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Enterprise Express Speech - Nuance Dictaphone

Posted By: Brenda Malek on 2007-08-01
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Is there anyone from UPMC Health Systems in Pittsburgh, PA, who is currently using this system?  If so, I would like to chat, ask a few questions, and maybe get some pointers.  Thanks a bunch.

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Dictaphone Enterprise Express Speech Rec. SM

I am supposed to do some practice speech rec jobs tonight during my shift.  I'm all set to go except that in my Dictaphone manual, I do not have the chapter pertaining to the speech rec function keys, etc.  Now, I could wait to start training tomorrow and call my supervisor and asked for the missing chapter or I am hoping one of you wonderful ladies can give me a head start and let me know the important function keys I need to know so I can get going on this.  It has taken me weeks to get this far.  I had to have a the training Editor installed and a upgrade patch downloaded and if one more thing stalls me, I'm going to lose my ever lovin' mind!

So if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!



Dictaphone Enterprise Express Editor

Enterprise speech
No, currently working in-house at a local hospital.  The hospital recently leased the program and we are all having troubles.
I think it was Nuance or dictaphone... nm
Dictaphone/Nuance?.....Whats the new website?

So.....Nuance bought Dictaphone or Dictaphone changed their name...?  What is the website for dictaphone....Nuance? 


Dictaphone/Nuance WordClient Questions

Does anyone here know how to:

Print a physicians' list from Ctrl-A in alpha and by specialty?

Print the contents of an ESP file?

Thank you in advance.

Enterprise Express Test
Does anyone know if you can use ShortHand word Expander with this Dictaphone system? Thanks in advance.

Dictaphone EXText Speech

Are there any MT companies doing Dictaphone EXText Speech. 

Dictaphone EXText Speech
Thanks.  Appreciate your reply. I guess not too many companies use this, as I have not received any other replies. 
Depends on the platform. I did not like Dictaphone speech.
Any companies have VR/Speech platforms, i.e. Dictaphone, Escription ?

Any companies have VR/Speech platforms, i.e. Dictaphone, Escription ?
Thank you.  I will look there.
Front-end speech is "talking;" back-end speech is flatulence. :-)
Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
We use enterprise
Their weekend rates, which are from Friday morning until Monday, are incredibly cheap, as low as 70.00 for the entire weekend with unlimited mileage.  Our car is old so if we want to go anywhere or do serious running around, that's what we do.  We have rented luxury cars or 4-door trucks for about 150.00.  We signed up for the quick online ordering and we get emails to upgrade 3 steps for the price of an economy car all the time.
so far Enterprise
is my favorite. I find it easiest to use and fast..   the other ones I have worked on are TWS and Cornerstone. 
They make Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Nuance Communications is the company that recently acquired Focus Infomatices. They are a voice recognition software company. WWW.nuance.com
Enterprise Platform - sm

Any MTs with experience using Enterprise platform for transcribing - I am interested to know if you can get a decent line count and how many lines per hour you are averaging.  

Is it possible to do 350 lph on that platform?

Enterprise Platform
Have any of you used Enterprise Platform and what are your thoughts?
Can someone explain who Nuance is and how

Actually almost 2 years ago, Nuance bought Dictaphone.  I'm not exactly sure what you need to know but below is a website that hopefully will help you get the information you need.  Good luck.



Nuance to buy Escription
Document Enterprise System I think
Does anyone edit Nuance Dragon

I have a physician who would like me to transcribe from handwritten progress notes, but I am wondering if I should invest in a VR program to make this easier on me.  I am wondering if anyone uses this software as an MT?  All opinions are welcome including through e-mail! 


Just read that Nuance Communications
acquired eSription for $400 million. They also own many other VR systems, such as Dragon, Dictaphone, and Proscribe. Apparently, they would like to dominant the VR market.

Perhaps all MT work will move in the VR direction eventually. I wonder if private doctors' offices will institute VR too?
Nuance or OPUS systems

Is anyone out there in transcription land familiar with either of these systems?  I'm starting work for a new client (Pathology) and find them inefficient and require too much non-transcription work to look up doctor's names and demographics.  I'm wondering if I'm missing "something".  Thank you to anyone who can give me a clue.    d

Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise
National news a couple of weeks ago - kids that need tutors can now get a good deal on an Indian tutor over the internet.  During story internet connection went down and class was dismissed. 
Webmedx-Enterprise and Instant Text HELP!!!
I am a hopelessly devoted IT user.  I have been honing (sp) my IT glossaries for 5 years now, and am very proud of them.  I just recently started at WMX, and I find I am having a lot of problems using IT.  For anyone else who has used Enterprise with IT, what are your thoughts?  Does it get any better or should I just try to switch over the SH.  I am really enjoying WMX, but I am just not sure I am ready to let go of my faithful friend IT
EXSpeech Nuance correction keystrokes

Editing questions- which Keystrokes actually corrects the documents in the Correction Client, therefore, correcting the terms to the future to that dictator.  Does Ctrl D and transcribing the correction cause Correction Client to sit up and take notice.  Can you block the text with Ctrl K, Ctrl J, Ctrl-Shift K, and Ctrl-Shift J and start transcribing the correction (will Correction Client see that).  Thank you. 

