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IRS is not processing ANY tax returns sm

Posted By: heads up on 2008-01-19
In Reply to: Rapid Refund - GF

until at least Feb 11, when the new software is in place.  You may be talking about and H.R. Block type place that figures you return, for a price, then cuts you a check.  But IRS not sending checks or processing until Feb 11.

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check your old tax returns
to see what your status was checked. If "nonemployee compensation" was checked, then you were an independent contractor and owe the money. If it was not checked, then the IRS is in error.
See last years returns
A lot depends on your status -- are married?   If so, your husband can overwithold and you can pay that way.    If not, look at last year's return and see what your income was, how much you paid and compare that to what you will be making as an IC this year.   See what your tax liability was last year.  You might have more deductions as an IC for your net income on which you will base your SS and tax liability -- all get paid into the same place.   You can divide that by 4, go onto the IRS web page and print out Quarterly coupons and send in that amount if you do not want to have your husband overwithold.   If you don't owe much the penalty is  not that much.  But as I have said before, for the first year or two as an IC I suggest people seek out an accountant to help them get started.  It is hard to give advice without seeing the entire financial picture.  But first place to start is your last years return compare to this year's earnings and go from there.  Again, though if you have a husband working or have a second job as an employee just overwithold from either as it is easier than trying to save and pay quarterlies.   Good luck.  IRS page has a lot of good advice.    Patti
it is likely they are processing your medical
I'll bet she meant that's how long the lines are before it returns. nm
Personally I don't charge for tabs and hard returns - sm
but then again it would not make a big difference for me. I just went over my last invoice and re-did it including spaces, tabs and hard returns, my invoice went up a whole $1.70. I will live w/o the extra $3.40 a month. On another point, I try not to put 2 spaces after my last period of each report (mine are just single block paragraphs on each patient) so I don't "pad" the invoice that way either. Now if I did a lot of reports with tabs and returns then I probably would bill for them, as it is a keystroke. As for how to phrase it, I thought you have already put it quite well, but I think asking for a cent raise might be too much, .005 would probably more than compensate you for your "loss" if you don't count the tabs/returns anymore. Run an invoice and see what the $$$ would be with .005 and .01 raises. Good luck.
Please name a post office processing
We are talking about handling mail for the US postal service. Not any other entity. Inmates are not allowed to handle mail anywhere in the United States. It is absolutely forbidden by the federal government.  Name a center where inmates handle mail.
Did you check your processing speed?
I would see how fast your processing speed is through your internet company. My eScription got really slow for a while and the cable company came out and replaced something and now it is super fast. I have an "older" computer too. Pentium III, 797 MHz, 384 MB of RAM.
Does your word processing program
have "search and replace" feature? That should do what you want.
data processing...medical charges
okay, so I've been doing medical data processing for a clinic for the past four months and the office lifestyle is NOT for me. Does anyone have information on work at home medical billing? I sure would like a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
They hand your credit card #'s when processing orders - why not mail?
It is common knowledge inmates work by processing internet and catalog orders. They hand credit card numbers every day. How can you even trust to place an order anymore, not knowing who is actually processing your order? It is surprising what inmates are allowed to do. Some live better than us behind bars!
Vista is just the operating system. You buy the word processing software separate...sm...


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Our tax returns are outsourced. Our credit history is outsourced. Our employers know everything
our age, our residence, our credit (if they want it), any criminal activity, etc.  What is new here?  You apply for health insurance and your employee knows your health background.  What is new here?  Privacy is long gone.