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I just had the most harrowing day ever. Today at

Posted By: Bonnie on 2006-01-13
In Reply to:

my children's middle school, which you will see on the news, a kid was killed by a swat team member. He brought the gun to school and threatened to kill another kid, ended up getting a gun from another police officer so he had 2 and then was shot by a swat team member. He pulled the gun out in homeroom, then shot a couple of shots in the air. My daughter was in the next room over when a few kids from his class came running into her homeroom. All I heard was that an 8th grade male student was dead and that is what my son is, a male 8th grade student. Two hours of waiting he** and hearing bits and pieces through my phone ringing off the hook of what is going on.

I only found out about the shooting because I went to drop a piece of paper off at the school and saw helicopters galore, news crews from every station and a gazillion officers. No call from teh school. My kids are safe and sound after 2 hours of standing outside waiting for them along with hundreds of other parents. I now do believe they are getting a cell phone which they weren't getting until they were 16

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HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

Perhaps you are right. This one is dated today. The original article was on Yahoo today also with

But this article states it would only affect new customers right now.  So I am upset over nothing.  I went through heck with BellSouth when they charged me a surcharge of an extra 50 a month and then would write a letter saying I had to switch to a long distance service and pay by the minute because of my "excessive" use. They told me the unlimited charge was for an average of an hour a day not somebody who worked out of their home and I needed to switch a business plan at over 200 a month charge.  I switched over to cable because of that and then to read that cable was going to charging on a per use fee and not a flat monthly fee it upset me.  It is the nature of our work, VR, only paying for VBC, having headers and footers taken away, now being charged for being on line, etc.  It just seems that everything is done to keep to insure less money.

Blasted cold out today. It was 104 degrees last week, but it's 40 degrees today with rain.
However, I do like cozy days like today when I don't have to go anywhere.  I'm done working, the house is clean, there's chili on the stove for dinner already, and I'm just putzing around.  I think I'll go bake some jalapeno cheese bread to go with the chili.
I am going to see it today!!
Usually twice a day for about 10-15 min BUT today I seem
to have been here more. I'm getting behind though and going to cut outta here until I'm done for the day! LOL

Just a lot of information to pass along to some who really seem to want to know.

I don't think I'd make it down south.  We had high 90s with humidity for 16 days straight and that was bad enough.  Glad it is cool again. 



Don't buy gas today

e-mail because of the high prices and this a national boycott. Wondering if anyone else received or heard this.

doing well today

Just did 1343 lines in 170 minutes but that includes printing, 24 envelopes, looking up names, getting on here three times, doing 3 E-mails to my subcontractor -- at 0.11 per gross line.  So I am happy today.



I got another job! For example today
the cherrypicker on the account is not working for some reason so I'm expected to stop working my other job to cover her butt, but that doesn't happen anymore! MDI plays a lot of games, IMO. I am only staying until I know for sure my other job doesn't turn out like them.

Being out of work on my account happens daily. It probably depends on what account you are on.

Experiences are different for everyone. Good luck.
Today, that would mean
Today and many other days. Personally, I think that this is really becoming ridiculous. I'm a car buff and I'm sure that there are many other MTs who are as well, but, I'm sure that people who don't give a darn about cars don't want to come to MTStars and have to sort through tons of posts on cars.

No difference with pets. I don't own any pets and have no desire to do so. If I want to read about pets and whose leg or thigh they are humping and why...I'd go to a pet board somewhere on the internet.

Please, give us a break.
I had this one today...

DOCTOR:  "Please send a CC to her primary care physician.  I do not know who that is, but send him or her a copy anyway."

No other reports exist for this patient.

Yes, in my spare time I'm a psychic! 



Today was my first day
and I only lost about 250 lines from norm.  Real easy to get the hang of, though.  (with my notes, anyway :)  Good luck!
Today is 6/6/6.
The devil made me do it!
I had one today too
The doctor said he weights 325 pounds which is (and then he kind of hesitated and then said "too much." (he'll usually say which is up or down so many pounds.) At least some of the doctors say something different than the norm.
Had a doc today that...
had a perfectly understandable conversation with one of the nurses after he had logged on to dictate. I was stunned. I didn't think he could ever possibly speak at a reasonable pace. Of course when he was done with the nurse he had wasted so much precious time he had to dictate his note even faster than usual.
Something hit me today . . .

