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One thing I left off in the original post...

Posted By: Future bride on 2006-04-19
In Reply to: Question about wedding gift requests...sm - Future bride

is that we are basically wanting to state that we don't want any gifts, but we also know that oftentimes people insist on giving you something anyway and want to know what to give us.

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I don't understand what your post has to do with original post of TIMED tests. NM
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.

Here's an URL for the medical transcription division of PRN Funding, BTW:


Um, did you see the original post..
...."the reason I'm buying the house tomorrow.." I bought a house. I'm leaving.
I believe my original post came
before the news of so many lives lost. Excuse me and I appologize again for not making my OP politically, humanly, sympathetically, empathetically, correct. Just forget I even posted it.
It is in the original post. :)
Sorry, should be under original post. (nt)

P.S. to my original post...sm
We do things for our kids like take them to occasional movies, day trips, buy them a clothing item etc in addition to spend a minimum of 1 hour quality time a day per child with them. Hugs & kisses are handed out and we tell them each day that we love them. So, while they have to do chores and work on being self-sufficient they also know they're very much loved and we want them to do well in life.
Original post
I did not read your original post - but you definitely hit the nail on the head as far as MTs go. Most that I have dealt with on these boards, as well as those I have worked with are either alcoholics, drug addicts, have numerous personal/personality disorders and problems and most are just downright crazy - I think that is the first thing that you have to be in order to go into this business. They do not work well with others and are constantly trying to sabotage their co-workers - even if they work at home. Stealing and lying are not beneath most that I have dealt with. I considered myself quite a normal person until I got into this field and now anyone will tell you that I am not that person any longer. I think that listening to the depressing reports about illness, surgery and death takes its toll on you after a few years and is somehow ingrained into your psyche. I don't know if it could be called an MT phenomenon or what - but MTs are definitely a breed of their own. For any child that gets a check mark for doesn't get along well with others - they should be directed to this field for their life's work. please take this with a grain of salt - I have not had my afternoon medications yet.
I should add something to my original post...
Being on unpaid leave is not really an issue for me, as we will have enough in savings for me to be off for a while. Also, I will not have to worry about finding someone to replace me while I am gone. I just wanted to know if the normal time was 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. Thanks!
That is what I said in my original post.
My original post
Again, things got taken out of context here -- the not working weekends so on and so forth. All I was trying to imply here is that nowadays, you need to be flexible in any job. If you are scheduled to work on a holiday, then put in 3-4 hours earlier or later in the day and you have the sime to spend with your family.

My S/O has a very crazy schedule where he is off on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I generally take Tuesday as my "day off" because I have bills to pay and can't really afford to take more days off than that.

As far as my comment about doing stat reports was concerned, that too, was taken out of context. With my company, we all have assigned days for doing stat reports -- mine happens to be Wednesday afternoons and I was working on Saturday anyway and was just surprised when I was called and asked to do these and not the person who normally does them.

It saddens me to see the way this profession has "gone down the tubes" -- I got into this field and am still in this field, because I feel in some small way, I contribute to my fellow human beings and their health and well being.

A lot of this yes, has to do with companies and them becoming what they have -- MQ being in my opinion, the "biggest monster of them all." But, on the other hand too, so many MTs tend to "saturate" other companies based on positive posts, which thereby at times will create a shortage of work, as well as the fact that they tend to skip over the difficult dictators -- here again, as it was previously mentioned, it is a learning process and should be treated as such.

In NO way was I stating that you should put your job over your family -- what I was trying to state in my original post is that you have to learn to be flexible -- if you refuse to bend and try to put a good balance between family life and your job, then you more than likely will find yourself at some point without a job.
my original post was perfectly
non-attacking to anyone! But Albert, and a few others, spoke to me in an insulting, demeaning, condescending manner. So ya wanna call ME the big ol' "b" now? who cares? go right ahead! But all ya gotta do is scroll back and you'll see who started the b.s. Now guys I'm off to read the other nasty posts you guys made today. Have a good evening! xoxo
I remember your original post
You and your fiancee have hearts of gold.
I see you cleaned up your original post!

