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I work for the person. I know. Very excellent person, personally and business-sense.

Posted By: Yes, I work for them. on 2005-08-07
In Reply to: LOL tooo funny. You work in this office? - sm

It is an INSULT to have QA hovering over seasoned MTs who know what they are doing. She trusts her MTs and again if there are questions there is one person, a trainer, who can answer them via phone, e-mail or instant message or you can send the whole report to them if you choose.

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    I don't know personally but I know one person who
    was an MT there for a few years and she loved them. I do not know the specifics but she never had anything bad to say.
    Personally, i try to take the person out of it
    I do those sometimes too, and it is sad, but I also look at things from a case standpoint and the science when i can. It is very sad, but you can also think that you are participating in that person's care and just do a good job.
    Sure, that makes sense, but this person was obviously taking a test. It's not that any of us
    seasoned MTs "know it all" as you put it...but can see an obvious cheater when the questions are glaringly test questions.  See both sides of the coin.
    It irritates me no end when a person who supposedly has good sense
    to act like a horse's behind. I have tried explaining to an elderly relative I do not put a physician on a pedestel like they do because they are not almight and some downright ugly. The 1 you speak of has no "bedside" manners- the nerve of him! I had a physician tell me 1 time-after giving his word and then rescinding- only your word against mine - I then reminded him of my father's saying- a person is only as good as their word. Erks me big time.
    Time to call the authorities and put this person out of business. no mess.
    Point was is the person willing to make up for the slack of the person who types 1 job when there is

    if that is all they WANT to type.   Is the person who wants to be a supervisor willing to make up for those people?

    You have crap supervisors, editors and mts in the business like you have good ones.   Sadly, the really good ones of all of them are few and far between. 

    don't do it. get business card and introductory letter and go in person, asking to speak to offi
    I would go early in the day. If you can't speak with office manager, leave your literature behind. A few days later, I would phone in follow up to see if office manager received your card etc.
    When you have a QA person that is picky and another QA person that is very lenient where does that
    leave the MTs because some are getting a lenient reviewer and others are getting one that picks at everything. How do you reconcile that issue with the difference in QA mentality. Some people make out well and the other people could be just as good but dont. I wonder about that.
    The person MTSO pays is the person who
    would not work for that person

    That person sounds like a witch

    Shemah, are you the same person who used to work for YOG? sm
    I don't know you or anything, just remember the name and a picture of you (if you are the same person) on a camel or something.  Nice to see a familiar name.  :-)
    This person wants to work at home and -sm
    where we are there are few in-house positions let along at-home hospital positions. She has an ill husband (kidney disease) and needs to be there to take care of him, hence she wants to work at home. But $65K right out of school is definitely not the norm. Your SIL is very, very lucky and I am sure many here would agree with that.
    Aren't you the same person who posted above that you work for Transolutions and USED
    to work for the company that does 7 days a week?
    This is not possible. You'd have to average 300 lph and work a 12 hour day. This person is stre
    One person's "custom" is another person's
    "house arrest". I'd never go to the Middle East because of how they treat women. I don't agree with their laws or "justice" system. For example, the woman who was gang raped as punishment for the actions of her 12-year-old brother, a boy who wasn't even an adult. How's that for a "custom"? Let's not forget bride burning. Burqas.

    Besides, foreigners don't follow our "customs" when they come to this country. Half of them don't even bother learning English. Instead, we're expected to pay for healthcare and foodstamps for illegals and print everything in Spanish.

    I won't be oppressed or treated as a second class citizen, and I wouldn't treat others like that either. A "custom" is more like putting up a Christmas tree, not being abused based on your gender.
    i'm sure it will vary from person to person.
    I recently did the same thing and am loving it! The freedom from time clocks, the better company, make losing the benefits well worth it to me. You need to set up a plan to have $ set aside for taxes though. I should have done this years ago!
    Wrong person. I'm not the person you were
    any money.  You have a sucky attitude, a "poor me" attitude.  Get off your lazy whiny a$$ and work instead of complaining and you will make money.  I have one account at 10.5 cpl, two at 14 cpl and one at 15 cpl.  I make a lot of money, even on the 10.5 cpl.  But I'm not sitting around whining either.  And I didn't whine when I made $6 an hour.
    Wasnt that a rip. They must have called every person on every account to work. I cant possibly
    figure that mentality. PLUS we get nothing extra for weekends, nothing extra for  holidays ZIP. They overload the accounts and so we have no work. Why would they pay weekends or holidays when they play this game. Somebody is pocketing something but it AINT THE MTs. I hope every MT in that office inundates Mt. Laurel with complaints until they replaced the people that did this and not to mention their STUPID STUPID PICKY MQ point plan. That is a horrendous joke. Somebody up there needs to be removed and quickly.
    Ah, so you know her personally? What I sense from you is

