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Yes I have heard of this, but the

Posted By: MTbird on 2006-02-08
In Reply to: Government contracts - nn

pay was very low.

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I don't even agree with what QA said, but they are QA. Question them, and your out the door.
Now Ive heard that before.:) nm
That's not what I have heard...
What I heard...
And is strictly speculation... Phillips will dump MQ and Spheris will snap them up... and we all know what happens to those who work for Spheris! Can you say hello Bangalore?
I heard it too AND
Not heard anything about it
I am sure you have heard this before..
there is no such thing as a dumb question.

you are asking questions other people wish they had the answers to but are afraid to ask.

and you are correct in your assumptions, however, your on-call status might have parameters; for instance, between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m.
Anyone heard of LTS, INC?
I was thinking of applying at LTS, INC  but I was not sure if they were reputable! If anyone has ever heard anything about them, let me know!  Thanks!! 
What I heard
I heard September 11th is the day we are all supposed to boycott.
This is what I heard is better to do
Of course, we all need gas, and as another poster noted, just not buying gas on a certain day will not work.

What I heard is, buy your gas from a small-time operation, as opposed to Exxon, BP, etc. This will cause them to lower their prices, and the smaller companies with follow by lowering theirs.

Also, noticed yesterday that gas has come down by about .50 in my area. I wasn't surprised, because when I have to go out, there's much, much less traffic...I would estimate by 75% of normal, so folks are boycotting in a way already... cutting down on their trips, combining trips, etc., because they just draw the line at the point prices had risen.
The last I heard
Huntsville Hospital transcription was a pill to work for. I worked with a lady one time who had quit the hospital because after they had agreed to give her vacation at a certain time months in advance they told her she couldn't take it and she had to cancel her vacation plans. They may have improved the way they do business by now but not sure. I would do more research if at all possible.
Heard something
Instead of the bonus being in the 10/1 paycheck, it is supposed to be in the 11/15 paycheck. Of course part of all of it was that you have to be with the company in order to receive it...you leave, you lose. Only half of the employees qualified, which is curious. I know a lot of people left after they restructured they pay plan and the hew hires get their $1000 bonus so I'm confused as to how it saves them money. I guess they are thinking they are about to have another exodus when the bonuses are given out and the new people won't be there long enough to qualify for the next quarterly bonus.

d~~~~> scratching my head
Anybody heard of
Any information would be helpful.  TIA
Yea, but what is said and what is heard are different. NM
I heard that!
Just a few that get to me...along with the phrase "24/7, 365"... Not sure why that one gets on my nerves, but it does!  "Team player" is another one! and the best yet...to me, my boss uses the phrase that she is going to "tickle" something...meaning mark it for future reference (I think).. not really sure about that phrase either!
Must not have done much. I never heard of it and I'm okay this a.m.
I usually get socked by everything down the pike with my AVG.
What is it about? Never heard of it.


I have never heard of them, but you should
try posting this on the companies board and maybe someone there can help. Also, it might not be soon enough for you. Try googling the words "opinions on Entente Health Care" and that might help. Good luck!
Never heard of them. Sorry. nm
I have heard that it is about 85%

85% for no spaces compared to spaces being counted. Not sure if that is a correct number. I know there is a chart somewhere that breaks it all down. 


Never heard of them
That is odd.  I live in Arkansas and have never heard of them.  Are they new?  Let us know if you do hear anything about them.
I have not heard of this before? Can you tell us more.
and in fact wondered to myself about specializing in maintaining flower gardens for the sick and elderly who haven't the strength to do it but want it just the same.
I have never heard of these, but this is exactly what I need. I'm going to ask about them. Have
sorry I mean heard
I heard that also
I believe it has something to do with benefiting farmers and their crops, but I could be wrong. I think that was the reason it got started in the first place.
I heard about them

I heard about this company, giving all  their work to India and not paying any one on time. Please be aware of this guys!

I have never heard of that but perhaps...sm

Hibiclens would be better than Betadine, I would think....plus Betadine stains and Hibiclens does not.  *S*

Fresh blade to shave that area though - I know this because I no longer have the bumps since using the fresh blades. 

Never heard of that.
Wow - now I have heard it all lol
What I have heard is this ..

The test is comprehensive and the difference is that there is less emphasis placed on the transcribing of reports in the test and more emphasis placed on your body of knowledge.  It requires that you have at least two years of acute care experience to take it. We pay a .01 per line higher rate for CMTs at my company and that works out to be 12.00 a day extra for your production requirement or $60 per week or $240 per month.  I find that our MTs think it is well worth it.  Additionally, with the average age of MTs being 58, I'd say that your grandfathered CMTs are dwindling in the workplace as they retire and those left are tested CMTs but a different formatting situation.

never heard of it, but
I googled it and it sounds very yummy. Sounds sort of complicated though.
I had not heard of these before, but
I Googled and got this as the first hit. Apparently, it does not detect cigarette smoke, but rather detects the act of lighting the cigarette, and is made for such purposes as catching the culprit who is smoking in a school bathroom or other such public facility. Check it out.