You know, shear versus sheer?  Your post is still not good enough to pass on to a client, so you better practice what you preach!  I QA and MT, have a college degree, have done this for more than 20 years, and guess what?  I am still not perfect and someone QAs my work and I am glad they do.  It seems to me that you hate your job.  What may seem like a "guess" to you with all your experience and knowledge may not be a "guess" to someone new.  Do you have a GOTCHA attitude, or do you do your job with the hope that you have helped teach someone else?  I have worked in hospitals where between 5 people on a shift we had 100 years of combined experience and we all still passed our work a few times a shift to someone else to proofread just because we had pride in our work and sought accuracy.  That is the name of the game.  We are all humans and even terrifically educated and experienced people who use books, Google, and other resources make an error or miss something, especially with a new dictator, an ESL dictator, a dictator who dictates 100 mph like his pants are on fire.  Maybe you can get a job you actually enjoy.  I hope so.  By the way, do you send along 100% correct samples for each of your accounts, each of the dictators on that account, and each type of report for those dictators?  If not, you should consider that as an option in order to obtain a better quality of work from the MTs  who work so hard to transcribe the dictation from your company.  Remember, success breeds success.  Try to put the previous sentence to good use in your life and maybe the quality of work you receive to QA will improve.  MTs like to be right, so maybe if they have friendly QA people who help them along, help them attain success, and give them decent resources they will produce the work you seek.  It also would be nice if some QA persons did not cherry-pick all the best work and shared some of it around.  I don't mean all QA persons, only some and you all know who you are and what kind of integrity you have.  This reply is not meant to offend, by the way.  It is offered in the spirit of getting a job done, solving a problem.  I am blunt, but I am right.  This problem is legion.   




there is a message in original post.
Please read your original post

The reason some people on this board are so upset is because you did not state that you were just trying to find a job that wouldn't end up making you more than $900 a month.  You specifically stated that you couldn't live on $900 a month and needed to make more than that without having it reported as your income, enter DH.  You thereby began to question whether or not you could have the income reported under DH to avoid being in excess of your limit.  This is considered cheating in some people's view. 

It's the same way all these women are having babies and collecting welfare, all the while their *boyfriend* is working and living with them but it's not being reported.  These women go to college for free and have all sorts of hand-outs for their children.  Would you consider this wrong?

There may be other options for you.  I'm curious to know if you have looked into your local Children's Services Dept.  If the parents are out of the country, I would think you had to sign some sort of document to assume temporary guardianship, which may entitle you to financial benefits from the state.  This would certainly be a wiser option if available. 

I really do hope things work out for your grandkids.  They don't deserve to be in this situation while their parents are serving their country.  For all the blasting you've received on this, know that many, myself included, are thankful every day for the American soldiers and what they do for our country.

It is you, because you used that same language on your original post...
and who says "loser" anymore besides my young son???
Try rereading the original post.
Obviously, if the OP was told she was hired and someone would be contacting her for setup or a packet would be going out in the mail, she's getting some type of response.
Honestly? The original post sounds to me as if
some uneducated and inexperienced wanna-be is cheating on an employment exam.  If you don't know those basic terms, you need to go back to school.
What/who are u referring to--missed original post.
This post was soo sweet. I am not the original poster, but was being

nosey and thought your post was so sweet.

I have applied to 2 companies - Medscribe and an MTSO. I am not nervous leaving MQ.  Wow.  Looks like a ton of people are leaving.  I wonder if that means just great news for their Indian MTs....hmmm

My original post has been deleted, read this...
How can you give positive, sound advice to someone who may not live in the same area as you. Every state is different. As far as being afraid for our jobs, yeah, there should be a certain amount of fear, because as an IC you could wake up one morning and your job be gone. Same as employee, I understand, but there does not have to be a reason to let you go as an IC. I am a VERY professional MT who takes my job seriously and I do have a bit of fear at times, I have kids to raise. You cannot tell her that she is not savvy on her own company, she was only asking some questions. I thought that is what this board was for, to ask questions. How could you find anything someone asks amusing or disgusting....maybe you should search into the term "professional" and maybe you are not so savvy in your own company. :)
original post - thinking of starting MT
It was something about becoming an engineer becoming an MT or an MT becoming an engineer and working from home - just thought they needed to know what physical and mental attributes were necessary to take on this MTing.  I have often found that the MT develops whatever symptoms they transcribe the most - for me it was psych and drug dependence - I thought I was going insane until I woke up and realized it was all just a dream.......
That is not what you stated in your original post. Don't act so naive
about pirating/dubbing software, or even worse, DONT write about doing it!  Everyone knows it's illegal.  Do you have any idea what the monetary violation would cost you by doing so?  No.  I didn't think so.
You better go back and read the ORIGINAL post again -
What a self-righteous
be-** ch.
Your post made me laugh even more than the original! NM