Recently I had to do a lot of paperwork to enroll my youngest in kindergarten for the 2007-2008 school year.  They ask all sorts of questions about family history and specifically who has diabetes, heart disease, blindness, etc.  Does this not violate the HIPAA laws?  Do I have permission to disclose my grandmother’s health problems to the school?  Or my mother’s and father’s?  I never really thought about it when I enrolled my older child because I wasn’t a MT at the time and I never really had knowledge about HIPAA in those days.  What do you all think about this? 

Not my day today -- that is for sure!

Living paycheck to paycheck these days with the cost of living  being so hight and DH being on disability.  Today I get my check in the mail – national company—and it does not have a signature on it!  I called the office – of course the payroll department had left for the day – it was only 3 something in the afternoon.  I was told to physically mail the check back to be signed and they would return it right away.  Why not just cut me a new check and mail overnight?  Really sick of this place lately.  Never did get any resolution of the 60 odd lines I was cheated out of before only weeks ago.  Lost a few days work over the last week because the system crashed.  *Sigh* I just started a new job on the side.  Hope this one has a better track record. 

had one today . . .
it was a discharge summary - he said "the patient was admitted for some reason, I really don't know why". The patient was in for renal failure for Pete's sake.
Exactly! Today is my day off and I'm doing...
the laundry and housework, like I would if I were at an office all week. My work days are for working my 8 hours and then picking kids up from school to be with them. I wish half my family would also understand, not that they bother me during the day, but just at gatherings and such...I don't talk about my work. I really believe it's jealousy, and they wished they would have thought of that years ago. But I do agree, it's hard work to still do it at home, just minus the driving and office crap!
Went in today and they...

do want me to start out PT and then after a time, a month or so, would bring me on board full time, if all goes well.  This will be at $15.00/hr.  I'm excited--this is not what a lot of you make, I'm sure, but it's more (consistently) per hour than I've ever made before.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will work out!

Thanks for the replies!


I'm on rad today, and I did get a bad
dictator. On top of that, on several reports he said oh on the one I just did on so and so, order number so and so go back and put such and such at so and so and then remove line so and so and change to such and such.  This is not easy to do on Dictaphone EXText. (Not on voice recognition) ARG!  I wanna choke him today!  Lots of burps and yawns and sniff, snort, cough, hack, wheeze.  He has a cold so it's been a real joy to do his dictation today.  NOT!!!!
Thank you. Need to do that today. nm

I'm off today. Want me to think of another
What I did today...sm
I had to call Bell South about my internet and DID NOT get someone in Mumbai.  First, I thanked her for not being in India, then I told her how I despised speaking to someone in India or some other third-world country about whatever issue I am calling about, then I asked her if she knew that the medical records of American citizens are being transcribed in India, which includes much of their identifying information, and she did not know and did not like it.  Next Monday night I am going to bring up the issue at a town hall meeting with one of our state senators and tell him that despite what ole BO says, I LIKE my job and WANT to keep it and do NOT want it offshored!
It's sad that some today consider
manners too much to ask, I agree.
we are not just talking about it more, there is more of it today --
I believe there is a direct connection to the pornography and sexual suggestivity everywhere we turn. I live in a teentsy sized town. I know of one man here who has done 2 prison terms for molestation. Now i learned this a.m. there is another 1-1/2 blocks away, level 3 offender, and yet another moving in across the street...it has always been around, but i am confident there is definitely MORE than ever also.
I can't believe what happened to me today
I was wanting to share this because I can't even believe it happened.  I applied for a job at a company who advertizes on this board, took half the test and waited to take the rest, until the weekend.  Meanwhile, I got a call for the place and said I did really good on the 1st half of the test and wanted to know if I was going to take the rest.  I said I was as soon as the weekend came and I had time because it was the typing part and I knew it would take more time and concentration.  She said she wanted to set up an interview with me though for Monday even though I didn't take the rest of the test yet.  So I said okay.  I took the rest of the test and had my interview on Monday.  Tuesday I was offered a job with the company at the top pay level (she said she would recommend me for that job).  I put in my resignation with my company and called her back to accept the job.  She said thanks and would get with upper management and they would get with me to send me my equipment, etc.  Fifteen minutes later, she called me back and said I was not going to be able to work on the level she offered me because my transcription part of the test was so bad and I had too many mistakes.  Now, I've put my resignation in at my job and she has really put me in a spot.  This just doesn't seem at all ethical, after offering me the job.  She has really messed things up for this single mother.
Today's my birthday!!! sm
just though I'd let ya'll know that!  I'm 36!!! WooHoo! Gonna be wastin' away in Margaritaville tonight! I've earned it!
$1.99 Wednesday, today $2.11 nm
off today and bored...

