm and I am one who is willing to help a new person break into this field if they have had some experience and knowledge in that respect.  I am at a point of deciding whether to let her go and find another or keep her on to give her "one more chance".  This is more like her third chance I would be giving her.  I really like her as a person, but she has never worked from home and I just don't know if it is going to work out or not.  How have you all handled situations like this?  This is my first experience with something like this and I'm just not sure of how long to give a person before cutting them.  Any advice given will be greatly appreciated. 
Ok, needing to type letter in
Microsoft word office (this is also happening on my platform)- the words are HUGE on the screen (in office) but when I print you cannot read, so tiny. My boss lady is saying for the work problem to go to Microsoft word and I have no clue where this is. Said on my PC
i do it occasionally when needing to catch up; sm
as the other poster said, my production shows in the next 2 days though. i always keep a light on (not just a lamp). i have lots of dr. pepper. i usually do laundry so that every 45 mins or so i have to get up and fold another load and that keeps me awake. i avoid food as that will make me sleepy too. also do as the other poster said, don't surf the net at all as that makes me sleepy to. i stick to my work and knock it out as quickly as i can.
Newbie needing tech help

I live in a very remote area and am unable to get DSL but can get it through Alltell cell phone.  Is that good enough for internet transcribing?  Also where could I buy bulk durable micro-cassettes ? 

Thanks cb

You have a reason for needing the lines, keep that
goal in mind.  Write it on a sticky note and put it on your monitor.  If that doesn't work I don't have any other suggestions.  You're an adult.  Caffeine may help. 
Needing assistance with formatting
Asked to go to word, tools autoformant and  disable autonumber but cannot locate this. Can anyone help?
If it weren't for needing a land line for DSL
My cell phone is my primary phone and I have more minutes and free long distance than I can use per month. I got basic phone services and locked it from any LD calls to save money and my land line still costs $30 a month. I feel I'm wasting that money but there isn't anything I can do. I won't drop my cell phone because I have my kids on as extra lines and they wouldn't have a phone otherwise.
You moved my message but not the answer, still needing help!
Not only have I missplaced my icons, since my message moved, have lost the answer to how to retrieve the icons. Still need help! Thanks
I have a friend needing some advice. She is trying to get an idea of sm
what to charge for a general typing job (probably legal transcription) and is interested in getting paid per page. Does anyone have any idea what the going rate is for a per page rate? I told her about getting paid per character line, but she is looking more to charge per page. What would you say? 6.00 a page? I have no clue! I would appreciate any help from anyone! Thanks!
What kind of clinic work are you needing help with??
I have a few specialties under my belt and could use an IC job as I quit my in-house job. I also have a C-phone. Thanks.
Needing info on Magic Jack
show commercial break. It says 19.95 to buy, plug it into the computer, and plug a phone into it. Then just 19.95 a year and unlimited calling, voicemail, etc. This looks almost too good to be true. I checked on some different consumer reports and it got a good rating. I am thinking of trying it, but would like to hear from somebody that has tried it already.
Hi, Irish. Don't feel bad about asking questions and needing help, EVER!

That's what this board is for.  Well, that's what most of us believe.  Some us like to bash people and argue and just be plain mean, but ignore them.

SM stands for "see message."

NM stands for "no message."

Do you have an abbreviation expander?  If not, I would suggest PC Shorthand.  In my opinion it's the easiest to learn and use and it's affordable.  If you choose or already use PC Shorthand, then I would follow the Mary Morken link that someone posted below and download her abbreviation and Expander list as it is formatted for PC ShortHand and it would be a great starting point for a new MT.  I would take the time to print out her list as well so you can read over the abbreviations and expansions and become familiar with what you're using.  Then start adding your own abbreviations to the list.

Speaking of needing tunes in the background

My kids and their friends threaten to video me on their phones and post it on YouTube or something because.... honestly, sometimes I get really rockin when I'm working.  Heee heee

Then I came across this video the other day and I thought.... Oh My!  That could be ME caught in a "moment" one of these days.

Will try to link to the video.  Hopefully it works.

