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Is this legal or just not very smart? (sm)

Posted By: Don't like it, but.... on 2007-12-13
In Reply to:

I have a cardiologist who dictates from a template.  Even if he does not mention things from the template, they are to be left in (negatives and positives).  This includes in the PE a respiratory rate of 12.  He never mentions it, but I have been told to leave it in.  The odds of every patient he sees having a respiratory rate of 12 are pretty astronomical, and I think a lawyer could have fun with this if pressed.  My supervisor agrees but feels we should give the client what they want. 

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A lot of legal transcription and legal jobs in
No need to be smart with him. He's got my
respect for having earned his degree, whether or not he's working in that field and for whatever reason.

Not because they are smart...because they
IQ was never the issue!
If they are smart and get out ;)
We are just so smart... sm

and great at what we do that we need a challenge once in a while.  No, switching professions is not the answer if your desire is to stay at home.  I have found that helping each other through these message boards has been quite invigorating, and to know that I am not alone in my endeavors is quite reassuring, I must say! 

Smart Gal!
Yes, this is the only job I believe where the salary goes down in time instead of up. You are smart to find another career. I have been in this line of work over 20 years and only wish I had made another move early on. Good luck to you.
You are one smart person,
this, Soft Script would go out of business!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
Smart Young Man

Your son sounds like a very smart young man. Not many kids these days truly care about their education. They look at high school as a party/social time, and dont look into the future what so ever, and said thing is a lot of our children are not getting the guidance from home either.

My son loves to learn and loves to be challenged and with him being home schooled we are able to do so.

And one other positive note on home schooling college intrance exams have shown that home schooled kids are just as smart if not smarter than those who go to public or private schools. The one on one they get is a big big factor in that.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!

work smart - -
You must be an IC. Yes?? Is that where "it's" at?
Monkey's are too smart for the job! LOL - nm
That's a smart post.
I like how you think. Very good.
info on Smart Med
Their pay is pretty good.  Bennies pretty good.  Platform not so good.  Tech support leaves much to be desired. 
There just might be, but rather than be smart alec
Transcriptionists are smart!
I had a doctor say to his "residents" that they should do transcription because I was answering all of the questions they could not, just because I've transcribed for so many years!  That was kind of a nice feeling, if I do say so myself!  So... maybe we could all be doctors some day! 
smart move. JMO
You're smart to do that.
You must feel much less bored and isolated by getting out into the real world and taking part in something more involved-feeling.

Really Smart Docs
From OB ultrasound report: "The fetus is single."

Good for that fetus! No fetus should marry before being born.
that's pretty smart.
will have to remember that.
Smart Type
You are better off just using one Expander at a time. There are things that ST will do that IT will not and vise versa. It is a matter of figuring out what is best for your needs.

You are welcome to email me and I can answer more specific questions for you.
You are 1 smart cookie
No matter what your age, you have done all the right things in order to have things go smoothly and be a productive worker at home. I like your way of doing things!
Not too smart a question
I am sure, but I am totally new to digital transcription, as I have always used tapes.  I have a service I am wanting to test with who sent me a voice file.  I am using Express Scribe.  The file is an .exe file, and I cannot get Express Scribe to accept it.  What am I doing wrong?
Smart Type with
MedRite-XL ... what would the benefits of using Smart Type rather than the MedRite expander?  Need to to anything I can to get faster.
It is smart to have 2 jobs if you can - sm
I have 2 IC jobs, though I don't work at the 1 much anymore (just weekends if I am not too busy); I have more accounts now with the 1 job (didn't have enough work like you before) though stilll not making quite what I want but slowly creeping up to my goal. I have the other IC job to fall back on if needed which is nice to know. I also have 1 account of my own and am about to seek some more out, so maybe I can reach my personal goal. But is it smart to have 2 jobs since if one dries up or they lose the account you are on then you still have income coming in.
smart gloves
Love the smart gloves. they have sort of a bean bag on the palm and do not restrict your typing at all.
Smart expander?
Does anyone know of a "smart" expander? One that remembers what you type and makes expansions for you? I think someone said Instant Text does but I'm not sure. Maybe there isn't one? Just wondering!

As smart as doctors are, WHY
don't they have sense enough not to dictate on cell phones & speakerphones?!  They dictate punctuation & spelling to make sure their report is perfect, but then dictate it on a cell phone cutting in and out?!  
I think Dubya's hot - smart, not swayed by
I'd sleep with him if he was single!
You're a smart lady.
I need to wise up!
Smart MT. Tapes or internet? SM


I am currently an IC and I have 2 physicians.  I want to use the internet to transfer files.  I am currently using tapes.  Any insight as to how do this safely, quickly, and cost effectively would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, I am stuck using dial up.   Also, how much do you charge?


Smart Gloves. Google them. They are the best!