Has anyone ever heard of this?

My cousin went in for a cholecystectomy.  She was VERY ill for days afterwards.  She went in to the ER and had a CT.  They said her liver was perforated during the chole.  Now, she is literally on her death bed with a perforated liver and blood clots in the mesenteric artery and another major artery. She is being transferred to a transplant hospital for evaluation of possible liver transplant.

All of this happened because of mistake during a cholecystectomy.  She is 34 years old and may not make it.  The original doc avoided her like the plague and they had to push for a new doc.  No new docs would take her because of the lawsuit potential that already exists.  Her family finally got a doc to give verbal orders to have her transferred to the transplant hospital where hopefully she will get better care. 

Unbelievable.  I wonder if the doc knew what he did during surgery and tried covering it up, which ultimately may kill her.  Docs are so afraid of lawsuits that the patient's care is going down the tubes.

Never heard of it, but I am

losing about 2 pounds a week eating a sensible diet including carbs.  I get so frustrated when people mention diets and it's all no carbohydrates, or very low carbohydrates.  I didn't get fat because I ate too much white rice or potatoes, LOL, I got fat because I ate too much of EVERYTHING, along with sitting on my bum all day long.  And a diet that restricts me from eating watermelon because of the glycemic index? I can just imaging going to a friend's house and her asking me if I want some watermelon.  No thanks, I'm on a diet, LOL. 




I heard this as well...
I had a national tell me they are being required to get licensed in the states they want to hire people in and can only offer benefits if you live in those states.  They can still hire ICs, but they have to take out federal tax and social security. I believe the IRS cracked down on everybody.  Another one told me that all employers have to allow ICs to be the "by the book" ICs, they can take off when they want and don't have to work schedules.
I have heard that before
I have been hearing that for years and years and all I see are more hospitals coming back to the US market. One very large well-known hospital here in this city has tried it twice and no more. I also am quite sure the hospital that had medical records "held hostage" will not be using offshore contractors again.

If they have 2 master's degrees and they are worth anything, why are they working as an MT? I would also like to point out that saying that MTs in the US only have a high school education is completely unfounded. I dont know any hospital that would ever hire someone with that background, without 30 years experience, even if they could pass the test.

No matter what, you cannot translate from English, to another language, and back again without discrepancies. I can spot it on any application, test, or even a post on this website 99% of the time, as I am sure you all can too....

Personally, I wouldn’t compare my skills with a cashier either, as that is mostly done by retirees and kids still in school. I do believe cashiers have a union in California, or at least they did when I lived there.

If dues from AAMT were spent on promoting US MTs and safety of patient records rather than where they are going now, we wouldn’t have to discuss it amongst ourselves...

Would you want your records and personal information transferred to India, Pakistan, etc., and back? I dont... If people KNEW what was really in their medical records, what was dictated, and that they were going overseas as a general rule, do you think they would agree to it? The whole point is that people do not know we exist, nor do they know what we do and the importance of our work.

I have heard of it, but
Zanaflex is used usually when there are cervical symptoms as well. I have transcribed for neurology a lot. Prophylaxis is usually Topamax or magnesium. I couldn't deal with the effects of Topamax, but I take magnesium and an aspirin daily and rarely get a migraine now. :)
Why not? Most never heard of the BOS...
and by using traditional grammar rules, our book will be more in line with the AMA Style Guide.  Now that they DO recognize! 
from what I have heard--sm
it is like a glorified version of XP, but mostly meant for business (large business) and gamers. Someone advised to wait for service pak one before getting it. I, for one, am not sure that I want it, yet.
Ever heard of...
Ever heard of anyone being trained from home or working part time from home as an engineer?? Get real. Everywhere that conducts training for MT touts that you can work from home, part time, set your own hours, etc. No where claims you can do that as an engineer so you're comparing apples to grapefruits in your post.
Have you heard of ...
I have been offered a job with Zylomed - Heard of Them?  
Never heard of it
but had someone email me that they were going to be using it with Keystrokes. She had asked for another account, but the company was not very obliging - but that's Keystrokes for ya.
Have you heard the saying?
Money talks and bull$$$$ walks?
I have never heard... sm
SO much hatefulness on one board in my life.  If you don't have a nice thing to say, don't say it.  The post about the world being a better place without someone is cruel and does nothing but hurt.  This board used to be helpful and friendly.  No longer.  And, by the way, were are the moderators that are supposed to be watching this??? Your input would be helpful now and then.  I suspect this post will get deleted way before anybody has a chance to read it.  Remember the do under others phrase??? More of you need ot use it.
I have heard of that before,
and I am thinking perhaps caps as stands for something but yes that is a word.