Sorry, last post directed to Trixi, not original poster. nm
Original post to give info is on Page 2 now I think (sm)
As far as the "rules", I think she is referring to what she requested in the post (male or female, age, state) stuff like that.
Some gave how long doing MT.

My original post was about the Stones and I did not name call!!!! Give it up! nm
One thing I have realized since I left MT....sm

is that part of the problem is that the bar has been raised as far as the skillset employees are expected to have these days. For one, computer skills are a given. It is just expected that every, even entry-level employees are proficient with computers, so the computer knowledge an MT has really isn't specialized. As far as terminology, etc., honestly learning everything I needed to know about the installation and government was harder, or as hard, as learning MT. With all the tools and communications available via computer, we are expected to be diverse and understand not only the intricacies of our own jobs but those of all the organizations that affect our jobs.

I had to learn just as many business & financial related acronyms as I did for MT including those unique to our organization, used in the financial/business industry, government/military, etc. Formatting documents etc. for business/government/military is actually harder than for MT. Learning all the financial, industrial, government, military terms, systems, and hierarchies was also much like learning MT. I started in an entry level job and was expected to pick all this up fairly quickly and pretty much on the job with no formal training because technology gave me access to all this information. This is all for a secretary/administrative support position.

My point is that since the last generation was brought up with computers, communications, and access to information so readily available, it has completely changed what is expected of office workers in larger companies. There are no more simple secretary jobs. I haven't been here two years just yet, and I am lead for an office of 50 people, expected to train 3 other clerks/secretaries under me and know everything about at least 25 different programs internal to my directorate and all the terms, acronyms, hierarchies, formatting, etc., etc., etc., related to it from personnel management to budgeting/financing, industrial production, government entities, private industry, etc.

I work with both government and private industry, as far as I can tell those in lower-level jobs are expected to be extermely diverse and well-rounded to support those in the higher-level jobs.  Those in the higher level jobs in some ways get paid more to be "expert" in their field but don't have to have nearly the skill set of the lower level employees. Most of those in higher-level jobs have been around a while, and the lower-level employees could honestly work circles around them. However, it is obvious, and everyone knows it, that as older workers begin to leave the workforce the younger/newer workers are going to be expected to know and do a lot more in the same positions simply because the base skillset of younger/newer workers is stronger and more diverse.

I don't mean to make light of what it takes to be an MT, but the business world has changed so much in the last 20 years that the bar has been raised in larger companies/industries as far as what is expected of workers. An older worker may have held the same position I am in now for 20 years, and she is not expected to have 1/4 the skillset they expect from a younger worker; yet, we get paid the same. They just expect younger workers to be more proficient in computer skills, technology, and information, and if you are not, you won't last long or go very far.

The only thing left IS junk ESL-sm

Seems to me that newbies are getting trained on VR with many companies.  VR gets the better dictators.  Offshore is getting the simple stuff and other half of the better dictators because that's all they can handle.  Experienced MTs are left with a trunk of JUNK on their systems and getting paid no more than the new grads and offshore MTs, and very few are offering us more for our skills, accuracy and ability to transcribe the more difficult accounts. 

I've seen things change pretty drastically just in the few years I've been doing this work.  I cannot land a decent cpl for IC anymore.  I was landing better offers as a new grad than I am today with experience, and forget about landing a gravy account if you have experience.  Just isn't happening!  Bottom of the barrel crap is all I get with a bottom of the barrel paycheck to go along with it.   You have to work till your eyes bleed, your head's about to explode and fingers ache to make a fairly decent living, then people wonder why we are sometimes short on patience and PO'd all the time.  That's exactly why!  May as well be gum on a filthy shoe!

