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Informative website

Posted By: Noreen on 2005-11-25
In Reply to:

All you MTs who are wondering why it's so hard to get work and decent pay check out these websites:   Spheris India Pvt Ltd  and Indiadaily.com

Spheris says it doesn't outsource to India but guess where a lot of the old accounts have disappeared to.  When they say there is no work, they mean for USA MTs.

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It was vey informative.
I watched it and I hope Oprah does more of this type of thing. I am so disgusted with the turn that greed is causing in medicine. Michael Moore made the statement that he felt that socialized medicine that was not called that be put in place and that he as a citizen was prepared to have a nonemergent problem seen in order for 50 million uninsured Americans to have coverage. I feel the same way. If you are in dire straights you go to the head of the line and don't say you will tax me .. but do what needs to be done to insure all of us and for God's sake, leave the money alone and don't dip into the funds just because you think you can. I do not have a clue what makes me more angry .. intrusive government or big business. Time to go to bed .. blood pressure rising .. feel the blood in my temples!!
This is excellent! Very informative!
Tons of good information on these sites!  Thanks again for your help!
Excellent informative post!
You have given us all something to think about because you are right. We are not the only field this is happening to.
thank you for your concise and informative answer, NM
Thanks for this open and informative post ...

It seems that now getting your own accounts is the only way to go (at least for the time being until the pervasive mood of the industry corrupts even in that area).  My curiosity though lies in how those who are claiming that they work for services are able to do this. 

Also, congratulations to you for your success in getting your own accounts, and thank you for sharing your insight in a manner that doesn't imply that you're trying to belittle those who don't have their own accounts like I've seen others do on this board.

P.S.  On the matter of panhandlers, in the area of the country where I live an investigative reporter did a feature on just this subject a couple of years ago.  Believe it or not, it was estimated that panhandlers in this area average approximately $120K per year.  I tell you, I'm in the wrong profession ...

Thanks for posting that very informative link!
The part about the asterisk will help me a LOT when I'm looking for certain phrases in order to find a specific word within that phrase.

I LOVE Google... it's amazing!
Yes, I went and it was great. Very informative. Lots of people. sm
I love being able to talk to fellow transcriptionists to share war stories. The place was beautiful and not expensive as most of our meals were provided at the conference.

I think that transcriptionists should stop complaining about everything and start taking action. One of the best ways to do it is to get involved with the 7000 other transcriptionists with the AAMT.
I've pretty much just done the informative part so far.
Download software, fill in personal information, sorting through receipts, printing off from my accounting program. I'm trying to do it a little bit every week instead of staying up all night to get it done.
Lengthy but informative article from 2005

Here is an important post from 2005.  It is lengthy and I have edited it to make it more concise…

Posted By: n on January 05, 2005 at 21:35:45:

In Reply to: offshore posted by beth on January 05, 2005 at 19:58:08:

Offshore medical transcription is a large enterprise financed with capital. The Soros money is in the Spheris deals. Look for more and more to go overseas.

From GeBBS Health Care Solutions http://www.gebbs.com/pressrelease062004.htm  : In a world of steadily rising medical costs, Nitin Thakor thinks he has a cure. It works like this: A doctor treats a patient and sends the medical record to Thakor's company, GeBBS HealthCare Solutions of Englewood Cliffs. The company ships the records electronically to India, where employees - earning about one-tenth of what they would get in the United States - process a bill for the patient's treatment, create a claim, and send it electronically to the insurance company. The process costs the doctor about half what he would pay in the United States, Thakor says. "It's faster. The quality is better," he says, brimming with confidence. "It makes perfect sense." It's also part of a growing trend in the health-care administration industry: sending work to low-wage countries - mainly India - in the same way that offshore outsourcing has sent U.S.-based IT, call center, and other jobs around the world.

The health-care work ranges from simple tasks - such as transcribing notes dictated by the doctor - to more complex processes, such as assigning a treatment code and filling in forms that doctors submit to insurance companies for reimbursement. In North Jersey, GeBBS, Allserve Systems of New Brunswick, and ClaimPower Inc. of Fair Lawn do work in India. Marlton-based Medquist, one of the largest transcription company's in the United States, also sends work offshore. Other players across the country include Perot Systems Corp. in Texas, HealthScribe Inc. of Virginia, and Alpha Thought of Chicago. "There is not a lot of offshoring yet," said Barbara J. Cobuzzi, president of Cash Flow Solutions Inc. of Brick, which does billing, coding, and collection. "But they [offshore companies] are going after it. ... They are approaching companies like mine and saying, 'Get rid of your staff and use us.

