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I would be interested in knowing if they have young children too?

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-09
In Reply to: Poll: Age/Sex of current MTs - MT student


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I do this job with young children around and neither my job nor children have suffered...
It can be done...
I would be interested in knowing this as well....

I'm interested in knowing how much

one should make after 19 years?  I ALWAYS short-change myself and would love to know how to know when it is okay to push for more and when it doesn't matter because they won't go any higher.  A couple of weeks ago, for example, somebody said Diskriter offered them nearly 10 cpl, but I had 18 years of experience when I interviewed with them last year, and they said 8 cpl was as high as they would go.  If I had said, no thanks, I have to have more per line, would they have gone higher?  Somebody explain to me how to negotiate...  I would hate for my paycheck to be 20% less because I'm not savvy enough in this regard.


I am interested in knowing more about wireless

I am in the very same situation as the first poster, although I do have a reliable ISP and connect at 50+ Kbps all the time.

I know nothing about wireless and am wondering if it would be advantageous for me. Please keep in mind, I not the most computer literate person. :D Could you explain it to me in further detail? If you would like, please feel free to send me an E-mail.

Thanks so very much.


I'm interested in knowing the brand - I'm looking a new chair. Thanks! nm
Anything traumatic dealing with young children gets to me (nm)
It is difficult to work at home and watch young children.
Don't take that as a slam because I had to do it, too. I got up before they did and worked for an hour or two, worked during their afternoon naps, worked after they went to bed at night, and worked a little bit in the morning while they were playing or watching Blues Clues. It wasn't fulltime, but it felt like I was chained to my computer desk from the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed.

I actually blockaded my kids in the living room with me using big plastic toyboxes or baby gates while I worked so they wouldn't escape. Lock the doors to the house and put cowbells on them so you can hear if they try to escape. If not cowbells, use those little battery operated buzzers that go off when the connection is broken. Don't wear headphones but listen through the speakers. Pay a neighborhood 'tween or older sibling $1 or more an hour to entertain the young kids after school while you're there. No job is worth the risk of your child getting into something tragic.

I was fortunate in that my kids were good about entertaining themselves for short periods of time, but certainly not for an 8-hour shift all at once. My niece and nephew are nothing like that. If they don't have your full attention, they fight and get into things. One time while I was babysitting them, I was making dinner in the kitchen. My 3 y.o. niece managed to untape the knob and turn off our water heater, drop the cordless phone into the toilet, and climb out the dog door into subzero weather in less than 5 minutes. She's still a holy terror 3 years later, but I refuse to babysit her any more.
Knowing what I know now, NO, I would not become an MT. nm
It is just knowing what you
are typing as you go along, reading as you type.  If you are using abbreviation expanders, make SURE that you have not typed a WRONG expansion.  Good Luck!
Comes sometimes with just knowing the right people. sm
Many of these positions are not advertised, just referred.
Knowing English as well
In your post you said "I am knew" to the transcription world. It should be new. This is just what would keep you from passing a transcription test.
Not knowing your husband, so I'm
not sure if this will work.  Place the clothes in the basket but DON'T wash them anymore.  Clean the dishes but DON'T cook for him anymore (this also eliminates the need for paper plates).  See if he notices....LOL. 
Knowing what my mortgage is....sm

truly keeps me motivated....the mortgage is HUGE....*bites nails* 


I has been my experience in knowing other ICs--sm
that they usually try to find someone who will cover for their work load while they are gone. It is not fair to overload the other ICs who work there too and that would keep you from being overloaded yourself when you return. It may make your employer a little more amenable to you being gone, if they knew that there would still be someone there to do the work. just a thought.
Knowing what I have heard from others
including nurses, the field is wide open for the pay scale. If I had the chance to go either MTing or nursing, definitely choose nursing. The situation in transcription has been going down in pay and I doubt it will improve. I have met nurses who have their house notes paid, their vehicles paid, $$$$ because of physicians wanting someone in their office. To me this is a no-brainer. I do not think the 2 compare when it comes to the bottom line, money that is. The working at home is ok but my pay, for example, has fell in the 80s from the high $50,000 to maybe the medium 20s now. If younger and had the chance, I would say nursing is a wonderful opportunity.
Knowing the truth....
Anyone who has been in this industry doing MT for more than 30 years and has survived knows the score. We feel grateful for our skills and we are humbled by the years of dedication it took to crack any nut thrown our way. People in the industry know who we are and most of us just prefer to do straight transcription because we know what we are doing and feel comfortable.
Also, we love the challenge of being able to decipher a really difficult report and make that doctor happy especially the ESL.

