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Instead of clicking Post Quick Reply, go to the box further down on the left that says Post Reply to

Posted By: This Message - the smileys are in there. NM on 2005-08-17
In Reply to: How do you get those cute smileys to appear in your post? - nm


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Ummm, since MGMT's reply was so quick to try and nip this post in the bud, I'm not
exactly feeling real confident about asking them at this point. I had the feeling if it was something MGMT had wanted us to know, we would've received notification from them at the time it occurred, such as was done when other changes in mgmt happened. I had also thought that was one of the purposes for having an anonymous board such as this--to get straight answers without fear of reprisal.
Email reply vs. Post Reply
Could someone tell me how to post a message and then have someone reply by email instead of just "Post Reply."  I'm pretty new to this "chat" board.  But I WOULD like to say it is VERY informative and helpful.  Too bad some of the companies we work for aren't as helpful as one MT is to another MT.  We'd have it made!!
Well...I did post a reply

some time ago and I'm not sure how long it takes for them to be added to the list.  Hopefully, it will appear soon.  To summarize, my husband was just diagnosed last week.  Since then we've been to lots of appts and he has taken lots of tests.  He too is having back pain, nausea, dizzines, and rashes as well.  I would be happy to share with you the info I have on the new clinical trials for PKD and also the PKD specialist at Johns Hopkins, who I hear is wonderful.  I made my husband an appt today, and the first available is in December.  You can find a ton of info at www.pkdcure.org.  If my other post finally shows up, sorry for the duplicate.  Email me any time.  Blessings!

reply to your post
Hi, there have been several posts on here regarding working in rural areas and not having DSL or cable available, but I will mention again that Sprint, as well as I believe Verizon offers an "air card" that is USB and can be used with either a desktop or a laptop as long as you have a free USB port available. The other thing to keep in mind is how close you are to a cell tower to receive a signal, as this operates on the same principle as a cell phone, but I used an air card for many months with VPN and had no problems. Hope this helps.
In reply to your post (sm)
"I asked her if it was saturated with ESLs. She said, "it is out of Texas, What do you think?"

Is it just me, but do other who are reading this post consider Texan dictators as being considered ESLs?

In reply to your post (sm)
"I asked her if it was saturated with ESLs. She said, "it is out of Texas, What do you think?"

Is it just me, but do others who are reading this post consider Texan dictators as being considered ESLs?

Sorry--s/b reply to Aliza's post-nm
The me again post was in reply to Oh Lord (sm)

I learned probably before you were born, and believe me, it was a lot harder then.  I've learned much over the years.  Another point I would like to make in regard to Fahrenheit.  If there was no spell check, and no one ever told you that you were spelling it wrong, how would you know?  That's why it drives me crazy when I see words like "definitely" spelled definately, "misspelled", spelled mispelled, and "there, their, and they're" mixed up.  People get mad when you correct them, but truly, they should know these words, and they should be happy to learn as long as it is not in a nasty way.  I had an argument one time with my son's first grade teacher.  She had them copy off the blackboard, something about daffodils, and it said something about "they're little petticoats."  I went berserk.  This was someone teaching MY CHILD the difference between the 3 "there, their, they're" words. 

under your post, it says Reply By E-Mail
when they reply, they don't know where it's going, they don't actually have your personal e-mail address. They are just replying by e-mail to the post.
When I read this post, I just HAD to reply...

" I'd rather hire an M-Tec student with tech savvy than to hire an MT with 15 years' experience in a hospital environment because that's all she has -- a hospital environment that gave her absolutely no feedback or tech savvy for the future."

THAT is the most ridiculous unfounded comment I have read regarding new MTs versus MTs with experience.  NOTHING can compare to the experience an MT is afforded by working in a hospital and/or doctor's office, and the experiences and medical terminology he or she is exposed to and encounters every day on the job.  I don't care how good the school is coined to be, or even if the course was 5 years long.  How naive can one be? Just another case of jealousy rearing its ugly head.  They WISH they had our experience.  This is just another lame attempt by M-tec to increase their admissions.


