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IT users email at WMX

Posted By: springle on 2009-04-23
In Reply to: Don't give up your friend just yet.... sm - m

Please ask our training person to get on the Instant Text email group at Webmedx. (Lori) We all help each other out! Productivity Talk is an awesome site too, but sometimes they don't have the tricks we need to use in the platform specifically.

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Please leave an email or email me at my address....click the email button. Thanks...nm
If you are having any problems validating your email addy, please email support@mtstars.com
KVMs $20-60. One internet connection. You'd have no email or a 2nd email acct for your 2nd puter.
I don't understand. I didn't get email from MT Stars, I got email from offshore people
is what I'm talking about. I'm not a liar and take offense to your insinuation.
They can send an email that goes to all MTs in one shot. I think she just means a courtesy email
would be nice. MQ is not getting any easier. My account has been picked over thoroughly when it went on DQS by ASR and I get all the remains because they only have a core group doing ASR which I think is wrong because you get all the bad dictators and it would be nice to be acknowledged that at least you know the person you can discuss problems with as they crop up. This is a big one and we have no manager anymore and no one to discuss this with at all in my office so you just sit here very day doing this work and no way to vent to someone that could offer some suggestions on this and other issues that come up to help relieve some of the stress of working this way.
Just send an email to the email link inside the post.
Again, because you entered your email address, you CAN receive email from anyone, but THEY

e-mail address because it is not revealed when they send mail because we have spam protection in place.  The only way they would know what your email address is, is if you reply to the email they send you.  If you don't want to receive any email from anyone, simply do not enter your email address in the Email field.


I intended to email it- already email the mods to remove
Not through the MTStars email server. Your email address is NOT
visible to anyone.  The only way your employer would know it is you is 1) if you respond when someone emails you, or 2) they recognize the way you write. 
tried to email, invalid poster or email it said nm
San Antonio; email me; I can give you email for MT sm

who is in San Antonio and may be able to help you.

I'm in Corpus.

To AOL users
Please note that once the email validation system (EVS) is operational on all boards (today), the ban on specific AOL IP addresses will be removed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thanks to one or two problem posters, we had no choice but to place the ban until EVS is in place.

If you have any questions, please email admin@mtstars.com.
Any green tea users out there?

I have tried green tea on 2 separate occasions and both times experienced what appears to be bloody stools with it.  As soon as I stop the intake of the tea, the blood goes away.  I really like the tea as it does a good job of promoting energy and weight loss, but I cannot understand why it causes this reaction.  Would anyone have any idea why this happens?  Is there another natural energy booster I can try?  Thanks for any and all help. 

It is MQ-wide for DQS users?
Well, I sure would hope it would be for SE's too, as some of us also use DQS.  I havent heard anything, nor gotten a letter or check..Im wondering is it MQ-wide?  All of MQ that uses DQS?  Or could it be just certain regional offices did not have the count of lines set up right?
TransNet users
1.  Have long have you been using TransNet?  Is it hard to learn?


2.  Does it work with Word 2003?


3.  Do you d/l the files through a modem or through a cable or DSL line?


4.  If you have a cable or DSL line ... how long would it take for you to download, say, all of the Alta Bates or Sequoia reports. I ask about those only because I can translate that into lines in my head. IOW, "it takes 1 hour to d/l a full day of Alta Bates." This way I could figure out where things would stand on one of the accounts I work on.


5.  Would you rather use TransNet or C-phone? Why (whatever your choice is) <-- this is the critical question, so feel free to go into detail


6.  What happens if you've download a batch of files and your hard drive crashes? Are those files gone forever or are the "originals" still on the master system?

Flashtype users?
I recently downloaded Flashtype expander.  I like the set up of being able to put in what I want but I am having trouble with capitalization.  I work in Meditech and the CAPS status sometimes changes for no reason.  This program is also suppose to print in all CAPS if wanted but this does not happen either except only occasionally.  It also does not capitalize the word at the beginning of a sentence if it is typed so such as Copd, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  It does all lower case.  Is there something I can do or is just a program error or is it just using it with certain programs such as Meditech?
Just wanting to know if any IT users

would care to share tips on getting started with Instant Text, especially the best way to go about customizing the glossaries . . . just received my IT and I'm anxious to get going, but it does seem that there is a learning curve and takes some getting used to.


Thanks to all!

For DSL users..... is it possible to use a C-phon
and still have your home phone hooked up and running for calls?  I remember trying to get a fax machine to work about a year ago and I ended up getting a new phone line for that because it ended up being too much trouble and SBC was of no help.  Any suggestions?
DocQscribe users sm

Does anyone work for more than 1 company that uses DocQscribe.  I work for 1 company with DocQScribe and just got a part-time job at another company that uses DocQscribe.  Is there any way to use DocQscribe for 2 companies on 1 computer?


? for TransNet users
What do you use to listen to the dictation, and where do you plug it in?
EXText Users - help
I too am looking for ways to cut keystrokes. For those who use EXText and the Word client, can you tell me how to set it up to automatically start each sentence with a capital letter? Also, how do you set it up to space twice after a sentence?