You're not horrible - just smart
Your time is money, all the time you spent researching, designing, printing and distributing your flier was all time you spent and money out of your pocket.  Just because others may not want to do the hard work for themselves, doesn't obligate you to give away yours.  It is a business and you made a business decision.  You know pretty well that there are those who would try to short cut and just change your information for theirs.  Stick to your guns!
oops - SMART MOUTH..............NM
Smart lady! I admire you.
I thought I was being so smart last year m
by buying  a space heater for my office.  I thought it'd keep me warm during the day (I'm naturally pretty cold) and I could still dial down and save on fuel oil.  Well, I did those things, BUT our electric bill jumped about $50/month because of the space heater.  At first I couldn't figure out why it had gone up so much.  It was up more than the 40%+ that the electric company raised their rates.  They told me to turn off all appliances and then turn them on one by one and watch the meter.  THe meter didn't really increase at all from it's slow turn for any appliance until I turned on the tiny space heater I used and it started spinning like crazy.  Turns out that heater was the cause of the increase in the bill.  So just a warning about that.  Others may know of heaters than don't pull that kind of juice.  If you do, please post! 
ha! smart gal! good luck! nm
Smart Glove wearer here.
Only when the pain gets real bad.  Slows me down big time.
I also wear Smart Glove. They are a life saver!!!!!! I buy a new pair whether i need them or not each year.
Smart Glove - can't work without them sm
I can't do anything on the computer without them any more.  I have been wearing them for almost five years and never had a minute of stress/pain.  It took about a week to get used to it because the beans in the palms were strange, but I honestly can't be without them now.
I never used Smart Type but IT is at the bottom sm

It takes up about the bottom third of my screen.  You can change the size, but I have it set to give me about twelve lines because I have a lot of templates that start by the doc's name, so I can have twelve templates that start the same - Smithcons, Smithdch, SmithHandP - and need to be able to scroll and pick the one I want.  It may be that it can be positioned in another place, but this is how I started using it and have never checked for something different. 

It took me a couple of weeks to get real comfortable with watching the bottom of the screen, but once you get doing it, it becomes a rhythm.  I am so used to it that I am forever sending emails to my sister with my unexpanded expansions.  Like another poster said, success relies on "thinking" your Expander and constantly building it in ways that make sense to you.  

I have a massive glossary - 16869 words, 57341 phrases.  Some of it is glossaries that came with it, some of it is glossaries I downloaded (I don't remember where, it was years ago) and some of it is things I have added over the years - including full templates for every doc I can.  Some of it is from compilations - you can take a bunch of reports and have it analyze them for commonly occurring phrases and it then creates contiuations - like if you do "the patient was" then it will suggest "prepped and draped" "discharged to home" "given a prescription for" "alert and oriented" and you just scroll to the right one and plop it in.

I know a lot of it goes unused and some of it is duplicate, but I haven't taken the time to go clean it out.  It is a constantly shifting, evolving process and I think that is what makes it so productive for me.  Granted, I have never used anything else other than Auto Correct, so there may be better out there, but this works great for me.

If Smart Type is the same as Shorthand, I think it is, there should.....
not be a problem using it with any program, it works outside programs, meaning it should not interfere. I have used ShortHand for years and it has never interfered with any and I mean any program I have ever used. Hope this helps.
Yes, my daughters are getting smart to reality.
When they are out in the "general" public with their girlfriends they know not to flaunt themselves in a disrespectful way. We, as in all parents on both sides, chosen to accept our children because I feel like condemning them for something they believe in is wrong. Do I deep down hope and pray it is a phase and they will change, I'd be lying if I said no, but will I love them any less if it doesn't happen that way, of course not. I do feel bad because my stepdaughter was extremely close to her grandparents and when they found out they asked her to keep her life to herself and they are opting to go with the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. They are fairly religious and state that they will never acknowledge anything in her life that pertains to that. At 18, she was crushed but her love for them stays strong and she respects their beliefs. As a side note, my sister who is a year older than me decided she was a lesbian too after 3 marriages, 3 children and more men that I could ever count her whole life. Honestly, I feel this is some kind of "trend" and it is a little disturbing. I have met some people who were "different" day one and I would think to myself "wow, they really are a man in a women's body and vice versa." It is obvious that they were born that way and had no choice, but what I see now is more of a lifestyle choice when you spend your own life being boy-crazy and then all of a sudden you only date women. What is the world coming to...being "open-minded" is about the only way to put handling all of this.
they must think their pals are not smart enough to check for themselves...
if that other thing is up and running and resort to sneaky.


they'll get tired and fall asleep.
save your marriage but be smart

I do notice you started back pedalling and saying "oh it's not really so bad and he is my best friend" Once you started getting some responses to get out of the marriage. 

I am glad you can see that your husband and marriage has some really positive traits but please it won't help you to minimize the areas where you are having trouble just because you are under fire.