Gas up today again, 2.59 a galloon
Today's my Mom's birthday. What do you get for someone
who has everything and needs nothing?  I'm never sure which books she has read or not.  She likes to pick out her own clothing.  She has plenty of flowers and plants.  She already has tons of stinky candles and bath stuff.  I can't think of anything original.  Any ideas?  Thank you.
Things We Said Today

Well I'm off SS as of today...good bye

Why would you give someone a written warning after a few weeks... I'm new and I do not understand the dictators on some of the accounts, oh and lets add those are the ones they seem to audit...

Anyway I have an IC job with Accustat who is a nice company and I've been off QA for 3 months without any problems


And what is today's wallpaper?
For today's eye candy I have a lovely sandy beach with turquoise water. I need to get off the beach theme thingy but I like to sneak a peak in the middle of working and mumbling doctors and stuff - then its back to the salt mines!
I had a funny one today!

He gave the date and then said, "Oh and by the way it's my big day today.  #50!  Lucky me!"  Then he said, "Oh and, by the way, you don't need to include that in this report."  He laughed.  Like I was going to.  It's nice to get a funny once in a while. 

I've never had a problem with a dictator saying, "transcriptionist, typist, operator, etc"  They don't understand how the phone system works and that I'm 3000 miles away and not the the Transcriptionist that they used to know by name that worked in the office every day.  They probably feel the same way I do when I get a good dictator that I really like and the dictator says, "Good Morning!" and you can''t say good morning back because they are just a voice out there somewhere.


I was just thinking about this today

Didn't see him today..
I noticed on Friday he was really upset. Geraldo showed up on Friday and was immediately losing it. Imagine if he had been there all week like Shep had.
I'm also out of "jobs" today,.
I've also been looking at the same screen saying "no jobs" for a period of time and now have decided to end for today and hope tomorrow is better - there is nothing else I can do today!!!
I got the same letter today...
What? I didn't glean any new info from it.  Just that someone would contact regarding the new pay plan or something like that.  It is a very general letter, not a personal letter...what's all the excitment about???
I don't think it matters which office you are out of (below posts) so much as which accounts. I am out of the Denver office and usually have work, but occasionally run out, mostly on weekends, holidays, AND AT THE END OF THE PAY PERIOD. Darn! I knew I would "pay" for taking that 3 hour swimming break in the outdoor pool up at the lake yesterday. Sure was nice though...getting our last "licks" in for the summer!!
Does anyone else feel like this today?


If your vet won't see her TODAY call another vet
She needs to be seen right now. Is there a veterinary emergency service in your area? Get her to a doctor, and hugs to you both!
Hi, I am here. I was just too depressed today
I also was dumped a whole lot of work today. I just didnt want to cry in your ear. I will call tomorrow around lunch time if that is okay.

:) Thanks for thinking of me.

I almost didnt see this post. Too depressed to read. It caught my eye.
Today was the only time that
DocQscribe went down like that, so get over it. It was a pain, yes, but it is up and running now. Name one other time that this has happened. If it takes you 5 hours to do your nails, then you must have some pretty nasty, funky thick nails.
I use dd and dt and change every day 10/13/05 is DD today. :) nm
I'm sorry, but I can't work today.
Mercury's in retrograde, you know.
Beautiful out today...
Hey RadGuy, hopefully you are out somewhere enjoying the beautiful day here in Lexington.  I just got home from going out with me, myself, and I to Johnny Carino's (Hamburg Place) for a wonderful lunch.  Then I went to Value City Furniture and spent an hour looking around.  I started to go to Office Depot, but I have this thing about computer desks and decided I had better just come on home !!  
Interview today sm

I also have an interview today with Transcend and wondering what to expect. Hopefully, I'll be leaving Medquist soon, too.

Just cut mine today...

Used to be able to type with them long, but for the last few years or so have had to keep them cut down or it throws off my rhythm & they start slipping.  I had a keyboard that finally bit the dust that actually had grooves in it from where my nails would hit the keys.  Have no idea why I have a hard time when they're long now...weird, huh. 


I'm INFJ also (today)
I've taken these types of tests in previous jobs. In one I was an extroverted amiable (say what??, ok, given impetus I'm a party-er). In another, it said the ideal job for me was as a Field Marshall (my boss was a "did I do this right" type, I was her secretary, its ok, I liked bossing her around LOL).

I think the test depends on your mood at the time you take it, where you are in life at that moment (mine changes depending on whats going on). I think these are very subjective, rather than objective.