Just bought a new Dell computer, needing XP
and knowing that Dell at 1 time did not offer XP anymore, only Vista. Am wondering if I bought XP how much is that as opposed to what Dell charges to put XP on now.
?? Why is speaking out on a shortcoming equated to needing to leave?
Once I got over needing/wanting to talk whoever on a daily basis, I liked not to - sm
For years (my 20s) I felt I had to talk to my SO every day for 5 years....finally broke up for good...took 3 times to work. Next SO was much more laid back, talked to him 3-4 times a week maybe, saw each other maybe 3 x a week. Helped me a lot in getting over the previous jerk/SO. That lasted about 20 months....then met DH. We did not talk every day at first even though we lived 100 miles apart....later on we did. I moved in with him though 6 months after meeting him so it became a mute point then. But even today he calls me usually 1-4 x a day which at times gets to be a bit annoying actually. Though when he does not call I do worry and wonder if he is okay....he did not call yesterday and the roads were icy so it gets you worried when your DH/SO does not stick to form. The only way to get over being annoyed is to call him and ask him if he called and hung up and to next time please leave a message. Or be stubborn and wait and get angrier if that makes you happy.
Needing to make a decision... hourly or production...
If you had the choice between a shift lead type position at somewhere between $14 to $16 an hour or production on an account with a lot of normals.  The shift lead gets you experience editing, supervising, etc., but the production account you are just transcribing. You can make a lot more money at the production job, but the shift lead will get you started in a more management type of position, which would you choose? You will be stuck at that hourly wage with the lead position, but there are possiblities of moving up with the company.  But, the money on the other account is quite good, as there are a lot of free lines.  I am just so confused and have to make a decision, as I cannot work them both at the same time.   Any suggestions, comments, or feedback?  Thanks. 
Needing to invest in a new Drug reference... what do you recommend? THANKS! nm
needing info on billing/invoice programs

Can anyone give me a good program to invest in that would allow me to keep a line count and also provide invoices? Also, is there a recommended HIPAA approved transferring site to transfer files through the net? Thanks a bunch!

ask yourself how you would feel if she died needing a kidney and you didn't save her with yours t
Hand pain - needing to cut back lines per week. Anyone else done this?
I have so much hand and wrist pain from all this typing.  I only do 5000-6000 lines per week and that is torture.  By the end of the week I have slowed down so badly it is ridiculous.  I think I am going to have to cut way back before I trash my hands and wrists for good.  Has anyone else had this problem and cut back on MT work?  I'm trying to think of other jobs I could do for a few hours a day to make up the difference ($$)that don't involve typing. 
Help that is with the address bar
see above....
IP address?
Satellite will be through Wild Blue (dish) Ok, what do you mean by static IP. Is this something i ask them for?
What is the site address?
again, I did only address certain MQrs (sm)

and again, the ones who continuously whine and complain regarding MQ-this and MQ-that, it's nerve racking! My point, and this is the last time I will state it, is it is embarassing FOR ME, mind you, speaking for no one else here, to be associated with these whiny babies! Simple enough for ya? I am not backtracking at all, I simply retracted one word that seems to have gotten SOME OF YA riled up! So there, and I am NOT AND WILL NEVER BE a Clinton fan.  That ticks me off more than anything anyone could say to me!

Anyone out there who works for MQ agree with me? Please come to my defense!

I have address resources available, but

the dictating physician will often forget to say the doctor's first name, and there will be 20 Dr. So-and-sos listed.  Or they spell the easy names like Smith, but not the difficult ones that they mangle the pronunciation on.  Then they carbon copy six different physicians.  I've got the hospital directory, online hospital website, online physician address lookup, Google, and other resources, but it's still very time consuming.

I'm thinking I like Meditech better.  LOL  At least everything was in there.  F7, F10, arrow down, save, you're done.

E-mail address

I will be glad to send you a copy of the E-mail that they sent me.  But everyother time anyone has E-mailed me from this board it always states either in the subject line or somewhere that it is in response to a post on the board.  This definitely was not and there is nowhere else that Spheris could have gotten my address and see above there was someone else that got it also.  So they are getting it someway.


Internet address
Hello.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete internet addresses that are seen when you hit the drop down box.  I have a bunch of them that aren't valid anymore, and I want to get rid of them.  Sorry, I don't know the technical wording, but hopefully you know what I mean.  Thanks.
Can you post the web address please?
This will be the last time I will address
this because you are all so stupid you can't get it through your brains (?), I am one person and that is it. I say exactly what I want. I don't need anybody elses help on this board.
Can the ISP track to an address?
I didn't think it could. That would be great though. I feel bad for this person.
address change

Not sure this is what you are looking for.
Sorry leaving address
 I have almost five years experience, still probably considered a newbie when I see some with almost 5 to 6 times that much.  But I just wanted to email someone who knows more about transcriptions companies than I do at present.
just need your your e-mail address

The Quick Reference (PDF format) I send via email. The manual is too large so I'll give you a link to go to and download it from.