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I just checked out both of these sites and

Posted By: Jacy on 2006-02-08
In Reply to: Government contracts - nn

there is no rsp.com and the other said the site was under construction. I have heard that VA jobs are the jobs to have, though. Good luck!!

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Did you check and see what's checked or not checked in Preferences. Maybe something got messed up
Free Ortho sites & ABCZ sites

Every orthopedic test imaginable.



This site has a free ABCZ Expander system.



This site has free software.....There is Stedmans Ortho Word Book program on there amount other great software. 



Good luck

It was $89 the last I checked, but...
you can pick them up at a much better price on eBay.  :)
I checked this but....sm
I couldn't find the medication any cheaper than the one local pharmacy that I'll be getting it from. Buying in 1-3 month supply didn't cut the cost more than 75 cents for the entire 3 month period, so basically not worth the hassle of multi-month purchasing.
Have you checked into
your local telephone company? I have my DSL service through my phone company and I only pay $20.00 a month for mine.
You should have this checked out!! sm
My uncle and his wife were living in a mobile home that had some water damage from a hurricaine. This causes mold to be inside the walls. She was sick for months with respiratory symptoms and cough - they finally found out about the mold problem. By then she had some sort of infection in her lungs and ended up on oxygen and eventually died. Please get this checked out! She and her family had to make the decision to turn off her respirator (she was conscious the whole time, just could not breathe on her own.) It was terribly sad.
Just checked on this
Spouse is on disability and wanted to go back to work. They told him he can work 9 months out of 5 years if he makes under 640. a month. If he makes over 640. a month working, then benefits stop sooner. There is information on their website.
thanks -I checked with my
local govt office yesterday and they said I needed a vendor's license.  Maybe I should just do a little more checking.
I just checked it out myself.
There is always someone out there trying to be funny. NOT. I reported that one too.
Thanks, I checked
and Comcast doesn't seem to have any numbers local to her.
I checked there
It completely disappeared. Unfortunately, I had the disk for the spellchecker when I worked for my first company and I don't have it any more. The tech said he'd put something different in my computer (I forgot what he called it). He has no idea what could have happened to it either. Thanks anyway.
Just checked again, and I'm sure
I guess it's kind of strange that there would be different variations. Maybe it depends on if it was pre-installed on a computer when you bought it or if it's a purchased version, or I'm sure there might be other things that could change the way different things look. I did go back and check again just now, and after the last comment, and I am sure that under the 'view' tab, if I click on 'outline', I have empty white squares.
Who knows? At any rate, at least the OP was able to use everyone's suggestions to find and the problem on their end.
I checked the archives and there isn't much on TRS.
Get your magnesium checked
I used to grind my teeth and nothing helped. When I had a physical, a wonderful physician mentioned that a couple of my symptoms (including bruxism) sounded like a magnesium deficiency. After taking a supplement a couple of weeks, the grinding stopped and has never returned.
Checked out your website and it looks like
But the Red Cross has actually done it, and that makes all the difference.
Have you checked with the school he goes to?
I know that some of the colleges my daughter has applied to offer health insurance, although she will be going full-time. I'm not sure if he would qualify, but its worth a look!
Have you checked the Job Board
If you go under Careers, then Job Bank, there is a company from Canada needing MTs.  I don't remember the name, but the ad is not very old (within the past week).    
Maybe have your thyroid checked? sm
A malfunctioning thyroid can cause those symptoms, I think. I used to work with a gal who was always freezing and slept alot and doc said her TSH was almost zip. He put her on Synthroid and she felt a lot better.
If OP had checked the archives on any of these
companies she would have found all the info needed.  I've posted in minute detail many times about SS when asked, so the information is there. 
Have you checked out Flylady.net?

Thanks, I checked the strength
and dosing, and you are correct.
I checked it out recently (sm)
If I weren't already in my senior year of college and on a different path, I'd definitely check it out. The average income was something like 45K (salary.com).

I'd not worry about competition. MT is considered hard for newbies to break into, but we did that, didn't we? Where there's a will, there's a way.

I'd definitely consider it if I were you. Frankly, getting out of the house sounds really nice to me.
You haven't checked around much then.
Spheris' top accounts pay 10.2 cpl base plus incentive and differential for acute care work.

My current national employer pays me 10 cpl base plus incentive and differential for acute care work.

That's 2 that I can personally vouch for.
I just checked it out and it looked like (sm)

a "return to work" site to get people off disability and working.

They want you to sign up with a state worker to help you with vocational rehabilitation and get you back to work?  That's what I read.  And also they want you to work 30 hours a week with the telephone jobs.  That would be almost full-time, persons on permanent disability are not allowed to work that much.

