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If all IC's understood what that IC means, maybe...

Posted By: casey on 2006-08-03
In Reply to:

there wouldn't be such a problem with the quality of pay for MT's.  An independent contractor does NOT need to accept 5-6-7 cpl for their work and does not have to abide by MTSO's demands for overtime, etc.  An IC tells THEM what she/he will do and how much she/he will charge the MTSO for their services.  It's your business and you set the rules.  I know this won't happen on a large scale now because too many people are desperate for the work and will agree to work for next to nothing.  Too bad, because if all IC's set their pay scale like they should have in the beginning, the MTSO's would have to pay it in order to get their work done and would have to charge their clients enough to cover the costs. 

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it's spelled right. Exo means outside and you know what phrenic means. nm
yep, I understood what you were saying!



It's not fun to go through. I was so stressed the whole time. I often wonder if all of the transcriptionists went through the same thing at the place I worked.  I could understand if it is a huge deal or something, but that was out of hand.

Best thing I ever did for myself was move on!

I don't think you understood ...
She said that she was let go and is not under contract now and he is still calling asking questions, even though she is not working for them. I believe she should charge for his services also.
The way I understood the OP
it IS her company as in, she owns it. So, if that is the case, she absolutly has the right to demand that the company name, logo, or anything associated with it be taken down. Especially if it is plaster over a website that displays explicit sexual pictures. It is not about whether or not a person is homosexual, it is about the appearance of the company.

If the employee wants to plaster naughty pictures of herself, whatever. To each their own BUT, if it could possibly portray the company in a bad light, she should absolutely not put the company name out there on her personal website. It's bad taste.
At least you understood him.
I understood what you
Some people just want to jump to the worst conclusion.  I understood exactly what you were saying.  You are trying to earn less then $900.  Why people are so judgmental about other people's circumstances is amazing.  Talk about self-righteous.
At any time it was understood sm
that I would leave the room at the patient's request.  I had to have HIPAA training just like the nurses or anyone else there.  I was under oath to not disclose any info about any patient and I took that seriously.  Most patients did not mind me being there and if they did then I left so they could discuss in more private.  I always had to type in whatever was discussed in the room afterwards so I still knew what had went on. 
Actually I never understood what was so special about them
I wouldn't care one way or another if I never heard another Beatles song again
Well, I am not positive, but the way I understood it--sm
was that the bill *strongly encouraged* physicians to upgrade and make paper medical records available on some type of electronic system so they could be accessed by computer. I do not necessarily believe that all doctors are going to be *forced* to use the EHR system for transcription...just so the records can be accessed on line by any physician anywhere. that is all. but that is just my understanding of it and again, I could be wrong. Sounds like she was just trying to scare you! She better be careful, maybe they will sign a bill allowing for robots to take over all nursing professions too. lol. j/k.
What is not understood here is unlike some others,
I am not in the situation to where I have to work, do it now because I have just worked so long, could retire, really don't want to do that so I am satisfied with my salary- even at the 8 cent straight and 4 cents editing, bring home every 2 weeks over $1000 and that is fine with me, no bills, no young kids, no worries.
Okay. Doctors that cannot be understood. Does
I am an employee and that is the way I understood it too - nm
That's how I understood the sentence...
Units being the subject. I was QA'd today. I was marked off for spelling out HCTZ which is on the dangerous abbreviation list. I pointed that one out to my supervisor.
WE understood her just fine

You're just making yourself look really silly now. 

Yes, thank you, that's how I understood your post.
No specific reference to newbies was made.
I've never understood why some people consider...

certain jobs to be more important than others.  The old cliche "Any job worth doing is worth doing well" comes to mind. 

I believe that a person what does for a living doesn't have any bearing on how valuable that person is or how important that person is.  Some of the most wonderful people I've ever known don't have what some might feel are "important" jobs, but they are wonderful people nonetheless.

And, some people who have what some might consider higher class jobs (boy, I hate that outlook) are some pretty miserable human beings.

People are people . . . and their worth isn't tied to their job in my book.  I want to be a good person, and what I do for a job doesn't have anything to do with that.

If a store manager is a good person, doing a good job, he's  to me. 

I wish some people would get off their high-horse! 

I started posting as a former bank manager in a thread about consumer credit counseling.  It seemed relevant at the time. 

True, you understood me perfectly. (sm)
And some education in communication.  Apparently, they are not looking at the whole picture and if they stepped out of the business they would be able to look at things from outside of the golden cuffs.
I never understood why NASCAR is the biggest

to watch cars go round and round and round and round for hours, days, weeks, months, years.......I get the gambling side of NASCAR but I don't get that it truly is (and IT TRULY IS!!!) the biggest spectator sport out there.

Haha...I read it once and understood exactly
what she said. She didn't get the face lift.
Understood. Sending a smile your way for a better day. nm
Believe it or not, only now I understood what you really meant in your post,
you meant that she should pose as an Indian, then she would be hired, that's funny!
I don't add it to the beginning as the noun is understood, especially if it a verbatim
account I would not change it.
I've always understood a CC to be an exact copy
I hope I understood your problem correctly:
You have on the back of your computer only 1 USB port for your footpedal, no serial port.
Your footpedal has a 9-pin plug, a male one.

What you need is an adapter that has on 1 end the USB plug to be put into the USB port on the back of the computer tower and on the other end a 9-pin plug (female) for your foot pedal.

After you connected these, you have also to set the right footswitsch option in your computer:

control panel/footswitch settings/USB port.

Hope this helps.
No, you're not missing anything. I understood it to read the same thing.... nm
If patient is gravida 0 shouldn't para 0 be understood?
If it looked like a guess, I totally would have understood, but it doesn't.
I think what she means is....

