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Just wondering what everyone thinks about this...

Posted By: Pooped on 2006-03-02
In Reply to:

I work in the office.  We are being taken over by a larger hospital.  The larger facility is putting their people in the management positions, which is fine.  At our smaller hospital, we have not had the opportunity to work from home, but with the merger, the plan is to send us all home to work by the end of the year and I think that is fabulous!  What concerns me is this, they watch their at-home people like  hawks.  They actually print out a daily report on each Transcriptionist (40+) that lists every single job they did that day and how long they spent in each report typing.  So, say you have a 5 minute H&P and you took 30 minutes to type it, they basically call you up and want to know why it took you so long to type this report.  Their reasoning is they pay us hourly and they don't want to pay us for sitting at home watching television.  I completely understand that, but I am a very productive MT and really don't like the idea of having to account for every minute of my day if I am producing at least the minimum.  Having said that, they also offer a very nice incentive plan where we get a per line rate for anything above the minimum.  So why the need to micromanage like they do? 

In my opinion, if your people are producing at least the minimum and if you have a very competitive incentive plan in place, then why not just check productivity on everyone at the end of each pay period and counsel anyone not producing at least the minimum and if necessary, take disciplinary action and just leave it at that?  Why check every single report to make sure we aren't taking too long on one report and risk upsetting your productive MTs who maybe got distracted by a phone call or something on that one report, but still produced what they were supposed to produce when the day was done?

I've been looking around at other jobs just to see what is out there and have lined up some very promising prosects, but none that offer an incentive plan comparable to the one at my current job.  I just wonder is the incentive money worth the added stress of having someone virtually looking over my shoulder all day long?  They are definitely sending the message that we are going to be asked to justify every bathroom break, every sinle distraction throughout our day, no matter if we get the job done or we don't. 

Just wondered what insight other MTs might have on this issue.

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Just wondering what everyone thinks
Like you said, you are a "very productive MT." I wouldn't worry about it. The ones who should worry are the ones who screw off. This will be a new venture for the hospital and they will watch very carefully for a while to see how it goes. As long as you are meeting the requirements I wouldn't be concerned. Give it a try and see what happens.
Wow someone who thinks outside the box
call the media!

Too many are too willing to give up the tiny bit of privacy remaining...

The doc who thinks
every new sentence is a new paragraph and/or the one who says 'period, new line' after every sentence.  Is this a really pervasive dictating annoyance? Or is it just me? 
As one who does QA and thinks
the quality of US MTs is POOR, POOR, how do you find the offshoring MTs work to be? I mean this seriously.

I read on and India site that it only took weeks to be a MT.

Sometimes when I am working I think there is no way an Indian MT can do this.

So, how do they measure up? What is our competition really like?
Am I the only one who thinks this odd?

Job post stating they are looking for really good QAs and would be willing to hire newbies for this position............ 

Frankly, I don't think I would care for a newbie, who basically is still learning themselves, to be put in charge of QA of my work, especially if THEY have it all wrong, due to lack of experience, and that counts against me!


No. Someone who thinks they are "cute" is having fun
trying to derail the thread and irritate others.

COokies are done! Pouring the milk!!

Goodnight, the real Laurie and the real Michelle! I've had fun!!!

Curdled milk and burnt cookies to the silly ones trying to upset everyone! LOL
Mig was too pretty for them. Am I the only one who thinks (sm)

that Marty looks like a drug addict?

Anyway, I think they made a good choice.

Me thinks you have burned one too many..
I'm also in agreement with the movement to legalize marijuana, but come on--do you think this group shares your views? Save your passion for the petitions.

she thinks it is "cute"
Ever know one of those women who thinks it is cute to curse? I feel like she probably has not always been this way. She seems to try to use them for dramatic effect. She only knows 5 of them but every time she says a curse word she says it louder than the rest of her sentence. It is about as cute as Grandma cursing. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Thanks for the advice.
Thanks, misha! My DH thinks that

it would help clear up DS's skin if he sat in the sun some every day, or even used a tanning bed as someone below said, although I'd be worried for him to do that because he has light skin, light blue eyes and blond hair - it was so light it was that white-blond when he was a baby/toddler.  So obviously he has very fair skin and features so I worry about the risk of skin cancer.

But your link sounds like something different and I will check that out.  Thanks for taking the time to research for me!

Finally someone who thinks like I do! sm

I never understood how Bucky even got in the top 12!  What drove me nuts the most was was his inability to speak clearly!  I really laughed when Ryan said "I have no idea what you just said" and when Kenny Rogers said he needed to enunciate or the song wasn't going to make any sense.

Bucky just really had a skeevy look to me...like I wouldn't leave a child alone with him.