I checked out the link and...sm
It does not even contain anything in regards to the message I posted, therefore I do not believe it has been found to be just an urban legend or flat out lie. However, I did state in my original post that I did not know if it was true, just passing along information I received...this link does not disprove what I posted, sorry!
Can both be checked at the same time? That's what
He needs to be checked out by a doctor.
Allergies can devlop to things one has eaten for years. This is a warning sign that something is not right. Please do not ignore it!!
Checked for a gas leak?


I just checked this out, Hand-Eze about twice as sm
expensive. About $20.00 for a pair of Hand-Eze and $11.99 for a pair of Thergonomic Hand-Aids. The only difference I've found is the color and the name.
I checked with the manager

and she said it made my report bold!  Yikes!  This board has helped me so much though.  There are so many knowledgeable MTs who are willing to help and give advice.  I only wish I had had this when I first started many years ago!

Nice to know another ER MT who is also technically challenged! 

Never heard of this so checked it out....Wow! Thanks!...nm
Already checked half.com and they don't have any at all, e-bay only had
edition one cheap, edition 2 more expensive than any other place I've seen. 
O'm'Gawd! Just checked it out and that would
defenitely take care of ALL my problems. Leg swelling, shoulder pain.

What a change tho, I'd have to practice (a long while) before working with one.

any info/input anyone can add - please do!

Do you have dss files checked under
get checked at doctor to know for sure
I'd definitely recommend he go to the doctor and get checked. Everyone is different but it's best to have a check up. See if there is a clinic in your area where you can pay what you can afford. Not to frighten you but night sweats are a common symptom of hepatitis C. I think this should be checked. better safe than sorry. and I think it depends on how he sweats. is he drenching the sheets or just clammy, etc.
Where I work we are checked for
punctuation and poster below is correct, there is no comma between year-old and white female.
just checked on line about this and --sm
It SAYS it has a version of Word 2000, but still some files from excel and access programs from MS office cannot be opened or read with the Suite. They DO have a converter download in order to open some of those files.

I would still be very cautious about the program. but that's just my opinion. I have not really heard anything *good* about it.
Check to see if SRI box is checked.
I think there are about 15 or so file types you can check
I just keep Norton I suppose and never checked into anything else.
I just checked my employment agreement and...
it only says you have to return the equipment, it doesn't say who pays for it.  Should I just shut my mouth and pay for it so they don't hold my last check for ransom?
I checked that out, and it is pretty cool for $29.95.
I sent the EQ-50 back after I had problems with background hiss myself. I actually now use a jerry-rigged old boombox of mine that has a 5-band equalizer (just patch from my speakers to the boombox with a line-in cord and then plug my headphones into the boombox).

I wonder if there is some kind of cheap USB-to-USB adapter you could plug into your computer and then plug the Turtle Beach into? I personally wouldn't want to keep plugging and unplugging something like that to be able to use the speakers (from past experience with plugging and unplugging keyboards and phones and such too much, I've learned to just use a little in-between, easily replaceable adapter/cable/etc. in order to save the wear and tear on the device's actual jack/socket).
Mine was 130 when I checked it about 2 years ago. - nm
on the Dell, my Java sun is checked too...sm

but I do not get the links on the left on it......both computer are XP also so I do not understand why I can see links on one but not on the other

I checked the little box but put no address. Is that correct?
I would suggest that you have your thyroid checked--sm
It is the number one cause of fatigue and most often overlooked by physicians. Have a complete TSH blood test. T3, T4, free T4, and an iodine uptake test.
Yes, it did show the SW Synth! but i already had it checked sm
and volume as high as it would go on it. i did play with the settings like the laptop stereo speakers and it made no difference. i also had mine on stereo headphones. thanks for trying to help me!! i think i may turn my computer backwards and use the plug in the back and see if that helps until i can get one of those headphone extension cord things. i know at one time i downloaded a free booster and that helped tremendously, but i can't find it now.
Sorry we posted at about the same time --you have checked.
Good for you checkig.
Sorry, I have checked their website and I just can't find it. sm
I have checked everything I can, and I don't see anything about compatibility of software or any other requirements.  Any help appreciated.  TIA
I checked my Shorthand How-To Guide & it says
that the problem may be that ShortHand is expanding text too fast for your word processor to keep up. It says to try decreasing the delay b/w key strokes. Suggestions are 10 msec every 1 Keystrokes for newer computers and if that doesn't work then try 100 msec (or higher) for every 1 keystroke. To change the speed, you will need to go into preferences and tab #1 (Operation). It also says programs running in the background (timers, automatic e-mail notifiers, etc.) can cause SH to pause.
I just checked my lifetime IT productivity sm
which is about four years, and it says 2.63 characters per keystroke.  For the first year or so I was not using it to it's fullest potential so who knows.  I haven't worked yet tonight, but I might come back with some of tonight's stats if I remember.
oops just checked -- $16 to $23hour -- nm