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Just looked it up to see what the average is now. sm

Posted By: MT on 2006-02-01
In Reply to: The average starting nurse only makes something like 33K. I didn't have my own - MT

The middle 50% of RNs earns 43,700-63,000. So you know the beginning ones are still in the 30s. Might sound good or might not. For me, it wasn't enough for something I wasn't enjoying at all.

I'm not loving the MT world, but I'm loving the freedom, and it's letting me have the flexibility to finish college for something else I actually enjoy.

If you do find you love nursing, there are lots of areas to go into. Just know it may take many years to get there. Specializing usually takes more schooling past the RN.

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Well, I looked & looked but did not find it. Maybe tomorrow!
What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
I don't think he looked
like a drug addict. It is just a look. I loved his singing and cannot get that song "Trees" out of my head. He did not look too disappointed when he did not get selected, perhaps cuz he knew he is creating his own success on his own.
I have looked.
If you're offended, don't read it. It's great that your job is going so well. Mine isn't. They overhired yet again. We're all either out of work or bouncing from one account to another. Why should I lose my house and have my kids go without Christmas because their management is too ignorant to properly staff? I would be making more money at Burger King because I'm not even getting minimum wage now. Don't even tell me it's because I'm not a good MT. I got 100% on my last QA, I do ESLs, I do acute and clinic. Ah, but that's what it's like around here. Any time someone is down, people kick them down further by blaming the victim of bad management. I am worth at least 3x minimum wage and then some, but how am I supposed to quit my job 10 days before Christmas?
We looked into it
I am at a small company and we looked into the Fusion Voice, but they wanted something like $18,000 to start us off.  For a small company, no way!  They wanted us to start off with everything new.  We already were using DVI, but they wouldn't or didn't want to, just license the software for us to use on the DVI system.  I also tried to find people that had it, but it does not seem to be a popular system as compared to others.  Why I don't know.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
I just looked under the bed....not there! nm
I looked into it a little bit...(sm)
And while I think it is probably legit, they are mostly surveys that either get your name into some type of sweepstakes, or you would have to do an awful lot of them to make any money. I could be wrong, so if anyone else out there is making decent money off these, please correct me...

Yes, I looked at those :)
I am going to apply to TRS and Webmedx tonight, as well as put my resume up on the board. I have a friend at those places and she recommended them to me. TY!!
Just looked...
...at their website...sounds very interesting!  What has your experience been with them?  How much do they charge you for advances?
I looked over it
mainly I was wondering if there were any other programs that could do it (for cheaper :O))

I reckon I'll have to save my pennies! :)
I have looked into this, but . .

In my part of the country: 

The training is 2 years.  You must pass with 95% accuracy these tests:   225 wpm 2-voice testimony, 200 wpm jury charge and 180 wpm literary.  Must do 40 hours of actual writing time during internship and submit 40 pages of transcript and a written narrative to get your degree. 

Also, you must invest in your own stenography equipment, $2,000+ (could go quite a bit higher depending on equipment).

Then you must do 2 years with a legal group. 

Then you can apply for a courthouse job after that (that's how my courthouse in a decently large city does it).

Then after you do 2 years of courthouse experience, the closed captioning company will take your application for consideration of hiring and "transitioning."  

Closed capitioning for live capitioning (news, sports, etc.) I am pretty sure those people can work at home. 

But if you want to do movies, etc., that is done in house.  At least in my neck of the woods this is how they do it and what I was told by someone at the company over the phone. 

I doubt that you can go straight into closed captioning from school--I am pretty sure that they want you to have pretty much courtroom experience and be pretty well versed with the steno machine. 

If you can make it, it seems like a pretty lucrative career.  I looked into it many years ago and went into med transcription instead.  Could kick myself now. 

Have had a couple friends who were court reporters, the machine seems it would take quite a while to master with any efficiency.  You know, it reminds me of the alpha-hand I took many many years ago.  But again, you would have to practice, practice, practice, and really enjoy what you are working towards. 

I just interviewed last week with a court reporting school and then with the local college to check out their court reporting course.  The court reporting school said as long as you get up to the 225 per minute speed, you can finish a little early, about 18 months. But not so with my local college, you must do the entire 2 years and classes only start once a year. 