Thanks again!
Vianeta Users

I have read old posts from users who do not like Vianeta.  I would like to hear from those MTs who have used this software and like working with it.  Is it better since the new owners took over?  Do you prefer Vianeta to any other software?  What is your favorite feature? I am not a Vianeta representative, just interested in your opinion.



Shorthand users

I'm not sure if this will help you or not but it can't hurt to check. 

On the autoreplace options page in ShortHand there's a box called "options" after the line for Use Alt+Ins to add current word to dictionary. Click on the options and make sure there is not a blank space in the keyword suffix box. 

It used to make me nuts because every time I created a new shorthand entry it would put a space and . behind it and I had to manually delete them.  I did that for 5 years before someone told me about that suffix box and sure enough the space and period were in there. 

Hope this helps. 


Wow 335 users on this site right now
you-know-who was here. 
Meditech Users

Help!!!!    Question for IC MTs who use Meditech currently. I need to get another

"Medical/Pharmacological Spellchecker.  What do some of you have and use right now?

I work PT for this hospital but and the only spellchecker they have on Meditech is called this:  Proximity Merriam-Webster Database Dictionary.  It does not have drugs on it per say. 

Bought a Stedmans but now people tell me that will not work and I have not tried it yet.   I do have PCShorthand but there are no drugs on it either.  

Does anyone know what would work?   Thanks



EditScript users
I have a few questions about Editscript that I was hoping someone could help me with. The tech requirements state that USB infinity pedal version 14, and of course, I have the "non version 14" one. Does anyone know where I can get a version 14 one? The specs also state that Editscript is only compatible with Norton or McAfee, but I have a paid version of AVG and was hoping that I would not have to switch. Is there a free version of Mcafee? Geez..so many things to figure out. Any help would be appreciated!
Question for VR users...

Just a quick question for everyone who is willing to respond:  When doing VR reports, do you listen, read/proof and upload or do you listen, read/proof, proof again and upload?  I am just trying to figure out what everyone else is doing.  Thanks .

meaningful EHR users

Electronic Health Record Users

Beginning in 2011, physicians and hospitals can receive bonus payments under Medicare and Medicaid if they are found to be "meaningful EHR users." But with all the talk surrounding "meaningful," what does it all mean from the physician's point of view?
The federal government has said they might publish criteria for the definition of "meaningful use" of electronic health records as early as June 16, according to the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association, a trade group for EHR firms. And with June 16th right around the corner, this survey is meant to explore the value of the physician narrative as it relates to electronic documentation and the meaningful use of an EHR, as well as shed light on what meaningful EHR use is.

Express Scribe users?? sm
Getting ready to take on a side job in which I will be using Express Scribe. Did a search and couldn't find any posts since '04. Anybody out there now using it have any comments? Seems pretty straight forward and easy to use. Have already downloaded and it works with my current foot pedal already..so that seems to be good since that was the only issue I really saw on previous posts. Thanks for your time! :)

Question for Shorthands users....sm

1.  Can you import AutoText entries into this program?

2.  What's their website?

For all Bytescribe waveplayer users, I need help - sm

Does the Bytescribe waveplayer version 4.3 or 6 work with the Docshuttle bytescribe program or do I need to have different software.

I can't open compressed wave files from the Bytescribe Utility Export program.  Anyone have any answers?

I was on the phone with BS today for 2 hours, and still no answer as to why - I think I need another version of bytescribe waveplayer to work correctly - any thoughts on this or has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks for your help

Editscript/Escription users
Am I the only person who has a squatty hourly average line count with this system? I would love to hear from those who don't mind sharing how many lines you average an hour.

For those of you who are thinking about posting a response that says 'I don't give out this info'...save it please.
My question is for people who ARE willing to share this info.

Editscript/Escription users
I'm worse off than you. What does Editscript/Escription stand for?
IT users?? Need ideas on how to record (sm)

the rad report MR#s, DVI#s, Accession #s in IT so to save me time.  This is radiology and at times, recording the exam numbers takes longer than typing the report, so hopefully, you understand. 

My idea is to open a daily list on the blank page of the IT screen and then save it at the end of the day.  Does this sound plausible to you?

Thanks for your feedback! 

Rad MT

DocQScribe Platform Users

Does anyone use the DocQScribe platform and think the line count is correct?  When I worked at MQ, after switching to DQS, my line count went down, down, down.  They did later reimburse us for an inaccurate line count, but this makes me hesitate to work for any other company that uses DQS. 

To anyone using this NOT working at MQ - it is set up so you can only get 2 jobs at a time and when you sign off your job it is automatically sent?  (I hated this feature at MQ) Would appreciate any comments about this. 

Shorthand users. Can you tell me how to set up an entry for...sm
today's date and yesterday's date so it will expand correctly?  TIA
Question for any Pilates users

If I understand it right, there are different styles or versions of Pilates.  Which one is the best?  Does Pilates use a lot of "wild" music or is it more instruction based?  Would Pilates be good for someone who is not able to walk much on the treadmill because of knee issues?  I have heard that people have good results with this program.  I'm looking to start a new diet here and looking for an alternative exercise program other than walking.  But - I don't like loud, wild music so many exercise dvd's are out for me.

