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KVM switch help - sm please

Posted By: Curious on 2008-01-30
In Reply to:

I know I can switch back and forth from my laptop to my main tower via a KVM switch as I heard about it a few years back on this board. Could anyone write below or e-mail me as to how I can set it up and how it works for you? Where did you get yours and how simple it is to use.  I would like to stay in the middle of my report and research a subject without leaving the screen I am working on, i.e., one screen, one keyboard, two computers. Thanks for any info,, I really appreciate it.

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Has anyone had to switch from MT...
because of problems with carpal tunnel or other wrist issues?  I have been offered a job out of the house doing something other than MT.  I would not even be considering the position other than I have started having a lot of problems with my wrists even though I have the ergo keyboard, wrist supports, etc.  Has anyone else considered or left MT because of this? 
You only need the KVM switch if
you only got the CPU and it is expected that you will use your own keyboard, monitor, mouse.
KVM switches have nothing to do with internet connections.
Are you going to have to switch to VR soon? sm
I was under the impression that it was not an option to just do straight transcription.  Thanks.
KMV switch?
I have not heard of that.   What is it used for?
KVM switch
I used to use a KVM switch.  I never had any trouble connecting to the internet.  I found it very easy to set up and use.  Good luck with it!!
Do you mean Alt Tab to switch to another app? nm
...a KVM switch for the 2nd...nm
You Have a KVM Switch??

Sometimes the monitor gets "caught" when you have a KVM switch and go from one computer to another.

If you do not have a KVM switch, try updating your drivers or reinstalling them.  Also, it's good to make sure your BIOS is up to date (you can get updates from your manufacturer's website).


Did my doc switch to you?
One of my regulars insists on dictating punctuation (which he does not use, by the way) and I have to constantly go back and take out things that I automatically put in (because it makes sense). And he also spells things for me, which usually are close, but wrong. He tells me things like "Feb. 2, 2008, no, just say of this year" and other things that make me want to get on a plane and go find him and smack him! And he's an eater and a (huge) sniffler. And he complains about me and sends my reports back if I do anything different than exactly what he dictates.
Okay, I feel better. Do you? I didn't know "external hemorrhoids" were so common!
Buy a little switch box.
It is very easy to set up. I think it is called a KVM switch and is inexpensive. I have one that I have used several different times. The only problem I had was that the mouse connection on mine would not let me plug in the mouse, so I had to use separate ones. For the monitor it worked perfectly.
KVM switch
My employer bought mine after I asked for that instead of a second monitor. I was told he paid about $14 for it. I am fairly certain he ordered it online. It was pretty generic- just a little metal box that had a toggle switch to switch from computer A to computer B.
You need to get a KVM switch.
This allow you to hook up two towers to one monitor. All you do is hit the scroll lock twice and it switches between computers. Hope that helps.
Try Switch as well

They have a free program that will do so much, but they also have another one for purchase that does many more types of files.  I'm not sure if the free one supports .wav or not, but I know that the paid one does.  It is through NCH.  www.nch.com/au/switch

Best KVM switch?

Can anyone tell me a good KVM switch?  I have a seperate computer for transcription and home use, but not enough space for two monitors, mice, and keyboards.  I have heard that some switches get all screwy when you type fast and I want to avoid that.  Thanks all!

Best KVM Switch
I do have a Belkin, generally works fine.  Sometimes once I switch, I am unable to get back to the other computer for some reason but most times it works great.  A very valuable tool, that's for sure!
how about using Switch
to convert .sri files to .wav? Then you can play them on a player other than ExpressScribe.

Switch is also made by NCH and is a free download.
KVM switch

Yes it is called a KVM switch.  You can get them online; I got mine through Tiger Direct or Best Buy has one too.

THIS is an example of a KVM switch.


KVM switch

Yes there is a switch you hook up to both computers, once it's hooked up you just flick the switch back and forth.  It's probably expensive.  Go to a large computer store and they will find it for you.  I think its called a Belkin switch or something. 
OSI bait and switch
I probably would have stayed with OSi but they did the same to me.  I got the contract signed it with the accounts they were assigning me.  Started working noone ever gave me the list of people in my group so I could chat with someone when I needed help etc., supervisor would never follow through with promises, was given accounts I had no information for and was not even in my contract.  BREACH OF CONTRACT on their part.  Keep looking there are some out there. 
OSI, bait and switch
Want the name out in the forefront.  Don't want to mislead anyone.
Just made the switch to

PC-Cillin from Norton.  I heard from a guru that it was much better.  My friend had Norton and it did not pick up a virus, and I was having a problem with my automatic scan.  I had it set for every week, and sometimes it would run, other times not.  I also have the Ad-Aware.