I don't agree  that you should just up and leave your husband. He does sound like he might have some very serious issues and possibly you as well for putting up with this treatment but I dont' judge because each relationship can have some problems.  The key is recognize and try to solve not to fight.

 Tell me -- how can you miniimze the fact your husband is living it up so to speak -- going out with friends whenever he wants WITHOUT you.  While you stay home like menial labor taking care of kids. 

A marriage is  partnership where each individual needs to be able to pursue their own interests but the thoughts, feelings and well being of their partner has to come into play as well.  A marriage cannot survive when only one partners needs are being met and the other's are ignored. It just depends how long you are willing to put up with it or how long before he crosses another line (into an affair maybe when he is out alone). This is dangerous territory and you need to stop minimizing the situation and realize you marriage might be in grave danger.

What is sounds like is your husband wants his cake and to eat it too. He wants a great social life without you and kids tagging along -- reliving his single days possibly -- working out when he wants, going out to lunch or dinner.

There is nothing wrong with him pursing his individual interest and friendships --- we don't become bound at the hip when we become married -- we need to have our own sense of self. But the problem here is he DOES have a sense of self and readily pursues his own interestes but does ALLOW you to do the same. This is not partnership -- but it is control and oppression. 

While you still may get along well, have great sex etc this is not a healthy realtionship for either of you and your children will see that you constantly defer your dreams and desires and wants at your husbands wishes whilst he does whatever he wants.  Is this a lesson you want to teach them?  That woman should be kept in the home and be basically a maid, a cook, a childcare provider and at-home worker but does not deserve respect and dignity from husband and to be treated equally?

You can turn this around.  I am not suggesting you just bail.  Do as you suggested.  Stand up to your husband. Don't argue. Simply state (don't ask) that you will be going out -- if he refuses to watch the children then DO hire the sitter.  When you are both more calm let him know that you understand his desire to pursue his own interests and friendships and your support that -- but you deserve the same right.  Also you both need to balance those things with family time -- which should come first.

Consider martial counseling but don't just leave. See if he will agree. You and your husband need to see why he is so passive/aggressive towards you and why you are willing to put up with that. If you are religious seek Christian couseling and prayer from a pastor to help save your marriage.

However, if he refuses to change, refuses counseling you may come to a crossroad where you might have to consider if you can live under these conditions.

You should be afraid my dear.  I am divorced had a similar husband. I would be very frightened your hubby might be having an affair or might consider one.  He has you under his thumb... he comes and goes as he pleases and there are no repercussions. He does not respect your rights or see you as an equal patner. What does he do with his "buddys" -- go to the bars? Are there late nights? Business trips?

I am truly not trying to be mean but you need to open your eyes to the possibility where this might be going... and please do NOT say it won't happen to me because ALL women who have had a husband cheat think that. 

Also get yourself an education if you don't have one - work on a degree. I know you work as an MT but can you support a house and 3 children on that??  If you marriage does end... what will you do to make a living? Start thinking of taking some online courses or one night at community college.  Get another skill if you don't make enough as an MT.

Please just consider advice from someone who has been there. I am a single Mom with 2 boys. Was married over 10 years.  Been there and now struggling to make ends meat as a single parent. Wish someone had advised me the same. 

By all means work on your marriage but be prepared. Get educated. Save some of you own money in a bank account don't keep everything in his name.... It's hard to fight denial but you need to watch our for your kids and your future while trying to fight for the marriage.





I use Smart Type with Extext and sm
I just love it.  VERY productive from the first day with Extext.  It is a breeze to learn and I find I make very good lines.
Or smart enough to not retire if you cant afford
Hey-When someone is discouraged, sick, and down and out-you don't have to come on with a smart re

Your supervisor sounds like a smart
man/woman to hold people accountable for skipping a job. I'm glad someone understands where I'm coming from. I figured I would either get cheered-on or flamed for that post. Good to know it's the first one :)
Legal or what? IC help.
OK, I need some IC help please? I just quit my IC position and was told after the fact that I would NOT be paid for my last 30 days of working because I did not give proper notice per contract.   Well to make a long story short I didn't sign a contract.  So what would you seasoned ICs do?  
This is not legal
Sorry but this is not legal and if you get caught it can be insurance fraud with big consequences.  Legally and morally you should not be on his insurance coverage, if you chose to stay on it, live with yourself and the fear of "getting caught".   This is where our morals are going down the tube in this country.  Lie and cheat to get what we want and something for nothing. 
if anyone does work for CMLS doing med-legal docs? If so, any feedback, good, bad, or indifferent would be appreciated. Thanks!
What I was doing is legal. sm
I was using a trial version to see if I liked it. I paid to have the complete 2003 version put on my new computer. I would not use a bootleg version software for work. That was my point. However, I hate to pay that much to put it on my son's computer just so he can take a single high school class. I may have to work it so he can use my computer to send his work in, because he needs Word format.