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I take it you work at home..

Posted By: LM on 2007-08-01
In Reply to: Enterprise Express Speech - Nuance Dictaphone - Brenda Malek

just asking because I am not too far from Pittsburgh.  Does the hospital ever hire anyone right out of the immediate area?  I would be interested but I know with some hospitals you have to be local in order to work at home.  TIA! 

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my take is that she worked inhouse, not at home, and now wants to find out how to work at home. nm
Has anyone breast fed while trying to work at home, can you do this and still work full time?
It seems like the more literature I read on the subject, the longer it seems to take, especially in the beginning when you are breast feeding every two hours, or does it really just depend on the baby?
Does anyone do any other at-home work other than MT?
I need to get more work but don't want to go back to an office atmosphere.  Any ideas would be appreciated. 
at-home work
Hi there, I do web design, all self-taught through many, many hours on the "free website" places on the net over the years and help from my geek/techie friends ;) My sites are basic but luckily that is what my clients want. I really can't to all the fancy flash stuff yet! It pays very well by the hour but unless you have lots of clients, it only works out to an extra $100-200 a month once the basic site is designed and up and running. (I have only two clients at this time and its basically maintenance and small changes here and there to the coding). Its fun and interesting but if you really want to get away from a computer, this isn't a good choice! All day medical typing then a couple more hours web design can be hard on the eyeballs after a while! Another suggestion, my DH works full time and has a cleaning business (cleaning offices) on the side but that only can be done when the business is closed so that means weekends or nights. Best of luck!!
at-home work
In case you see this post twice - another person asked this question as well so I will repost my reply here too :)

I do web design, all self-taught through many, many hours on the "free website" places on the net over the years and help from my geek/techie friends ;) My sites are basic but luckily that is what my clients want. I really can't to all the fancy flash stuff yet! It pays very well by the hour but unless you have lots of clients, it only works out to an extra $100-200 a month once the basic site is designed and up and running. (I have only two clients at this time and its basically maintenance and small changes here and there to the coding). Its fun and interesting but if you really want to get away from a computer, this isn't a good choice! All day medical typing then a couple more hours web design can be hard on the eyeballs after a while! Another suggestion, my DH works full time and has a cleaning business (cleaning offices) on the side but that only can be done when the business is closed so that means weekends or nights. Best of luck!!

Thank you!. I am trying to help those who need to work from home, but cannot

due to financial constraints.  I am also doing research for other work at home programs that are legit.  If anyone has info they would like to share with me either MT related or not that I can use that would be awesome!  This is about 1 year out as I have a lot to get together with that and some things I am doing with  my house to get it "organized."


work from home!
click on my link below for an incredible oppotunity! Only $49 start-up cost!
Definitely work at home is the way to go.
I began working at home after I had my son. I got see his first everything. I get to wake him up in the mornings (the best time to get all the kisses) and I get to tuck him in every night. I get to go to all the school functions. I get to drop him off at school and pick him up. I get to be with him all during his summer breaks. I get to go to all the sporting events. He is now 8 years old and I can say with great pride, I got to watch my child grow.

I have gotten very frustrated with the company I work for, but it all truth - I wouldn't have missed this for the world!

If you have a chance to work from home and be with your child, I would say go for it and never look back. They grow so fast and being a mother is such a privilege - take advantage of your opportunity.
work at home.
Do you really want an answer to that question about working in your bedroom???LOLOLOLOL
Looking for work at home

Sorry to be a little confusing, but I am actually looking for work at home.  I know most home-based transcription companies (ie. cymed, spheris, medquist, accentus etc) are looking more of Radiology, OR, oncology, acute care experience but all I have right now is Pathology experience.  I've been transcribing surgical reports for 6 years now and would like to do this at home as well, just to pick up some extra $$$.   

Thx to Carrie for your suggestion.  I appreciate it!  M.

work at home??
Is it possible to do this from home as well or is this something that you must do from a courtroom or lawyers office or other??
For those who work from home..

