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I may be

Posted By: opening up a can of whoop*** on 2007-08-14
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I just read an MT company's site that states that one of the reasons for outsourcing of MT work is the lack of qualified and quality MTs here in the US.  Is this a fact?  Does anyone know?  I am thinking this is a cop-out because I think the reason for outsourcing is the bottom line and I do not believe that someone in another country can learn to become an MT more quickly than someone who is American and speaks English - since American healthcare is still dictated in ENGLISH.  This company has embraced and is apparently making money by teaching transcription to people in foreign countries and then outsourcing their accounts to these foreign countries.  Despite all of the conflicts and setbacks including broadband problems, platforms, foreign government, and even cultural holidays put in the mix of why things go wrong - they press on to move their MT work overseas.  Please, someone, help me to understand this.  It just makes no sense to me whatsoever. 

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