Are you using Speech EXT or something else? nm
Transcription,Technology,and Support is supposed to be implementing this in the near future.
speech rec
It really does suck. No punctuation, wrong headings, puts in he instead of she or vice versa, lists numbered wrong, doctors names wrong. If you ask me, lets get back to what worked!!!!
speech rec
I absolutely hate speech rec. I see it as a way of utterly dumbing down the profession and paying us even less than we're already getting paid over time, like factory work. With our system (not Dictaphone but a major player), they have enabled essentially all the dictators (even those who are horrible), meaning that the proofreading is a killer, and it's not getting better, some dictations are absolute gobbelty-gook. These days, it ain't my wrists but my neck and left shoulder muscles that get the workout from the stress of how hard I have to concentrate. We've been told that the physicians must never see what the report would look like if we weren't charged with making absolutely certain it's picture perfect, as though we'd typed it! And yeah, I'd just as soon delete the whole durned report on some of these and just transcribe it. To heck with production, which is the constant mantra where I work. Again, I absolutely HATE it and pray it will somehow collapse, but I don't see it happening, not with jobs being so hard to come by.

I can foresee where speech rec could be "perfected" to the extent that there will come a time when an intelligent person could conceivably just sit down and read through these reports and actually learn medical terminology and the whole process by just doing speech rec. Again, like factory work. Think about it.
On speech rec
The company I work for pays 4 cents a line for speech recognition and the minimum for speech rec is 11,000 a pay period. That comes out to $5.50 an hour. I believe the minimum wage in Texas is $6, so I do not make minimum wage doing only SR. To get minimum wage I have to do 12,000 lines a pay period. Actually I do more than that because of the cost of living!
MQs speech recognition.
speech recognition
I worked with speech recognition at my last job and I didn't like it.  It took longer and alot of mistakes came through.  You were editing, but I found I could do a better and faster job typing it myself.  Everyone's production went down and error rates went up because you become complacent and when you are reading along with the words playing in your ears your eyes have a tendency to overlook a lot of little things that should be edited.  I did not find it productive or helpful just a mess. 
Speech recognition
I am on speech recognition as it comes up. Don't have it all the time and it is on the DQS platform. I enjoy the break from typing but can be slow as you really have to listen to every word and make the corrections where necessary. The fastest typists just erase the entire report and retype. I just listen and make corrections. I have not had a pay reduction as of yet since this is not all I do. I am still paid my regular per line rate for SR but rumor has it that this will change but this is only a rumor, nothing in writing. If you do not like editing, can always tell them that you just want to type and not edit. I am on high speed internet also. Hope this helps.
Ah, a figure of speech. (sm)
Like a burden or baggage from a person that will not take the time to learn or understand?  One who doesn't want to fix it or get off his/her duff to understand?  One who generally doesn't care?  Anyway, I thought my original post was perfectly understandable and if they didn't understand it that is not my problem!
speech vs. transcription
Thanks...I appreciate the input--I may just give it a try and see how it goes!:)
I want to do VR (speech) editing - sm
which companies should I contact? I do not care whether they outsource or not (please no flaming). Just want to learn the new technology.
speech files
Sorry for confusion, my company has switched from plain typing to basically editing speech files, so my lines have dropped, so pay has dropped. Is there anyway of edit any faster to increase line production? any tips or tricks?
Speech files
Can you speed up the voice file without distorting it too much? Is there a way to move the cursor along with you as you edit, rather than using a mouse (if that's anything you are doing)?
speech files
Thanks for replying. I am working with EXText and am using the foot pedal as I would in text typing, speeding up the files, etc. Don't know why I am in a slump.
thanks anyway.
Speech Recognition
Does anyone use speech recognition software for better transcription productivity?  If so, I am interested in learning more about it & would like to talk.  Thanks.
Speech recognition
I absolutely love editing speech recognition.  After typing for 20 years, it definitely gives my hand a break.  I like the pay as well.
ExText speech
My company plays up the speech rec part, saying it takes an average 150 lph MT to 250 to 300 lph. They do admit if you are a fast MT, speech rec doesn't really help you. I know I will eventually train for that part, but I'm not looking forward to it!

Used to do speech therapist also
and that is big business - stroke rehabilitation, kids with problems, oral cancer surgeries - found it boring but pretty easy once you learned the terminology. 
Citrix/Speech Q
The hospital I work for just went live with the radiology platform Speech Q last week.  I can access via Citrix from home but cannot get the foot pedal to work.  Any ideas...........?  Thanks!
A number have gone to speech rec - sm
because Radiology is so repetitive that it's easy convert to speech/voice rec via programs like Dragon or PowerScribe. I was so frustrated with the lack of work that I went into Acute Care (in-house for a hospital).

Beth HT is a speech pathologist..sm
I am unsure what her husband does. She is staying in the same room Natalee stayed in. I imagine that a lot of the hotels and restaurants on the island are offering their services to the Holloway-Twitty family. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are spending their billions 'vacationing in Aruba.' Thats rude to assume.