From my point of view, there are just to many MTs who go to QA hoping to learn something but the learning is in the transcribing. Just reading the reports is not going to give you that edge. You need to develop the "ear" and a knowledge of the specialties that only true dedication brings to the forefront.

We're living in a time when people want to make easy money without really having any experience or real knowledge. They just feel if they go to that good school, they will be all set and ready to make big bucks. It's that mentality of entitlement minus the years of hard work and dedication that is ruining this country. Sadly, it seems the more you know and the harder you work, the less you make.
Call it moral degredation.
You gave notice to your old job w/o knowing
what your line rate would be? Am I understanding that correctly?
thanks...just knowing there are others, same age bracket, skills, etc...does help...
like you, I LOVE this job, and actually chose it - not the other way around. Fortunately, it has not cost me anything, really, like the other poster mentioned; but I too am scared.

It is always upsetting when you life changes because of things out of your control...at our age, we are from the times when people had one job until they retired. I know that is history, but man, this way is ridiculous. Flying from job to job, no continuity, no structure. What good can come of this anyway.

like the other poster mentioned, who cares about us anyway, really. the rich only care about getting richer, and that crap about giving the tax cuts to the rich and they will 'share it' - what a bunch of fools we have been.

thanks for sharing!
ROFLMAO - you're better off not knowing!
kids have no business even knowing about this!!
You're right, it doesn't, but it does help already knowing
the basics of medical terminology and such.
Hard to say without knowing your interests.

Try to find a site that helps you determine a good fit for your likes and skills. You may also want to consider some community college course(s) in subjects of interest to you to help determine where you want to go. Look at this as an opportunity to try something completely different if you're so inclined.

Without knowing the details of your finanacial situation . . .
it's impossible to know.  If you have good credit 18 points shouldn't be hard to do.  Didn't he have any other suggestions?  One thing you can do is, if you have a good banking relationship, get a small signature loan from that bank and pay it back in 30 days.  That will raise your score, but ONLY if the bank doesn't pull a credit report, since that takes off a few points.  Get a $500 or $1000 loan, let it sit in your account, and then pay it back.  It will only cost a month's interest and should raise your score enough.
They might not, but I would still get satisfaction knowing I didn't keep quiet about it. sm
And you know AHDI probably has the attitude of "well nobody has ever come to us telling us we're not working for them," or some such thing.
Sort of like passing your driving test and knowing. . .

That you'll never have to take it again!

Well, at least until you're 80.

never too young
I don't think you are ever too young to be worried about retirement!  I wish I had worried about it sooner...  you cannot expect a retirement check from any company, but you can do something about it yourself.  Go to your local financial institutions and start your own retirement fund - just contribute a certain percentage of your check each time you are paid and no matter how many times you change jobs, keep doing it.  It is there for you - you don't lose it just because you change jobs.  But you are right to be worrying about your future - more of us should be doing that!
ah, to be so young...
...as to have never used tapes -- what a lovely feeling that must be!
I'm sorry but i think you are too young to be on this board!
Smart Young Man

Your son sounds like a very smart young man. Not many kids these days truly care about their education. They look at high school as a party/social time, and dont look into the future what so ever, and said thing is a lot of our children are not getting the guidance from home either.

My son loves to learn and loves to be challenged and with him being home schooled we are able to do so.

And one other positive note on home schooling college intrance exams have shown that home schooled kids are just as smart if not smarter than those who go to public or private schools. The one on one they get is a big big factor in that.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!

