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Is there any spyware you can use that doesnt interfere with all your other programs at all. I have

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-10-25
In Reply to:

XP and service pack 2 etc etc just about all the programs you can have and Norton so dont know if they have Spyware in them or not. I have office also.

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you don't have any other programs open that would interfere, do you? (sm)
I had 2 programs open at the same time and they both used the same foot pedal. I thought I broke something, but realized both were open, shut one down and viola! it worked!
Tech question. I have discovered spyware on my PC. It is blocking me from using anti-spyware softw
and fix the problem.  I need help!  Any ideas on how to locate the offending program and get rid of it.  I downloaded Ad-Aware in an tried to run it and it's blocking that too and my McAfee is being blocked as well.  I cannot run a scan at all.
Have you done spyware scans, defrag, virus scan and reboot? All of these help me. Run spyware
Spyware hijack? Have you run spyware/virus
Does working interfere with your incessant TV watching?
Is there a way to delete some of the words from a downloaded dictionary that interfere with your own
Oh yes! Cops love it when the neighbors interfere, stand around, gawk. Makes their job
Stay inside. Ask later, if you must.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
I think I would look for another job. Doesnt seem right
the spyware site you are referring to is www.ewido.net/en/

I went there and tried free version...did not find anything my present spyware program had not found. try emptying your temp. internet files, empty your cookie cash, and defrag. see if that helps. oh. and maybe empty your history folder too. sometimes that gets bogged down after awhile too.
try spybot, search and destroy, free download, free spyware, or spyblaster.
Happened to me today when I started working - took almost four hours to get it straigtened out with Dell - glad I paid the $300 for IT support - otherwise my computer would be a goner and I just bought it in August.
Which spyware did you use.
Adware SE and Spybot actually installs Spyware onto your computer.  I used them for a while and could never get certain spyware off my computer because they belong to Adware SE and Spybot.  I downloaded the free beta spyware program from www.microsoft.com and no longer have any spyware.  You can also program this to run every morning.  Good luck!!!
Try Spyware Doctor - I have found it to be a great program.  lc
spyware (sm)

If you don't remove Spyware from your computer, eventually you will have so many spyware programs running that you won't be able to surf the internet because the programs will be using all your resources to send info back to their servers.  It does need to be removed.

The link below has software you can download for free.  It is the full version for the first 30 days and if you don't buy, it will automatically become the freeware version.  Run that and see if it gets rid of the error.  You'll probably be surprised at how much data is being mined off your computer.

Does anyone else's pc get infested with Spyware after visiting this site? 
I'm having a problem with my computer, and could really use some advice.  I started getting this popup asking me to install their anti-spyware program.  It was so annoying and just wouldn't go away.  Then, one of my transcription programs disappeared.  After that, my computer kept shutting down on me.  And then, it wouldn't come on at all.  I finally was able to get it to stay on and I went right out and bought the latest version of McAfee, but now when I try to install it, I get a failed installation message.  I have a feeling that whatever virus I have contracted is actually stopping me from installing the McAfee.  Has anyone else had this happen.  I'm so frustrated!  I will never let my anti-virus software expire again, that is if I can get one on my computer again!
keylooger spyware
yes, you need to be concerned. This would allow someone to steal your passwords to anything. There is a company eAnthnology (symantec the folks that does Norton) that you can download from the internet. For a small monthly fee ($7) you get a firewall, emaill scanner, popup blocker, etc and telephone support if needed. Scans are automatially ran at specific intervals that you set and then they are automatically cleaned. If cannot be cleaned right then, message is sent to the company and they write a program to fix and then it is fixed automatically. Great company!!!! I have used them for years.
Help! I have spyware on my computer
I have dealhelper Spyware on my computer and I ran Adware SE and spybot and can't get it to go away.  It is on my list of computer programs under add/delete programs and it is taking up almost 3000 MB of space.  It won't let me delete it through add/delete because it says file not found.  Is anybody technically savvy?  Do I need to purchase one of these expensive programs from the internet to get this off my computer or is there a free one?
Question about Spyware. sm
I can't find a technical board, so here goes.  I was evidently infected by Spy Sheriff about 6 weeks ago.  I kept rerunning my Norton, and the red button with the white x finally stopped popping up constantly.  However, when I make a new Word file, I get a second file that looks like a ghost file, with a tilda and a dollar sign in front of it.  Now I am having trouble with my internet connection cutting out, having to reboot frequently, and my emails are not always going through.  I'm not sure if this is related.  I have tried to find info on this "virus," but there is so much conflicting info I don't know what to believe.  Has anyone had this problem?  Do I still have the spyware?  Can I get something that will completely wipe it out, or will I have to wipe my hard drive?  Will that even work, if I have to reload my ShortHand and Word?  Any advice appreciated.  TIA.
Escription - Spyware?

Hey, everyone.  I need some advice - again!  I just started training on Escription and have noticed that it has some processes that run in the background while I am not even using the program.  Did a little investigating and found out that these processes are monitoring me!!!  Now, call me paranoid, but I do not think Escription has any business monitoring me when I am not running the program.  I know this is part of their whole "learn to use shortcuts and be a great transcriptionist" program, but it kinda burns me. 

I was really happy with my company until I discovered this.  Now I am very displeased, and not sure of how to handle this, what to do.  I guard my privacy almost religiously. 

I know Escription is a popular platform, so some of you have worked/do work on it.  Can you tell me how you feel about this issue, what you would do, etc?

Thanks in advance. 


