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It will not be moved; work-related posts belong here. NM

Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator) on 2007-12-15
In Reply to: Your post will probably get moved to the Gab Board. We - had a poll about this recently. :) nm


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All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM)
All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM)
Dontcha just love the way the ads are related to the topic in the posts?
Freaky.  I have AOL with an animated character.  When I am in an IM, the dog actually reacts with sad cry when I type the word "sad,"  and happy reaction with "lol."  All the rest of the emotions coincide with my typewritten text.  I find that to be rather unsettling.  They basically are reading what we are typing out there, somewhere. 
MT and non-related work
Hello Fellow Transcriptionist.  I was wondering if someone out there could answer a  few questions to set me on the right track.  I would like to freelance medical and non-medical transcriptions as well and was wondering how to charge for this  by the page or by the line count?  Also would like to know things to avoid or helpful tips with this adventure??  Thanks a ton.
well, it IS work related. I edit those reports all the time.
Yes, it's Independent Medical which are normally work comp related and Looooooong...
but very interesting.
Does anyone work a part time job that is NOT transcribing or related to the transcription field?
If so, what?? 
I kind of thought this fit with all the posts about low work, no work.
MTs complaining they are not finding jobs, or if they are the pay is extremely low. Seems to be a lot of posting mostly about no work...

I was kind of curious where all the work has been going, much more so than the usual slow times...
I wouldn't want to work for anyone who posts
Not MT related, but pet dog related. See message.
I have a 5 year old Maltese dog who has always been a great sleeper at night. He has always slept on my bed next to me and never budged all night. Last week he started to wake up shivering and panting in the early morning and could not settle back down and would just jump off the bed and go off somewhere else to sleep. Now he starts this shivering and panting as soon as the light goes off in the bedroom but instead of jumping off and going off on his own, he just stays there next to me and keeps sivering and panting and is unable to fall asleep. He's perfectly normal otherwise during the day and sleeps fine during the day, behaves normally and is eating and drinking normally. I called the vet and she thought he was having nightmares. But I'm not so sure. Last night when I went to bed and the light was on for about 15 minutes he was quiet and comfortable lying next to me. As soon as the light went off he started the shivering and the panting and could not go to sleep. Anywone gone throught this before? Should I be worried about his health?
I work and do not have time to read such long posts, do you?..nm
Sounds like a good place, where you work! BTW: the other 2 posts are not mine
Somebody is cloning my username now and posting. Guess on a board like this anyone can troll. So, I guess I will change my username again, so as not to be taken the wrong way. Wow, people really have a lot of time on their hands!
To whom DOEs it belong, if not to her?

I am. Realizing that I don't belong to the
stupid gross population that seems to be on this board lately!

How about a little class and finess, ladies. Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking to!

Get'r done...that's your motto. Larry the Cable Guy must be your president, huh?!
Sorry, don't belong to any useless...
MTSO organizations or any organizations for that fact. I don't have time.

My question to all the ICs out there - How many of you are willing to pay for what it costs to do direct deposit? I know I would, if my client offered direct deposit, but only if I would pay for the cost of the service. However, I am betting that not many ICs would...but then again, I might be wrong.
Anything that does not belong under the other boards. (NM)
You do not have to belong to AAMT
to take the CMT examination.  You do have to maintain a 30-credit cycle over the course of 3 years. You do not have to be a national member to go to chapter meetings to obtain the credits, though you do pay the fee to attend the creditworthy meeting.  In fact, many hospitals do continuing education credits for free and AAMT accepts those credits as well.  Tell it like it is.
Exactly - they belong in the house
I've had indoor cats for decades and it's like anything else. If they never have it (going outside) they never miss it.

If someone puts their cat outside it's only a matter of time before they contract feline AIDS or FELV (leukemia virus) or rabies, get attacked by another animal, get hit by a car, or just disappear with no explanation and you don't know what happened to them like the in the case above.

Keep them inside where they belong.
Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
Go back to India where you belong.
We have enough garbage in this country without adding people like you.
Go to Mickey D's where you belong before you kill someone. nm
NOT necessarily does post belong on GAB BD

The Main Board and the Gab Board are definitely for discussion of a movie and/or healthcare.....The GAB board is not for any subject (so they have said here at MTStars) relating to MT work......or politics and religion.....Think the Main Board is also not for politics and religion posts also.....

But Administration could clarify this for us here..........and have in the past numerous times.

If you belong to AHDI, you take the exam
Indian MTs make sooooooooo little money, the $25 difference probably doesn't help them at all.

Not all MTSOs belong to this nor subscribe
Just so ya know. Many of us think both MTIA and AHDI have done more harm than good to the MT community. Be careful who you get in bed with.
a comma doesn't belong there!
im glad you haven't done it after!!! :)
I agree, this board does not belong to her,
after all it is a 'world help board!'H

Had she really in mind to help the newbies, she would have formulated it in a different way.