Me thinks you are way off base.
You may want to find a new career.  When you refer to drop in for an hour or two, you are speaking about ICs who in no way are any less professional than you are working from your home as an employee.  Some MTs work from a typing pool meaning they can take a job at a time and make money in that fashion as a contribution to the household (paying bills I might add).  Many professions offer at home employment.  We are not the only ones.  I think you have a bad attitude and should probably find somewhere else to drone in your sorrows.  Many of us here are professionals even at home with a husband and children.  It kind of sounds like you are jealous about husbands that make money and have insurance.  You may want to re-think what you are saying in regards to MTs working from home and not being considered a professional.  In my experience, my friends and relatives are envious of my being able to make a living from my home office, so I'm not sure who you have that talks about you to where you cannot defend yourself, but that is usually a psyhiatric entity called paranoia.  Sorry to say, but you make as much as you'd like as long as you can "hang with the big dogs".  If you are not making enough money, then that is for you to either take some courses in typing and anatomy or just go with the flow.  To blame at home MTs is way off base.   
not everyone thinks nationals are awful.
i have worked for 4. two were terrible, one was okay, one great.

the one that was okay and the one that was great made you put up a deposit on the computer stuff and if you didn't get it back to them in good shape they kept it. i think that is fair. costs a lot of money to do that.

all 4 of the companies i worked for checked references. i had to test on terms, meds, and then do a transcription test for 3 of the companies.

the 2 that were terrible - i just did not like their software (1 sent me a computer that wouldn't work so they sent another one and it wasn't very fast at all). it wasn't really anything they did. i just didn't care for how their stuff ran.

i think all of them are decent companies. beats the hospitals i've worked for. beats getting in the car for a drive everyday in pantyhose and heels and listening to coworkers gripe about what they're not getting and having to work when they want you to.
she thinks she is "the mama"
Me thinks 5th graders would think it's really dumb. nm
I have been doing this for 12 years and still to-this-day my sister thinks she can just come over
to my house any time and visit while I am working !!!!! .  I know they think, Well, she is just typing, she can do that any time.  Taken for granit is right and I have tried and tried to re-educate people on this but get nowhere. I just end up being the bad guy for not offering to baby sit or something.  Well, you will be there, can they just say with you.  I think I should have sent my 6- month -old to my sister's house one night (when he was 6 months-old) after crying all night with colic,  and said well, you will be here, can he just stay with you..  You can't sleep when a six month old is a different house especially if he is sick and you can't work either!! DUH!
Just annoyed that he so smugly thinks I will be - sm
unemployed in the near future! You see, I have been happily married for 8 years and despite great effort on his part, he has not been able to cause many problems. My daughter has next to nothing to do with him because of the way he treats her. He really just wants to see us unhappy and in a bad situation.
Who thinks Mick Jagger is still hot??

she should look at apply for section 8. I thinks its through the
housing development of the city she resides.
my family thinks the same thing...
I even had a friend call me the other day (who I thought understood what it is I do all day) asking if I could get his significant other a job because he does medical billing and can type fast...LOL...I guess no one will understand the working at home aspect except those who actually work at home....
Consulting dr. doesnt say but says he thinks
Thank you AllieCat. I'm at home IC. Me thinks
me thinks we have all been working alone too long
We gotta get out more. Poor Kiki.
My family probably thinks elves clean up after them - sm
As I try to do all the picking up, etc. after everyone is in bed. Granted I can't vacuum then but most of the junk is picked up and put away, including the laundry. My husband wants to hire someone, I really don't want a stranger in my house though. Also my husband fails to understand that they will not pick up his dirty clothes, or put his stuff away where it belongs, etc., and that you actually have to straighten up a bit before someone comes in to clean for you. What he wants is a maid who will do what I won't!....maybe after we win the Mega Millions, right?
Me thinks so too. Snowman poop is for babies. :)

My hubby thinks he's another Rock Hudson - NM
U to be right but me thinks thou doth protest
postively sick that some self-righteous MT thinks no one should make $$
but her but the only talent she has is to tear up everyone else on an MT board.  Probably hates the doctors she works for because they make more money than her w/o a clue that they are educated and she isn't.
i'm not angry at all. i am amused at the attitude of some know-it-all poster who thinks they kno
and posts an essay on it and Oh If Only They Would Listen I Have All The Answers essay. Too funny. Actually hilarious!
I suggest if you are looking for perks where you work and poster thinks
you should get free stuff from where you work, you might want to forget working at the bowling alley and take a job at a car dealership. Set your sights higher than free bowling. LOL.
You're really looking pathetic here. Notice how everyone thinks so? Move on. nm
I thinks it incredibly boring. I miss Carter. I wonder how the
For the person who thinks Codex is no threat. I advise you read