Do you ever feel like you get away from transcription when working from home full-time?  I work part-time at home, and it seems (especially on my Sunday shift) that I'm typing all day and half the night! Do you just completely shut down after a strict schedule and walk away from it?  Even when I quit, I'm there in my bedroom which is where I also have my computer armoire and I feel as if it is staring at me!  LOL...calling my name...pleading with me to come work. The co. I work for part time is always needing extra help and I feel so guilty just to lie around when I could be typing.  It may sound silly, but it is really getting to me!

work from home
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!  That is THE MAIN REASON I am taking this course, and going to work from home so i can be home with my children.  I also homeschool them, and know that it will go so much more smoother with mom being home all the time. 
I would work from home.
I think you have to weigh the savings on gas, clothing, daycare (if that is an issue for you), eating lunch every day (unless you packed your lunch), and personally I hate dealing with office politics. I personally enjoy working from home because I can be here in the afternoons when my son gets home from school. If he is sick I don't have to worry about missing a day of work or leaving early to go and pick him up from school. If you don't have children to consider, then it really would be a toss up. I think you would really have to look at the monetary situation and figure out which job would be more beneficial for you to take.
MTs are not the only work-at-home
employees who have the "jammies" image. Get a clue. Don't worry your little self about MTs like Red and myself.....we are doing just fine. And, let me add that my employer is very happy with me -- jammies, kids and all!!!!!!!!!!!!
I work at home, too.
But I still get the dose of nastiness, rudeness, unprofessionalism. I can only imagine (shudder) what it must be like to actually work IN these doctors' offices.  If they're rude and snipping on the phone, imagine what they must be like in person, and this goes for the doctors too. They all just seem totally ice cold with a take-you-or-leave-you attitude. It's just total unprofessionalism all the way around from everyone and from every doctor's office I've ever transcribed for, with the exception of one office.
Work at home

Dear interviewee MOM,

I am looking for work at home and have greater than 3 years experience of working in different files of medical transcription.  I am outside of US.

Can you give me some advise or help. 



She said she will be doing the same work, but at home as an IC.
work at home
would greatly appreciate the name or names of companies that hire work from home positions as I have had no luck working as a MT from home. thank you
Work at home...
Have tried most of them around here - all are about the same. No singles, mostly young married with kids and elderly. That is rural Iowa for you!!

If you really want to work at home
all the time, you might need to find another job.

How do you connect to the internet? Thanks in advance for the  help.

work at home
I am looking at M-Tec or Andrews right now.

I see/hear a lot about "acute care", what exactly is this?

As far as income goals, if I can make around $1000 to $1500 a month I will be happy. This would let my husband stay home more.

My grammar, spelling, and listening are pretty good. (My mother teaches high school english so I grew up with it in my blood) And learning vocabulary should not be too much of a challange as I have devoured books since I started reading and new words are fun to me.

I just do not want this to take so long that it feels like a waiste of time to both of us. Finding something to do from home is tough with all the scams out there.

Thanks for all your advice!
Is there anyone who just cannot work from home.

I have ADD.  Actually a college friend of mine diagnosed me when I graduated HS.  I went to college and I was explaining to a friend of mine why I had so many problems in school is because my mind wonít shut off from something that happened earlier, or something that I know is going to happen later and I just cannot keep focused on the task at hand at the moment.  I do have good days and bad days, lately more bad than good.  She said that she thought I had ADD because she had it and she had done the same thing.  She said she went to her PCP and she got on Ritalin and her grades went from Ds and Cs to As and Bs.  I did not go back then because I did not have insurance of money.  I tried everything else I know of.  I tried counseling, I tried the tips I have found on the internet, nothing seems to work.  I went to my PCP, told her what I have been doing and she dx me with depression and ADD and put me on Ritalin and Celexa.  I have been taking this for a little over a week now.


Well, my OM called me and told me that I needed to work in-house because my line count was so bad.  I did and H threw such a fit and cussed me out royally.  We cannot afford the drive and why the heck isnít my line count like it should be, he shouted.    I told him that she will probably just keep me up there a few weeks.  Well, I talked to her today and she said that I was going to have to stay permanently.  No going home again for me.  I told her that I have been taking meds now to help my mind from wondering and could I have another chance.   She mentioned that someone else in the office (no names) is doing that too and it helped her tremendously but she thinks I do a better job in-house than I do at home.  I told H and he is so mad.  I can understand why but I donít know what else to do.  OM wonít give me another chance to go home.  I could try an MTSO but H doesnít think there is no use.  He mentioned to me moving in with my brother because he lives closer to the hospital then we do, then he said that I should quit my job and he will find a new one that pays more and looks at me like I am a complete useless failure.  I know he is just mad but him doing this doesnít help me with my depression. 


I just started these meds.  It maybe the answer for me and it may not.  I donít know if I should try an MTSO while taking the meds because if it does for me what my friend said it did for her, I should be more successful.  H wants to give up on me. 
But we'd still have to work at home?
That's what is driving me nutso.
If you work at home,
that can cause boredom, that's for certain.