It is always the tone that makes the music.
It is her body...however, the life insider her does not belong to her!
God blessed her with this child and now she needs to find out why.  If she is not ready for this then thats her decision but there are other options out there.  Abortion is unexceptable birth control.  Maybe by taking your niece to an alternative to abortion pregnancy center (family.org has an abundance of info) they can give her all the information she needs to make the best decision not a blind decision.  I will pray for your situation. Please keep us posted!
Doesn't this belong on the productivity board?
I agree esp if they take out the word American. I don't want to belong
Looks like integrity doesn't belong in their title either
Oops -- that it's worth it sure doesn't belong on my post!
Agree 100%. In-house is where we belong. Services have been our downfall.
And privacy issues would no longer be a concern.
I just moved from PA
to the Bay Area and I have to agree, it is more expensive to live in the northeast and it does not seem like there are any type of programs to help people out. Here in CA PG&E is offering everyone regardless of economic status a rebate if they are able to conserve 10% this winter. Whereas I just read a while ago that in the PA they recently passed some kind of law or the like where the electric/gas company can turn people's electric/gas off in the middle of winter. That is just cruel.
that is what I moved from
Last neighborhood I came from was brand new and in 3 years turned into the hood. I know exactly what you are talking about. That is why I am so irritated to feel like I am back there with just 1 neighbor who happens to be my closest one. They are screaming as we speak. Agh!
It gets moved around, but it is definitely out there.

We've gotten 81 entries from people who have FOUND IT so far!  Keep lookin!


They are still using that but have moved to
Word - I just remember typing in WP 5.1 and it was a dream come true - don't remember the demos being slow - but I'm not all that speedy so may have been
I moved very close to but not on ...
Makemoney Avenue.

Considering the taxes I pay, I think I should have bought the one on that street.
Also moved to Amherst
All these different accounts every day - it's so hard to keep everything straight. I am so slow and less productive now - and who is there to call - do you know we got swallowed by Amherst and I have no contact information for anyone. It's so darn depressing!
Fired from one and moved to another
What is the point
I'm from Portland, but we moved to SM

Nebraska last July.  (We actually lived in Gresham.) I really miss Oregon so much!  I worked at Kaiser and loved it there.

I thought the program at Mt. Hood Community College was really great.  It really prepared a new MT.

:) Are you from the Portland area?  If you went to the AAMT convention last May I was there!  My first convention.  It was fun.

Have a great day, Patti! :)


No......I never had this happen until I moved to VA - sm
Before that lived in PA and MD, no one ever took my bags out to my car (or even asked), so no, this is not the norm.
Who has moved from company to
company the most times? I had steady work and employed many years before I started working at home for nationals.
Has anyone ever moved to another country and kept their job? sm

I want to know this because my fiancee is in the military and will be going to the UK for a few months and I want to go with him but keep my job.  Is this even possible?


I thought they had moved
I had been hearing that this board was now being run by an offshore company, but I wasn't sure. Oh well, I'll wait for MTstars.net to get up and running.
This relates to all MTs so I have moved it here. (nm)
When a post is moved to the --sm
appropriate board, why are the reply/replies not also moved? Researched the post about an angle, found it, and posted it.  When it was moved to the word board, my reply was not included. 
Moved: Reply...
I think you're having a hard time getting on with the nationals because they want 3-5 years recent experience. I would suggest you keep at it with the clinic notes and try to find a company that does hire "newbies", even though we both know you aren't. After a year or 2 back in the biz, you should be able to get in with the nationals. I doubt much that a certificate would help the situation you're in.
Reposted for RJ when moved....
I personally do not use autotext and prefer Instant Text, but that is a matter of opinion. I have used Autotext. Try and get all titles in; i.e, history of present illness, etc. Also try to get all the drugs in that you can and if they have standard dosages, put those in also; i.e., asp8 would spell out aspirin 81 mg p.o., daily - that sort of thing. Also you do not have to look up if they are generic or trademark. I do Lasix 20 mg as las20, las 40, etc. Any drug abbreviations are a big help. I think you can make macros with Autotext. If I have a doc I do all the time, I copy and block the whole report such as H&P, consult, etc., and take out all the information that is not perinent and leave in things that the doc would say all the time - aaox3 = allert and oriented X3, etc. If she/she dictates the same patterned report (because they are generally required to dictate under a certain format per the hopital), I have the advantage of having all the titles in there along with his/her PE. I make a template. Also, I like 8 o'clock coffee brand - it is more concentrated.
I have used it and moved up to Dragon -sm
Honestly the one on word worked just about as well as Dragon. But, that said, I no longer use either one. My shoulders and my neck quit hurting but the time took to go back and correct mistakes was to time consuming to make it worth it. You really have to be willing to invest a lot of money into a microphone and even then, you might get 70% accuracy tops. Unless you really wanted to shell out some big bucks and get Dragon Medical, I think you will find it a big hassle. My production did not go up at all, but I was in less pain :) Go spend $20 and buy a head set and give it a shot, but be prepared to be disappointed.
Has the computer been moved lately? You may want to
look inside the computer to make sure all the components are still securely attached to the motherboard. If you are not accustomed to doing this yourself, take it to a tech. It also could be dirty with dust. Many computers need a good cleaning a couple times a year. Buy air cleaner for computer and open up the case and spray away the dust. It would be a number of things but this is a start.
Not MT-related (sorry).

Anyone know the official name for crime scene tape that is used by just ordinary people to rope areas off?  It says something else besides crime scene.  Need to buy some and trying to do a search at different stores, but you can imagine what I'm finding when I search for tape.