Spyware on EXText too?
Does anyone know if Dictaphone ExText uses spyware?
Remove Spyware...
The best method for removing Spyware is called "Spybot Search and Destroy" It is available from downloads.com. http://www.download.com/3001-8022_4-10804822.html that page will start the download right away, it's a safe link. It is also a free program. Spybot will clean the PC, and when you run the "immunize" program it will keep things safer. Also if you install "Teatimer" which is included, it will warn you if something is trying to make a change, such as a website that tries to change your home page or add to the registry. Teatimer can become annoying when you are installing software though, because it pops up every time the new software tries to make a change to warn you, and you have to click "approve change" if you're in the middle of installing something.

On another note, I have found that just running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer has saved me from many problems as well.

My 2 cents.
Spyware 2008
Is anyone, or has anyone dealt with this thing?  My daughter is home for Christmas and I do not know if she accidentally started this thing or not.  She only goes into Facebook and MySpace, as I do.  Anyway, this thing keeps popping up.  My virus scan keeps blocking it.  Do I have anything to worry about?
Probably a virus/spyware
I had this happen a couple of years ago and it was pretty disconcerting. I think I ended up running my virus scan, my Ad-Aware...I am trying to remember, but I think the thing that replaced Google ended up being a program that I had to go into my Add/Remove programs and remove it. It was a pain in the butt and kinda scary knowing that something had a hold of my computer and God only knew what was going to be damaged/hijacked. I don't know how tech-comfortable you are, but if you've got any tech-savvy friends, it might be worth summoning them over to find where this may have taken root.
No doesnt sound harsh
I agree with you to an extent about threatening with that, and I have informed family members that could be done if he does not get help and endangers them in some way. They of course say they know, I think they are trying to handle it without hurting the kids any further. He has not physically hurt them just scared them which is bad enough! Thanks
High IQ doesnt = good MT.
Link doesnt say if this can be done at home.
Above poster doesnt know how to use antibark

My dogs quickly learned when they had collar on and what that meant. They didn't bark.  Take collar off when you want them to alert you. Believe me, they know the difference between collar on and collar off.  Mine even knew the difference between dead battery and charged battery.  When they would bark with collar on, I knew it was tiime for recharge.

Then hope your boss here doesnt end up
Consulting dr. doesnt say but says he thinks
Doesnt matter what we think. Facility way is
It is not the Dr fault he doesnt understand
Doesnt matter how many language I know.
What happens if company doesnt send
Maybe facility doesnt know how deal with IC,
It doesnt separate. You end up transcribing at
9pin doesnt work for me
There are issues with it stopping and starting. The USB works best in V8. I work in V8 and V6 still so I have both pedals :(
I agree with the poster regarding spyware.

good Spyware program

Ewido:   http://www.ewido.net/en/

My husband learned about this from one of his college professors. We both tried it and discovered that it found stuff on our systems that other Spyware programs such as Spy Sweeper and Spy Blaster missed.

It's spyware, Google soproc.exe nm
You do not have to spend 100.00, or 30.00, or 20.00 to rid your pc of this spyware. Follow the
directions provided with this link and you will be fine. There are SO many free virus/spyware removers online, that if one has the time, patience, knowledge, and fortitude, you should never have to pay for this, or any other type of pc maintenance.
I still use 2. It looks better and doesnt get confused with abbr. periods.
I wouldnt change to 1 unless the AAMT Book of Style rules on it and I dont believe they have. I could be wrong on that. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Another thing I have noticed people doing is not putting a comma before the and in a list. I was always taught to use the comma but some people dont.

advil doesnt touch mine
I used to get this all the time it drove me crazy.  It felt like a constant burning band.  I was hold my arms up by my neck and shoulder.  Is there anyway you can find something to support your arms while you type?  I bought a chair with arms, and i put a 2 x 4 board across the arms and rest my elbows on that and let my fingers do the work, not my neck.  I also have a split keyboard.  When the pain was severe, like yours, I would get up and put a warm wash cloth and sort of massage it into my neck every couple of hours while stretching, and then apply some icy hot so it really penetrated into it.  As a poster stated, xanax works and anything that relaxes the muscles, Soma, or Flexeril, ativan,  buspar (antianxiety), on top of the massage, heat n stretches.  I also cut out the coffee and sugar because i'm an anxious person and I clench constantly.  That should get you through until you find away to rest the arms while working.  I know with this job, one part of our body will suffer, either arms, wrists or hand joints, even neck and shoulder.  I wish they'd invent something to take the strain off of every muscle for us gals who have to sit here day after day!  Anyways, I feel your pain, hang in there.
I wouldnt go get him. Just treat him tonight even if he doesnt have it
That may keep him from getting it. Head lice is a nuisance but not hard to get rid of. I wouldnt sweat it. You should change their sheets, etc...
I disagree...just because you are in a certain profession doesnt mean you cant have time off..sm
My mom has been an RN for over 40 years now and I have several family members in some of the other professions you mentioned above. A certain profession does not mean you have to work certain days/holidays. If you have vacation time you are entitled to use it whenever you wish. I used to work in a physicians office for 10 years and I always put my vacation time in for my two weeks in December in January. Other employees put their time in for summer. So while they are out having fun with their time off in July I am not crying and moaning because they are having fun in the sun while I work to cover them. It is the same thing no matter when your time off is scheduled. It has nothing to do with what field you work in. If you want time off at Christmas be a little more organized and schedule your time off way in advance. And no I dont think I am the only one with a family who would like to be off for the holidays. I just make it a priority to take my vacation at that time. You enjoy your time when you want and I will enjoy my time when I want.
What would be fair line rate if co. doesnt pay
Does it really make a ton of difference in your pay?
XMTSO doesnt care where you are going to work or what they
Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
person we are paying for a service doesnt