One more question about the KVM switch

Will any of the information from computer A "bleed" into computer B; i.e., will computer B work totally independent from computer A except for the cable modem, screen, and keyboard?

My problem is that both jobs use MS XP PRO and job B gives me double Word screens, gives me all kind of error messages, shuts down after doing a report, and a myriad of other problems, taking my production from 150 minutes a day to half that. 

Job A only gives me dump errors or shuts down once in a while, so I would leave job A where it is and move job B to computer B. I am also taking computer B direct to the job and have them reload the whole program, etc. from scratch...which they don't want to do on computer A.

I never had these problems when I was just working for job B. It only started after I got job A, so I deduced it to be to a conflict between the two programs.

I was a PRD/WP5.1 lover, and you can switch...

You can switch your PRD entries to ShortHand and then use with Word. Shorthand runs you through the process, no problems.


Need help with a KVM switch info...

Does anyone use one of these, and could I use a laptop monitor with a pc and get the switch to use with both. ?  My PC monitor died, and the laptop is just sitting there not on the net, but PC is on net. 

Thanks for any info.

KVM switch for computer
Anyone use a KVM switch to keep their own monitor and keyboard, yet switch between 2 computer towers?  Also, can the second computer tower be easily connected to the internet..?
Do you really think people are going to switch
doctors or clinics when their insurance plans won't allow them to just because they are unhappy with this?

People can rise up against the pet food crisis because they don't have insurance and money attached to it. Do you get that?! LOL

I don't know about you, but I don't have many options -- I have to go where my insurance company tells me they will pay for me to go. If I don't like it, I have to pay it 100% out of my pocket or get a different job with different insurance and HOPE that it will allow me something else.

Your bleeding heart letters will not do anything to change that dollar figure. It still provides sooooo much outrageous profit. Your government leaders draw some of their own profits from this practice!

You will have to show them how to change the money situation and make it more profitable to keep it here.

You aren't willing to work for less, are you? I'm not! I want MORE.

Now that ASR and offshoring are both at hand, for me to get MORE money means I have to really be good at ESLs and other difficult dictation that newbies cannot do and others do not want to do. I also may have to change and do some speech recognition work, too. Fine by me. I'll do it.

Do you want us to pull out all of our endeavors with other nations? You know, we have our hands in their pockets, too, and every one of us benefit from it every single day.

I hope you will be able to stomach the disappointing result.

Bait and switch.
You have a right to be .  It is nice to vent here too.  We are routing for you!  
Paid $36 for the switch
and toggle between XP and Vista.
Yes you can switch computers...
Short of plugging and unplugging the USB ports you can get a KVM-Switch. This is a little control panel and you change with just the push of a button. I fill in a an office where they have one screen set up with one keyboard and mouse yet there are two drives, one mains system drive and the second is actually a dictation system. I switch between them just by pushing a button both are running at same time so you could switch accounts.

Here is a sample. Some cost more but you might find it cheaper. This one is $50.


About the word 2003 do you have your Discs that came with computer, you could load like that, but you might have problems loading with the license agreement.
Is there a switch on the pedal itself? nm
Bait and Switch
I hear you loud and clear. My take on this current trend is that when you state what you want (job types) you are showing weakness for what you don't want (unfamiliar ground). Employment is tight now so they want people that say "bring it all on as I have no favorites. I like the variety and challenge of new territory instead of same old, same old.

They are favoring people who can step up to the plate without whining and do it all and with a smile. They are sick of catering to some MTs who cherry pick their way to a paycheck and leave their left overs for whomever.

So bite the bullet and start learning something new and get good at it. If you don't someone else will come along and only be too happy to do it for you.