I don't see a problem if someone does it once because of (1) young age, - sm
(2) circumstances...this girl has no clue who the father is, that is clear, (3) where they are at in life...in school is no time to have a baby. She would possible drop out, not have anything but a high school diploma for the rest of her life. How do you support yourself and a baby on $15K a year? Does she have understanding parents? Will the father pay support?(she'd have to have all the guys she slept with in the time period of conception tested). Someone that that young is not cut out to have a child....I can remember very clearly how I was then, and many are just not ready for the responsibility. Yes, many see abortion as shirking your responsibility because "you play you pay"; but you have to decide what is good and right for you and your circumstances, and the only one who can make that decision is the person who has to bear and raise the child or deal with their conscious if they decide to get an abortion. It's nobody's business but theirs. I think people who purposely don't use any form of BC then just get abortion after abortion because they are too lazy to get BCPs or condoms are WRONG for doing that. But people who are (1) stupid one time (2) get raped (as my roommate was); (3) just too young, i.e. in their teens, very early 20s--- have 1 pass. If my daughter came home and was in HS or college and said she was pregnant and wanted an abortion I would support her decision. I plan on drilling it into my kids heads never to have sex w/o a condom though and hopefully they will never have an unwanted pregnangy. I suppose you think my thinking is screwy and that is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes the world go around.
Wow, mine was young...
I got my daughter's ears pierced when she was 7 months old. I think I was 5 when my mom got mine pierced, and then I was 12 when I got my second holes.
Very young on both daughters - sm
Two weeks old on first daughter. One week old on second daughter.
Your young age is showing!
I remember the dictabelt, we had to mark it with chalk to know where to start it up. Talk about archaic! The times they are a'changin! (and for this part - the better!)
I don't know if you mean too young or too old. Companies

cannot legally ask you how old you are.   I quess they can get an idea of age based on work history though or if you put educational history on resume.  I'm nearly 50, but when I answer the phone I frequently have people ask to speak to my mother.  I've been offered a position with every company I've ever applied to. 

You donít sound too old with a young kid
but in my town we have a consumer person (who is a millionaire but well known to be really tight with his money), anyway he was talking about a place where he buys his glasses and only pays about $8.00 for them and these are prescription glasses. I used to wear glasses, had Lasik and now 20/30 in both eyes- in about 2001, I think. For close up work such as newspapers or books, I go to the dollar store and buy the $1.00- This is for me, not saying everyone can do this. I see no sense in paying $200.00 for a pair of glasses when you can get them much cheaper.
I used to be young and dumb but
when I came into some money, quite a bit of it, paid all my bills off. I only have my monthly bills now, utilities and such. It is a wonderful feeling but to the original post, it is here money and really if she wants to burn it, she can.
Young man, listen up.
Your a very intelligent person and you seem really mature to the world. Inside you feel like you are crumbling, I completely understand that. Remember ther is always a tomorrow and always something better out there. If you are not happy doing the work that you are doing, its not the work, there is something holding you back. You definitely need to see either a therapist or a TRAINED medical profession to talk about this with. And don't wait, do it NOW. So many times people wait and it becomes too late. You are going to be fine and God will help you through any challenges you come across. If the physicians give you medications, take it. If it has side effects, don't stop taking it, call your physician and he can put you on another medication that does not have those side effects.

This is going to be a very long and very rewarding process and you will start feeling better about yourself. Don't give up and don't listen to people who just tell you to suck it up and get a job. Obviously they have been so lucky to never have experienced depression before. I pray that you will only have the best of luck in all you do.
you are young and dumb. The nerve of you to say
why have children if you are going to put them in daycare.  When I was going to graduate school and working I became pregnant.  I didn't expect my husband to quit his job and I sure enough was going to stop graduate school my six months.  My triplets went to daycare and was fine.
working with young kids

I have been working at home since my first child was a day old and all I can say is you get used to it and so do they since they don't know any different.  I think it would be harder having them a bit older and then starting to work at home.  I took short breaks for feeding but worked during the regular work day other than that, just had the baby lying on a blanket next to my chair or in a bouncer seat or sometimes on my lap, and as he got older he started playing next to my desk.  The second time around I had twins, and well, that was a bit harder, but I fed them both at the same time and put them on the same feeding and nap schedules to maximize both work time and my sanity. 

