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Posted By: denice on 2005-11-17
In Reply to:

Where have the help wanted ads gone?  This board looks different since the last time I visited.  Just wondering.


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*Listings *????

Where are all the job listings?
I used to always love to see what is going on out there, and look at the job seeker's board and job board.  Seems like there are far and few between in the openings department lately. Is it a slow season? I just miss seeing what is out there. I usually look every day and I have not found much going on.  What do you all think? Are the jobs posting elsewhere?
Current Listings
Does anyone use these boards anymore?  The most current post I see is 3/22/07.
hospital listings

Is it possible that hospitals might have a list of local transcription companies?  I am thinking about trying to find local clients and was wondering if I could call local hospitals to get put in a directory of transcription companies?  Has anyone done this?  If so, what department should I contact? 


Have you tried the recent job board listings?
Here are two free market listings. You can google search for
freelance writing or editing market/job listings, too.

Writers Write market database

Writers Weekly market listing