    Take a cold shower, Billie Jean! 

    Thank you. There is such a thing as good business sense
    and doing what is right. Those who have messed with people need to think about that and those businesses know who they are.
    The one person I know who his doing VR....
    isn't filling in words, she's having to reconfigure and restructure to the entire report, to the point it would be much easier and faster to just transcribe it.  And over several months' time, it hasn't gotten one iota better.  I'll believe the "fill in the word" editing when I see it.
    like the person below said------

    no friend of medical transcriptionists for one thing

    and when I met her my only thought was well that must have been

    the personification of Marian the Librarian.

    I would have thought she'd have retired to a garden pruning weeds by now and gotten her extremism out of our lives.  But no such luck.

    This person cannot
    do anything unless he has a document that was signed by your daughter indicating that he loaned her money using the motorcycle as collateral.  To get this person to leave you alone, you may want to have an attorney give this person a call to pose this question (regarding signed doc).  I have had a situation occur, not necessarily like yours, but I needed an attorney to write a letter in order to cease the situation and the attorney only charged my $50.  The letter took care of the problem. 
    This person (Taz) is
    a perfect example of what I just stated.  This world is going to hell in an elaborately decorated hand basket. 
    So one person (YOU) is MOST MT's?
    I make more than you do anyway and I left MT so LOL yourself and good luck finding a job in 5-10 years when this one goes the way of the mule skinner.
    wonder if it's the same person?
    From VA?
    8:20 a.m. - and I'm an a.m. person!!! nm
    QA person here(sm)
    I QA by cutting and pasting the error; preferably as much of the sentence as I can so they at least have an idea of what I am correcting and why. I also cut and paste my corrections. I also give them hints on how to research, including links.

    I'm not sure that (d) up there sounds very nice. New MTs CAN be taught a great deal, but to have that "edge" on them only scares them more. I've been on both ends, as a beginning MT and as QA. I remember the feedback that helped me most and it was often delivered in a friendly helpful manner, no warning shots, etc.
    As the other person said, Go For It!
    It was supposed to be a 2 year course at the Community College, but the way that the courses were setup and with working, took me 2 1/2 years. Not bad for an *ol' gal!*  Was just very proud of myself because at the time, I had a hunch that some people around me were thinking *she'll never do it,* and I did, with flying colors!!  I'm sure you have some support behind you, so you should be good to go!!  Anyway, if you don't do it, you'll always be wondering *what if,* so just do it!!  Like a friend asked me, "But I'll be 10 years older when I finish?!"  My answer, "You'll be 10 years older if you don't."  LOL!
    I'm not so sure it's that person....sm

    It could be anyone of about a hundred malcontents.  You cannot *assume* on these boards - only the Administrator and Moderators could verify if it's that poster or not.  Personally, I don't care who the posters are in reality.  I just think what with all the strife going on in the world EVERYWHERE that people/posters should just be a tad kinder in the life. 

    Envy is fine - envy is like you're happy for that person but wish you were *there* - whereas jealousy (albeit it might be universal) is very unhealthy and nasty, negative, and people wishing to take other people down notches by posting nasty remarks.  Oh well, some people just are more comfortable with the negative and nasty in life (guess their cups are always half empty) - but some of us choose to be positive and not nasty (cups being half full).  It's all a matter of choice.

    Take care and have fun!!

    Go by in person??
    QA person from MQ please

    Hi I have a friend considering changing compaines and coming in as a QA person.  She is on the fence can anyone give me some feedback is MQ QA any good, what and how do they pay...Do they treat you ok?  She is in the grass is greener syndrome working at another co.  I just left MQ for another field I wasn't happy as an MT.  Trying to help out a friend thats all..