Ya do what ya gotta do.

I was 18--so very, very young! Still married though after 31 years!

Oh, to be young again -Mondays all I want to do is crash.

However, I saw a stupid young woman on
television last night talking about outsourcing and she is so stupid. She had that only being 1% of the jobs. She needs a real lesson in this. No way is it only 1% of jobs. I just felt like coming through the TV and smacking her around a few times. LOL. These young do not understand. Maybe they will outsource her job and she will look at things differently.
What was wrong with trying to teach them when they were young?
I learned to dust, wash dishes, clean my room, etc., when I was about 5 years old, and it was part of our routine. Every week our chores would rotate and as we got old, we learned more. Same thing with cooking. You obviously let this go too long but now is the time to change it, not when you have a nervous breakdown.
SADDLE OXFORDS! I was young when I
Lady Bug and Villager were to clothesmakers of my adolesence. I remember the first 'instant poloroid'. You had to swipe the picture with this special chemical and let it dry.
Kikis just young/immature and does not...SM

Patti - give it up...not worth your time or your expertise, nor any of us well-seasoned (decades) professionals, and be sure to take some time for yourself. 

Nope! No longer consider too young. sm
Early spay or neuter (also known as "pediatric" spay/neuter) is pretty common now for shelters. It's been studied and found to be safe, and it helps keep shelters from inadvertantly contributing to the pet overpopulation proplem that they're trying to help solve. Not all vets offer it though.

Lots of websites and info. about it if you go to Google and type in "early spay neuter" but here's one:


You don't have to wait until 6 months old any more. For dogs, my vet (who is very cautious and took a long time to change his stance that they needed to be 6 months old first) likes to spay or neuter at 4 months of age, because it's after they've had all their shots, yet it's before (with females) they've gone into heat/estrus for the first time (health benefit to that - see above website - don't wait with your female dogs! ;O) For cats, I don't know if they get this same benefit from being spayed before their first heat cycle. One reason my vet changed it to 4 months is because he said he's seeing more dogs go into heat earlier than they used to. (Good diet = maturing earlier, like people? His theory, anyway.)

BTW, and I mean this is the nicest way (not trying to be the spelling police! LOL) it's spelled "spayed" rather than "spade" in this instance. :o)
I work around my kids. Mine are not as young as yours
but even when I had babies I worked before they got up, worked during nap time, worked a little after dinner when DH could watch them.   With my last one I put him in a Mother's Morning Out program for 15 hours/week at a church 2 miles from our house for 2 years during the school year.   I'm fortunate I have flexible hours that I can do that.   
I was at the store one day when a family with young kids came out.

The kids were fooling around in the parking lot and chasing each other around.  One of the boys, who was approximately 10 years old, jumped up and ran across the hood of a parked car in his cowboy boots.  He totally scratched up and dinged the hood of the car.  The owner, a pastor at a local church, told the parents about it.  The father denied it, then he tried to hit the pastor.  The police were called.  I took the car license number and testified as a witness.  These people are just a prime example of the poor excuses for parents that our country is full of.  The parents should have been publicly caned.

My parents would have beat my butt with a leather belt if I had dared touch someone else's property.  They never had to, though, because they told us how to behave and enforced it.  I'm not saying I never got spanked with a hand when I was young, but I knew it was a potential consequence.  My own kids know if they dare to damage someone else's property, they will pay for the repairs and be punished.  They are too old to spank, however, especially since they're bigger than me!  LOL  My kids also know what it's like to have their property stolen or damaged by other people.

My basset is not a couch potato like most, but he is young. nm
Unfortuntely, if you are young, a lot of times you DO have to be approved or (sm)
at least fight with them to pay it because of family history.  This whole insurance business is such a racket. 
I wouldn't, and didn't when the kids were young, but sm
these days I would find a responsible college student and pay them $10-12 per hour, with a minimum of the hourly rate for each separate trip.