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I simply chose the wrong link. See inside for the correct link.

Posted By: Administrator (sm) on 2006-02-02
In Reply to: I checked out the link and...sm - OP

See link

LINK/URL: Snopes.com - Pepsi/Pledge of Allegience false

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Wrong. See link inside.
thanks for the correct link
  Not enough sleep.
think link inside is what you are looking for--sm
See inside for link

See link inside
This page has a link to a downloadable Word document with 100s of ideas.  Good luck!!
link inside
see link inside
see link inside......sm
http://www.dvi.com/index.html  Stands for Digital Voice Inc.
See link inside.
see link inside

this is an old posting on MT daily, but some of the ?s may still be relevant for you. good luck!
Link inside
see below
link inside
link inside
This has the meaning of each number.

link inside--sorry!
Link Inside......
See link inside.
See link inside
See link inside......
Link inside
Hear is the Link you are looking for --

See inside for link....
See inside for link

Here's a link with a cool macro that'll work.  You can also do a search on the same site for more info.

link inside


See link inside
Here is a link inside that I use...sm
See link inside.
Hope you can find an answer here.
Link inside.
see link inside
for IRS publication, go to page 19 and it gives example employee working from home and how and where to do the calculations, etc.
see link inside
As IC you pay the whole 15.3%, as employee you pay 7.65 and employer contributes the other 7.65%. You deduct half of self-employment on taxes.
See link inside
This isn't finished yet, but it is a free online version of MT style, created by experienced MTs. When it's done, you won't need any version of the BOS.

see link inside
Might look at the link inside...sm
Link inside.

Is this what you're looking for?
see link inside

not sure if this is available to the public-probably quite expensive
see link inside--sm
I have one...there is a link inside

Mine is in a box and is very gently used...
Link inside. nm
Link inside sm

It is an Adesso PCK-308UB. There is also one that uses a PS/2 plug, but I want this one so I can use it with my laptop if I need it. From what I have read, it is basically like a touchpad on a laptop so you don't need a mouse. I probably would not use it for regular web surfing or anything, mainly just for mousing while transcribing.


Go to link inside--sm
put in home office in the search box--lots of good info

I really like this one, link inside
link inside...
Try here...link inside.

link below

I found it. FlaMT link was not correct.

The last link was to the main site. The soundoff board was here: Correct Link.

I posted once. Its a good idea.
Check the link inside.
contract link inside
Please see this link.  Click on the topics at top of page to view a contract.
then read the link inside..........sm
Link is inside the post.
link inside - I can see it on one 'puter but not

I can see all the forums on one computer but on another I cannot see them all - here's the link to the GAB Board


I use Abacus. It's $20 or $30. (see link inside)
Abacus, about $20. Link inside.
65-character line with spaces.
Corrected link inside.

Corrected link inside.