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They can send an email that goes to all MTs in one shot. I think she just means a courtesy email

Posted By: MTMQ on 2005-08-04
In Reply to: Elizabeth...sm - MQ2

would be nice. MQ is not getting any easier. My account has been picked over thoroughly when it went on DQS by ASR and I get all the remains because they only have a core group doing ASR which I think is wrong because you get all the bad dictators and it would be nice to be acknowledged that at least you know the person you can discuss problems with as they crop up. This is a big one and we have no manager anymore and no one to discuss this with at all in my office so you just sit here very day doing this work and no way to vent to someone that could offer some suggestions on this and other issues that come up to help relieve some of the stress of working this way.

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Just send an email to the email link inside the post.
Please leave an email or email me at my address....click the email button. Thanks...nm
Email me and I will send you one in .pdf
I may be with the same... send an email...
Send me an email
And I may be able to help a little.  I'm working with a man who is branching off of his parent's MT service in Florida who has done the research, and is now working on finding the doctors interested in upgrading from tape to digital for their service.
Too big to send by email

I actually need advice on two matters:

1.  My doctor's office received a file that is too big to send by email - and I only have dial up, so even worse.  They are planning to send this to me by USB flashdrive.  I need advice on how to work with this when it comes.  How will I get it into Express Scribe so that the foot pedal will work?

2.  I am starting my planning to set up my laptop for traveling.  I have a desk PC now and will be using both, depending upon where I am at.  What do I need to do to get Express Scribe, etc. to accommodate this.  Any details are greatly appreciated. 


Send me an email, probably know why
Do you normally send your work each day as 1 email ? - sm
If that is the case, then make sure you save all the sent emails (I save it all) and then all you have to do is bring up her email address, select all the appropriate emails that were all ready sent, hit forward for all of them and enter in her email. Should take you less than 5 minutes to do all this and be relatively painless. --- if this does not work, yes, go for the billing route, she should be saving the work or at least keeping a backup copy of it for a min. of 3 months. I could see a file now and then but not all the time as she is doing. Very disorganized. Good luck.
It is fair to send email sm

ask then via email, if they would mind sharing what is the lowest to the highest line rate offered, prior to test taking, resume and interview as this will save valuable time on both sides.   This is what I do, won't continue to waste my time (takes a lot of time) and end up with some ridiculous offer.  NOPE.

A few months ago, without knowing I was being hired to voice recognition until after the fact, was offered 5.7 for voice recognition and 9 for straight typing.  Of course, there was only a dribble of regular MTing, , so it averaged out making 6.7 cents a line.   It comes in as combo into the platform so 90+ was voice recognition and is broken down on the line count log.

So say had a total of 200 lines - and 90 percent (80 lines) was VR at 5.7 cents a line.= $4.56.   I bet some get even less VR rate too..

That leaves 20 percent (20 lines)  at 9 cent a line= $1.80. 

(get about a third of what you could get making no less than say 8.5/line) They want to dump the stuff into a computer to see how it reads it and you unscramble, need to put in the account specifics, it does not recognize beginning and ending of sentences correctly.  Ugh

Say you made at LEAST 8.5 a line somewhere for 200 lines= $17.00 and deserve more for sure,  One is reconstructing the ENTIRE report, could type it faster and it was exhausting (arms and shoulders, wrists, rwith all the extra key strokes to do it and of course not paid for this part.  Just an inexpensive way for them to unscramble the junk, insist on 98+ accuracy, so and so line count.  NOT ME .


It means I saw an email stating this, but it was not addressed to me.
Why can't you send the notes back by email
them in the hospital?  That's what I used to do.  Zipped and encrypted the files and they received and printed them at the hospital.
Please feel free to send me an email regarding...
your post. My response is far too long to post here, and could possibly be deleted if I provide names.

Anyone can send an email by clicking on your posts
and clicking reply by email. They won't see your email address unless you respond to them, but they can send and email. Anyone. You have to report the email to MTStars admin as spam. There is a link to click in any email that comes through our servers. If you don't notify admin, they can't block the email address. Please, please, please report them and do not respond. If you respond, you are freely showing them your email address.
They'll send an email out when they need extra work done.
The bonuses are tied to taking on extra work on top of your regular workload, not production or longevity.  It's per extra shift or per extra report on backlogged accounts.  Call and talk to them if you have any questions.
post your email address and I will send links to you (nm).

