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I send one quarterly check to the Dept of Treasury which --sm

Posted By: DeeAnn on 2008-10-20
In Reply to: As an IC when paying taxes, are SS and fed taxes sent SM - stupid question

distributes to appropriate categories. I also send a separate check to NC Dept of Revenue for state taxes.

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Can anyone that is an IC tell me when you send in your quarterly Federal and SS is there anywhere
you can check to make sure your money had been credit properly to your account to avoid problems at the end of the year.
check with the dept of labor...sm
they might be able to handle it for free
I'll check with Dept of SS on that and

let you know if it's illegal. My guess is that those restrictions on your income after you retire aren't just put in there to fill blank spaces.  They're there for a reason, and if you thought they were so legal, why are you asking discreetly on this board for suggestions to get around your situation.  If you only wanted info on becoming an IC, you would have just asked for it instead of supplying us with the dirty details. 

I apologize if I seem a little offended at your morals.  I certainly wouldn't suggest that you leave your grandchildren in the street, but I would think there are legal ways to solve this situation, and perhaps some of the people on this board wouldn't have gotten so upset had you just asked for suggestions on your situation rather than how to work the system.

Check out the nearest HIM dept
longer a huge secret - they are demanding rates that US companies cannot give them and they have no qualms about going offshore.  If the US companies can't accomodate them, they go straight to the outsource.  You can live with your head in the sand all you want, but it's happening every day at hospitals around the country.  Look at the state of our healthcare system.  Hospitals are closing down.  Surely you don't think transcription costs are at the top of their priority do you?  They're just looking for cheap and with the economy the way it is, it's not looking any better for MTs any day soon. 
I take out 35% of each check and pay quarterly. nm
They steal your money and then send you a check and you are thrilled. Give me a break.
Check your records and report what she has paid you, you do not have to send in a copy a 1099 - nm
Send a letter of demand payment (check Nolo Law websites) - sm
to find any legalese you may want to include on it), and send it via Registered Mail, so that she must sign for it and you will get a receipt proving she received it. If she doesn't pay by your demand date, file a claim at Small Claims Court. Very inexpensive, and if she doesn't pay, and doesn't show up at court (in your state), you win by default. If still no payment, you can return to Small Claims and put a lien on her car, her house, anything you want, which can be forcibly confiscated by the Sheriff and then you can sell it to recoup the money owed to you.
Does China now own a large portion of U.S. Treasury bonds? You sound "in the know."
When you have a good QA dept, this isn't a
I've been an MT for 28 years. The first 20 years, we didn't have such a thing as QA per se. The office manager might have read a report or 2 a year at best. The last 8 years have had a great QA crew, and I have learned and relearned a lot. I am always very thankful to get the feedback. Perhaps these MTs you are referring to aren't quite as lucky as I.
You can also go to the Dept. of Labor. (n/m)
your QA dept is incorrect....

from whonamedit dot com and when it's a proper name and you have to put *non* in front of it - you hyphenate..non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866)
English physcian and pathologist, born August 17, 1798, in Pentonville, St. James Parish, Middlesex; died April 5, 1866, Jaffa, Palestine [now Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel].
Hodgkin-Paltauf-Sternberg syndrome (Hodgkin's disease)
Hodgkin-Paltauf-Sternberg disease (Hodgkin's disease)
Sternberg’s disease (Hodgkin's disease)
Pel-Ebstein fever (Hodgkin's disease)
Paltauf-Sternberg disease (Hodgkin's disease)
Hodgkin’s syndrome (Hodgkin's disease)
Hodgkin’s paragranuloma (Hodgkin's disease)
Hodgkin’s granuloma (Hodgkin's disease)
Bonfils' syndrome (Hodgkin's disease)
Bonfils' disease (Hodgkin's disease)
Hodgkin's disease
A neoplastic disease of unknown aetiology, considered to be a form of malignant lymphoma, producing enlargement of lymphoid tissue, spleen, and liver with invasion of other tissues.

