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I take a 10-minute power nap (sm)

Posted By: nightowl2 on 2007-11-10
In Reply to: Advice needed please! - toothpicks holding eyes open MT

When I find myself to the point of not being able to focus, I set my timer for 10 minutes and sleep on the couch. I usually can finish my shift, but I sometimes have to take a little nap again later. I work 5 hours during the day and my last 3 hours from 9 to midnight. Sometimes, I also step outside when it's cold. I hate being cold, so that really wakes me up. No amount of caffeine will wake me up. I am almost to the point of finding just a part-time job during the day because it is hard to be productive at night when all I want to do is crawl into bed. Good luck!

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Paid by the minute... new to me... does $1.14/minute sound reasonable?
I power nap too!
I doze for about 10-15 minutes, but usually only when I didn't get enough sleep the night before. Usually, a cup of coffee and a quick break and I'm good to go again.
power nap
Finally got the hang of it and can fall asleep pretty quickly, but now I don't get up with the alarm, cause I know it's going to stop soon, so I sleep through it, or at least wait for it to stop.  No discipline?  Suggestions?
I was over it right away...he is still in power

so you think that shrub has the power to

change Islams into Christians?  That is just not going to happen, no more than you could change me into a Muslim!  No, he needed to go after Bin Laden, a friend of the shrub family, as you may or may not remember. Do you know that he stole away a bunch of Saudi Arabians out of the US the night of 9/11 or 9/12?  His buddies.  He had to go after somebody and was not going to be Bin Laden, so he thought, and he thought right, that the religious rightwing would accept getting Saddam out of the way. Now professing to want to bring Christianity and freedom to the Muslim world.  OMG, if that is not megalomania, I don't know what is!  

girl power
high five
power of attorney
by QA mgr says im supposed to capitalize but i dont agree (so i dont, hehe)
And that's cool...more power to ya!!
And you are quite fortunate to have found what you love to do!  Take care!
Yup, real power comes

.. when you do the "right thing", even tho you want to pile all his stuff up, douse with gasoline, and throw the match!  Revenge can be sweet in the moment, whether in words or actions, but the regret lasts a looooong time, and it gives him something to throw back at you and your kids.  This way, you can be proud to hold your head up and just keep movin' on......

Car power supply.
I use a power converter that you can buy at Wal-Mart for about $35. I keep it in the car all the time.
You might need a power boosted USB hub sm
That is, if the one you are using is not. I had this problem with the standard USB hub. IT fella on one of my jobs suggested a buy a USB hub that plugs in, so it has a power boost. No more problems for me. Oh and it was not pricey, I think I paid $20 with shipping and the shipping was half that amount (YIKES).
Power naps.
It's a power issue..
The power to make you miserable if they have to pay for your services. ;-)
Power Chart

Is anyone familiar with this platform? Is it compatible with MS Word and Instant Text?


They are predicting 3-5 days with no power. SM

We live 65 miles from Galveston. We shouldn't flood. If the hurricane reaches a 5, which is a good possibility, it will be about a 3 when it reaches us. We have a new roof and no big trees around us. We are cleaning out the garage to put the car in and the dogs. We are wedging the garage door and the windows. We are also putting boards up over the back patio sliding glass door. The living room is the middle of the house, but we have that patio door there. We have no inner closets or anything. It is only about a 1600 SF house. That is why I would worry about a tornadoe. We don't have any renter's insurance or flood insurance. If we stay, we could at least move stuff to higher ground if water started coming in. They freeways are already filling up, and I have to work. I wish there was some way to get my kids to their grandma in Dallas and stay here myself with my husband. They are only 4 and 6, so flying by themselves is out of the question.  I am just going to see what tomorrow brings and then go from there. If it gets to a 5 though, we are going to have to leave.

sorry - power failure - cut off my post!

Don't worry about the little things - she has good parents that are concerned about her. Just make the love, trust and open communication the priority!
Capitalize Power or Attorney or not?