I had already heard about this before seeing
part of the show. With the cost of surrogates here and with some wanting children, you could see why these people would travel there. I cannot image spending thousands like they are doing for children but to each his own. India also going into the retirement home business for Americans also, lots less there. They have their thumb in every pie they can. I think I will retire to Mexico though as the cost probably about comparable.
Would you rather he use the PC (and heard on CNN) - sm
phrase "N-word"? It means the same, but somehow is more accepted. As nana said, it is a word, be it good, bad, or ugly. I do note though that when blacks use it to blacks, it is not offensive. It is also not considered terribly offensive when blacks call whites honky or cracker. Racial relations will only get better when people decide to hear what is said instead of concentrating on the words used to say it. Also, just for the record, we don't know what race Nana is. She could be African-American descended directly from former slaves for all we know on this board. The discussion was much more in depth than just a choice of one word.
I have heard so much about
and wages dropping. But then I see others posting they are producing 300 or 400 LPH. Even at 7 CPL, that is 21 to 28 dollars an hour, which I think is a good wage.
I had never heard of it!
I was working second shift in a county hospital, doing admitting, switchboard (the old plug-in switchboard!), billing, front desk, you name it. The medical librarian came to me and asked if I would like to do medical transcription. I said, "What's that?" She explained it and I told her I couldn't do THAT! She said yes, I could, to come sit down and give it a try. That was 43-plus years ago, and I'm still doing it. Mag-card typewriters? Hey, we were lucky that we even had electrics! And the doctors dictated into a machine that put their voice on little red records that we played on record players. Talk about ancient history!

Just as an aside, at one hospital where I was working, a graduate of one of the early transcription schools came in and tested for a job. Her work was atrocious, and when the tester confronted her with it, she whined that the only practice transcription they had was for autopsies. The tester made the comment, "That may be, but I think uterus is spelled the same way whether it's dead or alive!"
This is not new, have heard this before
Probably several years ago now. My husband works overnight so it caught my eye and then here lately here it comes again. I probably as a female would be more concerned about the breast cancer part because that to me has always been a scary type situation regardless of night working or not.
I have heard this all before sm
When I started MT a dozen years ago, I head that there will be VR in the future and it will ruin the MT industry. India will ruin the MT industry. Outsourcing offshore will ruin the MT business.

What, if anything, is going to ruin this industry is the lack of professional habits on the part of those who practice it!

Hospitals get frustrated when TAT on time is spotty because SOME MTs won't work on a daily basis, don't show up on time for a scheduled shift, and when they get there, they don't take this seriously.

It is because so many of the QA people (most of those I have worked for) will guess a blank, leave a blank rather than look it up and perhaps the worst, put the wrong thing in the blank because of their utter lack of knowledge, like the one I am trying to work for right now.

It is because small MTSOs lack professionalism, though not all of them. I personally know of one who still insists on emailing voice files and pt files back and forth WITHOUT encryption and she doesn't even have her MTs sign a HIPAA compliance form!

It is because there are a lot of ads for training for MT on the internet, in the spam box on your email, and on TV. It portrays MTs as women who can stay home and be with their families. My kids grew up while I was an MT and they know, all too well, the fact that our "together time" was while they were doing homework and I was plugged in working until 5:30 or 6, only to go back after supper. It gives the wrong impression and sends all the lazy, work as you please attitudes that abound in this profession, these ads.

Those of us who are hard working, putting in long hours because indeed, there are fewer and fewer well qualified MTs to do the abundance of work available out there (yet another thing that is going to ruin this industry), we are trying to make a living with low wages and making it up with speed and experience, with quite a physical toll on our bodies. We get to log in and hear the "death to MT" song once again.

I have to tell you, I have been job hunting most of the fall. I have been asked ONE TIME to edit VR and I said NO, I am an MT, I transcribe. That was ONE offer of about 15, the other 14 were straight typing.

VR systems are expensive, not terribly reliable and the editing is a nightmare. Hospitals won't stick to them until they are significantly better, if that is even possible right now. So many of these places hire unqualified MTs to edit things like OP notes that they have never transcribed. If you look at these edited documents after they have left the hands of the MT/editor, they are a joke. Ears that listen to type are different than ears who listen to edit, and no only that, I think many gals who edit these things leave errors out of desperation. I'd probably be one of them, which is another reason I won't even consider it.

Remember, I am not pointing a finger at everyone, because that is unfair. I am telling you what I have seen and my opinions, so don't flame me, please. There are a great many hard working, wonderful MTs who have paved the way for my career and there are many more who have been my peers and work harder than I do at times. I am PRO MT and I think that by and large, we are a wonderful group of women.