Try to talk to someone within MR Dept.
That kind of info wouldn't be easily found out unless you actually know someone in MR Dept, HR, Personnel, someone with knowledge of what happens around there. Our local xray techs actually know what one of our hospitals do with their transcription.
If you have a good QA dept
they shouldn't mind helping you fill in those blanks. Make copies of all the reports you get back if their from a particularly difficult dictator and used them for future reference. Most QA I know love to help people so I wouldn't hesitate to ask for their assistance.
Dept of Consumer Advocacy........nm

When I got into this field 17+ yrs ago, not one MT in our dept had gone to school. s/m
You could hear the 6 of us clanking on our IBM Selectric clear down the hall. I was one of the youngest going to college where I earned an A+ in Eng. 101 and 102. I had a little bit of doctor's office experience (6 months). Luck didn't have a thing to do with me becoming an MT at 18. God blessed me with ambition, the desire and ability to learn, a love for the job, and a touch of intelligence didn't hurt either. I learned hands on, which sometimes is the best way. In a year, I was receiving commendables on my evaluation. I'm not trying to sound arrogant. I just want people to know that they can learn if they have drive and the passion to do it. Heck anything can be conquered with those two elements. Trust me... I was ranked nowhere near the top 10 of my class.
Hey---Nowadays we NEED a Dept of Pubic Health!!
As a former supervisor of Mayo's Transcription Dept.
I can say that, yes, they continually run ads whether they are hiring or not.  HR keeps resumes on file and refers to them as they need to fill a slot.  Mayo is not the easiest place to work.  Incoming MTs have to go through pretty rigorous training and you have to have 3 passing QAs before you can work out of the home.  Many of the dictators are horrible due to their very thick accents or racing dictation methods.  It's been a while since I've worked there, but when I did, I know that their word processing system was rather cumbersome and required a lot of mouse work and their Expander wasn't very good either.
Applied to Medical Records Dept ...
... second shift position.
From NY Dept of Labor, exam is required sm

Link included but excerpt here ---


Minors can obtain employment certificates or permits from the school they attend or from the superintendent of schools in that area. The paperwork required include:

Written permission from a parent to work. (There are exceptions for minors considered to be emancipated by school authorities)

Proof of age, either a birth certificate or some other document at least two years old that satisfies the officer issuing the certificate;

A certificate of physical fitness to assure that the young person is in sound health and that the work will not impair his/her physical condition.

School medical doctors or physicians designated by the Department of Health give physical examinations. Otherwise minors may obtain a certificate of physical fitness from their own doctor. Minors from neighboring states who seek work in New York can use a certificate issued by a physician in their home state. Physicians who find that a youth age l4 to l8 is not physically fit for some occupations but may engage safely in other types of work, can issue a certificate of limited physical fitness.

I have never worked where the MT dept was anywhere near the charts, for that reason.
It's been my experience in different hospitals that MT dept is NOT the MR dept. Different wings, different supervisors, different workers. As a hospital MT I never had access to the charts. But since you said you went upstairs to do this, it sounds like your facility is the same.

Well, we can write to the Dept. of Labor's Apprenticeship people
and tell them that the AAMT's proposal is not what MTs want, and that the AAMT has only a very tiny percentage of MTs as members.  If a lot of people do this, then the Dept. of Labor might think twice about the proposal, especially if everyone gives reasons.
I think that Health Dept needs a class in black widows
I guess you never worked in a medical records dept? LOL
Mammograms are going to PenRad in the local hospital's Radiology dept.
And there are Christmas Angels in about every mall & dept. store, but people have
always donated through MTStars Santa's House.  As well, we are doing prize giveaways with donations. We encourage everyone to give in any way that they wish.  This is an easy option for WAH folks. 
Contact their local police dept with serial numbers.
You can report this as theft of property and have warrants issued.

Or, add the current value (when you sent the equipment to them) to their earnings statement at the end of the year so they must pay taxes on it and write it off your books as payment for services.