Kent State had a lot of conflict when Nixon declared war and the students were rioting.  They were vandalizing and burning property, fighting.  They called in guardsmen.  The guardsmen threw tear gas canisters into the crowd to disperse them and the crowd starting throwing them back.  The guardsmen started shooting into the crowd.  People are still not sure why they started shooting.  I think nine people were shot, 2 died or something like that. 

Anway, I see the point though.  Things happen at college, does that mean you shouldnt send your kids?  And if you do, are you a bad parent and deserve to be judged? 

What about the parents that send their kids to school the day of the Columbine High School shooting.  I guess they deserved it because they were there?

Please tell me what this means...
I have been trying to figure out for the last five days since I started frequenting this site...but what in the world does it mean when people put things like nm and sm in their posts?  This is driving me NUTS!!
Not sure what that means. Can you
tell me what ME in the letter from MQ mean? Thanks.
What she means is (sm)
that DocQScribe does not count the characters that you input into the demographics screen, even if you have to do it all with nothing imported. This means that characters MTs previously were paid for -- patient name, dates of service, referring physicians' names, courtesy copy names/addresses, are not compensated. If you do a lot of little reports, that will mean a HUGE decrease in line count, whereas the impact won't be so bad if you do mostly long consults. Unfortunately most companies seem to be going this way, even the very nice company I'm working for now which has me hunting through blurred PDFs of faxes to find the patient information (I'm hanging in there because it's a new account and they say they'll have the demographics imported). At MQ and DSG DQS paid for spaces; I've heard that Accuscribe does not. The "red headers" are paid for. As you say, it's simple to check your line counts using Word or MedPen's counting program.

As lovely a platform as DQS is, the overall opinion seems to be that line counts drop dramatically when using it. I don't know if that's really always true since the second day I worked for DSG I did 1500 lines, but I know that I had to leave MQ after DQS as I never was able to make the money I felt I needed. There are still a few good companies out there, but you have to really search them out.
You know what I think this means? sm
The letter says pay rates are based upon experience, skill, and work difficulty.

This leads me to believe, in conjunction with what you are saying, that our rates will be based on the above criteria. Each MT has probably been evaluated and given some rating score or something that will determine each of our "specialized new" base pay.

What I'm anxious about is the fact SE is not mentioned. I have a feeling (JUST a feeling -- since employee was the only word used) they are doing away with SE. If so, no more quarterly bonus and the IRS perks that go along with SE status. That will make me VERY sad.
does anyone know what this means...sm

When I try to log on to DQS, I get a message that states that my user profile failed to download...anyone know anything about this?

Of course, I work for MQ, and hate to call them, cause it takes forever to get an answer to a simple question, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it!

BTW, I have already logged out and in like a thousand times, plus restarted my computer, so that's not the problem.  TIA!

it means
turn around time
sm means
that's not what it means

it means that six times he performed a heterosexual act that resulted in conception, but that doesn't make him a heterosexual.

You can love Ford but still drive a Buick on occasion.

DVI- please tell me what this means

It may be the stupidest question but what does DVI mean and that I need to have a DVT-supported footpedal? Does anyone know where I can get one and how much it may cost?


It means don't believe everything
you read.  A bunch of overpaid suits never transcribed a day in their life.  Also they put out propaganda trying to make more money by lying.
What this means

I am required to quote my charges for contract job and they ask me to

Breakdown cost by telephone call-in to a center or audio files being sent to you.

Any one knows about it?

By all means.............sm

That would be GREAT!!!  *grins* 

Contact me whenever regarding this....oh, except when I'm in VEGAS in the autumn.  *winks*

What it means is this
There are a few posters on this site that are really negative, think they know everything, and post nasty rude responses to other people's postings. Some of us call them "trolls" and sometimes we get caught up in trying to make them see how rude they are by posting back. It never works though, and we call that feeding the trolls, or keeping an argument going that does not lead to anything good. I guess we should try to ignore their rudeness, but it is hard sometimes. How's that? Did I explain it okay?
I think she means sm

TIA as in thanks in advance. 



I think she means...
Oops.....new here.....lol!
do you know what EMR means?
It means your medical record is all electronic. She does not need to look for another job.
n/m means
NM means no more and SM means some more
no that means that they pay 9 cpl and sm
a line is 65 characters not just a line no matter how short. "Gross lines" are when you get paid for a line no matter how short.

You are not an MT I take it? Not in this country either????
Not sure what it means
but mine says 1:17???
I think that's what the poster means.
If they can't report everything why is it that missing middle or upper class white females get much more attention and help than missing [insert race here] females who come from a family with very little money. Look at the case of Laci Peterson and the attention it got compared to an exact same case of Evelyn Hernandez and her 5-year-old son. She was a pregnant woman with very little money in her third trimester carrying a baby boy, who was reported missing just months before Laci. Her body was found in the same bay yet there was barely any attention at all given to that case.  The case was never solved and in fact her son is still missing to this day and we still don't even hear much about it.  I agree with the OP.  Publicity helps in getting support and if the major news networks can report every single night for months and months on one case, why can't they report some of those nights on other cases?
Being in day care is better if it means
they get eat, have clothes to wear and have a place to live. Yeah, they need mama, but they also need those other things, too.
it means to "trick out" a car (sm)

are you referring to the show?  If so, it means they get a hunk of junk car and turn it into a show car, if you will. They usually put all kinds of electronics in it, like TVs, videogames, stereos, etc.  Actually, a lot of silliness that is just a waste of money, BUT...that's what TV is all about, right? I hope this helps!