Your reply was to an edited post


To "Beezle" regarding your post in reply to Austin
I heard nothing about any of that stuff you're talking about, would like to know more. They told me they were hiring for 3 different locations, 3 positions, and that MDs had choice to do straight dictation or do VR on Provox system, and that's where the editing comes in.  Have to admit, I didn't have the presence of mind to ask all those great questions you asked regarding word expanders, etc., because, frankly, being as it was hourly pay, I really didn't care...LOL! I'd appreciate it if you'd email me. I think I may have been rejected (not certain, mind you) because I informed them via email, after my interview, that I'd had to file bankruptcy a few months ago. Well, my rejection letter was sent out the same day I sent this email, although they had told me after interview it would be a week before they'd contact me, either by phone or email.
Good reply - LOL. This is just the kind of post
she would understand; it's on her level, which sounds about like my niece in 1st grade. You should've added "na na na boo boo"
Reply deleted -- do not post names. (NM)
I didnt really read your post, but thought i would reply anyway
email me if you have enough nerve to speak to someone more in person than on the boards.  I would be more than happy to have a debate with you if you are mature enough to handle it, but would rather not do it here. 
Click on "Post QUICK reply" or "Reply By E-mail"
Just wanted a quick reply, not a lecture. No time to waste. Thank you.
Well, if you left your email address as a reply option,
maybe someone on "the other board" would email you privately with details! Otherwise, I never heard of it either!
clicking on your post to see an answer was a waste of time
job post had the dot com left off the addy, but...
even sending emails to the correct dmmt.com domain is pointless because they're not replying to them
One thing I left off in the original post...
is that we are basically wanting to state that we don't want any gifts, but we also know that oftentimes people insist on giving you something anyway and want to know what to give us.
It's ok to post most topics here now except for the few boards to the left. Cool, huh?
I've had that cappucino, too, and it's great!
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
NOTE: The above sticky post prize changes as someone wins. Inside that post is
I don't understand what your post has to do with original post of TIMED tests. NM
Post deleted -- Do not post e-mail addresses. (NM)
Ignore my post. I finally found the post on how to do this. nm
thanks for your reply

and really sad too....

how's this for a reply
THE ARUBAN CASE INVOLVES AN AMERICAN, HELLO?  Comparing this and the Idaho case is just plain stupid! She is an American and deserves to have Americans looking for her.  God, give me a break!
Well I have only been working for 5 days now hard to say...
Oh you are kidding!!! I just tested and was offered an IC position.. did you work for them long and they didn't pay you or if I am being too nosey please tell me.. I hear so much on this and other boards about companies not paying, you just don't know anymore about any of them!!
I have to reply to this LOL
That is not always the case sweetheart (see being nice).  I have been sugary sweet to these people and it does not work.  I have found that if it is a woman on the phone..my husband gets where we need to be and if it is a man on the phone, i get where we need to be.  Sad but true!!

Please read my reply to Vanessa Satterwhite's post. If you are still interested in working for us, please contact me at smt_recruiter@yahoo.com
sm's reply
Give this newbie a break! Trust QA? You don't if you do all that research. What makes you think no research was done?

Thats what i said..we don't know.  So therefore, she needs to be aware that she should definitely do the research PRIOR to just leaving the job.  If she hasn't then a new job is not going to do her any good other than show that she changes jobs often, which does not look good on a resume.  As far as trusting QA...not ALL companies hire crappy QA.  We again do not know.  The QA COULD be right and COULD be very good at his/her job.  You simply don't know, but telling her to move on before you even know the facts is just silly.

Animal advocate, I really appreciate all your info you are putting out there, but I do take pause at your statement above that animals were meant to be consumed, I do not believe this. We are made to be vegitarians as our digestive tracts are not meant to digest meat, our intestines are too long thus the meat sits in our stomachs and rots before it is expelled. Yes there is a food chain, but I don't believe animal meat is part of that food chain for humans. Keeping on researching you will find the right answers for you, again thanks for your input.
reply to please help
Can you tell me what you were offered? If you don't mind.

Thank you! for your reply. Must tell you

When I got the email telling me I passed my test, I had tears rolling down my face. My 10-year-old daughter said, "Mama what is wrong?!"  I said, "I passed the test!"  She said, "Why are you crying?  You're happy aren't you?"  The combination of the stress of testing and finding out that I actually do have what it takes, hit me all at once.

I've been home for a year now after doing inhouse for over 15 years, and it is the best decision I have ever made.  I love it.  The flexibility is great for my kids, not to mention that I'm saving a small fortune on gasoline!