Anyone know higher-up contact names at Dept. of Health and Human Services..sm
this is who created HIPAA. Anyone willing to email or write any of these people in regard to these offshoring issues and how the doctors should be required to inform the patient when their medical information is leaving the country in order to be transcribed. HIPAA was created with privacy and protection as its main purpose, but ironically once the work leaves the country, this means nothing. The Dept. of Health and Human Services (HIPAA) needs to step up and do the right thing here in the best interest of our country's citizens, while preserving many U.S. transcriptionists who will lose their jobs if no changes are made.
I don't pay quarterly.
I pay my taxes at the end of the year when I file. 

I have been an IC for 16 years now but was married before and so had my husband overwithold.   Then the last couple of years held a part-time in-house position and so overpaid that way.  But this year will probably keep an eye on things and see what my taxes will be after about June and if it is bad, will make a payment then.  I will have a lot of deductions this coming year - 2007 - so that will help.  When I do my 2006 taxes I will just see what I owe and go from there.  If it is easier to send in $400 four times a year instead of April 15th, will do that.  I have never had to pay that much in penalities when I did not do quarterlies that it bothered me.  


Finally steady money. whew. Applied and got job at Dept of Law Enforcement entering

They started me way above minimum because of my experience.  I was shocked and happy all at the same time. 

And of course I'm esctatic to not be wondering how much money I would be getting each pay check.  Working on production in transcription now is like playing Russian Roulette.

There's good benes where I going, retirement, sick days, no games with my health insurance.  I should have done this long ago.

Another suggestion, google a specific state's dept. of medical or professional licensing.

I've got the Missouri Division for Professional Registration --> which you can look up MDs, DOs, RNs, PACs, LPNs, etc.

Kentucky has a board of medical licensure website with a search function.  Indiana has a state professional licensing website.

In some states, like California and Texas, they separate the nurses and doctors, so there are two separate sites to search.  If you have a nurse practitioner dictating, it's good to know.

I'm not at my own PC as I'm working in the office right now so I don't have access to all my different sites, so I'm trying to remember what all I have.

Let's see.... WebMD is a good one.

If I think of anymore, I'll post 'em! 

MQ quarterly bonus
Yes, MQ does still pay quarterly bonuses to their SEs.  We earn $50 for each pay period we produce 10,000 lines and another $10 per 1000 lines after that. 
quarterly bonus
Do you still get quarterly bonuses as an SE with the new incentive plan and how is it now going for you?
quarterly bonus
Do you still get the quarterly bonus for the SE incentive program and how is it going for you?
When is MQ getting rid of the quarterly bonuses? SM
Does it start before or after the OCT bonus?
Your first year you don't have to pay quarterly...sm
but of course, you better be setting the money aside. It's the second year where the government will ask you to pay quarterly. You only have to pay 100% of what you paid the year before in your quarterly payments. Ex: in 2006, you start your first year as an IC. You earn $25,000. Your taxes are $5000 which you pay as a lump sum on April 15th, 2007. In 2007, you pay your first quarterly installment on April 15, 2007 of $1250, with equal payments of $1250 at the next three payment due dates. At the end of 2007, you realize you made $45,000. It is not a problem that you only withheld taxes for the $25,000 amount. You will just make up the difference when you file your taxes for 2007 in 2008.  Note: "bump up" your payment amount a little bit to make sure you clear the 100%, i.e. pay $1300 a quarter.
don't need to pay quarterly the first year...sm
the IRS determines you should be a quarterly payer when you file your taxes and show you have no withholding from your job. The  next year you file quarterly but only have to pay 100% of what you made the year before, no matter how much you make or don't make this year. Ex:  You being working as an IC this year 2006. You don't pay quarterly but when you file your taxes in April of 2007 for tax year 2006 you realize you made $10,000 and you owe $2500 in taxes for earnings in 2006. In the year 2007, you will need to make four equal quarterly payments equalling $2500, i.e. $625 (but round up a bit to $650). Your first quarterly payment is due April 15, 2007.
pay quarterly or withhold...sm

Last August, I was dropped from employee status to IC.  I don't know of anyone else in my area that works from home as I do so I have a question for any of you that are IC's.  When you file taxes you get a 1099 form from the work site, do you keep out money in a separate account for your taxes the following year or do you pay in throughout the year? 