July 11, 2005

Henry Lamb- A Great Freedom Fighter Documents how your Dietary Supplements are Under Attack

Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to read "Your dietary supplements: Under attack again" by Henry Lamb, which I am inserting into the record. Mr. Lamb explains the threat to American consumers of dietary supplements and American sovereignty by the Codex Alimentarius commission, commonly referred to simply as Codex. The United Nations created Codex to establish international standards for foods and medicines. Just last week, representatives of the United States government agreed to a final version of Codex's standards on dietary supplements which, if implemented in the United States, could drastically reduce Americans' ability to obtain the supplements of their choice. Members of the American bureaucracy may be hoping to achieve via international fiat what they cannot achieve through the domestic law-making process--the power to restrict consumers' access to dietary supplements. American bureaucrats may gain this power if the World Trade Organization, which considers Codex "guidelines" the standard by which all other regulations are judged, decides that our failure to "harmonize" our regulations of dietary supplements to meet Codex's recommendations violates international trading standards! This could occur despite the fact that American consumers do not want to be subjected to the restrictive regulations common in other parts of the world, such as the European Union.

This article is typical of Henry Lamb's work. For almost twenty years, beginning at an age when most Americans are contemplating retirement, Mr. Lamb has worked to expose and stop threats to American liberty, sovereignty, and prosperity. Mr. Lamb became involved in the battle for liberty when, as the CEO of a Tennessee construction company, he founded a state association of contractors to work against excessive regulations. In 1988, Henry Lamb founded the Environmental Conservation Organization to defend true environmentalism, which is rooted in the truth that there is no better steward of the environment than a private property owner, from those who used the environment as a cover for their radical statist agendas. Since 1992, Mr. Lamb and ECO have focused on the threat to economic liberty and self-government posed by the radical global environmental agenda.

Henry Lamb works to further the cause of liberty by giving speeches around the country, editing an on-line magazine, making numerous television and radio appearances, and writing a weekly column to inform his fellow Americans of the latest scheme to undermine their freedoms. Mr. Lamb is the model of a citizen-activist, and all who wish to become involved in the battle for freedom can learn from his example. In conclusion, I once again urge my colleagues to read Mr. Lamb's article to learn about the need to protect American consumers from Codex, and I thank Mr. Lamb for his tireless devotion to the cause of freedom.


(By Henry Lamb)

The Codex Alimentarius Commission sounds like one of those shadowy, sinister organizations conjured up by one-world-government nuts to scare people.

Truth: It is!

The Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization created this commission in the early 1960s to set standards for food safety and to ``harmonize'' the laws of member nations. The commission was endorsed by U.N. Resolution 39/248, which says:

``When formulating national policies and plans with regard to food, governments should take into account the need of all consumers for food security and should support and, as far as possible, adopt standards from the ..... Codex Alimentarius. .....''

The Codex Alimentarius Commission consists of delegates from 163 member nations representing 97 percent of the world's population. It meets every two years, either in Rome or Geneva. Between meetings, the commission is governed by an executive committee that directs the activities of its many committees.

Of immediate concern is the ongoing effort to bring dietary supplements in America under the control of standards set by this commission. Dietary supplements generate a $17 billion industry in the United States, which affects more than 150 million consumers, according to Congressional findings (H.R. 2485). Proposed procedures and standards could virtually destroy this market and deprive millions of Americans of the supplements they want to use.

The European Union Directive on Dietary Supplements, which becomes law in August, severely restricts the types and quantities of supplements that may be legally sold. Most forms of vitamins C and E, for example, are not available, or are available only in extremely small doses. If current plans proceed on course, American consumers are in for a shock.

How can this little-known international commission control what consumers buy in the United States?

An even less-known agency, deep within the bowels of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for U.S. participation in the Codex Commission and designates delegates to each of the commission's committees. Barbara O. Schneeman is the delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses.

The effort to regulate dietary supplements has been under way for more than a decade. In 1994, Congress adopted the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which kept supplements beyond the reach of the drug police. In the past, Codex recommendations have been non-binding. Now, however, the Codex Alimentarius Commission is teaming up with the World Trade Organization to bring international enforcement to the dietary-supplement battle.

Ironically, it was primarily the U.S. that brought the WTO into existence in 1994, as the successor to GATT, the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade. The WTO agreement specifically requires that the member nations--including the U.S.--conform its laws to meet the requirements of WTO decisions. Failure to conform results in stiff financial penalties. The Codex Commission and the European Union want the WTO to enforce Codex standards, which fly directly in the face of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

Pascal Lamy of France was just selected as director general of the WTO. Lamy served as a member of the French Socialist Party's steering committee and was chief of staff and representative of the European Commission for President Jacques Delors. Since 1995, he has served as a member of the Central Office of the Mouvement Européen (France) and as a member of the European Commission, responsible for trade.