Scribe platform users...
Need some help...I was typing on scribe platform this morning and for some reason I could not access anything on my toolbar...I would click on it and then nothing would happen...any ideas or has this happened to anyone else?
NOTICE: To all BayScribe users

Here is the email to the creators/owners of BayScribe.  Let's flood them with complaints about their lousy spellchecker and maybe they will do something about it.


Curious..Any C-phone users out there? (nm)
If you use EMDAT, you may not have to purchase one of the Start Stop pedals that they say you have to.  When you are ready to sign onto InScribe, there is an options box, click on that and hopefully you will see the system that you already have.  If not, I suggest you load express scribe and then you can use it.  Just thought somebody out there would find this info helpful.  Hope it helps someone.
? for Meditech/Citrix users

Okay, aggravation.  Still have dail-up.  Had appt. to have cable hooked up tomorrow morining they just discovered today they don't run cable where I live, which incidentally is only about 3 miles out of the nearest town!

Typing in Meditech via Citrix metaframe.  Due to current with delay from dail up I am typing body of report in Word and pasting into Meditech which has speeded things up a great deal.

I was planning to have satellite hooked up next week.  Before I chunk out that money, I know satellite is very slow with a VPN and that the Citrix metaframe may work similarly. 

Anyone out there working in Meditech via Citrix Metaframe ON SATELLITE without problems.  I read that it can slow it down 50-75%?


Help!  I want to move to the country where apparently DSL is about as rare as an honest politician... with slighltly better luck with cable.

I'm reading here from time to time (jobs) that "satellite won't work).  Anyone know why?  Is it the reliability of signal or something? Because it shouldn't be a speed issue.

Also, what about wireless?  Anyone with success stories about using either of these modalities?

Thanks for your help





Escription users, question.

Anyone using an adapter with their foot pedal?  I got a Belkin adapter to use my footpedal with my laptop.  It has been working pretty well but I am having one problem and wondering if anyone has a solution.

When I stop and try to start again sometimes I hear no sound.  The audio is playing but I'm not hearing it.  A few taps and it works well again.  Not a huge issue, but pretty annoying. 

Anyone have similar problems?  Anyone know how to fix this?



Any Magicjack users have any luck...sm
getting their foot pedal to work again?  Mine's still not working, and I was really  hoping it was a short-lived bleep in the system. 
SOS! Any iType iPlayer users
I am starting a new job with this platform which I have never used before.  For reasons I don't care to get into (don't get me started) I am without a foot pedal until next week, so I am trying to use audio hot keys.  The hot keys on my laptop quick launch buttons only work with iTunes.  I tried to use the "help" button on the iPlayer but it does not display (it drives me crazy when I find out that for whatever reason, MTs are blocked from using help features!).  Does anybody know if iPlayer has audio hot keys or if there is someplace on the web I can find help with iPlayer?  I am looking at the FutureNet website at the moment, but so far, no luck. 
Question for Escription users

I would like to know what your line count is hourly.  I use my hot keys and average around 350 lph, which I now am seeing is on the low side.  I just want to know how to get up to 500-60 or more lph.  How do you proof?  I also wonder if it is the company I work for.  I know that they hire a lot of newbies, so I am constantly having to make corrections in the text because people are just not following the style guide.  I do not think there is a single report that I do that I do not have to make adjustments on, even though the doc says the exact same thing every time!!  Any productive advice is appriciated. 

Instant Text Users
I have been using Instant Text for about 2 months now, and I really like it.  I am in the process of tweeking it to my docs, etc.  I have a questions in regards to productivity.  I have set formats that I just pop in which as information that the docs say all the time, such as in the physical examination.  However, they do change things here and there, and I have to add and delete at times.  Would it be more productive to have these sentences in Instant Text to pop in, or leave as is and do the editing as I read along while the doctor is dictating? 
ChartScript Users PLEASE READ

Hi All - If you are using ChartScript, could you tell me how many lines per hour you average on that platform?  You can either respond to this post or email me.

Thank you!!

question for laptop users sm

Some of you say you can work from anywhere, etc., have heard of people using them in your car. It seems to me there are very strict rules about hours you absolutely have to work, so how can you manage this and travel as well? I would love to find some work on laptop as my back is killing me, but I don't think I could be on as rigid a schedule as some require. I would love to work when I can from a laptop, is that a possibility? Are there any flex time positions, which is a silly question in this economy - seems like there are almost no positions left at all! Love to hear from you. Hate to give up, also it seems you can't have as much memory on a laptop as a desktop. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places and not savvy enough as to equipment and time schedule requirements.

Any EditScript Users cannot afford
To upgrade.  Just received notification that all must upgrade to Windows XP and Word 2003 or 2007. Anyone finding this difficult at this time of the year with no work?  At the moment, I am blaming Bill Gates.  Anyone want to vent?