Yea, it's a little bit of a heads up I would say. It's happening across the boards now. You are not alone.
You might try a few visits and then switch to
Massage therapy. I too have muscle spasms in my neck and I have done both chiropractic and massage therapy. I have found that a good 1 hour massage does wonders!! and the effects last longer than what the chiropractor does. Sounds like a luxury but to me its preventative maintenance in this line of work. When I'm crying because it hurts so bad to hold my head up straight I can't very well type!
I was very hesitant to switch but - sm
I LOVE IT!!  Hubby suggested it about 6 years ago and I was pretty hesitant, but from the first day of use my hands felt better.  It took a few weeks for me to be completely comfortable typing on it, but after that I was fine.  My advice to you would be if you find a keyboard you like to buy at least 1 additional same model for when the other one wears out.  Mine died after about 5 years and the exact same keyboard was no longer available.  It was mighty close, but the space between the split was slightly larger.  I got used to this one and now have a spare in my closet.  My hubby thinks this is the fussiest thing he has ever heard of, but he does not understand how MTs are often THAT fussy. 
I was very hesitant to switch but - sm
I LOVE IT!!  Hubby suggested it about 6 years ago and I was pretty hesitant, but from the first day of use my hands felt better.  It took a few weeks for me to be completely comfortable typing on it, but after that I was fine.  My advice to you would be if you find a keyboard you like to buy at least 1 additional same model for when the other one wears out.  Mine died after about 5 years and the exact same keyboard was no longer available.  It was mighty close, but the space between the split was slightly larger.  I got used to this one and now have a spare in my closet.  My hubby thinks this is the fussiest thing he has ever heard of, but he does not understand how MTs are often THAT fussy. 
KVM switch for sale
I have a KVM switch I'd be willing to sell for $20.  I think i paid $50 for it.  I used it when I had 4 different jobs and needed to keep some of the software separate.  It worked perfectly fine and saved me from having to move back and forth from one computer to the other.
If you can afford to make the switch
then I would go for it. You will not make $15 an hour with most of the companies out there initially. Research the companies. I would try it PT before quiting my job and going FT with a national. Good luck!
From MT to QA Editor...I have just made the switch from MT

to QA Editor.  This is much harder than I thought even though I have 20 years in MT industry.  I had thought with my many years experience, this would be a piece of cake...WRONG...I will give it more time though.

It'll take until you switch over to Shorthand.

Try a KVM switch. I have 2 computers, 1 for work and
1 for personal use. The KVM switch allows me to move back and forth between the 2 computers with just a couple key strokes. You also won't have 2 monitors, keyboards, etc., sitting around. I think I bought my switch at a local Best Buy.
KVM switch great- question
I also have 2 computers and swap back and forth for keyborad, monitor, mouse. It is great. Easy to install and use. Do have a question though, you stated with a couple of keystrokes. I manually swap between computers, is there another way. This would be awesome
KVM switches are great. To switch
between computers, I just hit the scroll lock key twice and the up arrow to switch between them. Very easy to install.
Any MTs make the switch to scoping?
What is required?  Where do you look for work?  Can one work from home?  How does the pay compare to that of MTs?  Is there a good website you can refer me to?  TIA! 
Just had to switch from Word to WordPerfect. Could someone please tell me in the
mess that is Corel Office, where I find UNDERSTANDABLE directions for making macros for headings, etc??
Where does one purchase a KVM switch and is that what it's actually called?
And why would you want to switch change careers?!..
I am an MT and not a newbie, about 15 years of experience and I don't make $44,000 a year (oh, how I wish)! Why would you want to break into this business? This career is just going down hill in so many ways. I hear medical coding is on the rise and some seem to be transitioning from MT to just that. I also understand medical coding and billing can be done from home as well. I would be checking into that if I were you. If you are expecting to make $44,000 a year as a new MT, you are SO dreaming! Sorry so harsh, but would hate to see you make a huge financial mistake, IMHO!
I use Switch to convert the files. sm
I prefer using my player, so I convert them to .wav.   You can download a free trial fom http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html   I think to purchase is around $12.
RS23 Foot Switch
We have an Olympus RS23 foot switch which works fine with our old computer running Windows XP home with 2 USB 1.1 Ports.  We installed a new Dell Inspiron 9200 with Windows XP Pro and 6 or 8 USB 2.0 Ports.  We are using DSS Player ver 6.3 software and I have downloaded the most recent drivers (that I can find) for the foot pedal.  However, when I hook it to the new computer it is not recognized.  If I hook it to the old computer it works fine.  Is there some sort of compatibility problem between the Olympus RS23 and USB 2.0 ports?  That is the only thing I can think of that might cause it to work on the old comptuer but not the new one.  Any suggestions or ideas?  Do I need to buy a new foot pedal?  If so, what should I get.  Thank you for any responses you might have. 
Yes.Switch. I couldn't get a job with my training.
Had to go in hospital locally. AHP states they will help you get a job, but they don't. They only teach the basics, but I thought their transcription test tapes were pretty decent.
A KVM switch would let you use 2 pc's, 1 monitor and 1 mouse.
It's a pretty reasonably priced piece of equipment, I think around $50. By using hot keys, you switch from 1 pc to the other.
what if one computer goes out...can you switch to the other manually