So in August of 2005, you went to IC status. You will owe income taxes including self employment taxes on everything from August on. By April 15, your tax man will have figured out what you need to pay. By April 15, this year you need to either start a) filing quarterly or b) increasing husband's withholding so that all your taxes paid for 2006 are equal to or greater than what you owed in 2005. For example, say in 2005, you made $10,000 as an IC and say you owed $2500 in taxes. Your husband made $40,000 and owed $8000 in taxes. In 2006, you would need to have $10500 withheld from his checks or a combination of his checks and your quarterly filings. And don't go into you pay more taxes as an IC than an employee. We've had that discussion up and down these boards these past two weeks. Don't even go there.

quarterly, now I just pay it all in April...nm
Quarterly Taxes
I'm sure what state you live in, but in NY State I pay quarterly taxes to Federal and State. I get coupons in the mail at the beginning of the tax year, the deadlines for payment are in April, June, September and January. Basically you pay as much as you want towards your estimated taxes. I believe there is a percentage as to how much should be paid in order for it to be most beneficial to you at the end of the year. Not sure how helpful this is, but I'm surprised your State is saying it's not necessary to pay quarterly unless you can just pay a lump sum estimated tax amount.
quarterly taxes
You need to either go to the IRS website or call an IRS office.  They will direct you correctly and give you the proper paperwork, etc to file quarterly.  If you don't file quarterly (depending on your circumstances, children, etc) you stand a chance of being fined. The website also defines as  to whether you should file quarterly and lists the circumstances where you don't.
Quarterly pymts
You can print the forms off through the IRS web page, send for them or if you use Turbo Tax they print them for you if you need them.  As long as you have your cancelled checks you should be fine and send them in with a form and your SSN.
Quarterly Taxes

I send in 35% of all that I have made up to the date taxes are due.  You do not need to categorize it, just make sure you send in enough.  Your percentage may be lower depending on other factors...spouse income and his/her withholdings, deductions, business expenses, etc.  But 30% to 35% should be pretty close. 

It is better to send in a little too much because if you owe (as I did for 2005, my first year filing quarterly), the IRS will send you a bill for interest for the amount you underpaid each quarter.  Plus, of course, the amount under paid.

Just as above. It's part of what you pay quarterly.
When you're an employee, your employer pays 7.5 and you pay 7.5. When you're self-employed you pay the whole 15%. Also, you should be making estimated quarterly payments to avoid a penalty.
Quarterly Tax question
I pay my taxes when I file on April 15 or August 15 if I get an extension. I have a bookkeeping service that does my taxes and you don't have a choice but to pay into social security - i don't know how you have gotten around it. I would be interested to know, though.
The IRS will probably penalize you if you DON'T pay quarterly.
The first year it's usually tough to know what your quarterly payments should be; however, after that, the IRS will send you quarterly payment coupons so you're not the one to determine how often you pay--the IRS makes sure of that.
You can pay quarterly taxes yourself without

the help of an accountant.  You can download the forms from the IRS.  If you are married you can have extra taken out of your husband's check instead of paying quarterly taxes. 

I think most people figure on saving 30% of their income to cover taxes. 

You pay them quarterly. You can download
forms from IRS website.   If you have a spouse you can have extra taken from their check instead of paying quarterly. 
You can do quarterly or not-- depends on what you want - sm
to do. I did quarterly at first but then said forget this, no point as my DH always had extra taken out of his paycheck, so why pay them then get a big refund, not too bright. So now as I I make more and have less write offs I actually owed in 2006, no penalties (refund year before), and in 2007 we also got a refund...had more write offs. I also started a very PT job with my kid's school and now have an extra $100 a month taken out of that to cover my butt for SE taxes. So I get out some, have my taxes taken care of at the same time and get a little extra on top of my MT money. My taxes generally come to 10% of my income, after a joint return, 2 kids, kid tax credit, standard deductions (cannot itemize anymore, not enough). So shooting for a refund, not too big but with enough cushion in case my income actually goes up.
Is MQ still paying quarterly bonuses? SM
I was expecting to get a July 15 bonus. Has this changed? TIA