The Codex Commission will be meeting in Rome July 4-9 to adopt the final rules on dietary supplement use. Dr. Carolyn Dean, president of Friends of Freedom International, will attend this meeting and return to the U.S. just in time to present her report to the Sixth Annual Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, July 14-16.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission's reach is much broader than dietary supplements. Its committees are also working on standards for pesticide residue, labeling of all kinds of foods, food additives and nutrients, veterinary medicine and drugs, as well as standards and methods for analysis. The function of this organization is to establish standards for all food worldwide and to enforce those standards through the power of the World Trade Organization.

Few people know that there is such a thing as the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was created to promote food safety in international trade. It is on the brink of becoming an Orwellian bureaucracy--far worse than the worst fantasies of the one-world conspiracy theories.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is neither fantasy nor theory; it is real.



Me thinks people who change this stuff are trying to find job security
Maybe if they make themselves sound important and knowledgeable every once in awhile with a "revelation" that using q.i.d. might kill someone they will have a job longer than they normally would have.
The doctor dictacts and the computer types what it thinks he says. You read along sm
with the computer-generated report and corresponding audio from the doctor and correct any errors.
Hi, yes I did explain above. Really shocked by that post who thinks I'm a company...ahahah
NO bad intentions whatsoever. Shoot me for copy and pasting....too lazy to reype.

That's just really funny.
ALSO wondering
I was just noting recently the whole ASR idea was not working as they originally planned, ALL ASR goes back through the same system from all accounts, and I have been noticing that some "learning" has changed, i.e., it will "learn" what a dictator says, then after going back through the system a couple times it "unlearns" and goes back to being wrong......... maybe they are figuring out it is not advance as well as planned ???
I'm also wondering...sm
if a Dictaphone can be used in place of a C-phone. Does anyone know? Thanks!
Just wondering
Anyone ever get a little b----y with tech support and get talked to by your boss about it?  Tonight I was having nothing but computer problems plus trying to meet a deadline.  This tech support guy was a real winner (not).  He just flat out could not help me, plus I could hear a vacuum running in the background.  I didn't yell or anything but I was quite frustrated and sarcastic.  It's late at night and I'm PMSing!!!  Do they ever "tell" your supervisor when that happens? 
Wonder if you would elaborate a little about why Proscript is a great company. I keep a notebook and I like to jot down what is good or bad about the company. Thanks!
What happened to his 4th leg?
To Wondering
Like I said, there's always someone out there with a wise answer...Not Naughty,naughty, and no, it's not my OPINION.  It's a fact.  Polite is polite, rude is hurtful.and nasty. If you don't feel like re-answering questions, be polite and pass them onto someplace where they can get the answers OR don't answer at all.
just wondering
i worked for a company that wanted the equipment back before i would get my last check. not smart. had to fight for it. just curious where is the company located?
Just wondering, if you used your
phone line for work, such as C phone, would that give them the right to listen in on your phone calls or look at your phone bill? What if they reumburse you for the extra phone line?  Does that give them the right to listen to your phone calls on that line?
Just wondering?

What do you think the hardest account is to type for? 

Just wanted to see if it all ended up being the same..

I know several MTs with MS and I'm wondering if I have
some element of it, too.
Wondering about your

If you don't mind sharing, what is your skin care regimen like?

I am only asking because my husband and I have been going round and round about the fact that I buy Oil of Olay Total Effects and the Total Effects eye gel, plus the night cream.  He thinks I'm crazy, that they don't work. I say why take the chance that they DO work and miss out on the benefits.

I'm going on 37, but think I look pretty good for my age. Just wondering if anyone else buys into these notions that these products can help us *age gracefully*. I don't want to look like I'm in my 20s cause I'm not...I have a son who's almost 19...so I'm proud of my age, just don't necessarily want to look quite as old as I am....thanks and have a wonderful day!

Thank you. I was wondering how this could be done. nm
I'm wondering...
if this onslaught of deaths of original characters is leading up to the end of the show?  Has anyone heard if this is the last season?
What I was wondering
is staying in the LA area with all of the nerve gas floating around?  Maybe that just adds to everything.  I like the place they are living in too. 

I read in your post that you "don't agree with people who use it [abortion] as a form of birth control."  I was wondering why.  Is it because you feel that one abortion is OK, but more than one will make it wrong, and if so, why was the first one not wrong? 

Or, is it because abortion is too expensive and just too much on the woman's body to use as a form of birth control?  I don't understand your comment and wish you could explain how you arrived at that.  Thank you very much.