Do acct coordinators have the power to....
knock you off the server so you lose whatever work is downloaded to you and, if so, is this pretty standard practice when they want the work to go to their favorites instead???
I do that, too. I don't like to shower first to power clean
the house because then you get all sweaty with cleaning chemicals all over.
LOL. MT's don't kill people. Not that much power! nm
No problems as long as I have power!...
I use a small local satellite service and occasionally they may be working on it and it disappears for 10-20 minutes, but it isn't often.  I find it surprisingly stable, unless of course we're having another one of our too-frequent power outages this winter!  But it don't matter about satellite if I don't have my computer!     I do though keep a dial-up account as backup so if I need to send files when the satellite is down I can -- but that all depends on your platform and method of sending, I suppose.  Good luck!  (BTW, as far as use goes, satellite is as faster or faster than cable/DSL, and its great!)
Do you mean the power plug in adapter? nm
You're right - it IS all a big power struggle. sm
But others in this country who've gotten the short end of the stick have made themselves heard on The Hill. Look at all the illegal aliens, who now call themselves "Immigrants", and fight for "Immigrant Rights". They've almost got themselves driver's licenses and HMO coverage in my state.

Look at Cesar Chavez, who got migrant farm workers better pay & working conditions. Before he came along, that was certainly an "invisible" job.

And look at this country's huge media interest in sweatshop conditions in other countries. What about sweatshop conditions in our OWN country? AND Indian MTs, for that matter... have you ever seen the photos of them - sitting shoulder to shoulder, with the boss walking around all day looking over their shoulders? (In a pic I saw once, it looked like the guy should've had a whip and a chair....) I wonder how often they get to take breaks, and what happens to them when they get carpal tunnel. Bet they don't have any bennies. And because MTSOs in India can get away with that, as well as the low pay, because in India ANY job is a good one, then the same conditions have been seeping into the U.S. for years. You're right about being mindful of who we vote into office. I think this next election is going to be a major turning point in the direction of our country, as well as the living standards of its people, and hopefully the right decision will be made and there will be a chance of turning things around. It can't all be done at once, but even if it's one step at a time, if it's in the right direction, maybe this profession can be saved, along with this country's middle class. The middle class is the one that has always carried this country economically, and if it disappears, then heavens to Betsy - the Rich and Big Business might actually have to pay their fair share of the taxes. THAT would sure be a first, wouldn't it?
Oh - so that means that in power outages

which is one reason that I wanted the lap top, the only way it would work is with air card, correct? Because no power to the router, no internet.  So that means I need to leave my house and go where there is power.

P.S.  Can you just come to my house and give me in-service training!    Sure wish I had someone around that could - I would pay them hourly!  Feel like I need to write you a check now!

Stupid question..What happens if your power goes out? sm
If you should loose your power, with a landline you will always have a phone. but if you loose your power, your computer does not work. That was one of the reasons I was leery of VoIP and I still am.
Yes, but I power nap for 10 min (set a clock) and freel great.
Did anyone notice? Wilma knocked power out in
Florida and all the cheerleader and nastygram posts about most of the companies stopped.  Wonder what part of the country they start? 
The auesome power of prayer at work
once again! Sorta puts all our little gripes in perspective.
Not all QA people are power-trip freaks (sm)
I work in QA and would probably welcome an email from an MT who said they really tried but that there were numerous blanks in a report they just sent to me. I frequently did exchange emails with helpful hints and tips to the MTs until we were given a quota to reach, then I had to cut down on the "extra" feedback and just send the basics. I hated it because I like the personal touch with feedback.

Some QA staff do end up with their job as a power trip; I was just never that way. I remember what it was like waiting on feedback and cringeing at some of the remarks I would see. I vowed not to do that to fellow co-workers.
Pray for your company to whatever power you revere. nm
Power can make people crazy.
She sounds like a manager who caused me to leave my last job. She also was terrible at details too, but what a mess she turned out to be, starting all the rumors. Ridiculous.
I have an HP and the power jack broke in less than a year
I had to buy a battery charger and an extra battery and run it off batteries. Seems to be a problem with HP. Don't want to get it repaired because local guys will not guarantee motherboard won't get damaged and it is cheaper at this point to buy a new one than send out.
Sometimes just unplug power from router, wait
Sounds like she is on power trip. Stand your
It's ABSOLUTELY a power-thing, & it's easy for them to
They manage MT because they can't get a management job anywhere else. MT is notorious for not screening most of the whackos they put in management positions. At medical centers, they often 'promote' inept, mentally unstable employees into MT management as a way of 'getting rid' of them, since most MT departments are out of sight in a basement, or off-site. So then the inept are in control of MT, and in order to make themselves look good (and qualify for that next raise -- the one WE don't ever get --) they feel they have to make those around them look bad.
installing an uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  What concerns me is a power outage causing me to be unable to work for long periods of time.  I have just purchased a generator but also am wondering if anyone has any information on installing an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) to their computer which is apparently a battery that will run your computer.  I work for a national and wonder if this is permitted?