Becky, email me and let me know what print it was and I'll send you out another one.
It is not a breech of privacy to send unencrpyted email...

the healthcare provider , i.e. the doc, establishes the standards for protecting privacy of records. You (or your service) is the Business Associate who COMPLIES with whatever standards the doctor sets. Some docs send files by email, some want encryption. Hospitals, obviously, generally do more locking down on their stuff, as they are more open to lawsuits. All YOU have to do to be HIPAA compliant is to COMPLY witih the standards the doc sets. It is not up to you to set them. Also what you and everyone else forgets about HIPAA is it is a two part process. Not only does the patient's medical records have to be disclosed BUT the patient must also suffer a loss because of the disclosure. So even if your doc stands out on the street and tells passers-by about Mrs. So and So and her athlete's foot, unless she incurs a loss from that, it's not a HIPAA violation. Remember this whole thing came about because a pharmacy tech went home and told her high school son that another classmate's father was coming in for HIV drugs...get the picture? Something private was disclosed inappropriately and that's how the girl found out her father was HIV positive.


Microsoft Outlet will send encrypted email...sm...
Click tools, options, security, encrypt outgoing messages.
I use Abacus and send by email/WinZip encrypted. nm

don't cancel ADVANCE subscriptions - just send an email or letter

detailing how disgusted you are with the fact that they are promoting offshore training and offshoring transcription.  This is the third article on this sort of topic that the magazine has done in a year. 

I find this particularly offensive because so many hospitals/medical record departments get the magazine and if they see this, then companies like Spheris, CBay, Healthscribe, and others will be getting called to come do their transcription!


So please, don't cancel your subscription, just voice your opinion and comments.  Thank you.

If you are having any problems validating your email addy, please email support@mtstars.com
KVMs $20-60. One internet connection. You'd have no email or a 2nd email acct for your 2nd puter.
I don't understand. I didn't get email from MT Stars, I got email from offshore people
is what I'm talking about. I'm not a liar and take offense to your insinuation.
I have a call in system and also use tapes. We send completed reports via encrypted email.
I use MPCount, which is a free line counting program that you can download and it works great.
Becky, I found your email. I will send out another Crow's Gift tomorrow morning. It will be seale

Again, because you entered your email address, you CAN receive email from anyone, but THEY

e-mail address because it is not revealed when they send mail because we have spam protection in place.  The only way they would know what your email address is, is if you reply to the email they send you.  If you don't want to receive any email from anyone, simply do not enter your email address in the Email field.


I intended to email it- already email the mods to remove
Not through the MTStars email server. Your email address is NOT
visible to anyone.  The only way your employer would know it is you is 1) if you respond when someone emails you, or 2) they recognize the way you write. 
tried to email, invalid poster or email it said nm
San Antonio; email me; I can give you email for MT sm

who is in San Antonio and may be able to help you.

I'm in Corpus.

Can you email me? Email inside
Please email me as I need to find a good employer--trying to get rid of those golden handcuffs!  Thanks.  lsmithes@hotmail.com
and I also got an email in my home email--sm
address for a similar type of *job opportunity* today, although it was not this person's name. I can't believe the presumptiveness of some of these people! Don't they realize that they are taking jobs away from us and probably doing something illegal, to boot? I sent the email to the authorities this morning after reading it. T'd me off!
what is your email so I can email you
about some companies to look into and maybe find a company that fits you.
email me
email me.
You can email me
I would be more than happy to try and answer what you need to know. Email me at sonataprincess@gmail.com

email me
email me
Thanks, Sent you email. - nm
Please email it to me
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
sent you email nm

What's your email?
I can send you one.
Hey MI-MT, could you email me please? sm
I'd really like to find out where you're working, if you don't mind saying.  I'm looking for oncology work too.  Thanks!
Not sure how to do the email.
It is hard to meet people here. Can see the Strip from my upstairs window, but not much of a gambler. Not quite ready for the senior center yet, but bingo can be fun. I'm a hockey fan, so golf would kill me.
How can you let someone email you from here?
What is the way to let someone contact you w/o putting your email address?
Email me if you like

There should be a reply by email option.  I don't see it for you, but if you want to email me you can.



I got the same email and I can't go along with it

They'll have to supply a computer for me and if it is because of this restriction, then it will have to be free to me.  This company monitors this board very closely also so I'm glad to see the responses here.   I don't  keep my email on my hard drive anyway. I keep my email on my email server and not on my hard drive.  I wonder if I would be required to give them my personal log in information to my email server?

Hmm, this should be interesting.

Did not get the email

I, by accident, posted the wrong email address.  It ought to be (e-mail address edited out of post), so if you could resend it, I would be most appreciative.


Post edited:  No e-mail addresses in posts, please.  Moderator

why not just email her??
I could email it to you.. it's not very big. nm
email them at...
I think it's admin@mtstars.com.
Can you pls email me?
If would be willing to share what format the voice files are? .wav .dss or ?? I would like to check and see if I can find a player. Thank you.