    QA Person
    Thank you so much! I feel so much better having heard from you today. I have had the hyphen battle with this person in QA forever it seems and I have continued to follow as shown in the Book of Style. In my heart of hearts I felt I was correct. I plan to take your much appreciated advice and keep typing it the way I have been. I am so thrilled to know that a person in QA agrees that at times the MT gets mixed signals. Now I do not feel so alone. At times I wonder if some people in QA forget how it was before they were in those shoes. I have 2+ years experience and at times I still feel like a newbie fresh out of school. Just wish some QA would be more tolerant -- especially when the MT really does follow the Book of Style. Thanks again!!! Bless you!!! Wish you were my QA . . . at least you seem like you can still relate to how difficult the MT work can be on the otherside of the fence.
    Said something about 6 cpl from a person
    whose English was atrocious. This person really should pay someone to hire them.
    This person is not looking for *help*. sm
    She is looking for employees by asking for help and then sending you an email asking for your resume. something suspicious here.
    this person is probably just......
    trying to protect his or her own job security, so the company does not get job overhire! I would probably do the same. I found my own really good job after 7 years of searching, and I LOVE IT!
    I'd tell her RIGHT NOW that the person isn't
    if you are going to continue to proof her work.  No sense in dragging it out.  If someone is going to make it as an MT, you know that fairly quickly.
    Please tell me what a person is doing
    when the scope is used. I have seen it and do not know exactly what they are doing. Thanks.
    You are not the same person.
    Maybe the only person they could get who would - (sm)
    "speak for 6 cents a line?"

    MT person

    Well in 4 hours I did over 1600 lines @.125 per line plus one hour of printing and delivering and that equals over $200 which equals $40 to $50 per hour.

    And to think we would allow this person to
    The person who said she could do 700 lph
    I got one from the same person
    Named Susan also written very poorly and asking odd questions. It's aggravating!
    from a QA person
    A lot of the changes you see are out of our hands.  Where I work, the management people change their mind weekly, mark this, no don't mark it, mark that, no don't.  Plus remembering what to mark for offshores (who get their little hands held) and what to mark for ICs.  Yes there are some QA people out there who get on a power trip by making you feel bad.  If everybody followed one set of rules, such as the book of style, we wouldn't be having these problems, and neither would you.  It's such a pain in the tush, if my hands weren't so bad, I'd go back to transcribing!!
    It was always run by the same person...
    She just lied and said it was all American. It was just officially taken over when she screwed people over with not paying them.

    Same person set the site up and ran the site, she just put her name on it. So, if you supported it 2 years ago or 3 years ago, it's no different than now. The only thing that's changed is she doesn't have access to your stuff anymore.
    does NOT mean you have any more right than the next person!
    as a QA person
    Things have changed drastically for us too.  Now most jobs require we go 100% by the Book of Style, and that also means grammar.  If you have one, turn on your grammar check.  Remember we get checked too and if we miss something an MT did, we get marked off, so it's not just to ding you, it's to go by the rules and do it exactly by BOS and how the company wants it.  This was a big change to most of us too, but you'll find if you pay attention and do it right, it will become second hand.  I literally have had reports that have had over 40 blanks, grammar, wrong words, made-up dictation, you name it.  It's not our rules, it's company-wide rules that we all have to follow.
    Is this a new QA person?? If so, he/she
    may not be aware of certain specifics with regard to particular clients. As to the contradictions, you have to save copies and then send them to your supervisor and ask for clarification. If you are corrected and change it, and then corrected again for the change, the only way to dispute it is to have the copies. Start saving everything.
    EXACTLY and if all a person sm
    has done is acute care for over 30 years then you get very good at it and can make a living doing it also. some of the problem in this business is folks don't want to learn what they need to learn and when they can't find the easy accounts they assume you can't make a living at this. While I would love to have a great clinic account that is easy, I have had to do acute care for all these years and I made up my mind to learn it. I make a great living and I do nearly all operative report because that is what I want to do!
    And is it possible THAT'S a QA person???
    Sorry, no comprende.  I can't hear the file from here.