I will do everything in my power to have cherry-pickers fired
because it's not fair to the MTs who do give a ____. I owe it to the good MTs to not let the sorry ones get away with it.
using computer with generator for power outage ??
has anyone used a generator to power their computer during a power outage ? I am assuming the high-speed cable would work during a power outage (our provider had to go check but he seemed to think, yes, it would). I am thinking a small generator for this purpose might be a good idea as I do not think battery backups last very long ?  Any ideas on powering a computer for, say, 6 hours ?? Thanks in advance.
People cannot fight the power and corruption that is present

in he political system.  These politicians are bought by special interests.  Many of the people with special interests are corporations, insurance companies, etc.  They have major money to contribute to run a politician's campaign.  Both Democrats and Republicans take this money.  So if both the politicians are in need of money to win an election and you and I can provide the money the special interests are going to be heard above and beyond the little guy with a beer in his hand who is working 8-5 and wouldn't know how to organize a revolution if he had an instruction book.  Besides he is too darn tired and has to mow the grass, take the kids to the movies, etc, etc, etc. 

So you got both parties taking special interest money in return for favors granted (or the funding is stopped and the party can't win) What is the American public going to do?  Not vote?  You only get two choices and the system is corrupt.  What do you do?  Once again, you are assuming the American public is intelligent and united.  If you read posts or editorials anywhere you will see the American public is divided led by sound bites or blind loyalty to a political party.  You aren't going to see anyone overthrow this government in this lifetime.  People in power are not going to give it up to let Joe-Six-Pack run the country on his $100 day budget to campaign.  It is sad but true.  We have been led down a path that it is too late to turn back.  While the politicians were passing these laws to allow offshoring/outsourcing, we were watching TV or busy with daily activities of living, thinking this will never affect me.  And it's the same deal now. 

Anybody agree on who should be president?  How about Iraq war?  Anybody agree on forcing the national companies to pay us more for MT?  Come on.  Be real.  You can't unite this country on the smallest issues.



Not sure if they are equal in power, but the Celeron is inferior to the Pentium.

If you're getting a desktop may be no big deal since desktops are cheaper and you tend to replace then every 2 to 3 years, but if getting a laptop/notebook, definitely get the Pentium or the Centrino and not the Celeron. 

Hey if you have the cash more power to you. Obviously the rest of the country doesn't.
Everytime I go into a Walmart I see poor folks shopping and I never see poor folks in high-end stores with la-de-dah staff snubbing them. We just can't afford the prices independents need to charge the consumer.
Does anyone about durable power of attorney in the State of Florida?
I have my elderly mother in the hospital now and the question has come up about being a legal medical power of attorney. Do I need to go to an attorney for this or is there a place where I can download a free form and then have it signed by her and notarized. When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we basically had a family conference with the physicians involved and social services and the decision was made conjointly for hospice and comfort measures only. He had not left any advanced directives, living will, or medical power of attorney, so I wonder about all of this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
For those that now the power of prayer, please pray for a friend whose 4-year-old son is in the sm
hospital with bleeding on the brain.  She is employed in the MT field and really needs our support right now.  TIA.
Yikes! Turn it off - have gone thru 2 power packs by leaving on 24/7 - nm

Only when use both speakers and headphones it acts almost like a power booster
and you get double the volume, at least in my experience, helps a lot with those whisperers.
Power supplies are Dell proprietary and must be purchased from
power supply is the same way.  I have 3 Dell laptops and a Dell PC and there are indeed a number of items that are proprietary.  However, I love all of my Dell products and wouldn't trade them for anything.
I power nap for 20-25 minutes a couple times a week - just depends
others I don't. But 2-2:30 is usually my time to have no energy, so it is nap time -- I find when I do this I can stay up later and work, on days I don't I have to go to bed by 10 or 11.
It's easy to see why we have so many Californians moving here to Idaho. My power bill is $50
The cost of housing is outta control in California you. We have so many people from Cali selling their small homes there and coming to Idaho with the money and buying HUGE houses here...
Started power scribe, have to use my mouse for play/stop. Do you know of (sm)
Any keyboard functions for start/stop. I don't have a wav pedal. Thanks for the info!
May God bless the miners trapped in West Virginia. There is power in prayer. Let's rally MTs!

per minute
I do approximately 15-20 minutes of dictation per hour and/or 150-200 lines per hour.  So figure from there.