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It's not just MQ----

Posted By: Tired of getting the shaft on 2005-09-19
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I just talked to a former co-worker of mine who is still at the hospital where I quit several months back.  She said they had been constantly on their case to "produce more, more, more", etc., and so they did.  Now the chief financial officer is having a fit because of the amount of money they have to pay out in incentive, so guess what-- they are now raising the quota before the incentive kicks in.  You know we MTs are just ROLLING IN MONEY, so they have to make sure we don't get too much.  It gets so old!  I wish I could retire!  I am so glad I quit there.  I'm still making peanuts but at least I am working from home and don't have to spend a fortune on gas or deal with all the corporate idiots there.  I would like to know where I can work where I will be appreciated and actually paid what I'm worth! 

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