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JLG Transcriptions

Posted By: danajean on 2008-06-23
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Hi!  Has anyone heard of this company and have an opinion?  I am looking for a position at home (preferrably Radiology but I can do acute care "kinda") and I am nervous about all the national companies.  I don't know who to trust. I don't know what equipment I must purchase or even  how to set it up!  I worked from home for a local hospital for many years and also 3 years for a service who provided all equipment.  Any advice would be appreciated!



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Transcriptions, Ltd
I worked for a company called Transcriptions Lts from 1984 until the mid 90's when another company took them over. I thought TL had dissolved. If it is the same company, it was a great, small company to work for.
ANP Transcriptions
Thank you for your question. My name is Errol Stryker and I am the Production Manager at ANP.

We are a fast paced, consistently growing company, that prides itself on delivering high-quality transcripts that are turned around quickly. We accomplish this through good organization skills and cutting edge file access technology.

It is preferred that our contractors turn around about 1 hour of recorded audio within a 24 hour time frame. If your skills and needs can accommodate it, then we can provide more audio than that on a regular basis. Our main focus is to make sure that we know what your needs are, and what we can expect from you. With that information, we assign work that fits your schedule/workload needs and fulfills the turn-around expectations of our clients.

Since we have such a large range of clients, the projects our transcribers work on change constantly.

Our clients range from world wide medical and pharma companies to small research groups, police departments, to churches. And everything else in between.

Some of these projects are rush jobs, most are not. I would be lying if I said that we provide perfect audio each time. I would love that for our team, but the reality is that we have to work with whatever our clients give us.

What is nice about the variety of work we get is that we can offer a healthy mix of content and quality.

All audio can be downloaded from a personalized online folders. In that folder one can access all necessary templates, guidelines and sample documents.

In addition to having easy access to your audio, we provide large amounts of support. We have a dedicated email account that fowards all "help" issues to everyone in the production department. If your issue is time-sensitive and critical to your project, we will get back to you, even if it's 11 at night. Also, our proofers are available to answer all of your formatting questions during the course of a project.

We only ask that you practice healthy communication habits and submit good work by the agreed upon deadlines.

I hope I have answered all your questions.

If you have any questions that I have not addressed please do not hesitate to contact me.

Errol Stryker
Production Manager
ANP Transcriptions Production Department

"Where Precision Counts"

transcriptions have a skill also
as far as looking up addresses go!
It was Dependable Transcriptions, I think
Just so we all know where NOT to look for work! LOL
canned transcriptions
I think I would ask the company if I can correct all the errors. I have done that with my employer and he is happy that I have fixed things. I can't stand to have things be wrong and have my name on them.
disabled transcriptions
Thanks to all of you that gave me an answer.  It is for my friend and I will pass on the information as this is something that she really wants to do as being disabled it is much easier working from home than trying to use public transportation in our little rural town.   I will certain pass on you sugestions.
Same Day Transcriptions IS a US Company
You people don't know what you're talking about. I've been working for Same Day Transcriptions for three years. The company is owned by a young couple who live and work in New Jersey.

I do know that they have a facility in Manila because the wife (I will leave names out of this) is from there, but they live in New Jersey. I also know that they have - like me - transcriptionists around America too and they are very good to us.

It's one thing to bash a company that is bad, but these are good, honest people. That article was very unfair, not to mention inaccurate.

I think we should all rememebr that just because it's written in a newspaper doesn't make it true. I am really tired of seeing these threads of false rumors hurt good people. Please have more responsiblity about what you post.

Megan Teaghan

legal transcriptions...sm
Cold you please explain a little further why you hated legal transcriptions?
Does one also go through a training for that and needs a certificate for that?
Also ASR?
I guess payment is equal to MT?

California Transcriptions Unlimited...SM
No schedule, no line commitment.  They presently have an ad on the Job Seeker's Board.  All radiology. 
Transcriptions Unlimited Denver?sm
In Vegas now, but from Colorado Springs. Miss Colorado too.
Transcriptions, you are saying, are unskilled workers?
I spent over a year training for this job. It took my total attention, I spent so much time in books be it the regular dictionary or medical books. I thought I could go right into transcribing because after all, I had worked in hospitals, medical offices and the like and if I were not a trained professional then, I do not know what it was. Very, very hard for me to understand the ESL physicians and most of the hospital dictators just that, training hospital. I was glad I kept it up but I in no way demean the profession I choose for myself but putting a slant on it like you have. I feel sorry for anyone thinking in this day and time they will be able to make a liveable salary because it would take more than 1 job to do that, a full and a part I would think. Our jobs started being outsourced and that is why the really lousy salaries now, I do not think has to do with being unskilled.
Same Day Transcriptions IS a US Company - I work for them
I would like to clear the record for a good company that I have been working for for over two years now - Same Day Transcriptions.

Same Day Transcriptions is an American company. I know this because I have been working for them for over two years now. The owners are a young couple who live in New Jersey. She is Filipoino and it is my understanding that her family also works for them in Manila. I know that they employ many people like myself right here in the US.

I get very irritated with people (reporters) who spread gossip without checking the facts first. These are good, honest people who don't deserve that kind of slander.

Anyone looking for a good company to work for, I highly recommend talking to Same Day Transcriptions. They always have a lot of work and they are very fair people.

Rochelle Patrick, CMT
When I was an IC, I just used my initials like this: "XXX Transcriptions, Inc"

NM means "no message," so why are you looking? 

Same Day Transcriptions is based in New Jersey
The people who own Same Day live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I used to work for them and will again if I can find the time. Nice people. They pay well and on time.
I agree with Megan.
Any current info on X-press Transcriptions?
I was told that I passed their test and was sent an IC contract out, but just wondering about any good/bad experiences before I sign for sure.  Also, how are the pay and accounts?  Thanks! 
Curious question about overseas transcriptions...sm
Do companies that outsouce work overseas have to pay taxes on the money they pay to the companies overseas or do the overseas companies have to pay taxes on work they do for the US? TIA.
Just curious if MQ/TL in your message meant Transcriptions Limited, Nashville, TN, bought by MQ?..nm