Oh my..I'm afraid my original post started a flame I did not anticipate...sm
I think it just proves there are companies out there that are not worth our time and some that are. I left my email address (in my original post above)and would very much like to hear about companies that are fair, honest, have steady work, treat their employees professionally and yes...do pay a minimum of 10 cents a line. I know they exist and would appreciate input from those of you who know who they are. You can email me privately so as not to start another flaming war! Thanks for your help.
The fact that the original, nearly incoherent post was written by an American MT or at least an

American based MT.  The original poster is the reason why we can't make a decent wage and the reason why a company would choose to outsource to India at a cheaper line rate versus paying an American MT.


Doesn't apply. According to original post, there was no dictation involved. NM
All you mentioned in original post was about the money. Explain the rest of the scam. The check
job post had the dot com left off the addy, but...
even sending emails to the correct dmmt.com domain is pointless because they're not replying to them
Instead of clicking Post Quick Reply, go to the box further down on the left that says Post Reply to
It's ok to post most topics here now except for the few boards to the left. Cool, huh?
I've had that cappucino, too, and it's great!
I was going to say unless you were the original 3 brave souls named on the original suit.
I still had heard lately that no one else, not one person, had been allowed to join in, so you must be in a separate class??
Found the original post about the Olympus WS110 - do I need olympus software to convert the files?


I was just going to post that same thing!
I went to daycare for one day.  My mother got so upset with them because they parked me in front of the TV set while all the other kids were outside that we never went back.  I was horribly shy as a child, too.  I don't know if not being in daycare or preschool had anything to do with it or if it's just my personality.  Maybe some kids are just more prone to anxiety and social disorders.  I do know that my oldest child, the one who went to daycare the most, is a social butterfly.  My youngest child, the one who didn't go to daycare much at all, is the one that sometimes hides behind me or acts shy if we're in a crowded area.  I had to "stick around" the school during the first two weeks of kindergarten until he got used to everything.  It could be his personality, too, because he's more like me while our oldest is like Dad.  The old genetics versus environment debate.  LOL  I haven't been shy for years now, so I outgrew it.
See my post above about the same thing...
MTSOs do get way more!  When the hospital I transcribed looked into it, they wanted 3x what I charged.
Never would post a thing like that...sm
I would never call anybody paranoid. It's not my place to make such a value judgement. Had to be someone else.
Good post but one thing.....sm

you said you'd wait until you become financially secure before getting married so you could then could leave him and be okay $$-wise.

I left after 13 years of marriage and we pretty much had nothing....my sanity being numero uno.  The stats are this....that after 5 years of divorce, women are in better shape than men financially and emotionally.  That's what I've read and that's how it also happened for me.  I was in better shape than him 5 years later.  So, don't undercut yourself.  We can make it on our own whether we have a man in our life or not!!!!  It's an old wives tale from post WWII I do believe that women are not *complete* without a man and that is a total crock of s**t.....in my mind/heart/soul. 

I stated the same thing in another post...sm
I am an IC directly for a small rural hospital in a generally rural state.  Most of the hospitals in my surrounding area have either inhouse MT or remote MT and the medical records dept manages them.  I started inhouse and then have been home for almost 13 years for the same hospital.  I have also done part time work for the nationals.  I basically get paid about the same, maybe more, without all the headaches of having to go through a national company.  I raised my rates 2-3 years ago and the hospital looked into a national company but found I was much, much cheaper and stayed with me. This year, I again raised my rates and they agreed with no questions.  Local MT jobs are out there.  You just need to hound these people until how beneficial for everyone it would be to hire locally.
See post above about a money thing.
That's all that it is. Promoting someone inexperienced to QA for less money. I miss the days when quality mattered rather than this greedy corporate mentality that seems to rule now.
I was thinking the same thing before reading your post!

Just hit Alt+Shift+left arrow on line 1 and it will go to the left margin. Otherwise,
you need to use a numbered list style to do it every time. Each version is different, but you may already have a numbered list style in yours that stays at the left margin. Just assign a keyboard shortcut to that style.
The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
sorry, i didn't read your post before I posted mine...says the same thing, pretty much! :) nm