If you are an IC, then I'd suggest you get a regular job of some sort to get out of the house, whether it involves MT or not.

But the truth is that people in every line of work have trouble with burnout, from what I read, so it's not just our type of work or anything.
Anybody out there work at home for
your local community hospital.  If so, give specifics - paid by line, etc. and how that is working for you.  I'm thinking about applying to local community hospital.  They have recently sent all their transcriptionists to work at home and they are loving it!
Those of you who work at home for a

would you mind saying (anonymously of course) what your base pay is, how your incentive pay works, and how much you are realistically able to make?

I worked for a hospital for years, but before they had MTs working at home, and left to start my own service and get my own clients.

I am trying to decide if I want to keep my own accounts or possibly work from home for a hospital, but would like to know how much I could realistically make working for a hospital.  Of course, I know it can vary a lot but would just like to see what some of you are able to make.

I'm getting closer to retirement age and the benefits that I didnt't really need/want/care about when I was younger are looking better all the time...

You are right, we do work from home....sm
And when you work in an office you can be mentored. I guess that is why most places want 2 or more years exp to work from home. But if you don't have 2 or more years exp then 2 or 3 days to be off QA is asking a lot. I guess it all comes down to exp.
They will never get that you work at home. Lm.
After working at home for over 10 years now, I just want to let anyone coming into this field, or anyone experiencing a lot of distractions, they will NEVER get it.  For example, my son is now 23-years old.  I have worked at home since he was 10 years of age.  The latest company I am employed with, my schedule has been Tues - Sat 9 to 5 for 4 years.  He will call me up and say" hey mom, it's me Nate".  (He is an only child, it is not like I have everyone calling me mom so why he thinks he has to identify himself along with the name I gave him after I birthed him is beside me).  Then he will say something like"what are you doing 4th of July" and I have to say, if it is between Tuesday-Saturday at such and such an hour I will be working.  Same with DIL.  She will call me up and say can you watch the kids tomorrow?  I will have to say, no if it is not Tue-Sat 9-500 I cannot.  They will never get it.
Work at home
I work from home and connect via a VPN only when I am working to my office.
Need more work at home.
I need more work at home. I have only dial up, which is causing me to find very few jobs to apply for on the site. I am qualified for multi specialities and many years of experience.
I went to work at home....sm
...in 1994 because the commute was so long and I was exhausted by the time I got to work. I had to get an FX land line and pay for half of it too. But that's neither here nor there.

Before I became an MT, by merest accident, too, I was a clerical worker and very successful secretary for quite a few years. I've found that many offices full of women have a lot of back-biting and chronic complaining, and I don't know why, or if that's still true today.

I could never go visit India because I couldn't bear to see the unspeakable poverty and suffering over there. It's bad enough here with all the poor and homeless people in this depressed economy.
RE: Work at home
I know what you mean. I worked my way down to 7.5 cpl. I am going back to a job I had last year that paid 10 cpl. The only thing about it is that I have to be on Dictaphone. I have been working Emdat and loved it. Got to go where the money is.
work at home
The last transcription company I worked for I really hated it because It was so restrictive. Even though I worked at home, if I wasn't at my desk and typing away at the start time, they would call and ask where you were. The job I have now, has no restrictions, I work when I want, have freedom to lie down and take a nap, go for a walk and make whatever money I need. The pay is really good with mostly good dictators. You definitely have to make a change. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders by going to another company.
Work at home jobs....

Is medical transcription one of the only legitimate careers available for people who want/need to be able to work from their home?  In searching for work-at-home opportunities it seems that so many things are scams.  I realize one can open any number of businesses that are based in their homes, but I'm talking about working FOR someone...for a company, and doing it from home.  I bought a book that supposedly gave lists of companies willing to hire people for work from home, but almost all of them either A.  Required a person to reside in a state I don't or B.  Had experience requirements that I didn't meet.  I'm just wondering if there is some big area of the marketplace that I'm missing that routinely hires people to work from their home, like medical transcription.  Can anyone help with this?  Thanks.

I think that although it's great that we can work at home
because we haven't been on "social circulation" for so many years.  It seems to make people angry, mean and confrontational.  Just my observation.
Don't be afraid to work at home

The reasons you have cited in your message are the exact reasons I chose to stay home and transcribe 30 years ago.  I did not want to leave my babies in someone else's hands, so decided to stay at home to transcribe.  I do not regret my decision one bit!  Yes, in the beginning, it was tough to get used to being paid by productivity, but you learn short cuts, you learn the discipline to stay seated at the computer when you should be.  If you take away the costs of traveling to work, plus whatever you have to pay a sitter, you may even end up making more money staying at home. 