Cobuzzi said she spoke from experience: In October, she terminated a contract with a Florida-based company with offices in Chennai, India, to put patient demographic information into a computer. She said the work contained too many errors. "I'm sure the doctors would rather use someone who is not offshoring," Cobuzzi said. "But the doctors have this huge pressure to get their costs down." So, too, do their contractors, said Marilyn Grebin, president and CEO of Silent Type in Fort Lee, which transcribes doctors' notes. Though offshoring has not yet had a big effect on Silent Type's bottom line, the company has lost work, Grebin said. For instance, last week, she said, she lost a $50,000 contract with the John T. Mather Hospital on Long Island. Grebin said the hospital, which had been her company's client for five years, hired a company that will do the job in India. "I went to the client and said, 'What can I possibly do to help you, she said. "And they said, 'No, you can't possibly charge what we are getting - half the price.

On Long Island, hospital vice-president Kevin Murray said the non-profit community facility moved the work offshore in a pilot program - a small part of the facility's $500,000 annual spending on transcription services - to see what the quality of the work is like. "The hospital lost a significant amount of money last month," said Murray, putting the loss at $1 million and noting that many hospitals in New York face similar budgetary problems. "Every month is a struggle. ... This was one of our cost-saving ideas." Thakor knows the scenario well.  With about 85 employees in the United States, GeBBS provides health-care administration services and also develops software for the same field. The company's two centers in Mumbai, India, employ about 180 people, of whom 100 process health claims. Last year, the company had revenue of $12 million, and it expects to make $16 million this year, Thakor said. He reaps the benefit of Indian workers - all of whom have degrees - who earn about $2,800 to $3,300 a year, compared with the $35,000 to $45,000 that U.S.-based employees would make for the same job, he said. "We're making a 45 to 50 percent gross margin," Thakor said of his own company. "A client is seeing a 45 to 50 percent cut on their cost structure. So we're happy. They're happy."

Concerns about patient confidentiality in the offshoring era were heightened last October when a woman in Karachi, Pakistan, threatened to post patient medical records from a San Francisco hospital on the Internet unless she was paid the money owed her for transcribing notes dictated by doctors.

The woman dropped the threat after she was paid. But the incident helped bring the issue to the attention of lawmakers.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., have introduced bills that would require companies to notify customers before they send confidential information overseas, giving the customer the right to refuse. Still, industry insiders are concerned. Cobuzzi and others said the main problem is that anyone who violates U.S. patient confidentiality laws abroad would be beyond the reach of U.S. prosecutors. But offshore companies say there is no danger of leaks. Thakor said GeBBS' facilities in India have guards and an electronic security system, along with a full-time privacy officer to ensure the company complies with U.S. confidentiality laws. In addition, the computer system that health-care administration employees work on is sealed, he said: The terminals have no hard drive and no connections to the Internet, floppy disk, or CD writers, or even a printer. They can only open files on the server, change the contents, and close them, he said. "So there is no way - unless you can memorize all the information - that you can take it with you," he said.  

Thanks so much for the insight and advice, guys, I really appreciate it, books are informative but
when you are in the at-home world like we are, there's nothing better than getting it straight from people who have been there!
Long, informative read - Merck vet manual (sm)
It's the first time i ran through your site and I found it very informative and interesting. Nice
I really appreciate what you're doing here. Very interesting site. when Table Steal Table Expect , when Opponents Expect Cards Give Good, Greedy, Central nothing comparative to Faithful , Table can Loose Stake Industrious Boy is always Faithful Girl
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it's not all junk on tv. you just have to weed out the junk. some is very informative.
don't watch "fake tv" as in mysteries or situation comedy so ruling that out, there is plenty of good stuff left. always wanting to learn new stuff.
Do you have a website for yours?? nm
What new website
I must live in the dark. I don't know anything a new website either.
I don't know about the new website either
This is all very frustrating.  I have gotten no letter and no e-mail regarding any of this.  Anyone that can provide details would be appreciated. 
MQ Website
If your on the DEP platform, you should be on i-mail.  If not, go to www.medquist.com, register, then you can access the QNet...side bar has all the latest and greatest.  We got the email last week, then I got my snail mail copy Saturday...but, only a paragraph or 2 on the new pay plan...but my take was the real issue they wanted to get out is to preserve ALL documents at ALL costs for the upcoming legal battle in court
But their website says...

They value their transcriptionists! And websites don't lie.

