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21 female - just me

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-09
In Reply to: Poll: Age/Sex of current MTs - MT student


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worst have been female, however, BEST have been female also.nm
36 YO Female

33 female


38 YO Female sm
Love it - been doing it since I was 17.
29-y/o Female MT

IC, working at home for 9+ years.  Love it!

31 - female
62, since 1985
56- FEMALE - MT 25+ - nm
LOL! 31 and female!
and a lot of errands to run!
36 and female...

46, female. nm
Female..hands down !

I swear, every account I've ever worked had one problem dictator.. always female !  One REFUSED to use macros, even on normals.. and she would always make sure she made every report unique, so that we couldn't sneak away with using a macro for her.  Another one spoke a hundred miles a minute.  I remember my first day with her.  She said something several times in her reports and I went crazy trying to figure it out.... lumbar spine ??  supine ??  Turns out she was saying "skip a line" !!  


That's why I use vg for the female part.


Who is better in the Medical Transcription? Men or women medical transcriptionists. I believe it has been a debate throughout decades who is better in this industry. Regardless of Race and regardless of Age. Let the battle begin... (hey its just for fun)

State your side: Age sex Location. No names Pls. and comments. Maybe Footonmyneck, SUN, Cheeseburger, Proud to be Indian, and the entire MT Stars gang can start it up. Its better than talking about outsourcing and MQ for a change.


47-year-old female
46-year-old female. nm.

41-year-old female
32yr old female
37-year-old female
45-year-old female
37-year-old female been an MT since I was 19. sm
When the hospital looked at my college courses they thought I would be a great fit for a part-time transcription job.

Had no clue what an MT was back then but they started me at $7.61 an hour which was a lot more than what all my friends were making back then.

With a lot of help from spellcheck, my trusty word books and a very patient old timer sitting next to me in the dept - it all worked out.
27-year-old Female
I'm a 27-year-old female MT (7 years) with a numb right wrist, but I love my job.  Started with Transcriptions Limited, then Medquist & Spheris, now thoroughly enjoying MT at a small but wonderful service.
44-year-old female.
26 y/o female - Virginia
33-year-old female.
Male MT or female MT
35-year-old female, AR
58-year-old female
44 female - Illinois
56--female, MTx30.
Female, age 47, MT since 1978
Female, age 57, since 1999


A 50-year-old female.
If you're a female then it's ....sm
going to be a worse adjustment than if you're male. Women have zero rights there and dogs are treated better here in the US. Would you want to have to keep your body veiled, never be able to speak against a man, have to walk behind them and have zero life? Then move there.

If you're a man then you don't have to deal with being treated like a slave but you will have to endure watching women being treated poorly.

I have a friend who went there to work as a paramedic in the early 90s because of the tax-free job stuff, but came back after 3 months because he couldn't stand watching women being treated the way they were.
27/female, one 2-year-old
29-y/o female w/2 kids
Im an IC with 7-different offices.  Yes, I stay pretty busy
#2 should be 82-year-old female,
#5 depends on how the client wants abbreviations (po versus p.o.) and according to BOS it is q.4h. with no space between the q. and the 4; #1 also depends on the client; I have one account that specifically states 2 spaces after periods and colons.
not all female here and 2 things...sm

You presume all MTs are *hens* = female - so #1 you are incorrect and #1....you *seem* to be living in a bubble. Do some research on Area 51....and then come back and comment some more.....and then don't forget about ALL govts and what all they do in secrecy......

AREA 51.......and all of Nevada!! 

Yes, especially if she is the alpha female, for
whatever unknown vibes dogs have, he is the alpha male to her! The head of the entire household/pack! My dogs are the same with my husband, who rarely gives them a glance. Yet they literally throw themselves at him..same thing. But, yes, she will be very happy to be with her adored alpha male.
Female Dictators
Okay, let me state up front, I know this is going to sound sexist, but I don't care.

Does anyone else cringe when they get female dictators?

In my 12+ years of transcription, I've had a handful of women dictators that I enjoyed. I miss them. We could have been sisters.

It seems like the majority of women dictators are either disorganized and full of "ahhhhhhs" or lack the basic knowledge that a human ear can only decipher words at a particular rate. And it helps if that rate is slow and steady. Instead of:

"hecomesintodayforbliganfoulainangioplarbaday ... and ... um ... he states ... um ... he is ... ahh ... feeling ... ... ... ... ... ... well. Physicalexamblooprezimafufpulbivafuweightofusy ... extremities ... um ... barkbuflowefbuckskiassplover ... um ... end of dictation."

Or maybe I'm just more forgiving to a deeper, soothing voice.

Either way, I have 2 hours of a female dictator that I HATE today, and I totally want to pull her hair.

Am I the only one?
female voices
I don't cringe, but if there is no accent and I can't understand a word it is usually with a female dictator. I have noticed this for years, too. Something about the tone I think. I've had some that are really soft talkers, and that is hard, but the overall tone for me is harder than a deeper male voice. I also have some that do rattle off standard dictation like a physical like you mentioned, and that's annoying unless I have some sort of macro made for them.

On a funny note, I've worked for two different companies who had call-in systems that would hang up on one of their female doctors in the middle of dictation because her voice would hit the exact tone of #5 on the keypad, which was to disconnect and the computer thought they had pushed it.
Female dictators
No, you aren't alone. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Out of my 14 years transcribing, I have only heard one or two that did not irritate me, have one currently that makes me want to scream.
female dictators
I'm totally with you!! Can't stand to get them. They are either muffled or too fast or changing their mind
female vs male
I would rather listen to a male dictator as well, depending on how low his tone is.  I do have one female that I do like.  She is actually very good, very organized.  What I do hate, with a passion, is a female ESL dictator.  That is the worst of both worlds.  Talk about REALLY not knowing what the heck they are saying!!!
oh yeah, female docs for me, too

I have a hard time with their tones, too, or else when they are soft spoken.

The first company I worked for had a dial-in system for which number 5 was for disconnect.  This one female doctor's voice would just hit the right tone that matched the sound of #5 and she kept hanging up on her own reports.  We really didn't know what we could do about that, so we just got a laugh out of it.

can't think of one female who dictates well, IMHO.

46-year-old female - Wisconsin

52-year-old female Memphis, but
native NYer by heart.
50-year-old female Alabama
Broomtown, Alabama, near Summerville, Georgia.
49-year-old female (and holding!)

40-year-old female - Virginia