I get your message loud and clear about looking things up.  I have dozens of dogeared reference books and I am the queen of Google.  I took a medical terminology class to help with areas I wasn't too experienced with and the instructor's main focus was, "Don't guess. Look it up!" 

reply, thanks
Thank you for the feedback. any ideas on a company that is honest to work for?
If this reply was to me
It is because I still have the best I can get right now with the hospital, even though MQ did make it much worse, I can't afford to lose the benefits that we have. I went to work for MQ part-time on the side in the SAME PROGRAM and realized that it was EVEN WORSE, SO I QUIT MQ.
reply to above
if your life is so void of friends/family that you have to come to an MT board to discuss your personal issues.  transcription is only ONE aspect of my life.  I come to this board to discuss transcription issues and transcription issues only.  I have other people in my life that I can discuss things like KATRINA with.
you obviously don't live with anyone.
A reply...
Your assumption is that less profits for CEOs and businesses and MORE money funneled into services will alleviate poverty.  I don't agree.  That is still a Band-Aid to the problem.  Since Johnson's Great Society in the 1960's poverty has not improved much at all.  In fact, some of the core underlying reasons for poverty have now been enabled... Who needs to worry about having kids without the proper preparations, the govt will save you.  We have a culture filled with rap music telling impressionable young people anything goes.  And I don't buy the "parents should just not allow kids to listen to it if they don't like it" because the kids that it impresses are kids who don't have proper parenting at home.  I'm all for funneling money into programs to get people onto their feet, to get educated, to help them while they achieve this goal, but to just hand it out to people who feel entitled without any effort in return is wrong.  Poverty will simply continue and even worsen. 
For you and WA see my reply below. I did this

because I needed a laugh too! 

My microwave is broken again, so I had to order out for pizza.

I first called my sister and asked her what to do.  I asked her how to use the big huge white appliance thingy with all of the dials on it that sits next to my refrigerator and has cute little covers over those "coily things" on the top.  I told her that the dials and numbers are way to confusing.

Her reply to me was, "Oh my gawd, you cook?"

Glad I made you guys laugh or chuckle.  With this job, we all need it.

Was your reply to
I am confused by your response.....I actually enjoyed the original posters "little jokes" about Walmart and someone had to come on here and say how ridiculous it is and how it wasn't funny and what not. I voices my opinion and she kept having come backs. I certainly always love a good laugh and just cannot understand how this Walmart jokester was so wrong in people's eyes. So, perhaps you should be addressing her and not me, because I have a good sense of humor and found it somewhat amusing.

No, I have my college degree. All I was saying was that no job is certain anymore even with a college degree. I have met quite a number of people who have college degrees in areas such nursing who have gotten into transcription because what they were doing before was too demanding of their time and they had no family life. I wish people would stop knocking this profession. For myself this is a great fit for me. I just recently moved across the country from PA to CA with the same job totally intact. I have total freedom to move where I please when I feel like it without it disrupting my income or where I work. How many people can say that? Not many.
what are people supposed to get paid??? $20 an hour? Sometimes I think part of the problem is that people think that just because they went to school that they should come out making $40K plus a year. Let me tell you something, even with my university education plus my MT education I knew what seemed at the time nil. I think people forget the saying -- if it so easy then everyone would do it.
My reply
I have two full time QA positions and I am not certified. I am salary on one at about $16 per hour. I am IC on the other at $20 per hour. The salary, I get paid the same amount each pay period no matter what volume comes through. The IC, I am paid to monitor the work as well as QA so for whatever shift I am on, I get paid, work or not.

I can't help you on average lines as I am not paid by line so I do not keep track of them. The amount of work required depends on your companies requirements. Mine are based on what platform and what account I am working on and they are not set in stone. Hope this helped. Good luck to you.
A reply
You don't shop there...Good for you.  I never said you SHOULD shop there if you have personal reasons not to.  If they're breaking the law, the law will deal with them.  If they are TRULY the evil company that you say they are, that will be their eventual downfall.  One class action suit on a company that big?  Hardly a shocker.  As for Chinese products?  Please check the labels on the stuff that you DO buy at where ever you buy it (other than Wal-Mart) and tell me where it's made.  EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA!  Why?  Maybe because Americans and their unions didn't help the situation by demanding big bucks for little skill.  You arguments doesn't hold up either, at least as far as Chinese products go.
It is www.ustranscription.com
A reply
So what you're saying is that everything can be arranged for except for keeping  ice.  That brings us to who needs ice?  I can live without ice.  The only people who must have it are people who have meds such as insulin that must be kept cool.   Were those lines full of people on medications?  I doubt it.   As for the way the storm hit, I guess people should assume the worst and be glad when it doesn't happen. No offense though, but I can't see how anybody wants to live  in the state of Florida.  I've been there.  It's awful.  Hot, sticky,  flat, expensive, and riddled with bad weather.  I'll keep on freezing my butt off up here in the  Northeast (with my 4 cords of wood piled up for our 2 woodstoves just in case the blizzard of  all blizzards keeps us trapped this winter).