Which website?
I sometimes use www.rxlist.com

Hope this helps.

What is the URL of their website?
If enough of us visit the website and state we would not use their service after reading what has happened to you... You might, just might, get a different tune from these people????
They said on their website that...sm
the pet(s) would be brought to you. I was also wondering the same thing until I read that on the website. I'm thinking they don't want people from 50+ states going down there for safety reasons, and maybe for congestion reasons. (There's alot of animal lovers out there!)

The website is up again now, and the picture of the frightened dog I was talking about is on there too. http://www.bestfriends.org/

Gosh, I know they are so busy, but I'm anxiously waiting to see if I can be a foster parent; so worried about those furry friends. It seemed time was of the essence for some of them, and that was yesterday a.m. I want to go down there and get them so bad. I just may have to do that if I don't hear from them.

Thanks for allowing me to get OT.
Wow! Thanks for the website. sm

I didn't forget.  Never will.

I had my tissues out.  What made me really lose it was Lee Greenwood's song.  It was 13 years ago when my daughter was only 10 years old and her dance class used that song in a dance recital and they all did sign language while dancing.  Everyone in the audience was in tears or close to tears.

When 9/11 happened, we had no cable TV.  We did manage to get the local PBS station in and watched in horror.  We had just moved into our house.  We had a flag, but no pole, so we went out about 6:00 p.m. that night with the younger kids and hung the flag from a branch on our tree in the front.  Within the next week there were flags at every house in our neighborhood.

I'll never forget.

Try going to their website and
paying with real American greenbacks.
here's a website for you
go to the state website for your area and type disability into the search box
Does anybody have the website...(sm)

where you can change your address online for multiple magazine subscriptions?  I did this a few years ago and am moving again...cannot for the life of me now find that website. 


Thanks - duh - I should have tried that first! lol....appreciate it
Here's the website
website....I sent it onto about 50+ more....nm
If you go to the website for

I think it is AAPA.  If you put physician assistant into Google it should come up as one of the first entries.

I think they have an explanation on there. It does vary by state, and I think the state board of medicine sets the standards. 

I do know that PAs have to have the MD sign off on their charts - again, it depends by state whether this has to be done right away, once per month, etc....The ARNPs I type for don't have to have a sig line for the MD, but the PAs do. 

There are probably specific procedures that PAs cannot do.  The difference in schooling is quite a bit.  PA is a 2 year Masters program in most cases, and applicants are expected to have health care experience to build upon.  Medical school, as you know is much longer than that, but you can go straight from undergrad to med school (if you can get in).  I am sure there are still PA programs you can enter as a college freshman and graduate with a Masters in 5-6 yrs, but many of them are now Masters level, requiring a BS to enter.



dog website

try dogfriendly.com

Where's the website? I'd like to look. nm
Their website
shows a link to the owner who is an eye physician in New York.  Wonder if they have employees or ICs?
yep here too - about 3 hrs - went to website
in the mail program from their website and even then, *their server couldn't be found*.......
I just took a look at the website and it looks like sm
She could use more votes. You can only vote once though, which I did earlier.
What was the website? sm
I better get some. I sleep awful.
I just went to the NBC website...
And it says an upcoming episode has not yet been scheduled. Weird! I like that show too and I kind of forgot about it last season. I saw the ads for the reruns too. Wonder why they haven't scheduled new shows yet...
The website said it came with some.
That part looked good to me, because I key directly into my client's system, so I don't have a lot of reports laying around to "train" it with.

I know I've already tried to input the same abbreviation several times into my present expander, so I know it'll be next to useless shortly. No way I'll recall all the oddball abbreviations I've put in to get around that.
You can set up a website too...sm
I've been contacted because of my brochures and my website. I was searchable on Yahoo and Google with my site.
Can you give me the website for IT?  Thanks I appreciate it.
I just know of their website nm
Says who? The website? lol
Crash and burn, baby!
It should be on the IT website SM
I'm not sure, though. Check out www.fitaly.com (IT's website).
this website
I thought this site was another address now.  I didn't know this one still existed.  I accidentally typed it instead of .net and I was surprised.  Glad it is though. 
Can I ask what the website is?
Here is a website..
...that I think may be able to help.


I'm going to start doing my part from my side of the country. I pray everybody else will do theirs!
IRS website

I never got it either, I just found the website under autocorrect shortcut but never actually tried to go into the website, and when I did, unable to find the list either.  Sorry

go to the website

It's no longer AAMT. Now it's AHDI.


You can sign up online, I think, or click the contact link and get their number.