A lot of people have negative things to say about a lot of the national transcription services (I can agree with most things that are said) but in your situation, it is an ideal solution.  You just have to find a good company to work for.  They are all looking for good, experienced MTs, so you should not have any problems finding another position.  The larger ones will also supply you with the computer and all the other hardware you need to do the job.

It is not worth getting yourself all worked up with a baby on board (congratulations, by the way!).  Try to find a good national to work for and then tell your hospital job good-bye. 

30 years or so down the road, you will be glad you "took the plunge."  I wish you the best of luck, I know what a difficult decision it is to make.  Please let us know what you decide.

I work at home with Dial-Up
I work for MQ with the DQS platform. It works find, just takes a little longer than with the DSL.
I am new and work from home without many problems. If I
have a report like that, I have someone who is there to help me and check it over, not every report, just the ones with a lot of blanks. If it is past 5, I can always mark it incomplete and send it to my supervisor. She corrects it and sends me the corrections so I can see what I did wrong. Find a company that has some type of back up system like that.
well not this business but home to work b/c of it.
i'm not an emotional person at all at least with work, tend to be very matter of fact. i found that working with groups of people - they were just too emotional for me to deal with. i'm much happier not having to hear the ofc rumor, politics, grind, who's mad at who, who didn't say hi today, who didn't get invited to lunch, who is upset because she should get special privies and leniency b/c she's a single parent, who didn't put in their pto requests as supposed to but gets upset b/c they can't just walk in and have their time off, and junk like that.

no putting up with that 1 person in the office who wears enough perfume for the entire staff, either.

different reasons but i'm glad i'm home instead of in that stuffy ofc anymore!
Well, you know, we should be happy just to work at home in our PJs
and pay all their overhead costs for them. That's what we should be thankful for, or so they say.
Would you ever work at home doing a nonMT job?
I just got a call from a local company about a job application I sent them a month ago when I was unemployed.  They wanted to email me some information about their home worker program.  It's doing customer service over the phone, which I don't know if I would like, but it's better than sore wrists, right?  I don't know if it includes free satellite dish service or how the pay is.  LOL 
We work at home, no one to complain to.
hospital work at home
May I ask if it was easy for you to get the at-home job working for the hospital? I have a hospital very near my home and have been contemplating going there to see if they have at-home transcription jobs available, but haven't done so just yet. I would love to be paid hourly. I'm so tired of having to type my fingers to the bone to make good money. Hourly should would be nice, even if only temporarily. Thanks for any advice.
They sure did - I don't work at home anymore! (sm)
My two Siberians thought it was a wonderful game to make me get up every two minutes to let them in or out of the house or make me guess what they wanted this time. I'd be in the doggy cupboard trying to find a treat they'd accept! If the weather was good I would finally think to put them outside AND put the baby gate in front of the back door so they couldn't scratch on the door to come in. For some reason when I do this, they also do not howl to come in. Might work for you, who knows. Anyway, I drive 8 miles to an office to get away from the spoiled fuzz children now.
work from home - see inside
I started working from home by word of mouth, but I got lucky. You can check your local newspaper classifieds, look online at all your local hospitals to see if they have openings and apply online, check out the job seeker's board on this forum, just be persistent and something will happen for you. Dont get discouraged - you just need to get your foot in the door.
I use it for home and work at one point... but sm

It is cheap for home and if you can use a speed dial type phone works great, for work some systems would not stay connected, and others would... like Dictaphone etc.


It is quite possible to work with a baby at home BUT - sm
as the poster below stated, your world revolves around the child, not work. I started MT when my kids were 2 and 3. I would only work basically when they napped and at night. Could squeeze some work in here and there but cannot really be too unattentive to toddlers unless they are in the same room as you and you can keep an eye on them while you work so to speak. I wish I had started MT sooner when they were babies though, would have been a lot easier since they sleep a lot. I would not worry too much about it and just do it. Yes you wil be quite tired but you will be that anyway. You will not be able to work a firm schedule of course, so if your job requires that you will need to see if you can change that or else get a job that allows you to work when you can/want but get your work in on time or meet quota if you have one, and go PT if you are currently FT, can't see being able to work FT with a baby unless you are super fast and get your quota done in 4 hours. Good luck and enjoy the new baby when it comes.
That is one of the reasons why I work at HOME!! nm
work-at-home mothers
And admiration and respect to the MT at-home moms (dads too)who do this demanding job with kids at home! Hats off to you!