Interestingly, I was told there is an 80% drop-out rate.  It is pretty tough going. 

I changed my mind about going this route, wasn't interested in the courthouse work, wanted to go straight to closed capitioning, but it sounds as though that is not possible.  I don't have 6 years to spend for school and experience.  

Then I have been reading on the internet that they are starting to get rid of the court reporters in a couple states and replacement them with the audio/video recorders that the courthouses already have in place.  So that doesn't sound to good to me.  Not sure how accurate that method would be for record keeping, but we all know with offshoring has done to the quality/accuracy of medical reports. 

Still thinking of what I should do instead now.   

Good luck to you.  Again, this is in my neck of the woods, could be different where you are.   

I looked into doing this myself - sm
I have decided againist it for a number of reasons.  First, I would be repeating a lot of subjects I already took for MT 10 years ago.  Second, the pay around where I live is about HALF of what I currently make as an MT.  Third, and the real decider for me, is that after I complete MA school I would be qualified as an MT, which is exactly what I am trying to get away from - argh!!  Nah, this is not for me. 
Hugs to you! I looked everywhere.
Never looked at that way, but maybe that's just why it works for me.
HAH!! I need some sleep - I looked right over it..
I looked at the web site.
Looks inviting and I might look into it more later. My dh is worried about me for worrying too much about this and wants me to rest. LOL. I was just wondering if they always have work available and how flexible they are. My old job said we had a 12 hour work window to get production in then they changed their minds on that and we have to get it all in 8 hours and forget to tell you the new policy until your already in trouble. I can get up to 1500 to 1700 in 8 hours if I stay focused but with the end of my pregnancy it was hard with back pain, rib pain and I was making what I thought was production which was a little over 1100 a day to get their 1000 a day by their figuring “sigh”

I am due 9/25 and am taking 6 weeks maternity leave. I thought I would look into something then as now I would hate to get hired on somewhere then take maternity leave 3 weeks later KWIM.
Well let's see, 216 so far have looked at the message
and only 3 of you are complaining so I guess YOU are out numbered.  Go get a sense of humor.
Thanks for the info. We have actually looked
in the Destin area too. It is just so beautiful there. I would love to live by the beach. I would be there everyday. My husband actually hates living near the water and said he never would. Now it is me dragging my feet. I love the newness about it, etc., but I hate to leave my family, especially my mom. I am really all she has here. She can take care of herself, but the emotional part you know. I have actually lived across the street from her for the past 7 years. She has already come to terms with us moving, but not to another state! I have lived in Houston my whole life and actually have only been out of Texas once. My kids have had her there their whole lives. They have been surrounded by family, and that has always been very important to me since I did not have that growing up. When we move, we will not know anyone. I guess it is just pretty scary. At least we will be moving to a great area though. Thanks for all the help.
I have looked at a lot of those photos before and I
thinking maybe it had something to do with the type - brand/style implant, or the amount of fat the breast had to begin with to cover up the shape, or SOMETHING.  But I would just die if I ended up with round things instead of breasts!
I just checked it out and it looked like (sm)

a "return to work" site to get people off disability and working.

They want you to sign up with a state worker to help you with vocational rehabilitation and get you back to work?  That's what I read.  And also they want you to work 30 hours a week with the telephone jobs.  That would be almost full-time, persons on permanent disability are not allowed to work that much.

When I looked into nursing ...
When I looked into nursing, you had to get at least your LPN or RN training at a real school where you could get the hands-on training. The part you could do on-line would be the more advanced book parts, like getting your BS or masters.
Wish I had not looked. Too depressing. nm
I realized that when I looked at the
She has tons of wigs and I've seen her with those styles through the years! We just don't know how many stars are wearing wigs and hair weaving! 
I looked into it and our number is still
registered as do not call, has been since 2003, but (and I did not know this part) it expires in 2010. I am glad I saw that. Thanks again!!
I have looked around and the range for pay is
.60-.75 and the range to charge if you own customer is .80-.95. Sad but true :(
I thought he looked ill actually.
I looked into that, but I need a system that will...
automatically route work to my MTs.

Thank you for the suggestion though!
I was curious so I looked it up...(sm)

This is fascinating.  I have never seen or heard of this.  See a pic...



oh, I didn't know that.....looked like...sm
Looked like an ignored post.  Sorry for my faux pas.  *S*
The one I looked forward to...

He did his dictation at home I suppose and every night..."Daddy, stop talking, look at me".....for what seemed like hours on end.  Never took the child out, just let her screeeeeaaaam into the mic the entire time, while the wife talked in the background, oblivious to the child...I suppose she was glad someone was taking it off her hands. 

Thank you! I looked him up on the internet, and ... SM
I'm pretty far away from either of his offices, but if he's very good and would help me, it would be worth it.  Thanks again.  :)
Looked mandatory to me...
With PayPal popping up in there....that's not right!
i've looked at
gateway, HP, toshiba and a local option -- all have where you can change/upgrade to different specs, including which operating system. You'll generally have to tak on some bucks, but not too bad.
And get THIS! I looked into proofreading - sm
on a tip from a friend. Checked with the companies she mentioned (there is a whole proofreading industry, just like there is for MT, coding, etc.) This was for universities, medical papers, etc., and they actually want their proofreaders to be working towards their DOCTORATE degrees in the same field they they are proofreading! ????

If I was that far along in my education that I was working in a doctorate program, don't you think I could probably find more lucrative employment than PROOFREADING, for goodness sake?
oohhhh. just looked at those.
Thanks for the tip.  My son has a Toshiba laptop and loves it.  Do you have any problems with the keyboard being much smaller than a standard keyboard? 
I'd never heard of it so I just looked it up. sm
I haven't seen the actual test so I don't know how comprehensive it really is, but I don't see any reason to NOT list it. If you were also a CMT I'd probably say only list that one since it's more well known, but honestly, in this profession I think anything that looks good on a resume will at least get you a step further in the hiring process.
I just looked at it on line and I don't
see that function, but I am not at all familiar with the program. Perhaps somebody else will come in with all the answers. Was that ability offered on this web site? I have not researched it enough to know. sorry.
Have you looked at MedicalTranscription.com?

There's a lot of information about starting a service. I just signed up in their directory for free.

Same thing. Looked into it at
one point for my own peace of mind but very expensive and you will have to look around for someone you can get it through.  FYI- I think it is called E&O insurance (Errors and Omissions).
I just kind of looked this up like I would if it were me
and I found this link that has a lot of good info on MALT lymphoma if that is what it turns out to be. It does sound like that condition can successfully be treated with antibiotics. Not rendering an MT opinion here or anything, just passing along a link that I thought was really informative.

Ok looked at MQ's board and from ...sm
what I gather there was a pay cut. I wonder how much of a pay cut? And right here at the holidays. What a company!
Have you looked into PRN Funding?
May be worth considering...(see link)
Yes, I had looked at settings, but I don't see how
to do that. My screen is stretched now, and maybe I'm looking at the wrong place. I dunno....I'm seriously challenged when it comes to this stuff....thanks for replying
Have you looked into wireless? sm
I can't get DSL or cable where I live either.  I was all ready to have satellite installed when I found out I could get broadband wireless through Verizon.  Its working great and am able to get jobs I couldn't before because I only had dialup.
Just looked it up, MT service!

Typed in TranscriptionStar, Google gave info, a transcription service, looking for business, US and Europe.  Said they are one of the best, if I read right. 

Nevermind...looked in archives...sorry.
Wow! I just looked outside to see five cop cars parked
in front of my house.  The one neighbor's teenager moved out, so I know it's not that.  I wonder what's going down?  Should I be ducking?  LOL
Yes. Have you looked on the back of your DSL modem to
see if it has both ethernet and USB ports?  If not, you can rent or buy one that does.  You should be able to hook both computers up and surf the 'Net on both at the same time without having to plug and unplug the modem.  I've actually got three going on my DSL now with a networked minihub hooking up my two office computers and a longer cable out to the family computer in the living room.
She looks really bad, IMO. She looked good about 50 pounds ago

They looked like the singing raisins.